Joyce Banda given Legacy Award for being women’s advocate

Malawi former president Joyce Banda has been handed an award for for being a tireless advocate for Womens rights .

Joyce Banda: Legacy award

Joyce Banda: Legacy award

Banda was honoured by International Women’s Forum. She received the award at a star-studded International Women’s Forum World Cornerstone Conference in Johannesburg on Friday..

The conference was held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, where over 400 global leaders met to engage in discussion and dialogue about Africa’s journey into the future.

The forum acknowledged the merit of Joyce Banda’s work and that the Legacy Award is to spur her to continue doing her job.

In her speech at the event, Banda said business owners and investors needed to help the government with investing in programmes to empower the youth and women in Africa.

“Countries only succeed when there is a plan…businesses and people who have already made it in life need to assist with equipping the youth and women with needed skills, and not just wait on the government,” Banda said.

Banda shared the platform with the first woman to get into mining in South Africa, Bridgette Motsepe Radebe, who said at the forum that talent development and grooming of the the youth was vital.

David J.Ross, regional manager of FedEx SA, said infrastructure was a global issue and not just an issue in Africa.

Joyce Banda after State House has launched her Joyce Banda Foundation International charity.

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32 thoughts on “Joyce Banda given Legacy Award for being women’s advocate”

  1. Eliam b says:

    Pliz mama come back Chichiri prison is waitin 4 u. Mayi wakuba iwe ukuthawa chani. Bring back our Ndege en Ndalama u stole 4rm u. Fotseki

  2. Nenazako says:

    Keep up Mama we are proud of you. God continue guiding you and protecting you.

  3. che mkope says:

    Mumakwana mayi

  4. hango says:

    Compare JB and Kaliati, who is mad?

  5. Jackson mzoza says:

    Ife amalawi tikuyenera kunyadira amayi ngati munthu modzi wachizimayi anayimira dziko lathu posatengera ndale koma paumuthu .ndichifukwa chake akulandila maulemu osiyanasiyana kunjaku nthawi ija analandira maulemu ku USA pano ndiku southafric

  6. CHEKUCHEKU says:

    Vyaya Iwe Award Sikuphunzila Nawe. Munthu Anathawa Uyu Abwere Ngati Ali Dolo. Chipani Chake Chatha Ngati Masokosi……..

  7. magaula says:

    tawalekani mama.mungotaya nthawi you fools.jb will remain jb.God bless u mama

  8. Chibanja tv says:

    Whether she is prospering in receiving medals or what, thats her own benefit not Malawi as a nation ndiye musatinyase nawo pano iye siwoyamba kulandira alipo enanso ambiri anatero. Ena mwa iwo kulibe lero anatisiya kalekale ndiye izi ndi zichaninso? Fotseki!

  9. johnns dumakuve says:

    Mayi its time you came back hone and explained this cashgate issue that left Malawi in a mess than always waiting for some accolades from foreigners that have no bearing for the impoverished malawians.A former leader living in a foreign country for a year is that true?If a former leader is failing to live in her country,What picture is she giving to her people?Its time you came home and sorted some of these issues with Pitala for the well being of Malawians.Kasambara is also waiting for you testify at the court since you claimed to know the people who blew Mphwiyos Jaws.Your Wilson hearted best friend Gwengwe has also bolted to Mcp after big Momma is nowhere to be seen.Ken Msonda is pleading with you big Momma to come back home.He is the only loyal son left and his eyes are wet with tears.sob sob sob!!!!

  10. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    She is not a patriot.How can a normal former leader live in another people’s country for almost a year while they are issues going around in her country?Can George Bush of America live in Russia for a year without reprisals from Americans in the name of receiving accolades.She seems she doesn’t have much to do now and she should come to the open how this cashgate took place during her tenure while we are also taking Pitala mbyofo mbyofo to task for the 92 billion cashgate.Its only Muluzi who survived the big axe by feigning illness of back pains during ngwazi Bingu’s era.At least he has a sigh of relief after cardiac arrested Ngwazi Bingu.All the back problems are gone nowInunso lengani matenda musanalowe mchitokosi.The party also is in tatters.You will only find Ken Msonda.Prodigal son Gwengwe is back to where he belongs.The Dpp are dangling a carrot to the self proclaimed evangelist Mpinganjira.Come home mama Msonda is very lonely these days.Chipani chamukulira.

  11. Ineeeeeeoooooooooo says:

    Mmmmmhhhhhh amayi bwelan kumudzi!!!! Ma awards muzidzalandilila komkuno!!!!!! Madziso yosefukila adavuta kuno!!!!!! Ng’ombe zija zidakokoloka!!!!! Kabwelan ndithu apo ayi mudzapeza kuchipan kutatsala Nsonda yekha bass. Akudikilaso malipilo ake omaliza kuti naye awone nsana wanjila!!!!!!!

