Kamlepo defiant on Malawi cashgate ministers:  I’m not going to give Mutharika names, let him kill me

Rumphi East MP, Kamlepo Kalua has reacted to the call by President Peter Mutharika that he should give him names of  seven cabinet minusters implicated  in the mismanagement of the public funds – the cashgate – saying he is not an Auditor General to do so.

Kamlepo Kalua: I have given names of rotten ministers as if I am the one who did the audit, the Auditor General gave us the names but its not my duty to name the list

Kamlepo Kalua: I cannot give out names of rotten ministers as if I am the one who did the audit

Mutharika said on Monday that he was giving Kalua 24 hours to submit his list of shame to the President os “shut up.”

The President said he has no names of the cashgate suspects.

But Kalua, who is also vice chairman of Parliamentary’s Public Accounts Committe,  said in interview with Nyasa Times that a President has the names of the corrupt ministersand is only shielding them from prosecution.

“I am not an Auditor General. If they want to kill me, they should kill me ; I am ready to die,” said Kalua.

“I am not the Auditor General, I am not Director of Anti Corruption Bureau. I am no head of intelligence. The Auditor General did submit 13 files to the Anti Crruption Burea and he said in the media that out of the 13, 7 of the files belong to serving ministers.

“We summoned the Auditor General. He appeared before Public Accounts Committee and when he appeared he gave us the report and we insisted on names and he gave us the names. When he gave us the names we had to share with the embassies (international community).”

Kalua said the same names the Audior General gave the committee and other stakeholders were also submitted to President Mutharika.

He said he has the names but it is not his job to name and shame.

“Why should I give the names to the President as if I am an auditor. I am not an auditor. I am not chief secretary. I am not the one who audited. I am not.”


Kalua accused President Mutharika of issuing threats and inciting regime attacks on him.

“So why is  he threatening me, why is he issuing state terrorism against me,” said outspoken Kalua.

“The President said in Zomba that he had a report and that page one is Joyce Banda, page 2 is Joyce Banda and page 3 is Joyce Banda, which report was he referring to?

“If he wants to kill me, let him kill me. The Auditor General did not only give names to me , he gave it so many people,” said Kalua.

Preliminary audits of government finances between 2009 and 2014, carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and financed by the German government, indicate that at least K577 bn. ($807 mn.) could not be accounted for.

Later, the estimated loss was reduced to K236 bn. ($330 mn.), still a gigantic figure for such a small country, about one third of the government’s annual budget.

PP legislators, led by Mzimba West MP Harry Mkandawire and Kalua, led calls  for the names of all suspects to be made public.

In parliament, Mkandawire mentioned Agriculture Minister George Chaponda to have been named in the report.

Chaponda denied any involvement.

Revelations of the K577 billion cashgate came hot on the heels of a forensic audit report by British firm, RSM (formely called Baker Tilly), that established that K24 billion was looted from Capital Hill between April and September 2013 under the administration of Joyce Banda and her People’s Party (PP).

Banda is on record saying “ There must be a stubborn link between the MK577 billion scandal of 2009 and 2012 and the MK20 billion cashgate of 2013.”

The  ‘grand corruption’  audit report will be a stern test to President Mutharika committement to fight corruption without fear or favour.

Observers also note that lack of political will has crippled Malawi’s Anti-Corruption  Bureau, undermining their efforts through political interference and threats.

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57 thoughts on “Kamlepo defiant on Malawi cashgate ministers:  I’m not going to give Mutharika names, let him kill me”

