Jumbe denies rebellion on Chakwera: ‘No harm in presidential ambitions’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Campaign Director Felix Jumbe has trashed reports that he is campaigning against the leadership of Dr. Lazarous Chakwera and that he alongside Josephy Njobvuyalema are bringing confusion into the party.

Felix Jumbe: MCP campaign director  rejects DPP link

Felix Jumbe: MCP campaign director rejects DPP link

Jumbe said these reports which among other channels have been circulating on social media are just fabrications from people who don’t wish him and the party well.

He was speaking through Capital Radio’s Straight Talk programme on Tuesday 25th August, 2015.

According to Jumbe, he has been and will always work in good faith for the MCP and in respect of the current leadership of Chakwera.

Presidential ambitions

The former Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) President could neither deny nor confirm that he will challenge Chakwera at the party convention ahead of 2019 general elections.

“There is no harm in having presidential ambitions but that could be known at that time,” said Jumbe.

“We need citizenry with ambitions” he added.

Meanwhile, Jumbe said it is high time MCP work on the postmortem report for the 2014 general elections to rectify problems that led to the party’s downfall so that they prosper in 2019.

“All is very well (in MCP) and we just need to position our self for 2019 elections, we need to build capacity amongst ourselves and make sure that there should not be skeleton structures,” said Jumbe.

Meanwhile, Jumbe has emphasized that he will remain loyal to MCP and that he has no plans to ditch the party.

“I have never thought of joining another party,” said Jumbe dismissing links with ruling DPP.

Malawi Congress Party came second in 2014 General Elections and up to date maintains that President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rigged the elections.

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33 thoughts on “Jumbe denies rebellion on Chakwera: ‘No harm in presidential ambitions’”

  1. emmanuel mpenda says:

    MCP will never change

  2. Zuze Chilombo Chammudzi says:

    Jumbe, you were the Campaign Director, what did you do apart from divorcing you wife and marrying a Kenyan?

  3. Optic PC says:

    This is how Bingu worked to destroy MCP. He knew that if voting for presidential elections would favour regions, presidents from the south would always go through. Because, the south has the largest population of the three regions. To sever the the regions through hate, he started with Tumbukas, who are in the minority by publicly introducing quota system in every government institution (though constitutionally illegal). Immediately the Chewas shouted kudos for the Mutchona. Then he silently sidelined the Chewas from sharing any advantages, through appointing his folk.

    He knew that since Malawians say they cannot vote for a Tumbuka, even some foreigners know about this discrimination, the votes from the north will always be shared among the centre and the south. The one the northerners seem to favour as the least evil among the presidential candidates would get more votes.

    My advice is for MCP to work with fellow Chewas to avoid open and subtle hate language and discrimination in places of work to win the hearts of most northerns, then one day MCP might get presidence. Just my thinking

  4. Zuzuma. says:

    Jumbe is pompous. This is why he ha married a third wife now.

  5. Namisako. says:


  6. akulu akulu kambilanani modekha ifetu timatsata mbendela ya chipani olo pachisankho ataimika galu kukhala candidate wa MCP ndikukuuzani ine timuvotela ndie kuti mukwanitse kutiunjika pamodzi nanu mukhale pamodzi gonjelanani kuti muthetse mnyozo kuchipani chathu chokondeka

  7. Chakwera needs to be challenged

  8. chakhalira says:

    Please ma Genuine MCP members never take what number 17, 20, 21 and 25 are saying. Zonse ndi zazibwana zokha zokha. Utsogoleri sititenga monga anenera a Jumbemu. Ayi!!!!!! Kapena zomwe akunena ena za a Njobvuyalema ayinso. A Njobvuyalema, alema ndithutsopano.

    What these people are saying is enough to confuse our MCP if some people will be weak enough to take them. After all these may be the sayings of MCP enemies. Our Presidential Material is DR. Chakwera at the moment and for 2019 and beyond. We support him and wish him the best. Anyone to the contrary is an enemy of our Mighty MCP with DR. Chakwera.

    Genuine MCP members, never take these childish talks.

  9. ZZ Junior says:

    Malawi is having very big succession problems since Kamuzu era because of this mentality. Leaders of political parties don’t want competition. Anyone showing ambition is labeled as dissident. At the end of the day its Malawi in general and parties in particular that pay the costs because we always end up with outsiders and unpopular leaders that have been imposed on us. Late Bingu scenario comes to mind.

  10. kaniche says:

    Kulankhula lankhula mkuluyu mzimenezo wakumana nazo ukaona peacock enterprises u think wa ona Malawi Malawi is not peacock seed .
    Mzimenezo udaziyamba ndale wakumana nawo atonde azako . Mzisamala malankhulidwe uziphuzila kulemekeza anthu onse antchito ako uphuzile kuwalemekeza zimene umachita zija anthu amamkuwona . Akulu Malawi simungalamule Malawi si ziweto ndi anthu ndiye kaphuzileni kaye ngati Davite amene anakaphuzila kuweta ziweto inuso bawetani kaye n’gombezo.

