Kamlepo defiant on Malawi cashgate ministers:  I’m not going to give Mutharika names, let him kill me

Rumphi East MP, Kamlepo Kalua has reacted to the call by President Peter Mutharika that he should give him names of  seven cabinet minusters implicated  in the mismanagement of the public funds – the cashgate – saying he is not an Auditor General to do so.

Kamlepo Kalua: I have given names of rotten ministers as if I am the one who did the audit, the Auditor General gave us the names but its not my duty to name the list

Kamlepo Kalua: I cannot give out names of rotten ministers as if I am the one who did the audit

Mutharika said on Monday that he was giving Kalua 24 hours to submit his list of shame to the President os “shut up.”

The President said he has no names of the cashgate suspects.

But Kalua, who is also vice chairman of Parliamentary’s Public Accounts Committe,  said in interview with Nyasa Times that a President has the names of the corrupt ministersand is only shielding them from prosecution.

“I am not an Auditor General. If they want to kill me, they should kill me ; I am ready to die,” said Kalua.

“I am not the Auditor General, I am not Director of Anti Corruption Bureau. I am no head of intelligence. The Auditor General did submit 13 files to the Anti Crruption Burea and he said in the media that out of the 13, 7 of the files belong to serving ministers.

“We summoned the Auditor General. He appeared before Public Accounts Committee and when he appeared he gave us the report and we insisted on names and he gave us the names. When he gave us the names we had to share with the embassies (international community).”

Kalua said the same names the Audior General gave the committee and other stakeholders were also submitted to President Mutharika.

He said he has the names but it is not his job to name and shame.

“Why should I give the names to the President as if I am an auditor. I am not an auditor. I am not chief secretary. I am not the one who audited. I am not.”


Kalua accused President Mutharika of issuing threats and inciting regime attacks on him.

“So why is  he threatening me, why is he issuing state terrorism against me,” said outspoken Kalua.

“The President said in Zomba that he had a report and that page one is Joyce Banda, page 2 is Joyce Banda and page 3 is Joyce Banda, which report was he referring to?

“If he wants to kill me, let him kill me. The Auditor General did not only give names to me , he gave it so many people,” said Kalua.

Preliminary audits of government finances between 2009 and 2014, carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and financed by the German government, indicate that at least K577 bn. ($807 mn.) could not be accounted for.

Later, the estimated loss was reduced to K236 bn. ($330 mn.), still a gigantic figure for such a small country, about one third of the government’s annual budget.

PP legislators, led by Mzimba West MP Harry Mkandawire and Kalua, led calls  for the names of all suspects to be made public.

In parliament, Mkandawire mentioned Agriculture Minister George Chaponda to have been named in the report.

Chaponda denied any involvement.

Revelations of the K577 billion cashgate came hot on the heels of a forensic audit report by British firm, RSM (formely called Baker Tilly), that established that K24 billion was looted from Capital Hill between April and September 2013 under the administration of Joyce Banda and her People’s Party (PP).

Banda is on record saying “ There must be a stubborn link between the MK577 billion scandal of 2009 and 2012 and the MK20 billion cashgate of 2013.”

The  ‘grand corruption’  audit report will be a stern test to President Mutharika committement to fight corruption without fear or favour.

Observers also note that lack of political will has crippled Malawi’s Anti-Corruption  Bureau, undermining their efforts through political interference and threats.

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Mwansa Mumba Kanabesa
Mwansa Mumba Kanabesa
Most of the people making comments on this issue are really uneducated. Peter is a shameless liar. How can an entire head of state fail to get names of people mentioned in an audit report as culprits in the plunder of government funds? Imagine a CEO of any company in the world, or a General Manager of a company who will tell the board of directors that he or she is not aware of the contents of an Audit Report of the same company he is heading, who would believe in that? Only dull people would believe in that. The… Read more »
Kambala mvula
Its all total lie for Kamulepo to say he has names, why is failing to leak the names to the press you pipo who think know it all. Gather your facts and pipo shall appreciate your reporting not being biased. If indeed ministers are involved why not publish? it is not true that ministers are involved, then the first could have been in JB cabinet since they are civil servants otherwise its the ps and the like that are arrested as in Jb time. This guy kamutepo is simply mocking you all, he has no names at all and there… Read more »