  1. Mwansa Mumba Kanabesa says:

    Most of the people making comments on this issue are really uneducated. Peter is a shameless liar. How can an entire head of state fail to get names of people mentioned in an audit report as culprits in the plunder of government funds? Imagine a CEO of any company in the world, or a General Manager of a company who will tell the board of directors that he or she is not aware of the contents of an Audit Report of the same company he is heading, who would believe in that? Only dull people would believe in that. The President is the CEO of this country for him to acknowledge that there is an Audit report but does not know its contents is a big lie, unless if he is not interested in the matter, or he is also part of the people mentioned as having plundered government funds. Comments made out of blind loyalty, or based on tribalism as we are reading on this matter are really cause for worry. Our money, tax payers money has been stolen it does not matter who has stolen the funds be it my brother, sister uncle, son daughter, my president or party leader a thief is a thief and must be treated as such. Peter is a liar or he is not in control of this Malawi Nation. Kamlepo is not the one to release the names or to take action. The president must reshuffle his cabinet and leave out the thieves to pave way for thorough investigation. About Peter winning 2019 elections we are far from it, he may win because we are fools and have blind loyalty, DPP government killed Chasowa, Killed 20 unarmed civilians on July 20, 2011 and we still considered DPP a worthwhile part to vote for, “how soon do we Malawians forget things” former president Muluzi noted that.. Who does not know that the 2014 elections were rigged?. Our friends in Zambia call us dumb fools and dead people. They laughed at us when they learnt that DPPr had won the elections. Got to Zambia you will hear “Va Malawi vatulo ivi, you people pool up your socks!” I have heard those comments not once but several times.

  2. Kambala mvula says:

    Its all total lie for Kamulepo to say he has names, why is failing to leak the names to the press you pipo who think know it all. Gather your facts and pipo shall appreciate your reporting not being biased. If indeed ministers are involved why not publish? it is not true that ministers are involved, then the first could have been in JB cabinet since they are civil servants otherwise its the ps and the like that are arrested as in Jb time. This guy kamutepo is simply mocking you all, he has no names at all and there are none too.

  3. Makeni says:

    I feel bingu and his cabinet are all big thieves u Malawian are very stupid all maps are evil bastards and thieves they get 10 million kwacha tax free per months and ordinary man from 20,000 has to pay tax how stupid are u Malawian quite on this

  4. thumbwe man says:

    When it was JB and her cashgate munali nyonyonyooooo. Today mulino nfwenfwenfwe….munya muona

  5. Fact Pains says:

    Malawians,Kamlepo Kalua is always trying something to portray himself as a champion of transparency,progress and democracy in the country.Cry beloved Malawi,Jim and Jack to be voted into the nation’s SUPREME HOUSE,is self inflicting.Aboveall,Kamlepo is unlettered driven by unprecedented lies and opportunism not fit to represent his voters in the Parliament as someone has commented on this issue,his constituency is the most backward economically in the country.the truth of the matter is that Kamlepo has not excelled in education,he is an ex-primary school leaver with no impressive credentials.What do Malawians expect from such MPs? Investigate and you will come to the conclusion.WAKEUP CITIZENS!!!

    1. chigwex says:

      you lying bastard; his constituency have much needed services at hand; much better than most of southern region constituencies..get your facts right before you comment..

  6. The Patriot says:

    Shame , shame to all of you and even the President! What crap is this?Dont take Malawians for fools, we know the President has the names and he has no names he should resign, forthwith! Imagine PAC members have the names, the Diplomats have the names , theAuditor General has the names and even Kaphale has them…..remember Kaphales advice is not to “publicize the names”. Logic will tell any person with a brain…that the names are there of the 7 ministers but for legal implications they should not be made public! Some fools cannot see this commonsense!
    For artuculate Malawians out there….be sobe and vigilant….do not be misled by the cadets and their toothless master….Kamlepo is right ….the names are there.
    To the 7 rotten Ministers….manyazi bwanji? Muli ndi ma families inu? How do you feel to be Merc riding thieves? Imagine all the diplomats have lost all the respect they had for you…..you stink like fart….please resign!!

