Kachaje: Have we moved at all?

Flashback, March 2012: The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) organized an All Inclusive Conference under the theme: “Time to Reclaim our Destiny: Seeking Redress to Political and Economic Challenges”. The two challenges that were a plague to Malawi were “Political” and “Economic”. At that conference, Bishop Tengatenga said some profound words; “We are here today to maintain our original vision of democracy and reclaim our destiny… things have fallen apart economically, socially and politically… Reclaim does not mean remove but take back. To reclaim does not mean to stage a coup, but to “rearrange the deranged”, Time to come up with solutions. The crisis has been discussed for far too long. Now it is time for solutions”.

PAC conference on future of Malawi

PAC conference on future of Malawi

It was very clear at that time that “The crisis had been discussed for far too long”. The Bishop was challenging the conference to come up with solutions to the political and economic challenges that were holding back this beautiful country from moving forward.

The Malawi Police Service however, had a conspiracy theory and the then National Police spokesperson,  Davie Chingwalu issues a strong warning through a press statement: “The police have information that the organizers (PAC) have distributed money to people to join the demonstration. The police is therefore asking members of the general public not to be tempted with money and join this illegal demonstration… the police will use necessary force if people are going to participate in the illegal demonstrations”.

Fast forward, February 2016: Just over a week ago, PAC was at it again, and held another conference under the theme: “Defining Solutions to Economic and Political Direction of Malawi”. Four years later, the theme of the conference was almost exactly the same as the theme of the 2012 conference. What does this tell us as a nation? Did we find solutions in 2012? If we did, were the solutions implemented?

Of course, the Malawi Police Service didn’t want to miss the party again. This time “they had information through a leaked WhatsApp chat that some people were planning to overthrow a democratically elected government. They swiftly arrested three of the “suspected criminals” and charged them with treason. We are told investigations are still under way, so all I can say is, bravo Malawi Police Service, you have once again saved us!

But what has really attracted my interest is this: We seem to be discussing the same challenges, political and economic. Are we making any progress as a nation? It seems that we are still in the same crisis, four years later. Maybe indeed, the crisis has been discussed for far too long. Now it is time for solutions. But what are the solutions? Or better still, do we really know the root problems to our perpetual crisis?

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7 thoughts on “Kachaje: Have we moved at all?”

  1. Ndakuziwani says:

    We’re in troubloooo!!! Thugs and satanists have conquered Malawi and Malawians are turned into slaves.

  2. kaDausi says:

    Good question, ” do we know the root cause of our problem?” Until the day we all agree on the real problem that we have we will never find a solution, let alone move forward.

    Our biggest problem is tribalism. Until we start looking at each other as simply Malawian, we will never move ahead. Corruption has its roots in tribalism. Talk about incompetent leaders, it’s all as a result of tribalism. Malawi has experienced mass brain drain because of bad governance, which is a result of tribalism.

    In the days of Kamuzu, it was there but not as openly practised as today, that’s why there was a little development then.

  3. Like it or not says:

    The root problem is that in most organisation in the country both private/public appointments is never based on merit or results of performance but rather on political or tribal basis . this is affecting output of both private and public organisation in this country. so apart from indian run companies who drive results (despite recruiting on indian based colour) no other organisation is doing good enough including Press Corporation. We can not hold each other accountable based on performance – we say no do not fire him/her akavutika mwana wa chemwali !

    As Malawians we must be passionate about results ! results ! this country has potential but its people who are very weak, we need a change culture programme on national level that way we may start moving. otherwise we are not going anywhere even if we had gold mines or oil fields ! We need a team to come up with culture change propramme – Scotland can help us (not with money but skills)

  4. daniel says:

    mabishop ampingo wanji amene amalandila

    ndalama kuchokela kwa Chilima?

  5. John says:


    Do you even read newspapers to be up to date on the current affairs?
    The police have “once again saved us?” REALLY?
    #yawning. Let me sleep now. You are useless.

  6. 2016 welcome says:

    The problem is inept leadership which unfortunately has huge blind loyalty based on tribal inclination. I now begin to understand that federalism could be the answer.

  7. MAY BE says:

    The 2012 PAC was a real PAC , what we are seeing now is a group of fortune tellers , they are not looking at the country’s future. Malawians will suffer forever , may be the Pastor Letter can save us but still Soulos Chilima is the one dishing a lot of money to the Bishops which has made them to relax.

    Simbi Yamoto is gone for good . Who is going to save Malawi ? We don’t have a real answer .

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