K92bn DPP-era cashgate forensic audit to be tabled in Malawi Parliament

A comprehensive forensic audit of ministries and departments covering the period between 2009 and 2012 under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rule in what is being christened as ‘DPP K92billion US$206.7 million) cashgate’ scandal is ready for release.

Gnndwe: To yable the report detailing the cashgate under Bingu wa Mutharika's watch

Gnndwe: To yable the report detailing the cashgate under Bingu wa Mutharika’s watch

The National Audit Office (NAO) will next week release the investigation conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), according to published reports on Saturday.

Germany funded Malawi EUR18 240 000.00 (K 9.76 billion) to conduct an audit into the fraud in the first DPP administration which pushed donors to suspend   direct aid to government, which traditionally accounts for 40 percent of Capital Hill’s annual expenditure.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe said the report—which he said is preliminary—is still with the Auditor General.

“I am yet to see the preliminary report, which is in the hands of the Auditor General. He has asked for 10 more months for the comprehensive report to be released,” Gondwe is quoted in the press.

NAO spokesperson Lawrence Chinkhunda confirmed the report is expected to be formally submitted to the Minister of Finance next week in accordance with the Public Audit Act, for onward tabling in Parliament.

An interim investigative audit report of the government payment system known as Integrated Financial Management and information System (Ifmis) that the National Audit Office carried out between November 2011 and first half of 2012, which was kept under wraps, showed that government lost over K90 billion through abuse and irregularities.

The K92 billion audit report will reveal some names which have already been implicated in the current Baker Tilly audit report.

The civil society demands that the two cashgate matters should be brought to their finality without favour.

“In pursuit of justice, government is urged to desist from shielding some alleged senior officers on the matter as doing so would negate government’s obligations to protect its citizens,” they appealed.

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) Timothy Mtambo, said it their expectations to see to it that justice is not only seen to be done but is manifestly seen to be done on both issues.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Lazarus Chakwera has been accusing President Peter Mutharika of not inspiring hope for his claims of a crackdown on cash gate style corruption “when he remains silent about the 92 billion kwacha scandal previously perpetrated under the watch of his own party.”

Said Chakwera: “If this Democratic Progressive Party led government does not push for urgent conclusion of all the cashgate cases and does not ensure the full recovery of the resources stolen thereby, Malawians will forever hold them responsible for the misery they are suffering.”

He said MCP is not interested in “selective justice that confines its inquiry to political opponents.”

Chakwera said his party demand that” justice be done for Malawians, and it should be done swiftly.”

People’s Party (PP) parliamentary leader Uladi Mussa also accused Mutharika’s “silence” on why donors are still withholding aid.

Mussa said “the issue that will unlock aid is a probe in the K92 billion. Why is this government failing to do the needful?”

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46 thoughts on “K92bn DPP-era cashgate forensic audit to be tabled in Malawi Parliament”

  1. we want nothing but the truth! How come apart from sendera lady only junior staff are being arrested. who was authorizing the payments? God will expose u whether u like it or not. DPP K92 billion cashgate koma ndiye eeh! PP it was about K22 billion tiudzeni zoona.

  2. vaanwyk says:

    Dede Kamkondo, a prolific Malawian writer authored a novel titled “Truth will Out”

    Ukanama sikuchedwa kucha anatelo azigogo athu. The ten month u want to tamper with names and figures wl soon be a short period! Ukakhala ndi mphini pathupi lako usamaloze anzako kuti ndi amfiti!

  3. ARICHO says:

    It should be tabled right now

  4. Thyolo South says:

    we don’t comment on comments, please comment on the story not comments

  5. nkhawazatha says:

    My Korean neighbour ate my cat

  6. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    A Uladi Mussa Musakhale ngati inu simumaba nawo, tikukudziwani ife. Tiulura posachedwapa.