    1. John Kaduka says:

      Very happy that the diplomatic community is scrutinising our dirty linen. If not a bit of decency why not the cliché za m’banja sapita nazo kubwalo. Shameful Malawians with a skewed idea of patriotism…u r not US or UK u r plain old Malawi which should be seeking economic gains not a good name in the books of the West. You have no idea of the state of your country. Careless about freedom of speech…seek economic freedom iwe Malawi, dzuka Malawi dzuka. You will be dragged into wrong battles instead of the economic battle, otherwise tizingobwebweta while the poor majority gets stinkingly poor…mxiiiiiiiiii shame

  7. alfred abraham says:


  8. VYOTO says:

    Keep cool Honorable Kamlepo Kalua, as an MP, no one, i mean no one can kill you.This is your Country and our Country.You,Kamlepo Kalua, the special one from the North, have done a commendable job going by the Presidents reaction.Peter is literally in hot soup, in the heat of things. In fact, We all know that Honourable Kamlepo is already mentioned on Minister George Chaponda, the other sources mentioned the other two Ministers,the obvious Henry Mussa and Goodah Gondwe making a total of 3 out of 7.In his very dishonest statement in Salima, Peter Muthalika never even mentioned these three Ministers.This is a case in which Peter is on a big test of integrity and honesty here.

    As a knowledgeable Malawian, i want to advise Peter Muthalika to approach this very important issue with a sober mind and objectivity, this is the time to put legal expertise to the best use. It is Peter who has more to lose than Kamlepo Kalua.If Peter was clever enough, he should have learnt some lessons or two from the carelessness of his brother late Bingu who mishandled the issue of the British High Commissioner and even went as far as calling Europeans Stupid.Late Bingu was miserably defeated…….I can foresee another big defeat for Peter on this issue

    1. Phulusa says:

      So you conveniently forget that Maska was also mentioned? That is why this wholes names thing is a farce.

  9. Nyani says:

    Who is trying to kill you Kamlepo? You are an empty tin and a world class Drama Queen!! ALWAYS CONSTANTLY SEEKING ATTENTION! Always want to be in the limelight yet your constituency is very, very, very, very backward- no development at all!! Big mouth does not produce development! empty talk and empty brains do not produce development! go get a fake PhD LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE and continue to to bring brain-dead rhetoric and cacaphonic ramblings and perambulations around the periphery of matters that really matter. mxiiiii!! this bufoon is too much!! akagwere uko!!!

  10. Jeremiah Tasosa says:

    When the 2013 Cashgate saga was unveiled, the Opposition especially my Party the DPP and MCP celebrated when the names were mentioned and aired by Galaxy FM. No one was arrested for naming the companies and the names behind those companies. Why is it difficult today to have another radio station or the same Galaxy fm to air and shame the names behind K236 billion Cash gate??? I can’t understand it. Where is Gerald Viola? Where is Sylvester Namiwa? Where is Phillip Kamangira?? They are quiet. This country does not have real patriots. I am DPP yes, so what? I love my Country and DPP comes second to me.

  11. santana says:

    Mr Analyst, if you think Malawians made a mistake in 2014 for voting Peter you will stand to be double shocked in 2019 with the majority votes he will amass in the elections.I challenge you to give me the name of any party which you think will make it in 2019 apart from DPP. You can talk and talk, write and write but there is nothing in your comments which can move APM’s supporters from him. It was not a mistake young man. I just pray that you and me should be there in 2019 and we will have our comments at the same Nyasa. Mr Analyst just tell Kamlepo to disclose the names. Kamlepo knows that he is playing with the guys of the Law. He knows it is suicidal to do that. So he is making this noise to fool you the dunderheads. I wonder why you call yourself Analyst. May be because it is common in our culture that we have names which are contrary to what is on the ground. A person can be called MANDEVU yet he has no single beard on his chin. Sorry analyst of the Nyasa!!

  12. Malawians!!!!dont force the president to give out names of the 7 ministers ..it is not in his remit as president. If indeed 7 people implicated in the cashgate are within his lean cabinet portfolio, let them enjoy until such a time ACB who according to the Laws of this country are mandated to arrest someone on allegation linking to corruption. Only then will the president fire them because they would be under investigation. Kamlepo will do nothing about it, his job description does not entail revealing names of cashgaters. What is happening now is that all evidences in the banks are being erased as we waste time in finger pointing (Mr Kamlepo dont you see this). Let High Commissioner Mr Nevin reveal the names because his term of office has ended and would be given the famous term ‘person-non-grata’..kkkk…on his way to Mangalande…

  13. mwalawatuzi says:

    We are patiently waiting for the names from Mr Kalua. Dont lie that the President is threatening you if you are really ready to die bring the names forward so that people should know the truth. If you fail to do so yoi will be a traitor.

