Kamlepo claims Malawi ministers to ‘cashgate’ OPC budget for political campaign: Bushiri causes storm in Parliament

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was not in Parliament on Friday but his e name caused storm nearly derailing deliberations as firebrand Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua alleged the government want to secretly give cabinet ministers huge sums of money for campaigns and political machinisations using the bloated Office of President and Cabinet (OPC)  vote budget.

Kamlepo Kalua: OPC budget will be abused to fund DPP political campaigns

Kamlepo Kalua: OPC budget will be abused to fund DPP political campaigns

Kamlepo said in his contribution that the government has ballooned the OPC budget from K6.5 billion to K9.7 billion, the highest increase amongst all.

However, this did not go down well with Leader of the House, Francis Kasaira who told Kalua to always tell the truth as a Christian who worships at Prophet Bushiri’s  Enlighted Christian Gathering, a statement that irked the firebrand politician who told the minister that it was wrong for him to mention Prophet Bushiri who was not in the House.

As the two engaged in arguments, with Kasaira looking and sounding calm, Kalua’s tempers flared up and warned the government side he was ready for any fight.

“I am ready for any fight that you people can bring to me. When I was fighting for multiparty democracy, some of you were babies,” said Kalua as some of the MPs on government side shouted wamisala!  [Mad man].

Kasaira said he was quoted out of context saying what he meant was that Kalua and him were both Christians and should aim to tell the truth.

“I am a Christian too, am Catholic. Am not attacking you, I respect you. As Christians we should always say the truth,” said Kasaira to the annoyance of Kalua who said matters of Christianity should be out of the House.

Bushiri has many followers  among  Malawian politicians both in the governing DPP and opposition parties.

Some MPs have been speaking highly of him in the House over his recent maize donations.

First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje ruled Kalua out of order for making allegations without evidence.

MP kicked out

However, Mchinji West MP  Billy Kanjila Banda was  sent out of the Chamber for repeatedly exchanging bitter words with  Chilenje.

Chilenje had told the Mchinji West MP to withdraw his allegation that deputy ministers are earmarked to get K15 million whilst ministers will get a whopping K50 million for political exercises.

When he was asked to withdraw the statement for lack of evidence, the MP accused Chilenje of being a Democratic Progressive Party sympathiser an issue that did not go down well with first deputy speaker.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe explained that the K3 billion was pulled together by European Union, UNDP and Norway for Democracy Consolidation Programme.

He said the OPC acts as a secretariat for the programme that involves human rights organisations like CHRR, Nice and Yoneco among others and radio stations that include Capital Radio and MBC.

Gondwe therefore said the government cannot reduce the donor money.

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26 thoughts on “Kamlepo claims Malawi ministers to ‘cashgate’ OPC budget for political campaign: Bushiri causes storm in Parliament”

  1. gifty says:

    kamlepo is wise than pirates where was pirates nthawi ya reflandam? akukolola posalimag

  2. Aphax Gondwe says:

    Its absurd to see that some politicians are incompetent, weak and selfish…..they don’t want to tackle problems that people of this country are facing…..it all they are tired let them resign so that new blood should come in……….its time to practice mature politics and to hell with cheap politics

  3. giftag says:

    nthawi ya reflandam Peter a analikuti?) nthawi yomenyera ufulu where was Petara? do u think pirates wll help us as a reader of this country? never! povota tisatengere zoti ndiwakwathu , tiyeni trike monthly amine angatithandize yang’Armani ku tz tsopano, we deserve to have pared like makufuli zoti w akwathu sizitithandiza, 50 plus is needed sari 36 percent fail

  4. Because they have their basic needs so they don’t wont others to have also please they should think about others adzikula asamaganize ngati ana

  5. Boliwoli2 says:

    Kasairawatichitisamanyazi ife aDPP ngati fundo zinakusowa bwanji kungokhalachete ku parl.Nanga khani ya Bushiri yayambira pati? Tikupasa discipline ife a dpp. Ndizimene Anthu amakutuma ku parl. Kk ndi munthu oti munglimbane nayo ndinu ana inu .

  6. Chipanti says:

    Zopepera basi.

  7. George Kamanga says:

    Then one stand on top of the hill that DPP leadership is fighting to help suffering innocent Malawians. While these are gangsters, robbers, criminals and murderers.

    Wow to those who call evil good in God’s name. APM has no good thoughts for suffering Malawians at all. Be careful you false people who claim that APM leadership is there to help Malawians. APM is busy dividing Malawians. APM is full of nepotism, tribalism, regionalism. Good example is Quota System Godly which kills many deserving innocent Malawians because they are Northerners???

    Give not telling Malawians that APM is there for suffering souls. Why APM is blocking the investigation of the stolen K577 billion or what bingu stole (K61 billion).

    Take care for calling evil good. True God’s Servant stand for the truth always but those who want man praise their reward is for short time.

