Kambalazaza challenges Malawi govt on economy

Archbishop Mark Kambalazaza of Charismatic Renewal Ministries has challenged government to “come out in the open” and explain strategies it has in place for economic recovery in the country.

Kambalazaza: Malawi facing huge economic challenges

Kambalazaza: Malawi facing huge economic challenges

Malawi economic impact looks uncertain; with Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe admitting the country is now facing “huge challenges”.

Kambalazaza noted that Malawians are grappled with increased inflation, mass unemployment and widespread poverty.

He said with the frail economy, there is need for government to explain openly what kind of policies it will pursue for recovery.

“We need to ask government to come out in the open and explain what policies they will pursue [for economic recovery,” said Kambalazaza on local radio.

“What is the strategy of rebuilding the economy, we need to know,” he added.

The continued depreciation of the kwacha is driving up the cost of living and increasing social stress in the country, a situation the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) has described as “getting out of control”.

Newton Kambala, president of MCCCI said the business community is “very concerned” about this kwacha volatility.

“Malawians have not seen the impact yet; they should expect tough times ahead. It will be tough,” he warned.

Kambala said the industry is shrinking and the long-term impact might be massive job losses.

The local unit has over the past two months lost about 30 percent of its value to the dollar and has hit a record low of K610 in most foreign exchange bureaus and nearing K650 on the black market, while averaging around K550 in most Authorised Dealer Banks (ADBs).

Blantyre-based Nico Asset Managers Limited, a local investment advisory firm, in a recent report forecast that the kwacha would continue to depreciate.

Newspaper columnist Ephraim Munthali argued that Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi Charles Chuka and his crew have little on their disposal by way of monetary instruments to rejuvenate the economy.

“All they can do now is hope and pray, which is not an option considering the pain citizens are going through,” Munthali wrote in his ‘Cut the chaff’ column in the Weekend Nation.

“As for Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe, he missed an opportunity for bold measures in the just passed budget to use fiscal policy to pump some energy into the economy.

“Those cuts to allocations, while understandable in the context of austerity with a Treasury ransacked by Cashgaters, deserted by donors, starved by an underperforming  Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on the back of a bleeding private sector as well as its own revenue collection inefficiencies, are not helping matters either,” wrote Munthali.

Recently, Gondwe talked about measures for revising the economy, citing a World Bank-funded cash transfer programme he hopes could act as an economic stimulus as well as the LRR cuts by the RBM.

“But given how depressed the local economy is, these are too little to lift the ailing economy’s spirits,” argued Munthali.

“The only ray of hope for the country maybe five months away during the Mid-Year Budget Review Meeting of Parliament where, I hope, Gondwe could come up with bold measures to save the economy, which should include an expansive stimulus programme targeting massive infrastructure investment and cash transfers.

“Where will the money come from? Well, I would not mind widening the deficit on carefully selected public infrastructure investments that have multiplier effects on the economy.”


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68 thoughts on “Kambalazaza challenges Malawi govt on economy”

  1. Phi mike says:

    52 I think this is not the best way to comment. Don’t pipo have freedom of expression? Ndinu achitsilu mwamva! Backward pipo.

  2. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Malawi is endowed with vast resources but are misused and untapped while their values are dwindling at world market. did we know that fossil fuel and gas are now dwindling in returns at world market favoring on the rise solar and wind energy sources? Yet we have been exploring these resources for years and years while the nation is getting poorer and poorer. Tanzania is now extracting gas near Malawi where there is a ground strata of the gas piping it to Dar es Salaam where it is stored and distributed for use. Extraction from from these strata means even siphoning deep from Malawi side, yet we sit pwiii!!!. And we say we are keeping it safe for the future!!!!

  3. Emmanuel Brown says:

    very good bishop,apa zinthu tizivomerezako zavuta ndithu

  4. clement says:

    Iwe fisi ukuziti dobo. Ine zomwe ndikunena sizankutu ndipo ndimayenda siphwii malo amodzi kumaswa Ana ayi ndipo ndimawerenga nkhani za Maiko ambiri wamva. Ngati umphawi wakuvuta ungofa ndipo ndiwe mzika yosafunika yopanda ntchito, bulshit.

