Kamlepo forces State House on defence line again: Mutharika accepts buying motorhome

Firebrand Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua has again forced State House on the firing defensive firing line on the purchase of a mullti million luxury vehicle for catering and toilet facilities for President Peter Mutharika.

Kamlepo: Alleged the motor home was bought at K150 mil but State House saysit was at K65 mil

Kamlepo: Alleged the motor home was bought at K150 mil but State House saysit was at K65 mil

Kamlepo had told a local newspaper that State House had bought the vehicle at a staggering K150 million, an amount that could have provided three meals a day in all public hospitals that have since suspended provision of food and ambulance services due to huge budget cuts as Capital Hill says it has no money.

However, in a statement issued on Sunday, State House admits it has indeed bought the said vehicle but said at a price of K65 million.

According to State House spokesman Gerald Viola, the vehicle replaces another one which is six years old and always broke down on presidential convoy hence the need to replace it.

”The price was not MK150 million as alleged. It was bought as a new unit in July 2015 to replace the old one which was already second-hand when it was bought over six years ago,” explained Viola.

”This shows the mechanical condition the old unit was in. It certainly had to be replaced. The motor home is not a luxurious model because it is small and an ordinary unit in the line of motor homes.
On the President’s convoy, it is not a recreational vehicle, but a very essential and most functional unit of the convoy,” added Viola.

The statement says the vehicle is very important for Mutharika because he uses it on long journeys for resting.

”Now the President travels by road on short and long trips despite the inconvenience he suffers in doing so. He has never travelled by helicopter since he took office. This travel by road is actually less expensive than helicopter travel where the road convoys still follow him to the meeting sites.

”We should therefore commend him for these cost-cutting efforts in his travels. On these long trips, as well as long field functions, the President uses the motor home as a washroom. He also takes his meals
in it when he is on the road during meal times”.

The motor home, according to Viola, is an alternative for Mutharika instead of using filling station washrooms or other despicable facilities while on road trips, which he said would be most demeaning and a serious State security compromise.

The purchase of the vehicle comes barely months after the government led by Information minister Jappie Mhango led a ceaseless campaign of smear against leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera and Speaker of National Assembly Richard Msowoya for buying official vehicles.

Kalua says he has reliable moles in government who tips him on what is going on at State House and Capital Hill.

Donors are advising the government to cut on on unnecessary expenditures to avoid piling domestic debt that can disqualify the government from getting an International Monetary Fund extended credit facility that will unlock donor aid.-Additional reporting by Owen Khamula, Nyasa Times

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62 thoughts on “Kamlepo forces State House on defence line again: Mutharika accepts buying motorhome”

  1. musisipala says:

    Kamulepo wa vifusi

  2. kwirikwiri says:

    Peter Mathanyula amanyera golide kodi? Same shit which immediately when it comes out flies wooooooo!! What is so special about his shit, nonsense!!! Buy him diapers that’s the reason why he remarried Getu so she can be changing his diapers, stupid old-toothless he goat.

  3. Luwazi says:

    ” The President needs a MK65M luxurious motor home to deposit his biological waste” does he really need a gold pated toilet for his bodily waste???? somebody pinch me please!!! Are we really serious about austerity measures and public service reforms? Shouldn’t Mathanyula and Saulos be exemplary?

  4. Tukombo says:

    Only in Malawi can we talk about the president peeing , pooping and farting. The office of the president has been watered down by this administration. It has lost all it’s glory and respect. Mind you it’s not the opposition or JB that said that it is Viola who brought this up.

  5. Apao Kugola says:

    Koma a Viola ayenera kumasankha zolankhula for public consumption. He seems to have a chicken head. Ife tili ana sitinkadziwa kuti Kamuzu ankakodza. Tinali ndi nkhalo, ntchindi ndi zina zonse zomveka macapital letter polankhula. Ooops! Ndayamba za Viola nane. Shaa, Cry Beloved Country.

