Kaliati insists Malawi to ban ‘noisy’ NGOs: ‘They are not being transparent’

Government has repeated its threats to deregister “noisy” non-governmental organisations that are operating without following proper procedures such as registering with the NGO Board.

Kaliati: Register or risk being banned, NGOs warned

Kaliati: Register or risk being banned, NGOs warned

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Patricia Kaliati commenting in the National Assembly on the budget for the NGOs responding to a question from Boniface Kadzamira and independent MP for Ntchisi North.

“When we were working on the budget, where they looked at K120 million, then we came up to a consensus of giving them K80 million, which they are going to use in supervising and monitoring what is happening.

“We came up with this budget because we have seen that our friends across the borders are able to monitor the NGOs and close those NGOs that are not even transparent in their programmes and how they use the money,” said Kaliati.

She continued: The problem which we have is that we do not support each other. We are the very same people who make noise and yet, the moneys are not trickling down to the villages. We part them on their back and work together with them, and yet, we know that, our donors are supporting them very much. Millions and billions of money is going to the NGOs.”

Kaliati said the NGOs should be monitored on what they are doing “on the ground and what our NGOs are doing than just making noise for the sake of making noise.”

The Minister accused the NGOs of not being transparent with their resources.

“These NGOs who are making noise, are the ones who are not even transparent with the money which they get,” pointed out Kaliati.

“They are taking a lot of money from government because we had options that if they are not giving the money to the Minister of Finance and government, then, they can go beyond and start rolling out in the villages with the programmes that they have. So if they are not doing that, we will be closing their NGOs and see how best they are to work,” said Kaliati attracting applause from government benches.

Kaliati said there are about 300 NGOs who are operating “without following proper procedures”, mostly those that are critical to the administration.

She said the NGOs which are not registered with the Board “are those that are just making noise and parading in the roads. They are asking government to be transparent but they are not transparent themselves, but we work together as we give them the monies.”

Those targeted for closure include Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with Aids (Manelera) led by Reverend MacDonald Sembereka, Malawi Health Equity Network (Mhen) whose Executive Director is the vocal activist Martha Kwataine, Centre for Development of People (Cedep) under the leadership of another vocal activist Gift Trapence and Malawi Economic Justice Network (Mejn) led by Dalitso Kubalasa.

In line with section of 20 of the NGO Act, every organisation that wishes to operate or is operating in Malawi as an NGO must register with NGO Board.

NGO Board chairperson Emily Banda said all the NGOs are aware of the NGO law that they are required to register with the board failing which they will be operating in the country illegally.

She said after the organisations are registered either under the Company Act and Council for Non-Governmental Organisations in Malawi (Congoma) they are also supposed to register with the Board.

Commentators say the Peter Mutharika government wanted to copy the Robert Mugabe strategy which banned all NGOs operations in Zimbabwe on June 4, 2008. But Kaliati denied the fears.

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43 thoughts on “Kaliati insists Malawi to ban ‘noisy’ NGOs: ‘They are not being transparent’”

  1. James mkoko says:

    Mayi Kaliati mukunena zoona anthu amenewa sakutithandiza ife anthu akumizi Chonde azibwela ngati satelo achotseni msanga zithu zidanaonongeke!!!!!!

  2. KAMBWE says:

    You are more Noisier than those NGOs…so shut yourself up!!!

  3. tione says:

    Mutulutse forensic report apa. Dou you want to divert our minds? Galu Kaliati, mfiti, nkhumba, khoswe, nkhono

  4. Gulugufe says:

    Shut down these stupid NGOs also known as ‘Reverend’ Sembereka, Timothy Mtambo, Gift Trapence, Martha Kwataine (at first I thought she was intelligent and principled), Kubalasa and the wanna be NGO known as Jessie Kabwila.

  5. Yahudah says:

    Proverbs 21:14
    The mouth of a strange woman (jezibel) is a deep pit the one denounced by YAH falls in there.

    1 John 8
    The one doing sin is of the devil because the devil has sinned from the beginning for this purpose the son of YAH was manifested to destroy the works of the devil.

    John 8:34
    Truely, truely everyone doing sin is a servant of Satan.

  6. Bonzo says:

    Better stealing ngos than government ministries that steal from its own people. Shame on u kaliat. Does registering makes the noisy ngos silent?

  7. keston says:

    ya close them especially those that are bringing comfusion to this nation because they just oppose anything for sake of opposing inorder to get sm favour or cash from donors which they also cashgate NGO’s also needs to be traced hw they use their money coz ndalama zina zimwe akumatenga akutiwonongela dziko lathu labwinoli

  8. m.m says:

    kaliyati ungokhala chete wayambiranso u big mouth uja asiye ma NGO.Mukukanika kuyendetsa boma apa.

  9. THE WISE ONE says:

    Honestly there is sense in what DPP wants to do on non registered NGOs. I am one of the critics of DPP but on this one let me back them. Many of you are wondering why the budget lines of many departments have been scaled down? Its because the NGOs are factored in. For instance is for example Balaka District hospital plans to buy condoms worthy $1,000,000 and UNFPA Plans to assist Balaka with Condoms worthy the same value, the budget line on government is scraped off because UNFPA has covered it. So there is a need to monitor these NGOs if indeed UNFPA will purchase the condoms and deliver them. Most NGOs write beautiful proposals to external funders but when they receive the money they use it in the way to enrich themselves…

  10. edda mwalweni says:

    Hon Minister,yambani mwakonza banja lanu.