I feel bingu and his cabinet are all big thieves u Malawian are very stupid all maps are evil bastards and thieves they get 10 million kwacha tax free per months and ordinary man from 20,000 has to pay tax how stupid are u Malawian quite on this

thumbwe man

When it was JB and her cashgate munali nyonyonyooooo. Today mulino nfwenfwenfwe….munya muona

Fact Pains
Malawians,Kamlepo Kalua is always trying something to portray himself as a champion of transparency,progress and democracy in the country.Cry beloved Malawi,Jim and Jack to be voted into the nation’s SUPREME HOUSE,is self inflicting.Aboveall,Kamlepo is unlettered driven by unprecedented lies and opportunism not fit to represent his voters in the Parliament as someone has commented on this issue,his constituency is the most backward economically in the country.the truth of the matter is that Kamlepo has not excelled in education,he is an ex-primary school leaver with no impressive credentials.What do Malawians expect from such MPs? Investigate and you will come to the… Read more »

you lying bastard; his constituency have much needed services at hand; much better than most of southern region constituencies..get your facts right before you comment..

The Patriot
Shame , shame to all of you and even the President! What crap is this?Dont take Malawians for fools, we know the President has the names and he has no names he should resign, forthwith! Imagine PAC members have the names, the Diplomats have the names , theAuditor General has the names and even Kaphale has them…..remember Kaphales advice is not to “publicize the names”. Logic will tell any person with a brain…that the names are there of the 7 ministers but for legal implications they should not be made public! Some fools cannot see this commonsense! For artuculate Malawians… Read more »
John Kaduka
Very happy that the diplomatic community is scrutinising our dirty linen. If not a bit of decency why not the cliché za m’banja sapita nazo kubwalo. Shameful Malawians with a skewed idea of patriotism…u r not US or UK u r plain old Malawi which should be seeking economic gains not a good name in the books of the West. You have no idea of the state of your country. Careless about freedom of speech…seek economic freedom iwe Malawi, dzuka Malawi dzuka. You will be dragged into wrong battles instead of the economic battle, otherwise tizingobwebweta while the poor majority… Read more »
alfred abraham


Keep cool Honorable Kamlepo Kalua, as an MP, no one, i mean no one can kill you.This is your Country and our Country.You,Kamlepo Kalua, the special one from the North, have done a commendable job going by the Presidents reaction.Peter is literally in hot soup, in the heat of things. In fact, We all know that Honourable Kamlepo is already mentioned on Minister George Chaponda, the other sources mentioned the other two Ministers,the obvious Henry Mussa and Goodah Gondwe making a total of 3 out of 7.In his very dishonest statement in Salima, Peter Muthalika never even mentioned these three… Read more »

So you conveniently forget that Maska was also mentioned? That is why this wholes names thing is a farce.


Who is trying to kill you Kamlepo? You are an empty tin and a world class Drama Queen!! ALWAYS CONSTANTLY SEEKING ATTENTION! Always want to be in the limelight yet your constituency is very, very, very, very backward- no development at all!! Big mouth does not produce development! empty talk and empty brains do not produce development! go get a fake PhD LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE and continue to to bring brain-dead rhetoric and cacaphonic ramblings and perambulations around the periphery of matters that really matter. mxiiiii!! this bufoon is too much!! akagwere uko!!!

Jeremiah Tasosa
When the 2013 Cashgate saga was unveiled, the Opposition especially my Party the DPP and MCP celebrated when the names were mentioned and aired by Galaxy FM. No one was arrested for naming the companies and the names behind those companies. Why is it difficult today to have another radio station or the same Galaxy fm to air and shame the names behind K236 billion Cash gate??? I can’t understand it. Where is Gerald Viola? Where is Sylvester Namiwa? Where is Phillip Kamangira?? They are quiet. This country does not have real patriots. I am DPP yes, so what? I… Read more »

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