  5. DOBO says:

    No 56 ndi wabodza loopsa.Zambia kapena SouthAfrica iti?. Bodza lotcha nalo mzikiti limelo.Munthu wa nzeru zake ungayerekeze Malawi ndi SouthAfrica.Ndiye u DPP wo wawusapoti mchimbulimbuli.

  6. DOBO says:

    Inde,inde Archbishop lankhulaniko .Akakhala mabishop azanu adalowa mchala,adayamba mantha. Nanunso masupporters a DPP mungokhalira yotukwana ndi kunyoza pa social media. Munthu asadzudzule boma kapena DPP. Ndi mtundu wanji wa anthu. Kungokhala ngati agalu achiwewe. Usapota usavage umeneyu.Pali chifukwa chomatukanira munthu chifukwa cha Maganizo ake.

  7. Bulutu says:

    Kuyenda mbali bwanji?

    From donor aid to zero aid budget.

  8. Rev says:

    Vuto lomwe anthu ambiri amakhala nawo ndikusanvesesa nkhani, munthu aliyense ngati mmalawi ali ndi ufulu opeleka maganizo ake za mmene dziko likuyendera, Abishop sakunyoza boma ayi, ndipo sazanyoza boma lililonnse, musamapotoze mau ayi please please, iwe awlemba nkhani iyi ndiwe waboza, stop

  9. maganizo says:

    first of all we need to get together and unity and get rid off greedy shellfish mind we always have and be creative to initiate something for the benefit of all as nation..thank you

  10. Timafuna maso mphenya woterowo koma umodzi ukufunika kuchita chinthu limodzi ndipo pa nthawi yake.

  11. Rev says:

    Ana anjoka inu, munthu mukumunyozayo ndi ntumiki wa Mulungu, aliyense watengapo gawo lonyoza ntumiki wa Mulungu, wapalamula gahena yamoto, sumunawelemge? Mulungu akuti musakhuze ozozedwa wanga, repent otherwise you will go to hell.

  12. Thembakako says:

    The only problem with malawians is that we want always to use things for free ,,,,,,,,,i don’t think there is need to blame government but lets blame ourselves ,,,,,, how many things to we get from government for free which cost the country alot of billions? Eish farm input subsidy ,,,,,, free health care services ,,,,,,,, free education university

  13. clement says:

    Kabalazaza! Yes we have problems with our economy but is it only Malawi in economic challenges? Go to South Africa, Zambia etc. This problem is all over the world and the govt can’t just turn things around one day,you mustn’t mislead people mark. Even the president told us openly the time he assumed power that Malawi was on the verge of collapse but we didn’t listen coz he is black. It’s responsibility of everyone to do something to come up with solution with our economy not just robbing christians in the name of God. Those called economists have round table and pave way forward if indeed you’re economists.

  14. ALOSWEA says:

    My fellow Malawians ,agriculture is the only answer ,start government Farms ,we a lot of Pipo akungokhala check in towns woyitanila ma minibus mbweee akusowa chochita ,ma scheme wonse akamuzu aja they are died think twice

  15. ANALYST says:

    Mwafika pa u “Archbishop” a Kambalazaza eti? Thats why munasiya Mpingo, kuyambitsa “kampingo” kanu kuti mukhale “Archbishop?” Munkawona kuchedwa kuti mudzakhale bishop mumpingo waKatolika?

    Anyway, that was besides the point! Boma lopusali lilidi clueless on the economy! We don’t know where we are going! We don’t know what our government is doing (or planning) to deal with economic issues like unemployment, inflation, etc!

  16. food for thought says:

    China, a country that accounts for almost a third of the world population has decided to change the way its economy functions and is making a switch to an internal economy depending on its almost 2 billion inhabitants. This has created a knock on effect to the world economy, specifically on wallstreet. The US economy is way too interconnected to the world market and thus the adage “a sneeze in China has created a flu in America”. So this shift in China is causing problems for other economies in the world market.

    Similarly if we look at our fellow african countries like our neighbour Zambia, they are experiencing economic problems and a depreciation in the value of their currency, due in part to a falling market price for copper. This trend is spread across our neighbours in South Africa as well who are seeing falling values in the Rand due to shifts in the world market.