    But kudos to my man Kamplepo Kalua. I still remember the 7 oclock news on Panorama ya South Africa in 1991 – 1992 when this real man of Rumphi took Kamuzu head-on. He new Kamuzu would have sent petrol ku Joni konko but Kamplepo did not fear the Lion or Mkwango called Kamuzu. Honestly, Kamplepo is a living hero and giant on the political landscape of Malawi. Zinazi zachulukazi ndi mbava chabe, amtumba ….

    Shaa, ijinjire mmagambo…


  6. fisi says:

    That’s fine for now..

  7. ephrahim says:

    The major problem with our leaders is, that thy forget their roots and relatives in the villages and their needs!
    As soon they are in power they have a behaviour like children, not knowing about priorities!
    In the history of our continent Afrika, we are counting dozens of presidents, developing to idiots and only a handful became idols! Why?

  8. Afera says:

    The convoy can always stop by the road side with traffic police stopping vehicles and security men providing security to allow Peter shit or urinate behind a nearby shrub or tree.

  9. mapwevupwevu says:

    Ndikamayenda ulendo ndimapitilatu ku chimbuzi kukakoza komanso kukanyela. Ulendo poti ndi wa bus umatenga 4-5 hours koma sindifunanso kuchimbuzi. Iwowa conivo yawo imayenda ngati ndege mwina 3 hours afika from Blantyre to Lilongwe. Ndekuti azifuna kukodza / kunyela pamaola ochepa chonchi? Iyi ndi mphamvu yakukalamba kapena kuledzera. Bwana anchito anu akuyalutsani kuti mumaima panseu kubutcha iwo ndi asilikali akudikira. Koma abale pa Malawi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nkhani yaku biba kwa pUlezidenti mwaiika pabwalo a Viola????????????????????

  10. mapwevupwevu says:

    Once again big up to BIG MAN Kamulepo. You are doing more for Malawians than many MPs. Keep bringing up the dirt. Asagone tulo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAMULEPO WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  11. Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi says:

    Poor people are dying mr. president

  12. VYOTO says:

    Peter Muthalika has proved to be old not fit to be president.Old people are very costly,”kupitapita ku toilet pafupipafupi”.Despite being a professor no one can cheat anyone that Peter Muthalika thinking is better than Dr Lazarous Chakwera.We are over fifteen million of us why on this earth should we have an old person as a president. Of course we have exceptional old people like Uncle Robert Mugabe who despite his advance age, he can unknowingly read an old speech in Parliament but still talk sense.

  13. Joseph Banda says:

    VIOLA, surely, the President traveled long distances during campaigns and that was not inconveniencing. He had been an Adviser to Bingu, then MP, Minister and MP longer than than being a President moving without this toy. GET REAL AND GIVE US A BETTER EXPLANATION. This vehicle could have clocked 10 years and stay in immaculate conditions as its movements are very restricted. VIOLA, get life

  14. Benjones says:

    The presidential convoy is breaking the law by over speeding. I fear it will kill innocent people. Also the police are so rude at the time they call you any names. APM Malawian are paying a big price just for you.

  15. mapwiya says:

    You can’t teach an old DOG new tricks.

  16. Eye Witness says:

    You could even replace all the old mechanical parts on the old vehicle. It could not add up to 65Million. But look at the timing…July…

    It was bought because APM did not want to use the facility JB used.

  17. Gertude says:

    He can easily wear a diaper and save us money

  18. Mathanyula says:

    How come this administration can’t find a half decent spokesperson???? Thanks to Jappie, now we know Mathanyula can’t control his sphincter………kikikikikikikikikikiki

  19. Mathanyula says:

    I have just copied this article to all Donor countries. I want to see their faces when you tell them that the rationale is that Mathanyula cannot control his bladder and bowels

  20. Chituka says:

    If the President can’t control his bladder and bowels then he needs to go. Teachers have not been paid, health care is a total mess, the president spend MK65m on a motor home so he doesn’t pee or poop in his pants………. Only in Malawi

  21. lackison says:

    Kamulepo is right the vehicle was bought at 65million real price but the statehouse guys withdrew 150million from the government. Someone blew the whistle and the president demanded a refund from chief of staff. So kamulepo knows wat is talking about . He wants to show the president that even the money was refunded why in the first was pegged at 150million. So kamlepo is teasing the presidents brains to make him shap

  22. che guevara says:

    In fact I would rather have him use helicopter than these frequent road trips that inconvenience the public.
    Do you really have to close the road for 30 minutes just for one person to pass??

