Jumbe faces parliamentary committee chair axe: MCP purges rebel MP

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has written Speaker of the National Assembly to relocate embattled Salima Central MP Felix Jumbe from Agriculture committee which he chairs to Defense Committee as an ordinary member.

Jumbe: Sacked

Jumbe: Sacked

This is a continuation of a political show down between the party and its deputy director of research which started a year ago after the party shadow minister of agriculture openly challenged the leadership style of party president Lazarus Chakwera.

The letter, authored by party chief whip in the House, has since been delivered on Thursday to Speaker Richard Msowoya.

However, Jumbe refused to comment.

Jumbe and the party’s publicist Jessie Kabwila have fallen out of favour with the MCP for openly challenging the quality of leadership of Chakwera who joined politics two years ago at the party convention where he replaced long time and veteran politician John Tembo.

Officials from the MCP refused to comment but Chakwera conceded over the weekend that there are huge problems in the party but would deal with them decisively, saying he has surmounted great challenges in his life than the present problems but managed to wade through them with the help of God.

Jumbe and Kabwila defiantly attended a political rally in Salima after they were told to leave the place.

However, Kabwila’s supporters were attacked and assaulted whilst two party district officials and a former party regional chairman were barred from attending the meeting allegedly because they are in the rebel camp of Jumbe and Kabwila who both come from Salima.

The straight talking Jumbe told MBC and Zodiak  radios that he would not be intimidated and would continue speak his mind.

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During MCP Convention 13 people competed for MCP presidency. 12 lost including Jumbe with his 29 votes. What makes this guy think that MCP can’t do without him? Why are the other 11 losers silent and some working with the current president. Do not think that people do not see? We don’t what the know-it-alls in MCP. You think because you are a successful farmer then you are a solution to Malawi.


Jumbe is an opportunist. He wants favours from Government for his seed company. At his age , dumped three wives already. What do you expect from such a man. If you cant a manage one wife what about a country. Jumbe is bitter that lost the presidency of MCP


jumbe is a man of wisdom


Who can vote killers of Albino, Njauju and Chasowa just a few chipani cha dzikwanje DPP forget people to vote for this party until u tell us who killed Njauju. A DPP don’t comment on MCP this party is not your edge u started 2005 and we were there there since 1950. We knew Nyasaland and we know Malawi and we have history there were crisis before in the party all were resolved what are you saying you idiots. Shut up concentrate on selling land to foreigner particularly your tea estates.


Ife tili momobe, zamunyasa angotuluka mchipanichi, ali ndi ufulu uyamba chake or ujoiner china zipani nzambiri


Ng’ona party Jumbe asasowe pliz. Let him exercise his freedom of expression please.

Haswel Bandawe

Whatever disagreements Mr Jumbe has with the Leaderdhip style of Dr Chakwera, disagreements are healthy in any organization. It is a sign of internal democracy.

However, the MCP constitution ought to have structures and mechanism for decision-making and conflict resolutions.

Once decisions are made within the set constitution of the Party, then the decisions are binding on everyone including those with opposing views.

In the event that one cannot go along with the decision made according to proper constitutional procedure, then the dessenter is free to resign.

Dr Mbilixi

Jumbe digging his own political graveyard


Really? In Jumbe’s constituency, less than 55% of voters voted for MCP and more than 40% voted for the DPP in 2014 general elections. On parliamentary election, Jumbe and the current minister of justice were neck to neck. Actually Jumbe won with less than 100 votes pas the the current minister of justice, Tembenu. Jumbe is not stupid. He knows what he is doing. Salima is not Lilongwe rural or Dedza.


Another DPP in the making

Jumbe and Kabwila-Kapasula were lucky to come out of that Salima meeting uninjured, as the intention of the MCP “thugs” was to teach these two “zigawenga” a lesson. One they would not easily forget. How fast times change in MCP politics: very recently, these two were stars, and the future. Now, they are being humiliated in public. Plain unacceptable. Jumbe is more experienced than oChakwera, and deserves more respect than this. As for Ms K-K, I don’t know: she’s the know-it-all even though she’s green to politics. Arrogant and disrespectful of others with different opinions. Akukolola pamene analima (She’s reaping… Read more »

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