Kaliati slams ‘incompetent’ public officers, gives ultimatum  to Kamuzu Training Centre

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Patricia Kaliati has said officials in her ministry are failing to utilize K130 million they received this year for various projects due to incompetence.

Kaliati: Blast incompetent officers

Kaliati: Blast incompetent officers

Outspoken Kaliati has since issued a one-month ultimatum to the Malawi Council for the Handicapped (Macoha) and the Department of Disability to ensure that Kamuzu Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Centre in Chiradzulu is fully operational.

The Minister issued the order when she graced presentation of certificates to 43 disabled students at the college.

The students received the certificates after completing studies in tailoring, carpentry and joinery, refrigeration, secretarial studies, metal and wood work, domestic skills and agriculture.

Kaliati wondered why the institution is not fully operational when the disability sector has overwhelming support from developing partners, such as World Bank, UNFPA and the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

Initially, Kaliati issued the ultimatum after noting that the institution has just graduated about 3,170 students instead of 6,720.

However, Macoha Acting Executive Director Peter Ngomwa cited underfunding as one of the challenges preventing them to train more students.

According to him, previously the college was having two intakes with 224 entrants per year but its no longer the case due underfunding.

“In fact, we are hearing today that funds are available. We will pressurise the ministry to release them for the purpose of training and resettlement of graduates from the centre,” said Ngomwa.

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24 thoughts on “Kaliati slams ‘incompetent’ public officers, gives ultimatum  to Kamuzu Training Centre”


  2. Bwitoto says:

    Kodi a Kaliati mulandu wanu wa concession Ku Vwaza uja umatha bwanji? Makobiri aja munadya basi eti? Anzathu mukudyelera.

  3. Mirella K. says:

    When this woman opens her big-mouth oooh iiish. This woman is not fit to b a minister at the 1st place. Sh z simply too incompetent herself to b one…
    Pple do work hard at Gender…this lady calls them incompetent…Assuming these technocrats are really very incompetent, then I must say Peter is even more incompetent than anyone else in government…Kaliati is even worse…aaah inu siuja amawaula ana ku primary uja uyu some 10 years or so ago!

  4. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Minister “Akweni” Kaliati is pushing the right buttons here. She is setting the tone of how her ministry should be run; and giving the leaders in the ministry a map of what she wants to achieve. Instead of micromanaging; that’s right Akweni!

  5. Pido says:

    Patricia akufuna anthu aukire maofficials chonsecho ndalama amatenga ndiye kukwezeketsera mafumu akwao ndege yopita ku msonkhano Wa UN ndi Peter. Search me.

  6. Kalanga says:

    You dont blast pple as incompetent before assessing their needs.
    I fl this z unfair and even if a person z not learned, u cant call him/her incompetent!

    Sorry to say so bt let us solve issues together!

  7. Wopondaponda says:

    Aku ministry amaponda funding meant to benefit the poor and tell officials on the ground that there are no funds, cashgate ikupiptirabe only that now pipo are more clever.

  8. Mberube says:

    Mai mwayambapo. Working is not just kulalata…

  9. nachos ale says:

    The minister and others need to know a budget and funding are not the same. An office can have a big budget but if the MRA doesn’t collect enough it becomes difficult to provide resources.

  10. dadaboma says:

    Kaliati is a liar; there is no 130 million this woman is citing. Her govt is actually very broke but she just wanted to appear as if the problem is with officials when it is DPP including her that is very incompetent. Do you think the Directors would not have known there is money for them when they have lots of debts to settle and lots of activities to fund? Kaliati is too demeaning of otherwise very hardworking and competent officers. Kaliati should apologize. If that money was made available to the institution on the graduation day she should just have said so without making such degrading remarks. If I were close to you Kaliati I could have slapped your wide, foul and stinky mouth; you’re so stupid, and your DPP is an incompetent party that has no clue on how develop Malawi.

  11. dzina langa says:

    can you do the same with NRB madam Kaliati. It is not ticking.

  12. Zansete says:

    This lady is sick and incompetence akatelo akufuna achotse ntchito anthu a kumpoto ndi pakati kuti alembe alomwe-alomwe nophiya.

  13. Malawi says:

    50 yrs on Malawi is not functuinal because of incompetent leaders. Donors have been giving aid to Malawi and all what we get is Cashgate.I miss Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaa! says:

      Are you masochist or what?
      Otherwise, how can anyone miss that diabolical dictator, or his party of the black cock and “nyakula” fame? I suppose unless you are masochist, or even worse, if you personally benefited from that evil regime!

  14. yuona says:


  15. Nyapapi says:

    The center is actually right in Blantyre at Bangwe and not in Chiradzulo. And MACOHA is just across the river in BCA.

    Koma mukhululukireni executive director poti ndi munthu wopuwala!

    1. kanchenga says:

      Rubish.If his disability is hindering progress he must go.The minister is right. Civil servants must work. Don’t hide behind funding when even with poor funding many private organizations are producing. Follow up minister and make sure they deliver
      This is what a minister should be doing. Not following the president wherever he goes.

    2. mmm says:

      the centre is in Chiradzulu @ Magomero next to Magomero Community Dev College, the historical place with historical buildings

    3. Fred Banda says:

      Ignorance is a disease, this is true to Nyapapi. kvrtc is @ Magomero in Cz. It is very sad in this era to hear somebody sidelining others due to social, economic and physical differences. Get enough information about amatter b4 u put ur comment.

  16. Mnyamata wa Nzeru says:

    Kaliati, do you think you are competent yourself?? Some of us have worked with you and we know what you are made up of – VILE BILE!! All you know is kulalata basi but your level of knowledge and understanding is well below the national average. If you have personal vendettas against some people, sort those issues outside the public domain otherwise speaking about issues that you are not very well conversant with makes you look like an idiot (you might be one in actual sense, anyway).

  17. Blaster says:

    You really like it when officials are blasted, eehh? Kulibe funding as presented here in this article. By the way, MACOHA is a parastatal organisation and id directly funded by Treasury and donors. Mabodza basi !!!

  18. If what the Executive Director is saying is true to say funding is the problem, then the Ministry is to blame. Zinthu ziziyenda mu maunduna onse. Next time osachedwetsaso passing Budgets!

  19. drf says:

    the Director is surprised that there is money available and yet the Ministers says there is! Interesting right? Does this implies that the Ministry was deliberately withholding some funds from MACOHA…if so , what a shame!

  20. l says:

    Akumunistry akufuna aponde as usual gosh.

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