K2.1 billion on Mphwiyo’s charge sheet: Malawi cashgate

Former budget director Paul Mphwiyo has been formally charged with two counts of theft and money laundering of K2.1 billion.

Mphwiyo ;  Gun-shot survivor faces money laundering and theft charges

Mphwiyo ; Gun-shot survivor faces money laundering and theft charges

Mphwiyo was arrested on Saturday with his wife in connection with the infamous cashgate scandal, which led to the suspension of foreign aid to the impoverished Malawi.

Lawyer for  Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)  Imlani Said in December last year, Mphwiyo laundered up to K2.1 billion through various businesses in Lilongwe and  stole K2.1 billion worth of property of Malawi government in the same month.

Saidi pleaded with the Lilongwe Magistrate court not to release Mphwiyo as it he may interfere with investigations.

However, lawyer for Mphwiyo, Alemekezeke Mando argued that his client be granted bail because has a medical condition which worsened upon his arrest.

Magistrate Paul Chiotcha adjourned for Wednesday when he will rule on the bail application.

Top government officials siphoned billions of Malawi kwacha from the government Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS) through payments to companies that did not supply goods and services to government departments and ministries.

Mphwiyo served as the budget director in former president Joyce Banda’s administration for one year before he was shot at his home in the capital Lilongwe.

The shooting incident on September 13 of last year opened a Pandora Box that led to revelations that civil servants were siphoning money through the IFMIS.

Following the shooting, Mphwiyo was moved by Banda’s administration to the Office of the President and Cabinet.

Last month, Mphwiyo testified in court against former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambala and others.

So far, the ACB has secured two convictions in the ongoing cashgate trials.

On Friday, a former accounts assistant in government Victor Sithole, 27, was found guilty of possessing stolen cash.

Early this month, a former tourism official Tresa Namathanga Senzani was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison in connection with the cashgate scandal.

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86 thoughts on “K2.1 billion on Mphwiyo’s charge sheet: Malawi cashgate”

  1. matako says:

    These people ought to be hanged by any means necessary. why are they being allowed to walk our streets? How can the government justify setting thieves like Phwiyo free on bail? I hope some Malawians will take the law in their own hands and t res around his neck!!

  2. Max says:

    Simple theft and Money laundering again? Why are we not lrarning from mistakes from the Senzani case..or is it by design?

  3. Odala Ochibwe says:

    Anthuwa Ndiwodzikonda Amafuna Zonse Zikhale Zawo Koma Civil Servants Akati Tikwezereni Salary Ndi Maperesenti Abwino Mkumakana Ndalama Tilibe Pomwe Akuchalira Zipite Kumakampani Awo.

  4. Nelson Chimaliro says:

    This country can not grow. Think about the poor who are suffering. So sad!

  5. Think Tank says:

    They are wiping out PP in the name of cash gate and yet they have thieves in DPP. The K92 billion was not mentioned for nothing. The mansions we see in Lilongwe started mushrooming during Bingu’s time. They want to make themselves the only party in the southern region knowing that Ung’onoung’ono will never come back watha ngati nsalu ya makatani.

  6. thamsaqa gabuza says:

    and dunderheads in parliament’s pac were busy clapping hands for this mphwiyo thug, amayi busy protecting him saying he was sealing loopholes, koma pa nyasalande, aahhh. watchout, this idiot will also be mentioned in the 2009 – 2012 audit, i do not doubt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. So the can of worms has finally been opened. While this is a welcome development that high profile people are being nabbed the challenge is how to successfully prosecute them because right now money is changing hands between lawyers and judges behind closed doors to ensure that the cases are faltered. Our judicial officers are corrupt and this is their time to make cash. The ACB should go beyond 2004 corruption started. The case of Atcheya has dragged so much and now that he is fine and busy doing government functions let the courts finish his case before proceeding with the current cashgate cases. No one should be spared even the current government officials should be probed. No stone should be left unturned.

  8. chadango says:

    I find no reason why they recruiting the Head of ACB because Matemba is already doing a good job since the removal of the then head of ACB. The president should just promote Matemba to head ACB so that his efforts to deal with cashgaters are not stifled.

