Kamlepo gets job as visiting lecturer at Yale University, US

Firebrand Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua has been patting himself on the back for clinching a visiting lecturer job at one of the US top notch university, Yale.

Kalua: The President cannot demand names from me as if am the one who did the audit. Auditor General did not give the names to me only but many of us

Kalua: Turns down an offer for a doctorate degree

The over the moon Kalua, who had just survived an impeachment as vice chair of Public Accounts Committee (PAC), said this shows how the international community respects him.

“This is not just an ordinary university, it is one of the best in the US, this is where President Peter Mutharika lectured,” he said.

He also said he will be a visiting lecturer at one of the universities in South Africa and Germany.

Asked how he felt to survive the impeachment on Monday, Kalua said those who wanted to impeach him did not have enough grounds.

Kalua was accused of speaking on behalf of PAC when the chair was available.

He was also accused of saying that PAC members and himself have names of seven cabinet ministers named in the so called K236 billion cashgate report.

Kalua said he turned down an offer for a doctorate degree on political leadership.

“They wanted to confer me on this free doctorate degree but I refused, these free doctorate degrees are just too much in Malawi,” he said.

Kalua made headlines in the transition period from single to multi-party democracy in the early 1990s through daring proclamations on Channel Africa in South Africa.

Of late he has  has been accusing President Mutharika ro crackdown on corrupt gangasters in his government and not have selective prosecution on theft of public funds.

He said the foreign forensic auditors who conducted the audit submitted the names and files of those implicated to the Anti-Corruption Bureau and National Audit Office for action.

According to Kalua, if Mutharika fails to arrest “the thieves in his cabinet”, he should resign as he is not in control of the state affairs.

But Mutharika rubbished Kalua’s claims, saying he could not sack his ministers as he did not have the names.

Mutharika recently challenged Kalua to name and shame the corrupt ministers.

“This lawmaker should bring the names at Kamuzu Palace or he should shut up forever. I sent the Chief Secretary to the Auditor General to get the names and he came back saying there are no such names,” Mutharika said.

But Kalua hit back, charging that Mutharika could get the names from Anti-Corruption Bureau and National Audit Office.

“The President is not being honest…. It is a joke for the president to express ignorance on the names,” he said.

Kalua added: “Let him follow up with the auditor general because the auditor general said he submitted 13 files to the Anti-Corruption Bureau and out of those files, seven belonged to cabinet ministers.”

Outgoing British High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin, also bemoaned the higher levels of corruption in Malawi, exacerbated by a culture of impunity.

He told a local paper that the country’s rule of law could be permanently undermined by failure to bring to book those who break the law.

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26 thoughts on “Kamlepo gets job as visiting lecturer at Yale University, US”

  1. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    I believe Kamlepo has a lot to share with Yale in their political science research in Africa. Kamlepo is articulate with African politics that Western Universities do not know. I believe, after his lectures, Yale will introduce new modules in their political science programs. When it comes to presidential elections in Africa, it’s a headache to Western countries. When it comes to cashgate in Africa, it’s a headache to our former colonial masters. When it comes to nepotism, tribalism etc.,it’s a headache to our donors. So, Kamlepo will give insights on such issues from a practical standpoint.

  2. Dumbo Lemani says:

    I totally agree with you Mufwa…in the USA there are many universities which just sale certificates/PHD to desperate individuals around the world…people like Arthur Peter Munthalika.

  3. Ine mu diaspora says:

    Mmmmh zinazi ukamva. Nanunso atolankhani osamangomvera n’nyasi zomwe. Tamufunseni kuti what lectures will he give, on which topic? A visiting lecturer on what grounds? Since he has even failed to get a honorary now he is claiming that he turned down an honorary. Introduction yake ikayenda chonchi: the distinguished Malawian politician is not a man of theory, he is a man of action. Not only did he bring down the 30 year Banda dictatorship, he has ever since remained committed to protecting his country and fearlessly speaks out against corruption. We welcome Mr Kamlepo Kalua who will give the Tchwee Mwana Tchwee lectures (mzungu nkuzapepesa pamene paja for failing to pronounce Tchwee Mwana Tchwee). Koma ziliko!!!