  11. mwayambanso eti uwu unali mwai wanu oti mukonze nyansi munkapanga nthawi ya bingu ndi mwayambanso mwangotengana onyasa nkhope ndipitala wakoyo mmalo moti mukgaleko abwino mitima koma ai kungo nyasa zonse uwuwu ndi mwai wanu omaliza kwainu

  12. Atate Rashid says:

    Koma kukamwa kumeneku. I hear the shape of a mouth of a lady signifies the shape of something in her body. Nzoonadi koma?

  13. MOTO says:

    Close them NOW NOW

  14. White Rabbit says:

    The only thing NOT transparent (besides dpp cooking books) is Kaliati’s make up.

  15. Atsogoleri says:

    We should also ban noisy ministers like Nakhuma and Kaliati. No transparency nawo ma bodza alimo ambiri, kuyamba ndi tsiku lofa bingu sanena limidzi. Then dzina lamalemu kuti anamwalira ali Daniel Phiri.

  16. Raw stuffer says:

    NGO Act and the Malawi Constitution, which one is surbodinate? The constitution provides for freedom of association. I feel something is wrong here.

  17. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    Akweni, go ahead with this project. Malawians gave you their support sometime back, already. Many of the officials in NGOs are there just to enrich themselves; and like you said, rarely are there any benefits trickling down to villagers, like me. Most NGOs are best at criticizing the government, and please their foreign Bwanas. Just to keep the funds coming in. Ulterior motives galore.
    Akweni, you almost always achieve your goals. You usually hit the target right on: like some trained bird hunter using legeni. Go ahead. Get them. Do not relent on proper registration. There is a good reason the rest of the world requires NGOs to register!

  18. Transparent indeed! Koma inuyo ndiye musakhale trasnparent alakwa kukudzudzulani kamba kakuba K577 bn. Ma NGO akupereka misonkho ya ma employees awo yomwe mbava inu mukumaba. Govt must b the first to show the so called transparent or else!……

  19. Ndangodutsamo. says:

    Koma masteni awa ndi mpini guys.

  20. mtumbuka1 says:

    Mxiii who needs your dpp anyway????

  21. Ambuje apali says:

    you should be the first one to be transparent, why are you hiding the 91 billion report?

  22. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Kaye chinkhope. kudzola ngati hule.

  23. nick says:

    Foreign donors operate entirely through NGOs these days. They do not trust the government to spend their money properly. If no-one trusts anyone in Malawi perhaps it is time to end all aid?

  24. agnes wanzeru says:

    Kaliati is a very beautiful woman.

  25. Julie says:

    How many mother bodies, CONGOMA and NGO body? Close even the Malawi Human Rights, for the world to agree that DPP is here again to instal un democracy laws again.

  26. The real ujeni says:

    Transparent? Do you real know what that word mean you bleached woman. Who are you to deny the NGO’s the right to get external funding. You people will suffer badly came 2019 make peace with Malawians now. This is your second and last chance to put things straight.

  27. Analisti weniweni says:

    Kaliati remove your speck from your eyes first than rushing at Ngos.When have you been transparent with your thieving Dpp even though im not condoning Ngos stealing from donors meant for Malawian projects.Kaliati stop being noisy.You are only good at bedroom issues.

  28. Kondwani says:

    Should we say these NGO’s have been operating withou registering for a good number of years? Are you just pressing the registration on them because they are always you? Surely,when you will silence them,know that you have another 15million mouths to silence.

  29. neymar says:

    Thats a personal vendetta now…..u have serious personal issues

  30. pasipanadya says:

    Dziko ndi anthu ake.

  31. mathanyula says:

    Yaa I can the govt closing down noisy NGOs because they know they will be taken to task for squandering our hard earned tax moneys. Anthu akuba inu mulibe ndi chifundo olo pang’ono.

  32. Akweni says:

    koma Tione # 3 usandinyozere akweni angawo. Ndimawafila zedi.akweni shut them down if they are refusing to register. After all that nonsense can be tolerated in UK or USA. Squeeze their balls and boobs until they remember how to cry louder.

  33. Yankees says:

    Rep0rt fast, musawa0pseze awa ai,kukamwa eti;;

  34. zakusimba says:

    Kaliyati is correct here. NGO are creating more problems than solving problems. They spend donor money on administrative cost like enriching themselves with fancy cars, houses, sending their kids to expensive schools. Yet they are busy talking bad about govnment.

  35. Mwanayo says:

    Zaonjeza kwambiri. More fire csos

  36. Ulumbeni says:

    How can you talk about the drop and yet u are part of the ocean taking advantage of the poor Malawians. How can u talk of removing a perk in NGO and yet there is a Log in DPP. If I was u I would have avoided such comments coz what has been uncovered is sickening. People are dying in Malawi coz of lack of resources and we see people accumulating wealth. Bingu accumulated and more is still being uncovered. He left us in a mess and yet we cannot learn anything. Instead of rectifying and acknowledging the wrong, u are doing everything possible to seal the mess. U can try and sweep it under the carpet but the innocent blood of Malawians will always haunt. Selfish, heartless, inhumane act. May God vindicate and avenge for Malawi.

  37. Joseph says:

    Noisy NGOs huh? Look who is talking…

  38. Mtoloboy says:

    This is unfair Kaliati… we are moving forward and not moving back as you want us to……deliver on the ground people will see that and support you and your president

  39. OMalindi says:

    Malamulo Agwire Ntchito Apa

  40. tione says:

    Inuyo ndiye muli transparent apa mukubisa report? Muoneni kukamwa ngati bowa woola. NGO’s more fir!

  41. Pacharo says:

    Koma eeeeeeh!

  42. yooo says:

    I don,t have comment on this story

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