  12. City shooter says:

    It simply means a prophet is without honour in his or her homeland. Look now international or global acknowledgement on JB, koma Amalawi nsanje. Tiziyamika zinazi abale osamangokhalira kunyoza…inu zanuzi nde zapanga chani pa chaka chimodzichi if not from votegate, MSB bankgate, Nacgate etc tikuona zonsezi.

  13. Nyamata wakwa Mayaka says:

    congratulation mama

  14. RANGO says:

    Bravo mama JB! You are the greatest woman achiever Malawi has ever had. We can hv our differences bt one thing’s for sure; we all associate with U & I want to give u my prophecy. I SEE YOU RECEIVING A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE right in our life time. Stay blessed

  15. Bekeshu says:

    Kukamwa kwakeko kukufanana ndikuchani?

  16. Chipewa says:

    Na za JB,musiyeni plibe chachilendo chomwe anachita koma kuti anthufe tilibe kuyamika.Akunja akutiwonetsera poyera kuti mwa JB muli khama la chitukuko ndi chifundo.Sitingachite manyazi a Malawi kuti munthu yomwe tinamukana kuti dziko la pansi likupindula naye.Ikakhala nkhani ya kuba ndalama zathu iii palibe mtsogoleri yomwe sanatibere.

  17. Phodogoma says:

    Ubwere kuno udzalawe ku Nsanje prison mama. Under any condition you will sleep in a prison at least a week. Come come quickly.

  18. rudolf phiri says:

    Kadakwiza ( number 1), she loves her country so much that she hasnt set foot in it for close to a year now? Awuzeni abwere kumudzi. The more she delays the inevitable the more it will drag on and her party will fade into oblivion. Chikutha chipani kuno, like it or not. If she has built such a profile internationally as these social media stories seem to imply, any harrassment by the government when she returns will attract international attention and she will be left alone.
    Will they arrest her when she comes? Almost definately! Wont she survive it? Ofcourse she will…Bakili Muluzi nkhani yake has been on going for close to ten years now. But she needs to come back, diffuse this situation and start working on her party otherwise if she comes back close to the next election she will be kept busy with her court cases to focus on the campaign. Alekeni abwere, bail is granted in less than 3 days in these cases. Just have a doctor on stand by and mankhwala a BP pafupi basi, seriously because that will definately be an issue. Just saying…

  19. wapankhata says:

    Jb,mai wolimba mtima ndikakuwonani mai ndimati ndawona boma.

  20. Kodi iwe ukulimbana ndi Muluzi-we wachokera kuti?

    Wangowonetseratu kuti mutu mwako mulibe kanthu !!!

    Here is JB not BM, Ok?

  21. ADE says:

    Someone think that global leaaders are only politicians. You can say whatever you want to say about JB,but you will not change who she is. you will remain faceless individual who bully other people online.

  22. Inu says:

    @ 1, no I am not regretting. Afterall I voted for Chakwera. If JB truly loved Malawi, she would have been here when the floods devastated Malawians. Guys, let us stop this culture of bootlicking. This is what poisons our leaders

  23. zaoneka sizi says:

    tammabwerani inu. kkkkk kuyesetsa kupha nthumazi. awa angothawa mfuu wao omwe. tikwadikila kutsotsoka kwanu mace

  24. Kamwaze Bonomali says:

    To be honest and in all fairness, Madam JB is a star in her own right. Love her or loathe her, but the fact remains, she is the most decorated person in Malawi and probably in Africa. There is no single Malawian, past or present who has received such numerous awards like Madam JB, we need to treasure this lady and learn one or two things from her. She is receiving awards left, right and centre and intermingling with great people around the world. Big up mama, losing an election does not mean life stops. Pliz govt, protect, promote and support her, she belongs to all of us no matter our differences.

  25. chindere says:

    Which global leader attended the function?JB is just accepting small awards to justify her presence on the social platform

  26. Jelbin mk says:

    At least after leaving the state house the lady is in a continued trend of putting Malawi on a map unlike the other former head of state of ours (Muluzi) who accomplished nothing at home as well as on international platform apart from institutionalising a culture of impunity and corruption no wonder he is in touch with this corrupt government because they are all his students graduated from his own school of corruption and impunity.

  27. mwana wa amayi says:

    Mulungu wa Joyce Banda ndiona sazalora kuti ana ake achite manyazi!

  28. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    Bravo jb u deserve dis honour and us malawians we deserve it kip it up

  29. vyaya says:

    Seode white akumva kuwawa she used to think she is educated enough than JB….now?????

  30. Andy moses says:

    Super jb bravo.

  31. sakamundende says:

    Bravo JB. This not only for you but malawians as well

  32. Kadakwiza says:

    Joyce Banda, the woman who loves her country. Malawians regret now.

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