Joyce Banda refuses to testify as defence witness in Mphwiyo shooting case

Malawi’s immediate past president Joyce Banda will not testify in as defence witness in connection with the shooting of budget director Paul Mphwiyo as trial resumes this Thursday at High Court in Lilongwe, her aide has said.

Joyce Banda:  Will not testify as defence witness

Joyce Banda: Will not testify as defence witness

The accused will start entering defence and parading their witnesses after the court ruled that former Justice Minister Raphael Kasambara, Pika Manondo and McDonald Kumwembe have a case to answer on the attempted assassination of Mphwiyo.

Judge Michael Mtambo ruled that the evidence tendered by the state had proved a prima facie case against the accused persons.

Mtambo, however, acquitted three other suspects Oswald Lutepo, Dauka Manondo and Robert Kadzuwa of conspiracy to commit murder charges saying the prosecution team did not present sufficient evidence implicating the accused persons.

The former Malawi leader and founder of People’s Party (PP), is appearing on the list of witnesses who might be called to testify.

Kasambara is on record telling Lilongwe Magistrate Court that he would want Banda, former State House official Cecilia Kumpukwe (a sister to former president Banda), former Minister of Information Brown Mpinganjira and politician Hophmally Makande (his pal) to testify in court as witness.

Banda is on record to have said she knows the people who shot Mphwiyo.
One of the defense lawyers, Wapona Kita said in Daily Times:” I can confirm that indeed Joyce Banda is one of the witnesses that we may parade. “

He however said the list is tentative and might be amended depending on the progress of the case.

But Banda’s Personal Assistant Andekuche Chanthunya said the former president is not surprised with the plan.

“That’s not new. Ralph Kasambara put her name on the list when he disclosed his witness list. So, our position is the same as we gave at that time. She will not testify,” the papers quote Chanthunya as saying.

Another lawyer Gift Mwankhwawa, who is representing one of the suspects Pika Manondo, said if Banda will be paraded as witness in court, then he would also want to ask her some questions in connection with the sentiments she made at a rally at Lunzu in Blantyre about Mphwiyo’s shooters.

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49 thoughts on “Joyce Banda refuses to testify as defence witness in Mphwiyo shooting case”

  1. Majiga says:

    Just wait and see what will happen

  2. Aliphee says:

    she ruled Malawi thats a fact when we had no forex,fuel,name it

  3. sh ebrahim isa says:

    Lets wait and see.

  4. Ofewa says:

    Anafa anafa basi bingu nankhumwa aziona ukakwera mutengo usati kulibe mamme

    1. i weso udzafa wamv?

  5. hey says:

    Koma anthu azachita mapwando (parties) the day Joyce will be facing Kasambara face to face! KKKKKKKKKKKk

  6. Let Us Pray says:

    Refuse the more Mama and let them get more and more confused.

  7. aurora says:


  8. fomboni al hilal says:

    JB sanatchule dzina la munthu komanso amadziwa kuti amene anachita zimene zija anapanga chifukwa cha cash gate. Mukanena zoti azibwerako bwanji simunamuitanitse uyu wa Green card nthawi yomwe anali kunja ija?

  9. I will keep on saying that Joice Banda is in deep trouble but time will tell. Ralph Kasambara and PP gurus of 2012 made a grave mistake to mislead her that included cashgate. PP is now dead as of now possibly people like Ken Msonda will not agree.

  10. Akatswiri says:

    If the former President refused to come to court to give evidence in court the best way is to serve her with subpoena.

  11. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Amayi should present herself and let her be questioned in a court of law. Moreover she said she knew who shot Mphwiyo so she can tell the court the truth of what she knew. If she was joking about it, she will also be free to say so and the court will take the matter in stride.. If she refuses she must be served with a court order and be forced to appear in court. She can not be standing and obstructuing justice because she thinks she is above everybody else. Nix. She must be taughte(if her husband did not teache her already) that she is not above the LAW.
    The problem with Amayi is that she talks too much about herself and thinks by doing so she is impressing anybody. But on the other hand why does Kasambara want Amayi to be witness? Was Amayi there when Mphwiyo was being shot?

  12. Tilibemau says:

    in case you don’t know every president has intelligence team that gives information on security matters like wa pioneer Dausi ali kwa mathanyula.If Joyce Banda did not mention the names how did the state arrest kasambala?They want Joyce at the end of the trial?Stupid thinking.For your information the united nations gave her a number of assignments to fulfill unlike your mathanyula who is not recognised world wide becoz he is ruling this country illigally with stollen votes.Leave her alone.Its not worth living in malawi becoz of stupid leadership we currently have.Its better to stay abroad.