    The world at large is in trouble and we do ourselves a disservice by looking at our problems as only an isolated incident. Let us look at these problems and perhaps calm down on the constant political rhetoric and mphekesela, and actually discuss real problems and their SOLUTIONS. My hats off to Mr Kambalazaza for giving his proposed solutions rather than mud slinging.

  17. chikutumbwe says:

    Kamba why did you broke your sacramentalia of catholic fatherhood. I think you think upside down all the times. You are not decisive at all. Osamangochinda mkazako bwanji popeza wazipeza zinthuzi mochedwa. Munthu wochimwa ngati iwe ungathandizenso wina.

  18. jakumusi says:

    No change of leadership will ever solve our problems, the truth is we all know what’s to be done or Wat we need but how to do that we don’t , it is the same with our leaders. If u go through the comments u will see politics, hate, but nothing constructive on Wat can be done.People think solution include create employment, Never say how.so solutions should answer the how part

  19. Peter Failure says:

    Why keep Goodal and Chuka. Anyamata alipo oti atenga ma masters a econony yamakono. Nothing will change as long as you keep Gondwe and Chuka onse akalamba. Pa okha sakupanga resign bwanji

  20. mbanga says:

    Malawi was rated the second poorest country in the world. The poorest is Afaganistan. its actually ironic that we are beaten by war ravaged countries e.g.. DRC and Somalia. We have enjoyed peace throughout and am beginning to wonder that the peace has been too much that we are even failing to mine our own land or fail to look for oil on Lake Malawi. The only mining company that was highly known was chased out and this is Kayelekela. We are too peaceful even to force a minister to resign. its now upon us to correct matters. Most of my educated friends have already left the country because they are not weaklings, but because they have been faced with bad economic policies played by RIM. what a fucken shame Malawi is. bravo Kamalazaza. Let’s force these cruelest leaders out.

  21. kamps says:

    there are so many lost souls,gays,prostitutes,afiti,zigololo,kuba etc mr archbishop ,what is your recovery plan for the lost souls?come in the open.The problem here is understanding,its not easy to run a country without donor aid but APM is trying his best,we live on begging we need to stand on our own,and this is the begining.Baba mukalowerela za ndale muntha ngati chakwera,inunso mutiwuze recovery plan yanu ,uchimo wanyanya pa Malawi and the so called men of God are busy kulimbana ndi za dziko. chotsa chamdiso lako kaye.

  22. Chitsilu chakufikapo says:

    Civil disobedience basi!, tilande boma aka pita ku New York next week adzafikile panja.

  23. fn says:

    chonena ndlibe, Mulungu tioneni ife

  24. Matako says:

    I have said this before and I will say it again. Muthalika has no plan to get this country out of the quagmire we are in. Minister of finance has continuously lied to Malawians about the state of the economy. Last year this government borrowed money from Mota Engil to prop up the kwacha. I pointed out then that without substantial change in rate of production and export base the katangale loan will only act as a band aid. This government is clueless. It has banked on potential donors whose projects will take years to materialize. Malawians need immediate relief thus government must come up with policies that will alleviate the suffering of the masses.
    (1) Muthalika can infuse some of that stolen loot sitting idle in foreign bank accounts
    (2) Put in place policies that will end corruption once and for all and the president MUST lead by example.
    (3) Show some seriousness by setting up special courts to speed up the process of prosecuting cash gate cases. This will not only allow us to gain donor trust once again.
    Muthalika must resign and allow fresh elections as we Malawians have lost confidence in this clueless administration.

  25. vavlov says:

    Number 10 you should be from a different planet; what plans did JB have to save the economy besides stealing and donating malnourished cattle to poor people? It is very unfortunate that Malawi is the only country where political leaders have no clue on how to develop the country. They celebrate on irrelevant issues, spend most of their time enjoying praises from their illiterate supporters, including the “ÿes bwana ministers”, There is no hope in Malawi. Very soon people will be starving, and dying of curable diseases due to lack of food and medicine. At the same time you will be hearing political leaders self-praising themselves that they are developing the country beyond expectations. How can Malawians be so stupid to tolerate these fools>

  26. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    Btw, does Goodal Gondwe still exist? I cant recall when i last heard of him.

