Kachebere seminary awards first Philosophy Degrees

For the first time in the history of St Anthony’s Kachebere Major Seminary of the Catholic Church under the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), 42 Seminarians who have completed their three year Philosophical course have been awarded with degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy under the Catholic University of Malawi.

Some of the graduating students at Kachebere

Some of the graduating students at Kachebere

Presiding over the graduation ceremony at Kachebere Major Seminary in Mchinji, Chairperson of the University Council Rt. Rev. Dr. Martin Mtumbuka said the event was a historical one because no one who has passed through the seminary has ever been awarded with a degree.

“Basically, I must admit that I am very grateful and sincerely expresses my gratitude that we have managed to reach this far. This symbolizes the growth of the Catholic University in Malawi and the Church as a whole,” he said.

His Lordship Bishop Mtumbuka said plans are underway that Catholic University should open up satellite Colleges in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Karonga for evening classes to provide a chance for those willing to pursue their education to do so.

For his part, Rector for Kachebere Major Seminary, Fr. Raphael Mbendera said the knowledge that they have acquired for the past three years should help them become a little bit better every day, be more human, understanding and more committed to their vocation hence be matured.

“So the key question today is not what this degree will bring me. The profitable question is; what is in me? What lessons have I learnt? What qualities have I cultivated?” he said.

Fr. Mbendera added: “As you go out of this seminary, know that you have the duty to bring the good picture of Kachebere Seminary to wherever you are going. We wish you well and every success as you continue to pursue your vocation to priesthood”.

The academic dean, Fr. Frank Chingale in his speech thanked the Episcopal Conference of Malawi through the Bishops for all that has been accomplished.

“It has been a long process to be affiliated to the Catholic University because we started with the University of Malawi, then Catholic University of Eastern Africa and finally Catholic University of Malawi. I remember Bishop Mtumbuka telling us that we don’t have to go far, we have our own Catholic University. It is not a choice but we must go for it,” he said.

Chingale said Philosophy is studied in the seminary so that students are able to keep in mind that they are candidates for priesthood hence its justification and significance is aimed at learning to think profoundly in terms of being and of objectivity, to sharpen the critical sense, to help to grow avid for the truth wherever it may be found and to learn to detect and refute errors.

He also said Philosophy is studied by seminarians to form the intelligence or mind, overcome irrational or lack of trust on reason, overcome the difficulties, relativism of our time, form the criterion of a person and to aspire to know and be open for the truth.

“In addition, it helps to know how to dialogue and argue with other people of different cultures and religions. Finally to help to study well theology which is faith seeking understanding,” he said.

Earlier before the graduation ceremony, His Grace Archbishop Tarcisius Ziyaye, the Archbishop for Lilongwe Archdiocese lead the Eucharistic mass in which during his homily called on for people to be united for the glory of God.

Out of the 42 seminarians who were awarded with Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Brother Nestory Kamude passed with a second upper class honours while twenty and twenty one students passed with credits and passes respectively.

After the Philosophical formation at Kachebere Seminary, the Seminarians will go to St. Peter’s Senior Seminary in Zomba for theological formation.

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24 thoughts on “Kachebere seminary awards first Philosophy Degrees”

  1. Gerard says:

    A great step indeed!!!!! Keep the fire burning. We are proud of you!!!!!!

  2. James says:

    What philosophy is taught at a catholic institution? Malawi is awash with colleges which offers such degrees. I would like to know what philosophy is taught there.

  3. Naphungwako says:

    Dabwi! This is NOT a strange move. Here in UK students are graduating with degrees within the same three year program . These seminarians deserve it!

  4. aneneri says:

    take note that the course starts with formation which tks 1yr which deals with course basics.so it is wrong to say the whole philosophy is done in a yr

  5. Emmanuel Nedi says:

    Uh! Uh hhhhhh! Koma ndiye ndi zobeba. Many congrats guys! Keep smart.. you look so “handsamala”. Be proud of your youth and your Church. Take care of your minds and your bodies…lives too. We would like you to serve the Church when you are in good health and fresh. A sick body is a disturbing factor in helping other people.
    Guys,why did it take so long to come to this? Many Congrats to the ECM.

  6. alyx warsenal mandiza says:

    big up brother Nestoli Kamude,we are proud of you,out of 42 your the only one who passed with the second upper class hornour,wishing you well as you are continuing your studies @ st peters seniour seminary,we are hopping you will come up with first upper class hornour,if it exist

  7. Thako lidana says:

    Dabwiiii iwe sukudziwa kuti ku UK ndi Ireland ma arts degree even accounts ndi 3 years he he he he ku Malawi degree ndi 4 years First year anthu amamaliza secondary school A levels fufuzani malume musanalambe

  8. H Kamdidi says:

    Dabwi! The graduating students did not do just three years for a degree from secondary school! They already got their diplomas

  9. Mbanangwa says:

    It depends upon the the type of study KCN. Will do the degree in 2 years. What modules are you following?

  10. Mbanangwa says:

    Looking at the study period you guys go through. You deserve that. We were all behind time.

  11. dabwi says:

    Degree after only three years?

  12. Paul Dolezar says:

    Mwawonatu ndibwino kumasankha mabishop wophunzira ngati Doctor Emmanuel Kanyama ndi Dr Martin Mtumbuka wosati ngati achina James Chiona wopondeleza. We should have reached this some time back if Doctor Patrick Kalilombe was the head of the Catholic church in Malawi.

    While Doctor Patrick Kalilombe was rejected by the then ECM in Malawi the rest of the world saw him as one of the best contemplary and sharpest theological mind of modern times. He is highly appreciated by pipo of theological repute throuhout the world.

  13. MAKOLO says:

    amunthali Mpa ndo amango landila dumbo atchIto wose akadandawula muti mchani mechi zopusa

  14. Tman says:

    I adore you Catholics. You are very strategic. The church ⛪ will grow on concrete pillars. You always invest in school. You are thinking beyond this age. Can we all buy a leaf.

  15. Malawian in Belgium says:

    Wow its very wonderful and encouraging, takunyadirani

  16. clement says:

    Yebo chomene

  17. Bravo Kachebere, Bravo Catholic

  18. Maxy says:

    congratulation guys. this also motive us to work hard in schools so that we should also have PhD in our own country

  19. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Wonderful. Education is paramuont if this country is to posively go forward and not early marraiges and selling INDEBANK and MSB behind doors. Bravo Kachebere, down down with Dpp.

  20. Joe says:

    Wonderful, Philosophy is a way to go, not only for priests for every one who wants to be recognized among educated people. Character formation of our people is the goal for education in the country. let alone character formation of our youth. They need to have a well formed mind which can make informed decisions for the betterment of our nation. My dear learned colleagues aim at translating your knowledge to the youth of the country Malawi. We are tied of young people who make decisions and later regret. train their minds, their intelligence and their reason. i believe that some of these economical problems can be avoided if we follow this direction.

  21. ANALYST says:

    mmmm, ine kusilira! Kachebere yabeba tsopano

  22. Samson Semu says:

    Zimenezi ndi zosangalatsa kwambiri ku mpingo wonse wakatolika.Mululungu apatirire kuwachitira zazikulu ansembe amtsogolowa. Amen

  23. Aug Mbamba says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!We are waiting for you to feed us with the Word of God

  24. Vakhaliwe says:

    Congratulations guys..

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