  9. mphatso says:

    All the companies that got paid for supplying nothing must be made to supply those things and then told to return the money as well

  10. The Patriot says:

    As patriotic Malaians we should be angry, very, very angry! The problem is how do we make the ones in government accountable? If PP was still in government Mphwiyo would have been untouchable, now he can easily be dragged to court, his protectors are out of government! The million dollar question is NOT how to catch thieves from previous governments but how to catch the ones stealing now otr who stole before but are now ruling? Once we can do that then we will prevent fraudsters parading as government offcials from stealing our hard earned tax payers money. Veriry , veriry I say unto allMalawians that even now someone is milking our money and will only be arrested when the DPP government is outsted!

  11. Dezodezo says:

    Mphwiyo is the epicenter of cash gate and we do not understand why Amayi JB protected this massive thief. You can easily tell that a civil servant is stealing by just matching his salary and the property amassed. Simple and straight forward. Bakili is the father and founder of corruption.



  13. chiza musoka says:

    Tikufuna makechiswe, nanga njoka kupha timapumuntha mchira kapena mutu, queen mukam’manga plz mumutumize kuno kumaula tizampange zijazi

  14. Chipoya LJ. says:

    If his doctor and lawyer are saying his healthy status is not quite ok or in other words he is ill, how about those who perished in hospitals due to lack of medicines due to this satanic theft? No wonder, the rich man’s world is in the city but poor man’s is really in heaven.

    Remember ” the Truth is never as dangerous as a Lie in the long run” the truth will always set us free. ACB must act swiftly and professionally on this. My plea to government is that please don’t tie hands of this ACB due to your own goodness. Let Government free ACB this time around and quizz all involved in this.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!

  15. de' Morgans says:

    Mpaneni mutuwo ndi msungwi yong’amba inu, asa, awulula zambiri ameneyu ndithu. ife kumasowa ndi Chalk chomwe, kikikikikikiest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Zomba Banda says:

    Why was Joice Banda busy travelling to South Africa ati Kukaona a Mphwiyo amvekere ndikuwaziwa omwe adaombera olemekezeka a paul Mphwiyo. Lero ndie mukuti chani?

  17. Pacharo says:

    Dziko La Malawi lovetsa chisoni

  18. Don’t give mphwiyo bail ,if given we will take alaw in our hands.lives were lost coz of pple like him.eye for an eye.there will be many assassination to these bastards unless they hide into caves.government do ur best

  19. Jabulosi says:


    1. Tengupenya says:

      chonde ma prosecutor musapereke mpaka wa ma technicalities. chirungamo chowoneke mosajejema ndi mosapupulumira ma charges olakwika.

  20. mopia says:

    I told you pipo that Mphwiyo is a mafia. Now he has met the Japanese Ninja Matemba and the commando of APM. He is finished. kkkkk komanso asiye zolira zakezo. Kuomberedwa was part of plan. Can a real bullet miss this thief. Just aquitt him, justice will meet him on the street. Mizimu yambuyanga Mbona siyocheza.

  21. Onasiwelo says:

    This is good that at list there are some actions being taken on these monsters that looted our hard taxes at capital hill, but one questions still remains what about those who looted before the JB administration, i mean those that bought Government properties without paying or paying a pea nut? Yes I mean those that accumulated some 92 Billion Kwacha from nowhere? Yaa those that received kick back after awarding contracts to dubius contractors, true there are some people who killed an innoncent student at Poly and store more millions of our taxes when will these be taken to book? You may enjoy the immunity now but will not have it before GOD mark my words. You were supposed to be the first ones to be arrested because the cash gate was started by the dpp government before pp took over and continued to plunder the taxes. All are but children of the same parents.

  22. Mphuno Pakhosi says:

    In a poor country like Malawi seeing countable individuals driving expensive cars, countable individuals building houses better than those in comparatively developed countries, a conscious and sane person is left with a lot of questions. Our country is completely rotten and needs miraculous leadership to heal. 90% of the folks you see in politics, MRA, civil servants, police, immigration department, lawyers are illminded and thieves. It is because o this that our country is the poorest and least developed in SADC, COMESA. No wonder we are second only to Somalia.