  4. nick says:

    kamlepo belongs in Malawi Why USA?

  5. Thinktank says:

    American universities are careful on whom to invite as visiting lecturer.while kamplepo should be commended for his fearless stand against power,don’t decorate him with some attributes not his size.Visiting lecturer at prestigious university like Yale or indeed any other university is no small thing.One has to have a trail of academic accomplishments..spiced by books..or papers written .

  6. Nyirenda says:

    In what department, pray tell? I am at Yale as we speak and the Dean has no clue who Kamlepo is!! Show us the letter of invitation please.Have there been any economic developments in Rumphi? This is what he was elected as MP to do and not to bray like a demented mammal on an occasional basis. Please Kamlepo- develop your constituency, please. The people there are really suffering. Ease Kamlepo, please. Txhwee, mwana , txhwee!

    1. Kanchenga says:

      I am sure you are not at Yate. The job description we give to MPs in Malawi is totally different from most civilised countries. Government develop areas not member of parliament. Don’t think the foolishness encouraged in Malawi is all over the world. It is peculiar to Malawi.

    2. a Nyirenda mukuona ngati ndi inu nokha omwe mungapite patsogolo, inu ndi gulu la anthu okupha anzanu mmatsenga chifukwa chopita patsogolo kukuposani, this is 21st century baba, you can not be the only best in the whole world, accept realities, do u think you are very special for you to be at Yale? you think like a jealousy chicken which never hatches, grow bull balls to cheer up others, selfish northener!!!

    3. Jmpiri says:

      I went to harvard u baboon and that’s nothing it is just a university ….

  7. santana says:

    Mr Kokani, what intellectuals does Kamlepo have in his records? Tell us in what field does he do better? Do people come intellectuals after making senseless noise? I have never heard Kamlepo commenting on anything other than political issues. And his comments starting from 1993 never achieved him anything because despite contesting so many times on party tickets no one in Malawi recognized him except 2 years ago just because he stood on a ruling party ticket. We know Kamlepo as a noise maker not as a politician. You are talking of Yale University calling him a visiting lecturer. What actually is he going to lecture there? Politics? Politics of which country? RSA and Malawi? Just as Mufwa has commented, there are no weighty degrees in the US. It would make sense if it was something from the UK. Even the man himself knows that azungu are just mocking him. Kamlepo is not fit to pump sense even in a std 8 pupil. So the Yale University issue is just a mockery on Mr Kalua.

    1. Osadandaula says:

      Malawi let’s respect the fact that Kamlepo will be a visiting lecture at US university. Good for him. It’s his life not any of yours.
      We shld understand that he cannot change his area if government doesn’t give him support.
      US Universities are just like any other universities in the World anyone can go to, nothing special.
      Political Science needs people like him to shade light on political issues in developing countries. It is a very a crucial research subject, wld benefit many global political students with his experience and courage he deserves a short.
      National anthem yathu ya Mw says the truth for real! Msanje Malawi, we will never develop like that,zoti people receive honourally Degrees for contribution in politics, peace ✌, culture, arts, music without going to school for it sitidziwa ndiye kuti!!
      If u are already at Yake university but u can’t say any sensible stuff , what are u there for?

      1. Franklin says:

        Koma mumaidziwa political science inu? kkkkkkk tsoka ndithu. Kamplepo? Political Science? shame. Ask the likes of henry Chingaipe and Blessings Chinsinga.

  8. Chapondaapa Cashgate Guru says:

    Congratulations Kamlepo! Keep going the time for “Chweee mwana chweee’ has come!

  9. Khima says:

    I like Kamlepo’s fearlessness’s character but I find his aggression very impotent since zimangokhala zongofuna kusowesa wina wake mtendere. I would appreciate if his efforts and so called classfied information end up to someone’s conviction in the court of law..