  11. kaniche says:

    Inu aJumbe msaname mu ufuna udindowu matama ali tho!! antchito anu kuti alipidwe mpa 54 kapena 43 mchifukwa chake ambiri anakusiilani ntchito.
    Mungalamule dziko inu kuchenjela kumeneko? khalani pasi basi muphuzile kale. mmanyoza azanu kuti achimidzi inu kwanu mkuti?

  12. U mr jumbe if u are tired with our party just pack your things and go peacefuly, otherwise u will b trited as a goat on maize, so if u r craver enogh u hv to leave know.

  13. Mhesha says:

    This is the democracy era that all except MCP fought for as they continuously fought hard to silence so many pro democracy campaigners to the moment of killing them. Today they still live with the hangover where holding presidential aspirations is like rebellion! MCP, how can we trust you that indeed u have changed when you want to silence your own executive members??? Are still down in the dark ages of this country???

  14. Dada says:

    Jumbe and Chakwela you are just kids and you don’t have to make noise. If you want to know about MCP, ask us or the likes of Njobvuyalema and Tembo. Musatiwonongere MCP. And for your information, you’ll be surprised to see Njobvu ruling come 2019 if he decides to contest. Ndikuti musatiphere MCP yathu tachokera kutali mwamva. Nanunso ababa a Tembo, how can you just sit phwii when you see these young ones messing up. Have you already forgotten Njobvu who assisted MCP to survive?

  15. Koma Kumeneko says:

    Jumbe wont be an MP again come 2019, he will lose, he doesnt even have presidential qualities , the support Chakwera has from malawians cant lose any fair elections even if elections can be held today Chakwera can win but what we dont know is if he can rule or declared a winner by Mbendera osayiwala ma COURT.

  16. edward chitakata says:

    Mvetsetseni Kaye musango munyoza

  17. Free Advice says:

    It is important for MCP to hold its convention earlier so that the 2019 candidate is well sold across the country. Dr. Chakwela will never be president for Malawi and therefore MCP can only achieve its ambitions through a different face from Ntcheu District only. This is according to a research I undertook some months back this year across the country. It is free advice and I am not from Ntcheu nor interested in political positions. Thank you.

  18. Auybrey Thulama says:

    Felix Jumbe is not Presidential material.Don’t even bother about him.Tolerate him and listen his views and weigh if he is woking for the good of the party.MCP leadership needs to ask those pedling reports that Jumbee is DPP agent to bring evidence.MCP still nursing intoleance hangover.

  19. New generation says:

    Jumbe is not a politician !! he was born a farmer you failed FUM then you you want to fail MCP! shame on you.

  20. Mogha wa Boyd says:

    Zanu izo a MCP popeza kuti maganizo anu ndi anyau ndi kuganiza ngati anthu pa central region pano palibe koma achewa okha. Why don’t you change your mindset and think like other people from the other regions. You and your presidential candidate are too tribalistic and regionalistic as if Malawi is made up of central region alone. How do you expect to be in Government with a regional vote? China choti mudziwe choti you Chewas are full of jealousy. you are fond of pull down syndrome ngakhale pa ntchito. you are always bent on making sure somebody is dismissed from his job although you don’t know how to do things. kaya mumaphunzitsana zichani ku Gule kwanuko? Tasinthani kuti a Malawi adzakukhulupirireni. You are so useless in Malawi.

  21. Mbiyazodooka says:

    There is indeed no harm in having presidential ambitions but we should also be mindful that one blunder the MCP did in the run up to the 2014 elections was to elect a Presidential candidate a bit late precisely seven months to the polls. Now the leader is there and there is no doubt we have a good and marketable person so it would be risky again to be thinking of replacing him so soon when we are making progress. My plea to the likes of Hon. Jumbe is to think about the chances of the party winning first than being over egoistic.

  22. N’zoona mwayiwe ulukambazi, mafuwa salephera kugundana. Tsono mukayambana chimafunika nkukhala pansi kukambirana, osati kutuluka mchipani, ndipo sibwino kuti china chikavuta mudzithamangira ku idzi mumati dzima media dzi, nthawi zina dzimakolezera mkangano ndithu. Chipani chatambalachi ndimachikonda kwambiri kuyambira kalekale Kamuzu akuyenda pansi ulendo waku Sosafirika.

  23. zonse ndi nthawi says:

    A Jumbe chonde musawononge chipani cha MCP anthu m’Malawi muno tikudalila chipani chimenechi, anzanu ena adayeselako kuluma chala chowadyetsa a china Gwengwe, Chris Daza, Abel Kayembe, Ntaba, kugotchulako ochepa chabe ndiye inu ngati mukuwona kuchedwa kudzakhala president wa MCP kutsogoloko tulukani musatisokoneze.