  27. Boat likumira a Malawi ali mukati Atsogoleri ndiwo ma Captain.Tsopano ma passengers mwayamba kuchuluka nzeru pepani nthawi yatha kale chosalira ndichoti ndipulumuke bwanji.Zomanyoza kapena blaming others its too late chimodzimodzi sitima yikumira iweyo nkumabizika kutukwana kapena kunyoza ma kapiteni straight away umwalira.Amene akudziwa kuti ali ndi solution pitani kuulamuriroko nzeru zanu zioneka moti ineyo ndikanakhala kuti career yanga ndiza economics ndikanayima nazo ndikuyambira kwa G.Gondwe ndikuthera ku RBM.Please ntchito yasokonekera, abale odziwa economics make a record sitikuyang’ana mbali yiliyonse we need a result finish.Teach the world kuti this is Malawi otherwise basitu za economics tiyiwale kapena kuyitanitsa kunja ngati ma doctor ku central hospital llw.Nanga zasiyana pati? Chonde musatipweteke tikukupemphani.

  28. ngerengere says:

    National economy is not easily managed as family economy however our leaders should prove that they are worthy the positions.we know JB is the most evil person but we can not sing that song forever.

  29. Masambero says:

    Hahaha nzeru palibe they will tell u During capaign period 2019 as of now we are still starving like Dogs

  30. Ukalima mbatata usayembekeze kukolola chimanga kapena mpunga.Whoever will take the position will never make it.Nonse a malawi lililani Muluzi pogulitsa katundu waboma.Kamuzu sanali opusa popanga msonkho,makhadi ndi zina.Kubwela kwa Mr know it all kusakazilatu.

  31. redeemed says:

    There is a looming global recession, most companies here in RSA have already embarked on massive retrenchments. This is a gigantic economic state in Africa but it is not winning in terms of economy uplifting. How much more vulnerable is a country like Malawi with such a poor economic staye. You people are murderers, just like you killed the former president with BP you intend to do like wise to the current President. Ufiti upose APA. I’m impressed by how the current leader is handling you pathetic people by just ignoring you. If you have brilliant ideas why don’t you implement them in poverty alleviation as it is affecting everyone. Anthu okanika inu ndi osayamika. For your info worst times lies ahead. You are yet to weep and gnashing teeth.

  32. akusipikana says:

    The problem we have is that leaders greedy. They say charity begins at home. Sacrifices have got to be made and the president should lead by example together with his cabinet. The allowances allocated to each one of them are too enormous and should ve reduced. All government vehicles allocated ti them individually should be withdrawn. Instead they must own personal vehicles with all expenses covered by themselves. Fuel can be provided on official trips but must be proven and controlled. There’s a lot of abuse. The government vehicles are for personal use and that’s draining the government coffers. Cut down all external trips. After all when they travel allowances given are used for personal shopping and they reside in motels which are very cheap.

  33. Pumbwa says:

    Dziko lakanika ili ndipo a APM akanakhala prof weni weni akanangotula pansi udindo kuti alowe ena omwe a Malawi ndi anthu ena akhoza kuwakhulupilila. Palibe chomwe chichitike ndipo ngati chilipo ndi kuipila ipilabe kwa zinthu chonvetsa chisoni nchakuti a Malawi azunzika kwambiri

  34. mwana wa aKalitsiro kwa Mberenga ku Thyolo says:

    Ambuye tithandizeni

  35. jack Phalombe says:

    Eti after Peter they need Atupele kiikikikikikik chipongwe chachikulu

  36. Malingaliro says:

    MK577 Billion stolen by DPP 2009 – 03/2012
    MK14 Billion stolen by PP 04-09/2012
    MK…….. Billions being stolen 29/05/2014 to date.
    How can Malawi’s economy improve? Thieves have one- goal strategies, only to improve the economy of their pockets, abale awo, anasi awo, azilamu awo, akumudzi kwawo, ana a amalume awo…………. Shame! On the face they look Servant Leaders of Malawi but in true sense they are SERPENT LEADERS of MALAWI.

  37. Mzee says:

    Cashgate cashgate cashgate. Surely our poverty has nothing to do with cashgate. Yes cashgate was evil but has there been a rich Malawi? India looses billions in dollars to corruption but they are industrialising. We produce nothing to export except tobacco. We cant even manufacture tooth picks. Even if there was zero theft in Malawi we could not have moved a bit. 2015 school kids still walk bare foot. We must ad a country engage in objective soul searching instead of crying over spilt milk. Wr dont have money but just look at the Malawi delegation going to New York. Take Gender as an example unwarranted trips are being undertaken without shame. APM and Chilima with their convoys. Take a serious look at the reform programme all you see is nonsense and self aggrandization by neophytes who dont know what they are doing. Lets just commit mass suicide.