  14. Jacob says:

    Hon. Kamlepo you are just bringing unnecessary tension on this issue. If you read what i wrote some two days ago is exactly what the president has demanded and you are refusing, who is a liar now? Mr Kalua, with what was aired on zodiak today that there are two separate reports thus one with names and the other without it means you are not obliged to keep privacy. At the same time you were strongly cautioned by the AG not to disclose the names in the report that was given to you on the pretext that it might compromise the investigations still underway.

    Now your integrity is questionable. You were told not to disclose the names why then are you calling for the president to do so? Do you want him to breach what the AG advised you? Secondly the president might be right that he has no report with names because there are two separate reports according to zodiak which perhaps might have that with no names. Again president is not the judge, it is the duty of judiciary to convict a suspect. Remember a suspect is innocent until is proven guilty but the court of law. So bwana Kalua do not confuse the minds of people on this issue. And you have clearly shown that you can not keep secrets because already you have breached what the AG advised you by trying to drag somebody(president) do it on your behalf.

    In conclusion, you were not satisfied with what the AG told you because your colors are that you would have loved the names be in the public domain way back.

  15. malawi says:

    Kudalira lamuro loti palibe wina angabwere poyera kutchula mayinawa koma ife tili boma koma tsiku likuza dzanja lilemba

  16. Timve Ziti says:

    A Kamulepo spa president wakumasulani. Mwakhala mukukamba nkhani yi nthawi yayitalu. Tsopano akuti ululani maina ndiye mukukana. Tá nenani tone kuti apanga chiani

  17. Kalume says:

    Moses Makoko, it is you who needs psychiatric examination for failing to understand what Chilungamo has said.To put it at your level of understanding, Chilungamo has said that for a long time Kamulepo has been saying that he has names of the 7 corupt ministers.As a country, we are all interested to know them and it is stupidity of highest level for somebody who claims to know the names to keep them to himself. Chilungamo is asking Kamulepo to do the nation a good service by releasing the names he claim to have for the benefit of everybody.Why is he forcing the President to name them when he, the President is saying that he hasnt. I think you now understands what was Chilungamos point of view.

  18. Parallel Market says:

    My take is; let Hon Kamulepo Kalua send his copy of that report to the media. They will do the job diligently and everyone will hear and read for themselves. Ngati report muli nalo musaope kupatsa anzanu kuti awerengeko. This culture of silence is killing Malawi. We like keeping important information under wraps and key. Tulutsani report tiwerenge.

    1. Baba wa Boyi says:

      Culture of silence? When did that start? In Malawi you even encourage Peeping Tom mentality, Kiss and tell, and you want to tell people there is a culture of silence?

    2. zex says:

      Atangoyerekeza kupereka mainawo athamanga kukamukwidzinga nawo unyolo. Koma Kamlepo ndi dolo anaiwerenga kale.

  19. Buyelekhaya says:

    If a newspaper worthy of its name dares publish names of the the suspected 7 ministers, legal actions bordering on defamation will likely be leveled against that title.

    1. JJB says:

      So you want the President to break the law, and then you start on another issue. “The President does not respect the law” What morons.

  20. Mbumbumbu says:

    Kwacha at its lowest since I was born. Inflation, the highest in the SADC region. ACB director corrupt. Cabinet corrupt. What happened to Muluzi’s case??, no evidence. Yet we are busy wanting investors to invest where???



  22. Mbumbumbu says:

    Tigawani waka Chalu ichi. Nafwi tijilamuliyengi pakutija tavuka namwi or tiziwakuja mbali ya Tanzania.