  7. mbani says:

    Za ziiii with Atupele mwana a bakili being a minister it won’t c the light of the day and a don’t trust national audit

  8. curious cat says:

    Ndi chigubu cha sobo chili pambali.Mukuti Goodall angapange resign chocho?He will make sure that he downs it all to cool his thirsty throat.How unlucky my tax money is.

  9. Frank Ndili says:

    We Malawians need to be patriotic to our country. This is now the time to boot out the DPP led administration without fear or favour if we are to progress as a nation. DPP can not excute justice on its self. Khoswe akakhala pa mkhate sapheka! We need a caretaker government now that should lead this clean up process so that nobody is shielded because of political inclinations. Our CSOs should champion this transion process so that this will serve as a lesson to all future governments never to take their citizens for granted again. Please a PAC, Kapito, Mtambo, Mayaya etc, do what you did since 1992 . Tiyeni tiwombole dzikoli. These DPP guys are demons. Do not trust them even by an inch!!

  10. Sapitwa says:

    All names you expect are not on that report. Will be like that one of abiti Namaloko who plundered Government coffers and yet her name was not on the list.
    We are just wasting our time. We better tighten our screws and use our energies where they are needed most in developing our country.

  11. Mzimu Wagogo says:

    Mzungu AKulamulirabe Basi

  12. JJB says:

    Sometimes I really feel for this country.

    Looking at the comments with no substance, and these are probably the youth that want to take over.

    They do not understand anything.

    Some are commenting on the orange Juice, which has nothing to do with the “Nkhani” in question. if you check this picture has been used more than 3 times on three different stories, and yet our Youth believe it was taken when this news was being relayed.

    Just tell us what is in the preliminary report, we can’t wait for 10 months, is another comment, and yet the whole article is about how the preliminary report will be tabled in this parliament, how can anyone commenting on the issue miss that.

    This country will go down further and further because we have a youth that is so dull it is painful. Thank God I will be gone when these IDIOTS start governing this country.

  13. Pasaulo says:

    Ooooooh ! Malawi is dancing to political tumour tunes. One day all these politicians will go to exile by default as JB as done. Chakwera the reverend now I think u are been ordained to take the mantle ,but can you tell malawians how strong you are that you will not bath in their satanic nature pool. We have seen how Atupele is greedy by joinig the mangy dogs . This boy on my understanding Malawians hav lost trust in him by buying the policy of appeasement that he do away with his father ‘s case. And we hav really seen Bakili coming to lime light ,the favoured person by Pitala. Kuzakhala president ine wa Black peoples party nosensenu ndizakumangani. Sipazakhala zokambira koma , any politician connected in any abuse of public resourses death penalty will apply. I will rule with iron fist more especially to all politicians

  14. OGO!! says:

    Why ten months? JB’s audit came faster than this !! Why 10 months? it should be 2005-2012 not 2009-2012.

  15. Ma student says:

    Goodal ndi mnzako nkalsmba

    Zozaganizira mntundu wa a malawi

    Why cant you guys just resign ???

  16. Erukuruku says:

    “mere audit query” itulukira poyera tsopano. Mbava za DPP zibooka m’mimba tsopano. Muja ananenera akuluakulu: Moto umapita kumene kwatsala tchire…

  17. mathanyula says:

    Big fish mathanyula and gongwe.

  18. Benson Chirwa says:

    Strictly speaking I think Goodall is too old for this job. Does the country not have strong energetic learned people to do this job? Mwinatu kuba ku chipani ndiye stick by me as I stick by you.

  19. Chikuni says:

    We need new brooms in offices,tatopa kuona nkhope zanu.Very scary, old,ill wishing faces.

  20. Alungwana says:

    I hope that includes the MHC scandal in which APM was involved in the purchase of houses

  21. chindele says:

    Goodal is one of the culprits and should not be allowed to go through the report on his own. The report should go to parliamentarians a sealed pack. The other culprit is peter mutharika. vindele.

  22. Kadakwiza says:

    Why ten months?