  23. James kotoki says:

    If you are old go home and rest at ndata,that’s why we don’t want old president s .this is crazy stupid reasons of spending 65000000 on one bloody idiot.

  24. Abiti Mtila Akuba says:

    Kodi mukamati compromising the president’s security, who can kill your moron? Anzathu buying expensive cars ndi mmene zinthu ziliri pano zoona a viola basking in our hard earned taxes? Mulungu akukantheni ndithu

  25. Captain says:

    I have never seen the old one broken down in transit. When and where did it happen? You viola

  26. Fuckery says:

    My personal take is that Arthur Peter Mutharika should go!! He is useless and and idiot of a president not worth the capital letter in the title president.

    I don’t know what he can point out at this point in time to have done for Malawi. Nothing apart from misuse of office, power and public funds!! Of the many thing we have to solve as anation, zoona tizikagula motorhome at K165m and then insisting on buying a plane? Why all these luxuries?

    Malawi should start shaking and they are busy spinning with gay stories, JB and all that..this is worse. HE HAS TO GO!! His time is up, lets smell the coffee and wake up…munthuyu has no clue as to how to run a country and can’t even speak. And from what I hear, they sleep in different rooms.

  27. Mtundu Wanga says:

    I’m ok with this explanation. But next time don’t wait for Kamlepo to expose you before you provide information.

  28. max nsani says:

    Hahaha……ducking comedians! First Jappie and State house spokesperson clash…..then DPP praise singers call Kamlepo crazy and all sorts of obscene names…and now what? Malawi sazatheka

  29. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Hahaha! Kamlepo that information you got from your nephew working at the ODPP osati za cabinet ukubwebwetazo!

    Koma anyway, mumafuna president adzinyera patchire?

  30. Mwakipiki says:

    And you are telling us that you are practising austerity measures! Shupit govt…

  31. savimbi steve says:

    Kamlepo amanena zoona.Anthu a DPP kuthamangira kutsutsa asanafufuze.There is no smoke without fire.Kamlepo tiye nawo amenewo sanati alira chaka chake ndi chino.They RIGGED the Elections ,but they can’t rig the Economy.SHAULI yawo a DPP.MUSOVA .

  32. Pitala pa ulendo says:

    Even in the United States, the recreational vehicle industry is a sign of luxury. When the sales boom, it signifies the great health of the national economy and likewise drop in sale means that the economy is weak. It is only Mutharikanomics that can dig the graves of his citizen deeper than 6 feet in order to satisfy his opulence. Why couldn’t he empathize with the suffering masses by using some of ‘his personal millions of dollars’ and buy meals for dying patients in the hospitals as well as his personal luxury motor home which he can take home with him at the end of the presidency?

  33. Chigawaneni says:

    That is the Kamlepo I’ve known for years now. A very important asset the country has.

  34. Munyane says:

    Thats Kamplepo always up-to-date

  35. Mlembo Harawa says:

    We thank u dada Kamlepo 4 updating us on what is happening at the white house!! u are an old timer, am sure we can use u in the absence of the ATI BILL!! But Make Sure U Tread Carefully!!! Chalu Chahaba Ichi!

  36. komkobb says:

    Koma chilalachi mukuchiona inu a DPP

  37. Edoms says:

    Chitani zomwezi

  38. Sam says:

    Good buying at a wrong time. A father buying expensive neck tie yet could not buy food for his family. God forbid!!!

  39. charles Tunthuwa says:

    I have noted someone using phone and my email in my absence.kindly take out of this please and delete my name completely thanks.

  40. guta says:

    Is kugula galimoto an issue, pathetic MP

  41. kukhala says:


  42. 2016 welcome says:

    Position holders in Malawi care more about their entitlements than what they are expected to deliver.