  23. diphiphi says:

    Musatiwopsyeze apa Kofi mubisana mpaka liti?utsi sufuka popanda moto, ineyo ndikuchita regret zedi chifukwa chosankha munthuyu ameneyu .

    1. Jacob says:

      Achimwene a diphiphi why regreting its just too early. Leave things be accordingly. Let not a goal keeper leave the goal and assist the striker, its chaos!!!!???????? Macourt athu agwira ntchito. you know what it is the whole malawi that chose those people u r blaming today. Once a name has been proposed it goes through parliament for approval. So if they the AG is not performing well then parliament is to blame for putting somebody is such highest office with no credentials. A diphiphi mtima mmalo easy bambo!

  24. Achimidzimidzi says:

    No hassles. Mr. President let the auditor general give us all the 13 names whose files submitted.
    We will know who is who is and we can know who is going to be prosecuted among the thirteen.

    Another option is to prosecute Auditor general for telling lies that funds were swindled because very soon this mad auditor general will tell us that these were bank charges. He keeps changing statements

  25. Matabwa says:

    Mr Kanthu Ako,thank you very much.You have said it all.

  26. ANALYST says:

    This zicheche-president is a big joke! he wants someone to give him names when he himself has the names?? Come on good people! You mean with all the state apparatus, the president has to rely on Kamlepo Kalua to get names of thieves? Where is ACB? Where is Malawi Police? Where is Dausi and his National Intelligence Bureau? Where is the Auditor General? Where is the Attorney General? Mxiii this country made a big mistake on 20th May, 2014! But I will continue blaming Malawians who voted for this failed man – he failed as Minister of Education to deal with Academic Freedom saga; he failed as Foreign Affairs Minister to deal with the diplomatic chaos with the UK over Fergus Cochraine Dyet; he introduced a number of bad bills in parliament when he was Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs – but people threw all the caution to the wind to vote for this very same idiot! MXIIII

  27. Coward chekamulepo says:

    Hahahaha I didn’t know that Kamulepo is a very coward guy. Hahahahaha “Let him kill me”. Who said he wants to kill you? Don’t hunt something that you cannot kill. You started it all yourself and somebody is just asking you to leak those names either to media or to the president. Simple.

    Mantha chekamulepo hahahahaha let him kill me ndiye kuti chani? We know people who are ready to die. They don’t talk like you. Hahahaha Kamulepo has made my day.

  28. Boss says:

    Why should Kamulepo give the names yet u have the report on the table. May be u don’t understand Kamulepo? ” He is saying he has the copy of the report like what you have and even your Kalekeni Kaphale plus Steve Kamphasa has the reports so why not to press for these reports to be released to avoid these speculations getting Wes and wes because amati mbuto ya Kalulu yinakula ndikumayikamba pafupipafupi. If i ware the President i could have just remove all the ministers like what JB did and asogned their jobs to the secretory with imediate effect and after two weeks and re appoint new one’s which will exclude the rotten one’s so that the ACB should start investigating them to close this chapter, but because am not him he will continue shielding them as if everything is fine. But kungatalike one day tizafika, Mu dima ungakule bwanji koma kuzacha basi, za achina Kasambala ndi Lutepo zinayamba chonchi mpaka pano analowa anayetsayetsa kudzitchinjiliza koma mpaka anagwidwa ngakhale ena ankasusabe angowanamizira ngati mmene zili pano umu. So time will come for Chaponda, Mussa, Msaka, Kaliate, Gondwe for them to dance in the court. Just fancy tilimo 17 milion muno mu Malawi yet nyumba yimodzi kumapezeka anthu aku embanssy awiri Mayi ku Kenya while mwana ku Zimbabwe what special are they? What education do they have? sizokhazokha za corruption zimenezi.

    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      Bwana Boss, hear what the president is saying “he has no list of the so called rotten ministers as alleged,” period. If you have the list which the head of state doesn’t have as he claims, just bring it out either through this fora, media or as requested by the president to the state house. Palibeponso issue yophanapo apa. Why are you pressing the president to release the names when he has not? Give us a break and keep your mouth shut! Anthu opanda mfundo inu…mwayesa potengerapo mbiri zonyasa pa nkhani izi eti?? JUST BRING OUT THE LIST OF NAMES AND SHAME THE PRESIDENT WITH HIS GOVERNMENT AND ITS DPP.

