Kaliati warns against discriminating physically challenged children in Malawi

Malawi government has warned that it will pounce on any parent who discriminates physically challenged children.

government will prosecute any parent or guardian

Kaliati: Government will prosecute any parent or guardian

The warning was issued on Tuesday by Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati when she visited beneficiaries of Social Cash Transfer Scheme in Chitipa East Constituency.

Kaliati expressed concern that some parents who are ashamed of their disabled children ill-treat them.

Said Kaliati: “We are aware that some parents with physically challenged children are discriminating them. We warn you to stop mistreating the children”

Beside denying them education, some parents in Chitipa go an extra mile to lock up their disabled children when they want to go for other social assignments.

But Kaliati warned that government will prosecute any parent or guardian found beating or chaining the children to the pole and denying them access to education.

She , however, expressed happiness that Chitipa District Council gives priority to people with disabilities when distributing resources under safety nets programmes.

District community services officer for Chitipa Haji Mvula said currently, out of 37 651 beneficiary households, 1 160 are households headed by physically challenged people.

Chief Mwenemisuku and member of Parliament for Chitipa East, Chizamsoka Mulwafu commended government for implementing programmes that promote the welfare of people of the district.

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26 thoughts on “Kaliati warns against discriminating physically challenged children in Malawi”

  1. madson says:

    is kaliatis sister an napweri or she is herself in that foto

  2. Yahudah says:

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  3. Black empowerment says:

    Bleaching of skin is a sign of inferiority.

  4. Tikupepesa says:

    Next african mzungu will be Mai Getrude Muthalika. Cocacola hands hanging on fanta face

  5. WIN.B says:

    is the minister physically challenged??? mwina zodzoladzolazo zamupanga kukhala choncho

    1. ganda says:


  6. Bob says:

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  7. Mafikizolo says:

    Kikiki . Mayi ndi chiphadzuwa uyu . Genuine Beauty .

  8. Kawonga says:

    Mzungu weniweni wa chifilika, beyond the limit

  9. ankhoma says:

    lthink the chemicals are now reacting. thats the results coz its now beyond her wishes.just look at her. is this normal? mm.doubtful. as aminister this is too much. with asavage there is no problem but the whole minister eish.brings shame to her govt.

  10. Ine says:

    What’s up with the make up honourable minister? Eish koma!!!

  11. not myname says:

    APM is discrimating patients in our public hospitals by allowing to have one meal per day ,what are you going to do with him?

  12. JC says:

    That’s true #1

  13. Professor Kamangadazi Chambalo says:

    Descrimination is being entrenched by Mathanyula by his naked practice of tribalism, nepotism and regionalism

  14. Albino Kaliati says:

    She is the one who is discriminating against us anthu akuda. See how she has turned herself into mzungu.

  15. UNECA says:

    Iwe kariat talumbira kwa mulungu ngati siunabeko ndalama m’boma ngati unaba ndiye kuti ukudya zakuba ana ndi azibale ako akudya zakuba mukayankha uzidziwa kuti ngakhale utanyada uzafa.

  16. UNECA says:

    Ada ndinu akuda basi zikupitaku zizikuoneka bwino.

  17. Chinyanga says:

    consider also those who are being politically descriminated………Mai Kaliati, the Malawi’s MOST hated minister ever LOL!!!!!!!

  18. dull professor UK chapter says:

    koma ine chi Patricia kaliati chimandinyasa bwanji,tachioneni Chikamwacho

  19. anadimba says:

    Gule wathu wamkulu Maria, kumpotoko ndiye mukumagonana ndi ndani?pajatu simumagona opanda.our own sex minister .try chief kyungu.mumuyatsire magetsi mumukumbutse kale ali mnyamata.agwire mikanda.

  20. CHONCHOBE says:

    Tiye nawo Kaliati uli. Koma you should walk the talk don’t just fool the public! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Malawian!!! says:

    This woman needs to go for beauty lessons, just look at her face, two necklaces, her breached skin and ten rings on her figures. She looks too ugly she thinks that’s beauty, madam this is too much. Tamaphunzitsikani mai Kaliati Esh! !!!! Sidzikhara la bwino.

  22. muthu mmoneke says:

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  23. Tim Masamba says:

    She should stop discriminating against dark skin people because she is starting to become a mwenye!!!

  24. Big Boy says:

    are these beneficiaries correctly described as those that are ‘physically challenged’. I bet what you mean is ‘persons with disabilities’, e.g the physically challenged (olumala ziwalo), deaf, blind, albinos, cerebral palsy etc. Please journos, don’t confuse “the physically challenged” to be persons with disabilities in general. Social cash transfer targets the ultra poor, including persons with disabilities.

  25. Nabetha says:

    Discrimination is a disease. Mayi Kaliati, this is how other tribes feel when APM discriminates them.

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