  24. nabieni says:

    jumbe uyu afuna adzagilitse mcp dyera ndi kaduka ndi zomwe zikuwavuta akuluwa. Pitani ku ma farmers kwanuko muzikapanga zimenezo musatisokonezeremcp chifukwa we know you very well and apapa kupanga izi wachita kutumidwa mbuzi iwe

  25. Mzaliwa wakwa Tandwe ku Thema says:

    Jumbe analiko adzako a mtima ngati wakowa nthawi ya Tembo zinawakanika.monga a Ntaba,Kayembe,Chafukira,Bundaunda phiri, ndi ena otelowo.Iwe fatsa kaye musiye Dr Chakwera agwire nthito

  26. Biwi boys says:

    Am so sorry for people from lilongwe they always bring division in the party dating back during kamuzu era. Let people know that if Gadama, kachala, muwalo,Dick matenje , sangala were brutally killed its because of power hungry of lilongwe people not John Tembo . Look today mlomo is the one who mislead chakwela and is bitter coz chakwela has removed him because of his dirty hands but has decided to fight it in court. The one who fueled conflicts in the party even for Tembo to hate Hon.p chimango was mlomo and Belekanyama telling Tembo all lies and if only lilongwe can change mcp will be powerful at the center failing which muzingolilabe. Inetu kwathu ndi kumwela but am tired with with these matchona Gvt. So mcp please work out your differences so as malawians can be bailedout from Current Hell. Mwanva kodi anthu anyau inu .fwetseke mtima wanga ukundiwawa kwambiri . Ndikuti chakwela usanyozetse Dzina la mulungu ayi . Preach peace and Love inthe party not hating everybody who contested with u 2013 shame on u. U can’t fight Njovu is more matured than u , instead of learning something from these people . Unya ku convention uwona .

  27. Mwethu says:

    I think this man is vundula madzi. Chakwera has only been at the helm for a year and some few months and is already agitating for ambitions of his own, why can’t he give him a chance kaye? Frankly speaking Chakwera has done well considering where MCP is coming from, and if it weren’t for the mafia type of the MEC and the courts he would have carried the day. Jumbe should not mistake his pupolarity with farmers as a sign that malawians would also vote for him. He should respect his president, if chakwera fails to garner the needed votes in his 2nd year then the MCP NEC should evaluate his performance and seek a new candidate, but what he is doing now will only confuse both the supporters and the party itself.
    We respect you Mr Jumbe we know you have what it takes to lead an organisation but you are still not ripe for the top post.

  28. Thom Paul Duncan Nkalodzwa says:

    Yes they rigged,so what? They are enjoying and your in opposition, wiping tears and gnashing of teeth hehehe hehede

  29. a jumbe musatengeke, anzanu a sosten zawakanika.

  30. chakhalira says:

    Eiiish! Eiiish! A Jumbe, it is either you keep quiet or just pack up and go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of us are very tired with people who think would lead better than the other and yet in the same Party. Take a Party to be a family. If you do that, you are dividing the party and will not stand. Every man born, has Strength and Weakness. No man is 100% fit. If A Jumbe you have issues with Dr. Chakwera, which seems to be there, seek better forum to discuss those issues NOT in the media. Ichi ndicho chisokonezo chomwe enefa sitilora. MCP ya wina ku Mzuzu this is what enafe wanted and we want. Ndiye wina aziyambisanso maphokoso. Ayi!

    Yes, I can see this Jumbe man wants to bring confussion. MCP Executive ayitaneni akulu awa. Let him tell you his problem.

  31. chifundo wa allena says:

    Zilibwinotu pamenepo 2019 tidzaziona basi osati lero mmm its too early to tackle dat kind ov story or to have romuors of such kind!!!!

  32. Gwamula says:

    Felix Jumbe is not a presidential material, He is the campaign director of the party, he sits in NEC, where he can address his issues, but his mental deficiency tells him media is the best platform. As campaign director he is supposed to be versed with proper modes of communication. Who in MCP has gone these media, none, so he is busy answering to hypothesis! That defines his intellectual in politics. He even struggled during the Tripartite elections, the difference between him and his contender was 200 votes, l doubt if he is going to survive this time. DPP can have this liability in glasses.

  33. [email protected] says:

    This man almost lost to the current minister of justice Tembenu. He won his seat with only 244 votes. Had it not been that Chakwera visited his costituency twice the very last week of elections , he could not even be in parliament. Let him swallow hus pride and accept that there is only one leader and that is Dr Chakwera. Him Jumbe can not be a leader in MCP he has failed to run the committee he was trusted with and then can he think of Party presedency. Shame please go and concentrate in your costituency or else you will lose it again

Comments are closed.

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