Kachaje takes Malawi ‘hit-list’ with a pinch of salt:  DPP should not behave in ‘barbaric and satanic’ manner

The Economics Association of Malawi (Ecama) president, Henry Kachaje has  taken with pinch of salt reports of a leaked list of names of people the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  is allegedly planning to kill for being critical to President Peter Mutharika.

Kachaje: Why should a 'democratic' and 'progressive' party be planning to kill its critics?

Kachaje: Why should a ‘democratic’ and ‘progressive’ party be planning to kill its critics?

For a week also the social media has been awash with copies of the alleged hit-list which has 17 names of prominent figures in the society  that are said to have been critical of Mutharika’s policy and leadership style “marked for death”.

Those on the hit-list  widely circulated on WhatsApp and Facebook include Kachaje, Prophet Sheppard Bushiri, former president Joyce Banda and leader of opposition who is also president for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Lazarus Chakwera.

Kachaje, reacting to the issue, said his first reaction was to treat it as one of ‘sick jokes’ from someone using the social media irresponsibly.

“I therefore wish to appeal to all of us to use our freedom of expression responsibly and wisely,” said Kachaje.

He pointed out that Mutharika once expressed dismay at how “sick” our nation has become as Malawians can spread sensitive rumours and lies against authorities and fellow citizens”.

Mutharika once said many Malawians consider the social media as their bible of truth, arguing Malawi is the only country in which someone would sit down and create stories and spread them on social media, thereby misleading others who actually don’t have the wisdom to question whatever they read.

Kachaje, writing on his Facebook page, doubted the possibility of DPP creating a hit-list, calling on Malawians to start questioning whatever they read on social media.

“Can the DPP, whose name means Democratic and Progressive be so tyrannical and start oppressing our democratic freedom and murder anyone with a critical or different view?

“Can the DPP, led by a professor of constitutional law, with 40 years of practice in a very progressive and liberal democratic nation (USA), sink so low to endorse such barbaric ways of dealing with those critical or holding a different view?

“ Can the DPP, with a cabinet full of educated PhDs,fail to resolve whatever challenges the nation is facing and resort to perpetuating violence, hatred, intimidation and murder of those seen to be critical of its leadership?”

According to Kachaje it sounds” incomprehensible” for a political party that claims to be both democratic and progressive to behave in a” barbaric and satanic manne” as the so called “leaked hit list” seems to propagate.

Kachaje believed the so-called leaked hit-list is clearly a sick  joke that should not frighten those willing to offer constructive feedback to “our leaders and enjoying our democratic freedom”.

He, however, did not want to throw caution to the wind, saying: “But in the unlikely event that there is some grain of truth in the said leaked document, then it is my prayer that as Malawians who love peace and democratic progress, we must work together in solidarity to root-out the elements of tyranny, intimidation, violence and any form of barbaric acts that might threaten our hard-won democracy.

“It is my prayer that believers and the church will continue to pray for this nation for our God is able to deliver us from evil. Indeed, should there be any holding public office with such evil and murderous intent”.

Kachaje has been one of the few people to stand up for poor Malawians against social and economic injustices.

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William Makwama
Hater people always complaining when are you going to work assist Malawian, always DPP kuzolowera cash gate 2019 wooo muwonda ine phee ndikudya sima inu mufuna mpando wa upresident .Mukumenyana nokha kenaka kuti DPP go ahead campaigning us Bwana kachaje how much to earn after criticising DPP everyday? Who pays you ? where do you go for worship? Do you mean there is no anything DPP is good to you? Even in examination at least you some subjects you likely to do better if don’t see anything DPP has done then you not a good teacher. Am not a politician… Read more »
Chief Kapoloma

mongokumbutsana Malawi 1-Guenea 2







That is why Dausi is at Area 30. A Dausi ndi apm pamodzi ndi dpp munayamba Mama Kabwira and the team now here you are. Japi can you say anything here before you spent more money by lining up chiefs to defend it on your behalf.

The Partriot

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword!


No 16, in a ccivilised and peaceful country, a panga wielding thug who hacks someone will not be released. This is a serious crime! As for a Kachaje, he iws just one of the hand clappers!


Really if life is so precious such that we argue with people who prophecise death, why do we list people in the black book. Everyone’s life is equally important

Kachanje you are cheating yourself on this. The educated people in dpp are all fools, they behave like savages as if they have never been to school or lived abroad. The hit list is there and it is true. Its implementation started with the appointment of dpp thugs youth leaders and the mzuzu fracas. It even includes some people in the diaspora. Dpp is the only violent party in malawi. By coming out like that, I suppose they will think twice to touch you but don’t be naive. If there is no hit list, let apm and other dpp gurus… Read more »

iiiii koma Kachaje so ndi mbuzi! The list might be a sick joke indeed but the reasons he is giving for its dismissal are just dumb founding. Referring to DPP as Democratic Progressive….? What have they done so far that shows that they love democracy? Starting with the president who boasts of being rich and can veto any law as he wants to his ministers who calls Malawians “stupid” for commenting on issues affecting them daily and telling them to start eating once a day if they are starving….

Staniel Thupuwela

Mr. Kachaje do not underrate the Zikwanje blood thirsty party, they are capable of doing anything under the sun. What happened in Mzuzu should pump some sense into your head. You know the Lhomwes are used to killing each other with zikwanje as long as someone promises them blood money, wakutsina khutu ndi mnansi


I think you just hate the Lhomwes. Were those that were hacking and killing each other in Mzuzu the Lhomwes. This hate makes you sick. And you claim to be a God believer? Forget it …

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