  13. lesta says:

    Dpp assholes are a sorry group of citizens,the only think they want is deal and get even with JB,they are even ready to trade any dangerous criminal like kasambara or lutepo for JB’s blood,these low IQ dpp idiots are pathetic,kasambara has been found with a case to answer by a competent court,and this happened in absence of JB,or was JB one of the witnesses when mr kasambara was found with a case to answer by the court? Dpp is lucky because has got a large blind,uneducated dull bunch of followers who cant sufferentiate between right and wrong,this country is pathetic,now dpp is busy forcing all malawoans to pay back a loan taken by dull dpp lomwes at MSB,this will not happen.

  14. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    King Zwelithini said that he doesn’t want foreigners in his Mzansi land because they are a pain in a back side,yet we have a former head of state who is clinging to that country.Is there any patriotism in her?This woman told us on Tv that she knew the people who blew the jaws of her fellow cashgater Mphwiyo and today she is denying to Malawians to have said that.Its time she came back home and testified in court.The fact that you are a politician and an accidental former head of state,that doesn’t mean that your are above the law.She is supposed to come home and explain to Malawians about all these mphwiyo thing.These Mphwiyos and other cashgaters left Malawi in a big mess.Furious Malawians are baring their fangs on this issue since you claim to be an international speaker in foreign lands accorded with all sorts of honoraries that have no bearing on the oppressed Malawian povos.We need u back home or probably you need the whole bus for yourself from south Africa.Anthu munaononga Malawi inu ndi umbanda wanu despite having all the benefits under your feet which an average Malawian dreams in a lifetime.

  15. Muyeni says:

    In life they say you should choose you battles carefully. The problem with you mama is you think you are clever. Peter is educated and if you admit that, that will be the beginning of wisdom. Otherwise you are just chasing wind. Anyone can get an honorary PhD. One has just to ask a friend to recommend and submit charity work here and there. Just accept you can not be like Peter Mutharika and you will have peace. Ndiye kenako amai Mapemba wuProfessor?

  16. Zobato says:

    Nyabighi iwe ndi nzanga. Panotu am comment ali muma 100 chakuti. Zathina aimwene. Abwele amai adzayanke milandu kuno. Akuyesa zocheza.

  17. Asafiri says:

    Inetu ndimayesa amai ndinu anzeru. Ndiye inu zenophobia will affect you. Instead of you coming back home to develop your country you are encouraging people running away from Malawi?

  18. Asafiri says:

    There is nothing to fear here. Whether you got the info from the intelligence or other sources, the best is for you to come back home and testify. Rather than abandon your younger sister to face the music alone. You seem to be a strong character so come back home and testify. Those azunguzis wiill applaud you for that kind of courage and you will indeed clean your slate on cash gate too. You can’t run away from this one and how long will you be in hiding? As presidential material you have to be brave.
    Your defence about calling on 92billion whenever you sense a problem will not help either. Just come back home because this is just the beginning. How about what you told the nation that you used jet proceeds to buy maize and later you changed and said you bought military stuff. Komaaaaaa!
    What goes around comes around. Yehova ndi watonse. Amen

  19. Kapenandiye says:

    The case is connected to cashgate, infact it was the genesis of cashgate. JB has to say what she know about this. Ngati sapita ku courtko a Kasambara mukanene zija anakutumani zija kuti atulukeko kuuna wabisalako. Musapite nokha pamene mai wa cashgate azisangalala kunja kuno, more over if u don’t mention her she will not bother about anybody suffering because of cashgate she initiated. Smoke her out!!!!!! Akuoperanji kupita kwa TB Joswa akuopa kuti akamumasula.opemhphera a chinyengo awa.

  20. Nyabighi says:

    Koma zavuta, aganyu a JB amakhalila kutukwana pa forum iyi akukhala ngati achepela, bwanji?

  21. VIZAULI IVI says:

    mugwireni ngati mungathe akhwirikhwiri imu ! leavd her alone!

  22. ujeni says:

    Kuzuzikatu uku, munthu kumakanika kupita kwanu ukukufuna. This person is not at peace at all. Money does not give peace.

  23. Telekundo says:

    kkkkkkkkk! Dr, wamadokotala omugomela kumayiko aazungu, mahonor mbwee, dgrees mpaka nseru inu mutiadzimemkhoti? azungu akuti ,musatero ayi.timpatsanso udotolo win…

  24. muropwana says:

    Comeon JB. Tell us what you know and what you knew. Don’t coil up your tail now. Comeon! Your mouth told us that you knew the shooters of Mphiyo. Comeon tel us JB. Be strong eeee?

  25. Prudence Ndi Getu Wathako Ndani? says:

    You are wasting you time you fools. JB is innocent. Bring us the 92 billions theves instead of busy tarnishing Joyce Banda image. Such political machinations wont work.

  26. Tchende says:

    Zoonadi. Amene amakhala nawe Pakalowa njoka . Ameneyo ndi m bale weni weni. Zoona a brown, che Sosten, che Harry Mkandawire etc etc wakanuka? Yes, politics is a dirty game.