  23. Ngozo says:

    This small country of ours should have developed beyond recognition, had it not been for these thieves. Not only those who have been revealed during the JB administration, but even the past governments. I thank God that he did not want this to go on, because it was too much. May God guide this process so that the guilty should face the law and pay for their deeds. And may God protect those who are innocent but are implicated in one way or the other.

  24. GONANI says:

    Izi zinali zodziwikiratu. Just by the look on Phwiyo’s face you can clearly see that the guy was a cash gate guru. Please government take back everything that belongs to the state. These people have been reducing the state to a mere beggar while they themselves were floating in luxuries through cash gate.

  25. Changoima boy s4 says:

    Tadzimangani dzianthu dzoononga chuma cha boma simunati we are waiting for the big fish to be caughted

  26. Patrick says:

    A Paul Mphwiyonso penapake munaonjeza eti?ife we thought mukupangatu ma business koma zokuba mwayaluka nazotu.even your children will suffer in school forever coz other kids sawapatsa mtendere.a Paul munaonjezaaa.ife timapanga business and takes long to buy a merc.komaaaa

  27. loveness says:

    we want to see the big fishes arrested and the asians they are the main culprits who have looted billions this guy has stolen peanuts compare to the asians they use m. benz to ferry their children to school and shopping for vegitable in the market by their drivers and nanny’s.

    1. GONANI says:

      comment 47 (Loveness) , you keep talking about the Asians, what’s the matter with you? Remember that most people of Asian decent are Malawians too. So don’t regard them as outsiders. After all most of them are successful business people. They wouldn’t willingly steal from the government on their own unless someone from the government used their company to divert funds through them for a reward. Only a few would do that. So please don’t be xenophobic.

      1. Ngozo says:

        I agree with you. Asians are hard working, they prosper from their sweat. And most of them fear their God.

  28. Abiti Mtila says:

    This thug has bank accounts in South Africa. Check and freeze them please. He stole more than what we see here. He has bought mansions all over in town. Area 9, 47, 43, 10, 12. He was using some guys to but the houses by the name of Charles of area 25. Some of the properties are in different names.

  29. Hagar the Horrible says:

    Paja ngakhale chakumwa, tinkagula ma whiskey odula a 18 years by the bottle. Akuti kuli ma Blue Lable, aliyense botolo lake. Reminds me of alimi a fodya akagulitsa, they would ‘throw’ a round, one crate each. Kudya money dala.

  30. Wakumudzi says:

    Nanga akubawa awachita bwanjiiii! tingoti pheee! Muoneee!!!!!!!!!

  31. Wakumudzi says:

    Wat about big fish ?

  32. Zoona says:

    Cashgate hurts. It hurts because I am Malawian and I love my country. It hurts because I see a lot of poverty in my beloved country. It hurts because my earnings have lost value completely because of a few selfish individuals, my family will never enjoy the real benefits of my hardwork. It hurts because collectively as a country we can chose to live in a corrupt free environment and develop our country but I don’t see the political will and determination.

    My fellow country men, cash gate has hurt you too. Do you know you are paying abnormally high prices for your everyday consumption because of cash gate. Do you know cash gate contributed to the Kwacha losing value against other major currencies and who suffers when the Kwacha is devalued? Do you know you and I cannot afford to buy a piece of land in our own country partly because of cash gate?

    But most of all, look at the state of our infrastructure, lack of provisions in our hospitals, schools. How can one steal government money and soberly look at the poor school children learning under trees, people dying in hospitals because of lack of basic care?

    Cashgate hurts. Corruption hurts. And it hurts you too.

    I believe the President has power to rid us of cashgate. I believe the government has power to rid us of a poorly performing civil service. Power to rid us of cashgaters in government departments. Power to rid us of corrupt senior officers in public corporations. Mr. President sir, we are waiting.

  33. kodi kani says:

    We Malawians sowed the seed of moral bankruptness when we ignored the Six pounds issue when we voted in 1994. Today 20 years later we are reaping what, we sowed.