  43. Tonny says:

    We should commend APM for this? How bad can a six year old car be, like really? We have never heard of APM being stuck anywhere because his “luxurious car ” broke down. Like seriously? Only God knows about this gvt.

  44. The real Ujeni says:

    Never heard or seen Peter Mutharika travel by road from Lilongwe to Blantyre or Lilongwe to Mzuzu, where does he use it?

  45. ANTI-GAY says:

    Wamisala anawona nkhondo, Galimoto la six years ago silakale. We buy theses cars from Japan and use them the next ten years without breakages. Wandu wopenga mwachita bwanji??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  46. Zachison says:

    “MOLE” my ass. Just say nganyas told you. Viola explained very well. Case closed.

  47. BigMan says:

    Surely our country is amateurish and lacking in seriousness. How can we expect to progress as a nation when politicians think the most important things they can do is to debate how much a vehicle in the presidents motorcade costs.

    This type of thinking that a vehicle shouldn’t be bought because the cost could have been used on buying food for consumption in hospitals etc…. is so ridiculous that it clearly explains why we are among the poorest countries in the whole world. Our thought processes are so dull and our focus so childish, it beggars belief.

  48. Life says:

    Wow! all that money for pooping…presidential poop must be special

  49. proudmalawian says:

    kumbwambwana kumene kuja osangobiba pa tchire bwa??? anthu sangadziwenso kuti ndi apulezident akubibawo!!!!!! waste of money at its best!!!!!!!!

  50. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Viola you mean the financial prudence should only apply to Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, Richard Msowoya and parliament but when it is State House, the explanation is the expenditure was budgeted and it is necessary. Does parliament without a budget?

    Benighted and selfish people!!!

  51. nyu says:

    Kkkkkkk a kalua? Politiking? Shame

  52. Kenkkk says:

    Mark Black, the reasons given seem reasonable but it all comes down to timing and appropriateness.

    Please don’t tell us about budget lines, it is not only the state house that follows budget lines. Are you telling us that all the other mistimed govt purchases or expenditures didn’t follow budget lines?

  53. chindere says:

    and yet somebody was criticizing parliament for purchasing vehicles that were provided for in the budget. how ironic or should we say hypocrisy at its best

  54. Charles Tunthuwa says:

    For the vehicle no problem its fine. But we want the government to seriously investigate and make transfers on district of Likoma assembly and Police station officials if you are to save funds people are complaining heavily if you can visit the Island. I love my Malawi make changes and we can move in development together.

  55. Angoni apaphata says:

    Well explained. So why do you and your boss complain about question and waiting hours at airports? He doesn’t even want to use helicopters. Ndiye mumadandaula chiyani dzana lija

  56. jedida says:

    priority is very vital to good management

  57. kanundu says:

    Anthu akufuna APM aziyimisa convoy nkumakoza or Kunyera? Mind u these are old people. Almost 80 now

  58. Ineyo says:

    Atumbuka Ndi Manyaka Eni Eni… Chifukwa Joyce Banda Wasakha Uladi Mussa

  59. Joseph Moyo says:

    I believe that if the govt reduces its taxes eg corparate tax companies can come to Malawi.there alot of taxes for companies which act as a punishment yet these companies employ people who pay tax eg paye as well as taxes they once they make every purchase.the problem we have is un educated people make laws and educated people interpret them what a mess!please keep it up punishing us because your tax bite more on us malova.But we can fire you after all we the youth are more than any group in Malawi has a youthful population.
    tikuchosani atsogoleli mukumaiwala kut tidakusankhani.

  60. Mark Black says:

    Ladies and gentlemen. Every purchase that state house made follows a budget line. People should not question such purchase which are approved in the budget. Every president has such facility in the world and why not Malawi. Let us learn to understand normal things and learn to respect our leader.

  61. Muhiye says:

    Well explained Viola and well understood. The president deserves respect.It is not unusual at all for state house to purchase such a motor vehicle for APM

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