JZU Tembo receives honorary doctorate : Chimphamba, Mwanza also honoured by University of Malawi

President Peter Mutharika officially conferred an honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Leadership (Honorius Cauca) to the country’s gallant retired politician John Tembo amid concerns that the veteran politician did not deserve the accolade.

Family honor: Tembo with brothers and in-law

Family honor: Tembo with brothers and in-law

Tembo (right) flanked by MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwera and MP Juliana Lunguzi

Tembo (right) flanked by MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwera and MP Juliana Lunguzi

Tembo: Honorary PhD

Tembo: Honorary PhD

The former Malawi Congress Party president, Tembo received the honorary doctorate during a graduation ceremony at Chancellor College in Zomba.

His doctorate is from Polytechnic College for his contribution to the nation.

There were cheers and ululations from his supporters and students who filled the Chancellor College Great Hall in Zomba as Tembo stepped up to get his honorary degree from Mutharika, the Chancellor of the University.

Tembo was among over 400 candidates who received degrees, diplomas and honorary degrees.

Vice Chancellor, Professor John Kalenga Saka said, “the Honorius causa are conferred upon individuals who bring honour and prestige to the nation with significant contribution at national and international levels.”

The University of Malawi narrated how Tembo started his political career as Dedza south MP in 1965, leading him to several ministerial portfolios in the Kamuzu Banda one party regime.

According to autobiography read in the congregation hall, Tembo who was born in 1932 has been significant in the field of politics and public sector governance in the country.

Tembo a holder of BA in history and political philosophy obtained in Lesotho has served as Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Chairman of UNIMA and other companies, served as minister in MCP government and Malawi Congress Party president and leader of opposition until 2014.

However as he was getting his PhD, Malawians on social media criticised the University of Malawi for awarding the degree to Tembo, a close ally of former president Kamuzu Banda who ruled Malawi with an iron fist for over 30 years.

Political and socio commentator Stanley Onjezani Kenani simply asked what Tembo had done to get the doctorate.

Others said the university was simply trying to balance having been severely criticised a degree to First Lady Gertrude Mutharika  – from the same Polytechnic – just over a year after launching her environmental charity.

Some people allege he was linked to atrocities in the one party regime of Kamuzu Banda. His trial on the murders of four powerful politicians Dick Matenje, Aaron Gadama, Twaibu Sangala and David Chiwanga collapsed in the 1990s when the High Court freed him along with Kamuzu Banda and Mama Tamanda Kadzamira.

Also honoured were; Professor Brown Bizwick Chimphamba who received Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership and Management from Chancellor College and Professor Peter Gola Mwanza  was also awarded Doctors of Philosophy in Leadership and Management by College of Medicine for their national achievements.

Chimphamba was recognized as the first Malawian Vice Chancellor of the University of Malawi, contributed to the institution of the college of medicine and Mzuzu University while Professor Mwanza born 1937 was the one recognized as the first Malawian academic staff of UNIMA and played a greater role to amalgamate the then University of Malawi  at Chichiri campus, Soche campus and Mpemba school of public administration as Unima which moved to Zomba.

UNIMA also conferred two ladies, Alinane Linda Nyondo Mipando and Edith Chimwemwe Shame with Doctor of Philosophy in Health Systems and Policy, Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics respectively.

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24 thoughts on “JZU Tembo receives honorary doctorate : Chimphamba, Mwanza also honoured by University of Malawi”

  1. miko says:

    Salute to waaakulu

  2. kholowa mkabudula says:

    Ungapake Zenus ababa aTembo! bolani simunaivutikile mkuwelenga

  3. ine says:

    Tembo deserved this honour, frankly, osati amayi mwapatsa degree chifukwa chosesa aja.

  4. Amuna says:

    I salute the UNiMA for the honour it has conferred to Tembo J. If there r pple who have contributed alot to the dev of mw, JT is just one of them. Talk of Kia, Tcc, press, name it; Tembo facilitated them in one way or another. Long live MW.

  5. Nelson Chipungu says:

    Another nogood arsehole who robbed, raped and pillaged the country being rewarded!!!!!!!!!! How long will this madness of glorifying the undeserved continue!!!!!!!!!!! We truelly are a nations of idiots who allows ourselves to be lead by even greater idiots.