  34. Ooh!, my God! The figure seems too small to me, lookinp at the spending these guys were mating! Please check the books even deeper. Satanic pleasure is for a short time. You “JUDGES”, please think of the hospitals, people dying because there is no mankhwala, sons and daughters failing to go to Universities because there are no enough places because there is o cash, etcetra! Yet some fool is spending millions a night on ‘mowa, akazi ndi chamba’! Ooh!, my foot! God help me!

  35. Phwetembwe says:

    I hope Malawians won’t be fooled in the end because UDF, DPP & PP are all a bunch of thieves; 1.7 billion, 92 billion & 13 billion. We lose focus even the recovered cashgate money can be cashgated since those who can go to the extent of rigging elections are ready to steal money.

  36. Zamangazi says:

    Mumene umamwera mowa, kugula magalimoto, kumanga nyumba zimawoneka ngati zochepa. Satana atenga zimenezo ndi zake. Ukadwa zosakhetsera thukuta uziwe kuti ndi za Satana wangokubereka adzatenga patsogolo. 4.2 bilion ndi ndalama zambiri angabwenze zimenezi. Mai kalanga ine ndalama za amphawife kuwonongeka! Chilango chidzikhala cha cikulu osati kuba k64 m, chilango chake zaka zitatu.

  37. petrol kali says:

    A PAC ku parliament mukumve zimenezi!!!! Mphwiyo anakunamizani inukumawombera mmanja achina henry mussa ndi gul la anzinzake

    1. Tengupenya says:

      chilungamo chidapita ndi napolo ku zomba!

  38. Mwenecho says:

    this is is only 13 billion all these arrests imagine 92 shaaaa phazi thandizi pp yomweyo dpp womweyo stupid!

  39. Pido says:

    Amalandira Zambiritu Kuposa Aliyense Mboma


  41. Tebwetebwe says:

    The evil that people do leaves after them.

  42. chimbewa fellie says:

    he must face the law, sizoona kuti ife tizingokanda iwo akudyerera chuma chathu

  43. nkhedu says:

    cashagate film season 5 episode 9 continues……!!!

  44. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Phwiyo started stealing during Bingu’s time , he will be found in the MK92 billion as well ,you see when the Germany will conduct it audit.

  45. Bantu says:

    as dead bodies were rotting at Kamuzu Central, Joyce Banda’s good boys were busy stashing away billions of taxpayers’ money. These devils, for that is what they are, should be removed from society for a very long time. They darkest corners of our should be reserved for them.

  46. salimu says:

    Rubbish why not recall Kapalamula from Brazil if Peter is serious. We know in govt that between 2008 and 2012 more was looted. Is govt going to arrest Dr Daliso Kabambe and Mwanamvekha? I doubt.

  47. mai nsato says:

    Mphwiyo was building his house in Area 43 using bottled water not pipe or well water but bottled water imagine. His workers (builders) were eating m’memo ya chicken everyday. I didnt know this was my tax money.

    Give him bail…. ndikamuotcha ndithu.

    1. nita says:

      Ndipo pamenepadi pofunika mob justice a Malawi tikutani kodi!!! anthu okhaokhawo akutidyera masuku pamutu nkumalemela ife tikungoyangana!!!!

    2. Kanyimbi says:

      Osati panalibe tap ndiye amatungula mu mabotolo?

  48. Wanganyewanganye mtumbuka says:

    Mavutooooo. Amanu ndiye anatenga zingati. Ntchembere yoipa chiberekero. Mulungu amaona. Maloya musalole zinyengo chonde ndapota nanu.

    1. Newspaper says:

      ndipo chi ntchembere chowola chiberekelo ngati chimene chija sinnaone. Kumaba pa siwa zoona!!!!! wotembeleledwa amene uja basi, atha ngati makatani.

  49. Paralegal 101 says:

    Where were all the Police body guards Bophani and Joyce Banda provided for this crook when he was arrested? Just goes to show the idion JB was protecting this racket. Hopefully the lawyer allocated this case on behalf of ACB can act competently and lose the case on technical grounds. These are simple cases of theft by a public servant, and this coming from a Paralegal from Mpemba

    1. Boko says:

      Paralegal ndiwe mbuzi.

  50. Dick says:

    Dziko la malawi losauka

  51. Favour says:

    ‘Mr Mphwiyo was shot because he was fighting corruption.’said Joyce Banda.What should we say here?