  27. Chikopa says:

    Subpoena ndiyo khoti order. Mayi kukanika kubwera ndiye contempt of court.
    Apatu tiona pamene panakhotera mchira wa nyani.
    zina leku zina kambu, ndithe ndithe nanthambwe anazitengera,
    kandiverere anakanena zammaluwa.
    Kalulu adamva mawu oyamba achiwiri adakana!
    An empty makes loud sound!

  28. Patrick Phiri says:

    JB must tell the nation the people she said she knew wanted to kill Mphwiyo. Ananena yekha, without prompting. Ndiye asathawe lero ameneyu.

  29. A Mwahana I am not a learned lawyer but following your argument that the president is privileged with information from the NIB, Police etc I have a problem where the president starts talking about the intelligence s/he has gathered from these unrealible depts. Whether Banda was using information from NIb etc she said that she knew who shot Mphwiyo. She will not stand in the witness dock as a president but someone who uttered to the extent that she knew the shooter of Mphwiyo.

  30. Mtumbuka says:

    joice pita ukaperekere umboni.

  31. Amos says:

    Aziona amaia zoambadala

  32. magaula says:

    speech ya ya jb singakhale pothawira pa achina kasambala kotero mmangeni kasambala ndi anzakewo.vigaluka

  33. Akatswiri says:


  34. apundi says says:

    kaya zanu izo, ine ndi Yesu wanga patsogolo ulendo wakuulemelero

  35. big testicles says:

    sosten wakutayani mayi

  36. Kwangu says:

    Azungu akuti!!

  37. Kadakwiza says:

    I feel sorry for my Malawi.Leaders are busy fighting each other. Yet we the poor are suffering. Oh, my Malawi. I feel sorry my Malawi.

  38. Achimidzimidzi says:

    JB said it all in public kuti akuwadz anthui. Koma sanatchule mayina azigawengazo.

    Ndiye inu awa munawadziwa bwanji kuti ndizigawenga zija Amati notorious.

    Koma cashgate, ndiye atibwezere ndalama anagulira magalimoto ambiri mbiri ngati wa satanic.

  39. mwahana says:

    As state president she had privileged information from state intelligence sources such as NIB, Police and Army. Can such information be used in court to support an accused person???
    If yes! then the state would be shooting itself in the foot!!!!! Therefore Banda cannot be a witness of the accused using state information!!!.Period, mupeze ena!!!!!!

  40. koma says:

    now i get it aide wa Banda mdi Chanthunya sure related to the Chanthunya who killed lady Gasa no wonder nyengo ya PP panelize hope yogi Chanthunya nkubwera kudzayankha milandu. dirty politics dirty pipo but know that one day you will be face to face with God n you won’t use no powers to defend justice.

  41. Sokosi says:

    JB? Koma will you come again to Malawi? We are missing you dearly. I need a chicken and some eggs. Dziko ili? What a leader? Azungu andiuza kuti? Next time madam former president, don’t listen to these azungu. Look now, you are in self exile. Ife kuno tikudya mizimbe ndi a bwan’oni. Ngumbinso zinakuphonyani.

  42. chulu says:

    Vitsiru va ma Lawyer! How can you force somebody to testify for you. JB knows who attempted to kill Mphwiyo and that’s why he dropped the person from her cabinet and arrested him – he is RALPH KASAMBARA – MAMBALA.

    If JB is to testify she would testify for Mphwiyo not Kasambara who she arrested.

  43. koma says:

    If dragging someone to court by force was allowed JB nkanakukoka. you are a credible witness in this case you told the whole Malawi that you know who shot Mphwiyo so why refuse to go and testify….kulankhula kea ndithe ndithe i hope you have learnt to listen more n talk or shout less amai!!

  44. Moyenda says:

    Hehehehehhehhehe ziri kumeneko palibe nkhani yochitira mantha apa amayi if ur innocent then musakane kukayikira umboni mmesa mudanena kuti mukuziwa omwe anawombera Mphwiyo?????tsono mukukaniranji kukayankhula pamaso pa court………

  45. Kalima says:

    Joyce, usakane pitani mukapelekere umboni. Dziko lonse linamva mukunena kuti mukudziwa anthu omwe anaombera Mphwiyo. Ngati ali Kasambara, mukanene ndithu musaope panopo sakuopsyanso Kasambarayo. Kapena anaomba anali Mpinganjira? Kuti sanagawane bwino ndalama zathu za misonkho? Akatchulidwe ndithu, palibe yemwe angakuopsyeni panopo. Ndikulumbira cheke cheke thwaa!

  46. Brian Banda says:

    kkkkkkkkkkk kunena kwa ndithe ndithe lero ndi izi. Pitani ku khoti mukapeleke umboni. This azungu andituma woman was a shame to the country leadership.

  47. ndaona says:

    Amayi ananenadi so it will be good if she testifies in court so that pple shud know who is who in this saga. Why is she not interested to go to court, i thought she mentioned this publicly? She must also tell the nation publicly in court.

  48. MIKE (mchewa weniweni) says:

    za ziiiiiii

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