Kaliati warns Malawi men against wife battering: Visits woman battling for life after horrific beating by hubby

Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati on Friday visited a woman who was severely beaten by her husband at Mchinji District hospital, reiterating that government would not watch the trend continue but let the arm of law take its course on men who abuse their wives.

Kaliati visiting Linda at Mchinji dist hospital pics; By Sarah Munthali MANA

Kaliati visiting Linda at Mchinji dist hospital pics; By Sarah Munthali MANA

“I visited Linda Phulani after reading media reports about the misfortune that befell the woman, and am shocked to see her deep wounds, as government we won’t sit back and watch women being tortured like animals,” she warned

The woman Linda Phulani was severely beaten by her husband JohnYasini with chains and steel rods sustaining deep cuts on her back at Kumbuyo village, Tembwe in T/A Mlonyeni in the district.

She said all perpetrators of such type of domestic violence would be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years and 20 maximum years in jail.

“I do not know what the husband was thinking beating his wife like an animal, unless he wanted to kill her, this wasn’t done out of love,” she explained.

Addressing a public a meeting later at Tembwe in T/A Mlonyeni’s area in the district, Kaliati said time has come for communities including traditional leaders and local community organisations to take a stand and sensitise the communities on the evils of domestic violence.

She advised women to walkout of marriage when their husbands abuse them saying persevering in the name of love is not a solution.

“When a husband beats and injures you run for your dear life, alert neighbours, chiefs and marriage counsellors for help,” she said.

She also advised girls not to drop out of school and get married saying education advancement in women could help reduce the burden of gender based violence on them.

“When women get educated it helps them distinguish those coming to them with honest intentions from those that come to deceive them.

“When you are not educated as a woman, most of the times you cannot make informed decisions hence you fall victim to domestic violence,” observed Kaliati referring to Linda 18, who dropped out of Standard 7 and eloped with her 20 year old Husband.

District Commissioner for Mchinji YamikaniChitete said Mchinji district has recorded one of the highest number of domestic violence cases, but as a council they are sensitising the public on the dangers of domestic violence.

“As a council, in collaboration with the social welfare office, police and non governmental organisationswe have several programmes where we sensitise the public especially women to report any kind of abuse they face in marriage,’ she said.

During the visit Kaliati donated various food items to Linda and money.

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35 thoughts on “Kaliati warns Malawi men against wife battering: Visits woman battling for life after horrific beating by hubby”

  1. ganganfuno says:

    kill him with a knife is a goat

  2. marika says:

    Being uneducated is not a guarantee that wives should be illtreated. marriage, education and love are different things. There are some PhD. or Master’s Holders who have married Std 8 wives but they love and take care of them. Even though the case is as such, girls and women please concentrate on education or do any kind of business so that husbands should not take us for granted.

  3. william chimwezi says:

    Women are also human beings not only men. If they are animals or fools why men falling in love with them. Think twice about their rights you guys

  4. mtandire says:

    That is good gesture honourable madam minister. This man is not human and needs to face the law. Kindly also note that there are some men who are facing similar hardships from their spouses. Please pay them a visit and issue a strong warning to all women doing the same……..

  5. mmmmmmh says:

    truefactor…I second you,,,in fact I suggest they put it there because this lady is not educated….they know she doesn’t know her rights


    parents are to be blamed,sometimes they force their daughters into marriege in order to support them.its alesson to such parents.

  7. Likoma Economist says:

    These are kids. At under 20, they should have been in school and in marriage. Although they’re physically mature, mentally they are still kids. This is why many of level headed people recommended that the marriage age should be 21 yrs. Marriage is, and should be a serious matter!

  8. TrueFactor says:

    Madam Minister, may you kindly ask Nyasatimes not to put graphic and obscene photos like the one they used on April 25 for the story related to this. I don’t think it’s right and godly to put a woman’s nakedness in public platform like that. Some readers may disagree, but I’m entitled to my opinion. Imagine if it was your daughter or sister being demeaned like that!

    Ndangodutsamo sindinatchole nkhwani!

  9. Mbonga Matoga says:

    The problem we have in Malawi is that most of our women takes marriage as a way of alleviating their poverty. So when it comes to a point when the husband does not love them anymore, they still stick around in the name of (kupilira). while in actual sense they just don’t want to go back to poverty from where they came from.
    Most men don’t want just to beat up their so called wives for no reason. Most men do this because of the wife’s persistence to stay in his house when no love exist anymore between the two.

    Azimayi mukauzidwa kuti muzipita kwanu muzingonyamuka kumapita osamakakamilira ngati mulibe kwanu, apo bii muziumbudzidwadi. Chikondi sakakamiza, ngati munthu sakukufunani sakukufunani basi. Moyo wanu ndiwa mtengo wapatali kuposa banja, kwanu mulinako, ukakhala umphawi simapeto azonse, pitani kwanu muzikalima ena amalemera ndi ulimi womwewu.