    1. Nadeel says:

      It means Joyce Banda lied purposefully

  52. Mngoni weniweni says:

    It was by the grace of god that the PP govt lost! Had it been it won, I tell you we couldn’t know all the revelation we are experiencing now! Komanso let me commend the DPP led govt by fooling Mphwiyo that he’ll be a state witness when the cash gate case starts when in reality it knew that it was just fooling him so that he should not run away! The govt knew here was the dog with all the info. How can a civil servant in his status buy 3 brand new Toyota Prados within a space of 4 months, for his wife and two girl friends’ birth days respectively???? BOMA la Prof. Lawyer Peter Mutharika limeneli muliva simunati!!! Inu pheeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. nyongodole says:

    sadyeka adyeka ndi nyanga zomwe

    1. mayo malawi says:

      ………anunkhadala inu u deserve to be punished for your freinds who are figer like readers to take a resson

  54. Namaona says:

    Ntchiiiiiittttttooooooo! Iyyyyoooooooooo!

  55. Shabaan says:

    Yah choipa chitsata mwino

  56. Njolopingo says:

    uyu akanayenera kugwidwa dzana mwamuchedwetsa, any way chilungamo chiyende ngati madzi basi

  57. Nangantani says:

    His is saying Mphwiyo’s medical condition has worsened? Let it be! What he stole has worsened living conditions for the majority of malawians. Ana anjoka inu

  58. David says:

    This is a case of theft by public servant and should be handled by the office of Director of Public Prosecutions.

    1. Tengupenya says:

      Ma prosecutor asachedwe ndi za juice monga money laundering. awa anali ma civil servant, ndipo ngati anaba azengedwe mulandu woti civil servant anaba. chilango chake ndicholimba kuposa izi za sweet juice za money laundering. pepnai ndithu ma prosecutor chitani za nzeru osati zothandiza ma civil servant akuba!

  59. eye eye says:

    game on..now we are talking..

    …..amenewa musawasiye choncho ….eeeee……….. amenewa musawasiye choncho…. azolowela (singing…Zigoma)

  60. Wapolisi says:

    A khothi mupatseni bail after all the Father and Founder of Cashgate still remains outside prison walls and recently being given the opportunity to waste our taxes

  61. MKWAPU says:


  62. chatonda says:

    K4.2 Billion kwacha just one man. What about the chief cashgateress? People have no morals whatsoever about the needs of the poor people in Malawi. All to themselves. Anyway poti Malawi ndi wanu nokha.

  63. Kwazulu says:

    History takes long to declare its verdict. The good people today may be the bad people tomorrow. But no matter how long it may take the stand of justice shalll always possibly be justified …… may be.

  64. mwewo woyiba says:

    mwazikhaulitsa mbava. inu othetsa katangale mangani akawalala onse.
    koma mpaka anyamata a kwa DC olandira less than k30000 kugula galimoto zopuma? mmmmm zodabwitsa
    nawonso onse akwa DC. muwafufuze ndi mbava

  65. MKWAPU says:


  66. Mbanangwa says:

    If this guy a lone can not explain the 4.2 bn, who is next in this cob web? I do not know. Let us wait as things unfurl.

  67. Abk says:

    like father like son, a guave doesn’t fall much further from its tree! now just very few hills to climb to his mother, because she use to call him as her most trustworthy son! I am seeing khumbo kachali, ken lipenga, and the likes of other big names in the society.

  68. PPK says:

    So the guy stole all that money? People are evil at heart. What happened to conscience?

  69. Dziko lathu ladzadza ndi mbava.

  70. Nyangutela says:

    Timadabwa mwana ngati mphwiyo kulemela kodabwisa chonchi chimutu chachikulu chosalewa nkhonya ameneyu awulule ubale wake ndi JB AKUZIWANA MWAPANE MPAKA AULULE

  71. Big brain says:

    Zachuluka eeeeeeeee

  72. Fumu says:

    Don’t let him getaway. Spending 1M in a casino kIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII just in one night!

    1. Tengupenya says:

      spending zako palibe nkhani. koma ngati amachita kutibera, apo nde amunjate mlandu wakuti civil servant waba.

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