      1. Central says:

        @Alfred Minjo: Nanunso inu, kodi Kamphasa anakapeleka chani kwa Kaphale? Kamphasa ndi Kaphale bwana wao weni weni ndi ndani?

        Zoona even the so called technical advice yomwe Kamphasa anapatsidwayo moti Kaphale sanapereke copy kwa president throu SPC! Tsopano mukufuna chani? Apa zikuchita kuoneka kuti wina wake sakugona, akungoona mazingazimeeeee, china chake chavuta apa ndiye zonena zikusowa…………………..!!! Zoona pali inupo mukuona ngati a Malawi sakukumvani zomwe mukutanthauza? MXiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

      2. Fisi Dausi says:

        Okay here is the first name – Chaponda. What are you going to do now? Investigate him or me?

  29. Kanthu Ako! says:

    it is very strange that for the first time in Malawi something is kept under wraps.

    We hear about things said in secret meetings even before the meeting is finished.

    But Kamlepo wants to tell us that all the groups he has told us that have a copy of the report with names have suddenly become so principled no one is divulging the names even himself? Pull the other one.

    Media houses have on many occasions prided themselves on having sources, the phrase ” our source told us” Suddenly on this issue of names there are no sources?

    And how sad that we have a Member of parliament, who instead of just either giving the names anonymously or publicly, instead decides to make statements like:

    “The auditor general did not just give the report to me”

    Why would the auditor general give the report to him? if he means to the committee to which he belongs, then surely by now at least one other member of the committee would have backed him up, even without mentioning the names. Just say “ Yes I have also seen the names”

    And why bring in statements like just kill me “I am ready to die” Where is that coming from?

    Kamlepo is displaying psychopathic symptoms and a need to be in the limelight.

    If these are the people this country applauds as good leaders, this country is in the proverbial SHIT.

    Kaluwa is setting this country up. And people do not even see it.

    when his name appears as one of the people on the list he will say he was put there because he was vocal, mark my words. And simpletons will agree with him.

    Kamlepo, had his own party, and for all those years he never joined any party, he stood on his own party’s ticket, suddenly he is third president of PP and making, lots of noise about cash gate.

    If people think he is not embroidered in Cash Gate then Malawians are very naive.

    1. Coward chekamulepo says:

      Exactly! I also expect his name to be on that list and he knows he is on that list. That’s why he is creating a reason for political hunting. He will tell his supporters that his name is on the list because he was making noise and not that he is a cashgater. Koma akuchepera ife tamuwerenga kale.

      1. mfundisi says:

        wawa ma cadet wawa…muzadya chani nanga…limbikilani

        1. Fisi Dausi says:

          Kikiki. Koma mwandiseketsa bwanji. Kodi macadet ndiye kuti sangathe kupeza ina ntchito other yobackler Professor Chitete?

  30. be humane says:

    hahahahahahah Kalua if you are ready to die just mention the names. Ukuwopa chani? if you are patriotic enough just mention the 7. Wakhala ukunena za Chaponda, Goodall and Musa ndipo sumaona. 4 otsalawo akukuopsya chani kuwatchula. Just mention them if you are ready to die. A president sanapange promise terrorism angoti mention them or shut up. Is that terrorism? where are you getting death threats here? Mention them or shut up simple

  31. smart says:

    Kamplepo is right.Kamplepo does not report to the President but the Auditor General does.There is no way the report could go to PAC without 1st going thru the president.Peter has the report or else he has the powers to call the Auditor General to give him the report given to pac ,full stop.osamatinamiza apa yaye wawa…mitchona iyi kuba kwambiri….ena kaba ka 5 mitta nde ku ndende….chilungamo chiwoneke apa…..A MALAWI LET US SUPPORT KALUA SO THAT MALAWI CAN LEARN FROM IT.