  38. Anabwa says:

    tikavina, kululutira, wosaziwa kuti mawa libalanji? masozi ya mbendera amalilira a malawi ife. pano tikumangidwa opanda chifukwa, uphawi ndiye sikhani.. kugwa kwa kwacha, kodi nchilango. tisadalire kono wanyama tipephere zolimba tilindile pa mbuye

  39. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    Peter Muthalika and his DPP Government should resign now now not tomorrow. They have failed to run the country big time. During Joyce Banda’s reign things were progressing very quickly and She had a recovery plan. This Mtchona is hopeless and clueless. Dzuka Malawi dzuka.

  40. apundi says:

    mai wa chimalawi wokhumudwa, ukunena zoona. Mbendera wapha mtundu wa Malawi. Mulungu sawodzeradi zonse akuwona ndipo akudziwa. tsoka mtunda ndi nyanja poti woipayo watsikira konko

  41. James Phiri says:

    All of us on this forum are economists. Some are home economists, others animal economists (oweta zilombo za mnyumba – APM translator), land economists (mafumu ndi madobadoba), agricultural economists (alimi onse), fish economists (asodzi), and then there are entrepreneurs ( includes thieves, cashgaters, prostitutes, rtd officers, immigration officers, prophets, musicians, and street vendors). The problem is everyone knows everything and no one is willing to learn from the other. I am 100% sure sure that technicians or it professionals in civil service have excellent documents representing the economic strategy. Some need revision but most only require comitment at all levels to implement. It’s as easy as drinking water.

  42. KAMTEDZA says:

    The Archbishop was among those that suggested that JB was a useless leader and yet JB came up with a recovery plan which we all acknowledge worked within two years no matter what opinion we hold of her leadership. I am not a member of PP but I am just interested in men of God who must be able to give solutions and not make political statements in the media. Joseph gave Pharaoh in Egypt the solution to the economic challenges then. If we are truly men of God, we should be the ones to give Mutharika and his people THE SOLUTION.

  43. DZUKA MALAWI says:


  44. General Nkhuku says:

    While at Chancellor College studying Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) I and many others were tormented by our colleagues studying b.Soc ( Econs).

    Today I wonder what contribution all those that studied economics can render to the ailing economy. They are all quite.

  45. Here we go again says:

    If you cannot drive, walk, if you cannot walk, crawn, if you cannot craw then roll!!!! so they say,but our gvt is doing none of these, so what do you expect of them, with this reverse gear don’t expect anything good

  46. mai wa chiMalawi wokhumudwa says:

    A Maxon Mbendera munaliradi zoona tsiku munkaulusa zosatira za zisankho lija ndiye inu ndi aSaulosi Chilima mutithandiza bwanji s Malawi? inutu mukudya mukusamba ifetu a malawi akumuzi tikusambira bonongwe wa kudimba pena osasamba kumene kusowa sopo inu muli twanutwani ziwani ichi: mwalowa mu history ya Malawi ndipo MULUNGU wa ife a malawi saodzera ndiposo wanthawi .

  47. Alex Likoswe says:

    Govt investment in the end supports private sector business . Stimulus package what we call quantitative easing is needed

  48. chithope says:

    Tiveko azathu adpp mwina izi zikuchitika kuZambia osati kumalawi kuno nda mukugeya mwano ngati simukudziwa zomwe zikuchitika yankhulani osakhala muli ndwiii ngati mwagwidwa ndi Chigololo

  49. Chizeleza Ngwira says:

    Wakuba Chisankho WANYA NALO DZIKO

  50. ndili frank says:

    i agree with those who are advocating for action. we have talked alot. where is pacby the way? are they selective podzudzula. let us give this gvt. adeadline . if no tangible steps are taken to act on the economy, let them get out of government. we not let this country be rotten like this. let us talk and act. alhomwe stop supporting your son unobjectively. we all own this malawi. let mutharika convince our cooperating partners by prosecuting all cashgaters and never to have them again in gvnt.