  23. Munnyabu says:

    I dont smell any truth in this so called f/audit, trust me in so called ten months these bunch of iodiots wil manouver it so tht they r clean, remember jb wasnt even mentioned

  24. Osapinda report yo

  25. chete says:

    And someone believes in this article. Mxiiiew dull malawians!!!

  26. Think Tank says:

    kunali masamu. Mpaka ma auditors kufuna 10 months! Sizocheza. Mbava zinatasa.

  27. Barnaba Sila says:

    Fellow Malawians, it is high time we had weaned ourselves from this malady called Donor dependency or budgetary support talk as it has turned ourselves into zombies believing that we cannot manage our continent Africa without azungu. I believe this kind of thinking encourages plunder of public resources in casshgates of 92 billion or 13 billion as we all know about it. This is a very big sign kuti sitiganiza about tomorrow. The last 50 years talira kwambiri, If we don’t change our mentality, surely our country will totally collapse in the next 50years. I like what Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of Kenya has said today on BBC website – http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-33108716

  28. White Rabbit says:

    Patience…though at times I find it difficult, trying and VERY painful, …oh, and extremely boring!!! I am patient. ‘M’…I respect your investigation(s) and pray my children will too.

  29. A thief presenting a report on his loot?Mwatitola eti azigogo inu!Nyasatimes please edit your work.

  30. Callistara wa Chimombo Mathanyula says:

    Goodall adandilephera Daniel Phiri atamwalira. Ine kuyesa kuyamwa sizidzatheka¡¡¡ Basitu nthochi thandize

  31. kenkkk says:

    This govt didn’t even tell Malawians that the German funded investigations on the 92bn had already started. Why did you keep it hidden? We have been asking you the govt about this but you kept quiet when actually the investigations had already started. Why didn’t you want to tell us?

    Also why only three years from 2009-12?

    Why wait 10mths when the report is ready? Please release the preliminary report, I suspect doctoring being carried out.

  32. ujeni says:

    From 2005-2012 not from 2009-2012. Why shorten the period what are you still hiding.

  33. nachos ale says:

    Why ten months? We need it now. Mumawabvuta a JB.

  34. Jozza says:

    Goodal wakalamba let’s accept he was a good material koma let him resign constructively otherwise he will let malawians down due to his downess bcoz of old age.wakalamba abwana resign.

  35. Kennedy says:

    Will hear fake audit, no will will tell us the truth in my perstpective.

  36. Kkkkkkkkk!!!Namulukunuwa, wandiwaza, inenso kudabwa kuti chi galafao cha Orange squash chi bwanji? Mapeto ake ayiwala kutipatsa report uku akugagadiza chigalafaocho. They gat to be serious on vc matter others donors have come to know ukamberembere wa atsogoleri athu and how they play around nditama trick tofuna ku win la ma donation ena after ata blunder!

  37. Concerned citizen says:

    This is totally unacceptable. This deserves capital punishment.

  38. Namulukunuwa says:

    Sobo squash yomweyi Mpaka kumuika mu chi galafawo chokongola mchocho koma eh mutova kukoma dzikoli

  39. duma wa duma says:

    Wow this is very interesting so where’s JB on this? U ppl ur too quick to judge others and criticize other tribes look now its a return favor hope u’ll enjoy it! And hey gud lunky, what comes aroung goes around.

  40. mussa says:

    Yes let justice prevail, the root cause of 92b scandal should come to light

  41. viyazi tembo says:


  42. frank kaponda says:

    Shaaaaa let us wait and see in ten months coming.

  43. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Give us the preliminary report, otherwise the final report will be edited.

    10 more months to come before a comprehensive report is finished, is PWC serious?
    Yachema ntchito kumeneko,

  44. Nabetha says:

    Mbava ina ndi imene mukuyiwona pa chithunziyo.

  45. CHEJALI says:

    Kkkkkkkk DPP imeneyoooooo mpaka tem morth yyyyyyyyyy

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