  6. benson nkhokota says:

    Congrates Dr JZU

  7. rashy says:

    ndiye yake ,munthu wankulu tembo ulemu wanu

  8. Losambo says:

    Instead of giving a PhD to Bazuka Mhango who defended Chihana for Kamuzu defeat for you motherfuckers to be called excellences today. You are busy honouring stupid fools

  9. Tikondane says:

    Learn to forgive and forget, my brethren. PHD’ yi ikumuyenera chifukwa cha transition yabwino munthawi yakupuma kwake, komanso zabwino zomwe wapanga mu demokalasemu maka ku palamenti, ndizina zotero. PHD YAULERE NGATI IMENEYI ALIYENSE OLO INU MUTHULANDIRA BOLA WINA WAKUCHEMELERANI.

  10. Tabwalabwa says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Munthu wamkulu……..namatetule……..namalamba.

  11. Mufwa says:

    Honorary PhD yake yakupha anthu kodi. Nanu a UNIMA mwathat eti. More over, UNIMA has no credible record internationally.

  12. odi tipange komenti says:

    Dr JZU Tembo ndi more

  13. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Tembo mmanja mwache muli magazine thooo! Inu mukuti akufunika doctorate! Doctorate ya murder chani????

  14. Panjalati says:

    Wawa OBaba OTembo. During your time as Chairman of University Council we used to have good education, accomodation, food and amenities. During your time at Reserve Bank, the magnificent HQ was built together with the nice Area 18 houses. You deserve the Honour and the non-appreciants akagwere uko

  15. Nathan says:

    A JZU niwofunikadi kupatsidwa u Dototo chifukwa ndiwokhawo mu Malawi muno akhala pa u MP kwa zaka 44. Viva a James Tembo a ku Kafukule viva!

  16. henga says:

    If you are asking why has made Tembo to be awarded the Doctorate, then you probably don’t know how it cost to stick to your party when people are being bought by the ruling party, You don’t know how it costs to be in opposition and contribute sense, you also seem to be not aware that FISP is his idea, it just shows that you don’t even know what it mean to be a member of Parliament until you retire, it seems that you are a child you don’t know how it feels to retire from sweet positions like Leader of opposition and Member of Parliament, I forgive you if you have forgotten that he is the first Party Leader to retire from his position while he is very active. ndilekeze kaye pompa.

  17. Congrats Baba, zamuwawa akakolope nyanja maka awa akuti nda Sitaniele Onjezani! Ndiponso Chakwera akazawina, adzawonjezenso ina

  18. Anthu ena timamkuona mzeru mulibe makamaka a Owonjeza! Siwe munthu ofunika kumanyoza JZU

  19. Roberto says:

    A lot of things have been said to Hon J.Z.U. Tembo and criticised UNIMA for awarding PhD to Tembo. Most of the critics say Tembo did not deserve to get the award because of the killings that happened during one party rule. I wonder if it’s the same Tembo that killed Stambuli during the Bakili Muluzi and what about Elvison Matafale, is it the same John Tembo who did that killing? The sheik in Mangochi was also assassinated, find out if it was John Tembo. And during Bingu rule, was Robert Chasowa killed by John Tembo? What is the difference between the July 20 killing and the Gadama case? Do not try to glorify one killing. It’s the same thing both governments used state machinery for both killings. The latest issue is that of Njaunje murder, I understand it’s the same state machinery that did this and the family has been informed about this killing. From 1994 to Njaunje killing, you want to tell me it’s all about John Tembo who did this, uh? Do not be fooled and all these killings is the same. It’s only Jesus who is a Christian. Olo inu titakuvoterani pa mpando wa u President muzapha ndithu. I respect Joyce Banda, though she killed a lot of innocent people through cashgate. All politicians are the same and greedy. Have killed at one point or the other.

  20. nambewe says:

    Ma u Docotr aku Malawi amangopatsna! anzanu amabvutikira zimenezo zaka 7 akadawerenga! ma yeso khumi khumi!

  21. john phiri says:

    A country full of profs, docs but still very poor. That is why we need people like Bushiri, Paseli, Kwendajenda, makolo, to rule this country otherwise we have people who find pride in papers and not perfomance.

  22. forgive them says:


  23. BG says:

    YOur the most patriotic politician ever, who never wanted to be silenced by hot seats

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