  8. Kwachaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    I think it’s high time MPs undergo mental examination before polls. This Kamlepo guy is becoming more and more of a nuisance in our society. Kodi chamba cahke amamugawira ndi Jesiie kapena yanu? Koma amene amateroyo sakumkonda wopeperayu!

  9. Chimngopeti says:

    Kasaira ndi amene anadzaletsa Bushiri kuthandiza a malawi.
    Ali ndi nkhanza komanso ali ndi nsanje, njiru.
    Bwenzi inu a dpp mukutsogolera anthu a Mulungu ndi mipingo yao mchitsanzo.
    Koma ufiti basi.

  10. Mahomwa Barracks says:

    Better war Kamlepo !!! look cowards politicians thinks are heros today DPP are Satanist

  11. nganya says:

    for those of u who take kamlepo seriously are mad cz kamlepo has a mental problem. amafuna kutchuka pamene anatchuka kale ndikulephera zitsankho kuyambira multiparty,

  12. Chikutumbwe says:


  13. Harlod Phiri says:

    I was following todays delebarations in parliament,but sindinaone chomwe kamulepo analakwa coz iye amanena chulungamo kut lets take away this from religion wina ndie ndikumutchula Bushiri whay?…nawe iwe Ester Chilenje hope azimayi nonse ndinu opusa basi coz being the Chair how could you become out of your temper?….pamene wekha wamuza kuti he should withdraw his statements

  14. Rodgers Banda says:

    Anyone against KK is digging his own grave . Where there is sense thigs diturb and shouts nosense. Keep on revealing Mr. Freedom Fighter. Let young jealous thugs babble.

  15. nyasi says:

    Kasaila why do u mention Bushiri on this issue, what was your motive to mention Bushiri?Bushiriyotu amangokusungirani ulemu ndiye akhale oseweretsa. Mudzachisiya mutavulala tsiku lina.The fact that Bushiri doesnt answer you does not mean he doesnt hear all stupid things you say about him.One day u will collapse and die coz of this stupidity.Can u play with a Prophet like this?

    1. Marharha says:

      Nde nanu mwamuthiramo Bushiriyo ngati ndi Mulungutu,Iyaaa,

  16. Kape says:

    Kamlepo you are not one of the foghters in Malawi. You ran away to RSA when the Bakilis were Kamuzu during his last days of life. So dont lie that you fought Kamuzu for democracy. How can you fight while retreating to RSA. Gulugunya wachabe chabe iwe, usawapezelere anzako ku paliyament. After how wars did you fight in this world? Did you fight in first or second world war? Go to Moatize in Mozambique and test war there against RENAMO or FRELIMO. Useless barking rabid dog like should go to heaven and kiss amadiora there. Machende ako. After all barking dogs do not bite at all.

  17. Joseph Banda says:

    Do you still take Kamlepo as Fire brand? Or is he a news item any more? Can nyasa times list the issues told the nation and they came to pass? KOMA ABALE

  18. Mphwache says:

    For a long time I used to think that Kamulepo was a madman, but I was gravely mistaken. Sometimes, Wamisala anaona nkhondo, and I think he is the most reliable and contributive member in the house. People of Rumphi, I applaud you for sending him to Parliament.

  19. Boliwoli2 says:

    Kasaira ndikutha kwa chipani cha dpp mukanaziwa bwezi mukungokhara cheti chifukwapalibechimene munganene chabwino inu a dpp ku mtundu wa Malawi.Ngatimukufuna kuyambana ndi kk simuthandinu ana mwayamba mwakhalapo utsogoleri. Pathako pako.

  20. lether says:

    Kamlepo. More fire. Adziwansoameneo.hehehehehehedeee

  21. Phwisa says:

    A Kamlepo. Chamba chija chinakupwetekani. Koma lero simunasiya, you are a born again. We expected you will contribute with sanity potengela kuti mudauvutikila u MP. But today zokamba mpalamenti zikhale mapwevupwevu basi. No you are new in parliament and make yourself material that Malawiansar want

  22. Nambuma Girl says:

    You DPP officials, you don’t have a HEART. The way we are suffering can you be thinking about robbing us all that much just for campaign . Why don’t you just use your strategy of stealing votes as you used during the 2014 elections. You should fear God who loves us ALL. Almost every Malawian is complaining about your party. I am fearing that President Peter Mutharika might face what his brother faced because of you greedy people! We are all praying to God so that he rescue us out of this mess. I wonder why you people behave in this matter as if pali munthu okhalitsa pa Dziko pano. We are all going to die and in history, I haven’t heard of anyone who has taken to the grave just half of his/her money no matter how big the casket could be. I rest my case, I am not a politician, I am just somebody who Loves my Country, Malawi.

  23. MERCEDES says:


  24. Mlangeni muwalo says:

    Kasaira wayamba misala, kamlepo mo fire

  25. HENRY says:

    Kamlepo always exposes govt moves…….thumbs up kamlepo, …the DPP HAVE DIRTY TRICS…AND YOU KASAILA Y MENTION THE MAN OF GOD?

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