  51. Yaki Wa Yaki says:

    Yaki, I totally agree with you. Ineyo ikonome sindikhuza because m’mawa ndimangozuka osadya kanthu ndikupita ku munda. Masana ndimadya chinangwa chophika ana anga atatu amadya chomwecho akabwera kusukulu. Madzulo ndiye kudya nsima mwamwayi chankhwilu chikapezeka monga matemba, usipa ayi kudya kumakhalapo koma nthawi zochuruka ndiwo zimakha nandolo yemwenso timadya ngati chakudya chamasana. Chomcho pozindikira kuti tiri kumapeto ndipo Ambuye Yesu abwera posachedwapa, basi timangodzikhalira wosadera nkhawa ayi. Yaki, zikomo kwambiri!

  52. hisbolla says:

    Alomwe mutodya bwino eti? Isssaaaaaa. Munawona kut Mulomwe wanzeru?

  53. chiwa kogoya says:

    Kukhala Professor si kusonyeza kuti kukhala ndi nzeru yo lamulira dziko. Tisanamizane apa Mnyamata wa patauni uja Tcheya kapena Namwali Uja JB tiyenela kuwatayila kamtengo ntchito ankagwira osati zinazi ayi. Inu munabela chisankho ndipo boma munatenga tsano chikukuvutani ndichani kuti economy yathu isamayende bwino?Ngati zakukanikani kulibwino Dr Bakili Muluzi kapena Amayi a cash gate omwe aja atilamulire chifukwatu apa mmene zililimu tinabesa.Basi mungokhalira kumw ntonjani ku state house ko basi? Plz work up and do something ok.

  54. YAKI says:

    you people who comment here dont you that these are endtime signs who told you that there will be plenty in the endtimes . Turn God , He is your only hope. Forget about economics looking better . Pray hard

  55. Joseph says:

    Well….. Where will the money come from,,? Good question. No one witha good brain can entrust this Gvt with any change! I mean they cant even handle the little that they have because all ministries are useless…!

  56. Moses Makoko says:

    No plans to fix the economy! Available plans are to steal government assets and enrich themselves. I like Kamuzu alot but l dislike him on this one thing, he taught us to be unnecessarily too polite! As citizens, this is the time to be speaking while standing. If we don’t see change, continue speaking while walking. If we still see no change, continue speaking while……..ing!

    Koma tili pee ngati akutipesa weave! Ati ulemu kuli kupusa!

  57. Goliati says:

    JB had all recovery plans in place. Lero you are smearing her with cashgate matter yet she was the one excavating all this shit that started way back 2005. Look at the economy now. Our economy is at the edge of a cliff. Our situation will be worst than that of Zim. Boma silimabdwa just like that of May , 2014. Amalawi muisova.

  58. Dr Mbewe says:

    This just shows how inept Peter’s economic policy is. This is the government that is clueless on economic matters. Mavoti obela. A Chilime abeleso kaya kuti economy iyende bwino. Shameful Dpp

  59. haward says:

    Akanangopanga resign alephera basi a dpp, tivutika kowopsa mudziwe zimenezo

  60. Jang'ala says:

    Kaya ine, kaya ndithawile kuti. Ilove my country, idont want to leave my home. U politicians pls help to stabilise our economy eish! Tatopa!

  61. becks says:


  62. Peter Mathanyula and Badall Gondwe are a disgrace to Malawi as a country. Do these people have what it takes to be in the positions they are???

  63. koma yaa says:

    thats what we need…men and women of God they have to come out onbelhalf of the people on the ground because they know what people are going through …not politicians…..it seems like the GVT is keeping going without proper strategies on economic recovery …Anthu amulungu chonde help this country people are really desparate makamaka those in villages

  64. botomani says:

    The problem is that they rigged the elections but they can’t rig the economy.

  65. Mateyo Oyera says:

    Maxon Mbendera and Kenyatta Nyirenda, how are you feeling now when you see the suffering which is being inflicted on Malawians because of the ascendancy to power of this Mapwevupwevu government?

  66. Patriot says:

    Eti inu abale. Tatifunsireniko. Chifukwa tikafunsa ife, timatukwanidwa ndi ma cadet.

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