    1. Lusekero says:

      Ukunamatu iwe. Auditor General reports to parliament through PAC and the president only gets a copy through the Finance Minister for purposes of checks and balances.. Kamlepo has been the loudest on the 7 implicated ministers than everyone else among the 17million Malawians and all media houses covered the issue based on his outbursts. So who is the right person to be asked to share the report with the names if the president’s copy has no names?

      And who said would kill Kamlepo when all we held from the president is to share/submit the copy with the list or ‘SHUT UP’? We all know Kamlepo right from the multiparty struggle era that he is fond of sensationalizing issues just to be on the spotlight. How many wild claims and threats has he made while in parliament that have not been proved?

      And for curiosity sake, was Kamlepo Kalua so loud during Amayi’s cashgate? If you were watching MBC TV that time, him and Humphreys Mvula were some wise political analysts talking good of Amai, remember? Now add up 1,2, and 3 and get what agenda this Kamlepo guy has.

  32. Chilungamo says:

    Iwe Kamulepo be serious, you have been yelling that you have the names and the whole country has been waiting for you to mention so why cant you just give them out and see what Peter will do. Who said Peter wants to kill you? in fact by not mentioning them you are proving that you are useless and just seeking for cheap popularity. Muchichewa timati “kukumba mkutsutsa” To prove Peter wrong, tell him the names full stop.

    1. Moses Makoko says:

      U known as ‘Chilungamo’, I just hope u don’t need a medical check up on Ur brain otherwise I am failing to see the sense in what u have said but I don’t want to call it ‘nonsense comment’

      1. Gatuso says:

        I think it is you who is not making sense here, Chilungamo is right. Kamlepo as usual is just an attension seeker, full of shit.

  33. Moses Makoko says:

    To All Malawians:

    Country men, in 2014 we employed a wrong person and team and we goofed! I don’t think this is the type of Malawi we all imagined and hoped for. If we are to reduce poverty levels in Malawi we need to move away from leaders who can not be accountable to anything nor take actions over obvious issues. I am getting tempted to think that may be we are being governed by these ‘sacred’ ministers and not the one we thought is in charge.

    This government is a shame!

  34. Maunisi says:

    What was he talking about in Salima yesterday. The guy is just crazy he has files and want Kamlepo to announce names. Was Kamlepo appointed auditor general. This is nonsense I know you think you will shield until 2019 and rig elections to continue hide names cash gate ministers sorry. Don’t mention Joice Banda he is not a minister mentioned. Deal with the thieving ministers now.

    1. Mgonapamhanya says:

      You are right. If Kamulepo is not auditor general then he should shut up until that time the auditor general will make pronouncements and he will be free make his comments. But as of now, he shud shut up

      1. Eduardo says:

        Kodi Kamlepo Kalua analekeza form chiyani? He looks an empty head to me. His English horrible, facts zero aah. Form two kapena?

        1. GADDAFI says:

          kamlepo akunena zoona guys,peter akuwadziwa anthuwo kma akuwabisa y?.WE DNT HAVE GOOD LEADERSHIP IN MALAWI

        2. Mgonapamhanya says:

          Sanakhoze formu 4 pa Mitundu Secondary School.

      2. musova says:

        Time is a teacher lets wait and see (palibe chinsinsi ziululika)

      3. Fisi Dausi says:

        Awanso inu, shut up shut up wachiani? Kodi kumalawi nkwainu nokha? Moti simuchita manyazi anthu padziko lonse lapansi akamaona amalawi ngati ma timakoswe topanda nzeru?

        Timalandira ulemu kale ukati ndiwe mMalawi lero zonse zinapita chifukwa cha ma cashgate hyaenas (ministers).

    2. Mbesuma says:

      Yes The president is no serious here.His NIB director(Aka Dausi) was seen around the corridors of Auditor General’s office prier to attend parliament meeting. What was his director doing there? Kamlemo should not announce rather the president should ask his HIB director to do it. izi zoopsyezana sitithandiza pa Malawi ever.

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