    To solve this so called domestic violence, every parent need to send their girl child to school to make sure that they can be self reliant in the future and not depending on their husbands for their own survival.

  10. kawonga says:

    during my past years i realy recall malawi as the warm heart of africa. But with this curent generation.malawi z under fire.so sad

  11. Zandekha says:

    Ameneyo ndiwakupha,He deserve stiff punishment

  12. tchadiwiki says:

    I sympathise with the battered lady, wishing quick recovery. If she were my sister, I’d plead with Police to release the husband as the matter is a family dispute. Afterwards arrange for him to get castrated without anaesthesia

  13. Bertha says:

    Azimaiwa amaonjeza nthawi zambiri pamene watota iwo amakana sex mapeto mo ake kumakhala kuwamenya basi

  14. vitumbiko mwakipuyi says:

    This just confirms that this man is lacking heavenly wisdom…behaving ungodly like he has demonstrated,obviously he needs God’s intervention. There’s no excuse whatsoever that warrants him to brutalize the helpless woman,was he under the influence of drugs or what? This woman is someone’s daughter, sister,niece, he does not own her,,this man is evil, worse than the devil himself, may he rot in jail, I have no kind words for him honestly..

  15. Chikopa says:

    Mkazi timakwapula ndi tchira osati ma chain

  16. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Pathetic situation this victim is in. Her back and bottom (matako) are so injured she cannot even attempt to lie down in any position other than on her stomach, as even the sides (nthiti) are too painful. This assault is probably not your run-of-the-mill (typical) even in dysfunctional families. This is extreme and serious.
    Akweni: you have said all the right things, about abuse in marriages, the need for girls to be educated, etc. And, I am sure Linda Phulani, the victim, appreciated your visit.
    You’d have thought, Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula, in her new capacity in the MCP so-called shadow cabinet, would have already visited this patient, In the MP’s own backyard!
    Akweni, ahead of the curve, again. Go akweni, go!


  18. chiswa bumbu says:


  19. Garu Wa Garu says:

    Number 11 you are right. What about mwamuna unja anadulidwa maliseke ndi mkazi. Check the archive katundu wake ali m’manja. Define Gender?

  20. Shatapula says:

    Chisiru chamwamuna. Bravo Kaliati. You are well representing us. Bravo mum

  21. Steve Kachire says:

    Vuto lake amayi akavulaziwa chonchi amati ndi nkhaza kwa amayi, koma abambo nawo akachitilidwa nkhaza amati tizikhala ndi mtima okhululukila akazi athu. Apachilungamo palibe pa nkhani za nkhaza za m’banja!

  22. nachisale says:

    Well done mayi Kaliati. No man should be allowed to beat a woman _ let all abusive men rot in jail. The idea that men are powerful and mutu wa banja is primitive. As we can see it motivates men to be cruel, promiscuous and abisive.Kaliati is right women need to go to school if they are to be able to leave abusive marriages and run away from cruel men. Women and men who want malawi to be an equal and just society should support girls education and economic empowerment for women _ that is how we are going to smash male dominance and domestic violence. Well done Kaliati.

  23. Very bad mbama imodzi yokha inali yokwanira osati zimenezi

  24. Chinthu says:

    Chitsiru Kaliat!Akanena kuti ndiwe minister of gender amanena kuti uzingokamba za amuna NKHAZA basi?what is the meaning of gender?ndiwe mbuli!

  25. Nankhoma says:

    Kodi m’mene zakhaliramu Marriage bill imuthandiza motani Lindayu?

  26. Shawa says:

    Tasiya kukwatila.

  27. Sizoona mkazi sinyama amangeni amuna onse otelewo,kaliti ndili pambuyo pako.

  28. Eduard says:

    But tell these wives to be obedient or else these things will not end,all the same kwick recovery.

  29. nana says:

    Kulibe manda a mbeta sure

  30. kaliai mwana wako uja ndizatenga ndine ndione ngati azizapanga ma informed decisionz anuwo

  31. vendor says:

    The stupid marriage bill will see alo of abuse

  32. bwangazi says:

    The best punishment is to cut off their private organz both mbolo ndi maphwala!!!!

  33. Malipeya says:

    Thanks Hon. Kaliati for visiting her. But the Magistrate should ensure that the wrath of the law get rid of the husband. Otherwise mob justice was ideal for this animal

  34. Inhumane Rights activist says:

    Pathetic. Why not just leave the woman instead of smothering her like that? I am a married man and what ever the case, I would rather leave the woman, explain myself to relatives and then start looking for another wife. But also support my blood, that is my children, with the previous wife because they are innocent of all that happened between me and my wife that I have left. Not this kind of nonsense. You cant even beat a dog like that. Pathetic

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