  10. Botha says:

    Kamlepo Kalua is a primary school dropout

  11. masa masina says:

    Although he has not degrees, however, Kamlepo has vast experience in the field of politics. He is the only one making intelligent noise in parliament and challenging DPP single handed. He has had a very good strategy, picked his battle with Peter Muntharika, holding his feet on the cashgate issue and now the international community are rewarding him. We all though Kamlepo is a mad man. May be Malawi needs more mad people like Kamlepo to keep reminding us that the big fish who masterminded cashgate should face the law.

  12. Kokani says:

    Don’t lie here Kamlepo is intellectual don’t think to be intellectual is going to Chanco only that’s savageness.

    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      Koma pali chingelezidi apa mweeeee! zingooneka kuti nonse ndiinu mbuli zedi….

  13. Zamunda says:

    Kukometsera mpaka corrupt gangasters hahahaha

  14. Drakest says:

    Kamlepo is not an intellectual and he has never had the qualifications to be given that position. Lets be honest enough, unless he hs manufactured some certificates he doesnt qualify. This man was an MYP and then went to RSA and had some questionable qualifications accredited to him but has never had any stint with any University to qualify him to be at Yale, something fishy and surprising or the reporter need to do more research .

    1. KatunduMzutito says:

      Fisshiy qualifications just because it is Kamlepo? Fishy qualifications are what make us call the Fist Lady “Dr”. Kusesa mumsewu basi a PhD?

    2. I personally do not admire the USA Universities. I would get moved if he claimed to be a visiting lectures at Oxford, Cambridge and/or Leeds Universities in the UK.

      In the USA, there are many universities which just sale certificates to desperate individuals around the world and no wonder Kamulepo will be visiting the same country as a visiting lecture.

      1. Bibo says:

        Mufwa Mkandawire, I think you have a very faint understanding of USA tertiary institutions. On the list of top universities in the world, Cambridge, a British university, falls on position 5, and from 1st to 4th positions, it’s all USA universities headed by Harvard. Matter of fact, 5 universities in California are in the top twenty headed by The university of California Berkeley. I should remind you that at least 17 universities on the top 20 in the world are from the USA. Yale university is one of the Ivy league universities in the USA; Ivy league is a group of elite universities with top notch research and technology.

        Please be informed that USA universities have the best research in medicine and technology and this explains why there has been a constant trend in inventions by research students in social media,computing,Biomedical engineering etc. Just imagine, it takes at least 15years of university education to qualify as a medical specialist e.g Oncologist-you have to start with a degree in a field like Biology or Biochemistry which takes 4years to finish based on full time, then apply to the medical school which will take you about 5years to get a medical degree;the next step is residence at a hospital which takes 3years, and the final step is research which takes 2 to 3years. This is good demonstration of how the USA emphasizes on quality and efficiency in tertiary education-the standards are high. There was a doctor from Ukraine who was required to undergo a series of board tests and residency but he failed and ended up starting a career as a stock broker at Wall Street. Another example is a Malawian British trained doctor(name withheld) who failed the exams in the USA before she could practice as a doctor and has ended up being a nurse.

        To be honest, USA education is very superior from elementary to PhD. A lot of Asians from China, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore go to US institutions and get advanced degrees to apply them in their countries. One of the reasons China is an economic power now is due to the utilization of knowledge gained by its citizens in US universities; its graduates have copied and pasted the technology from the USA.

        1. duka says:

          I totally agree with Bibo. US education is far, far much superior than British. For US to be a world super power in everything, its their education system. Graduates from its Universities are the ones doing all the research and discoveries of this world, from internet, pharmaceauticals, IPhones, Microsoft, to manufacturing BOEINGS, down to CocaCola, its all because of their education sylabii. Dont be cheated, British Education is by far too inferior to American education system, as exemplified by how backwards countries which adopted british system are, including Malawi which, me as a graduate, cant manufacture a toothpick or or a shoeless,

          1. tawasiyani awa yakula ndi nsanje amafuna zabwino zizikhala zawo okha, wicked minded people despite of having opportunities they have nothing to show, selfish and greedy people never progress, asatana!

    3. Mbesuma says:

      Nsanje a Malawi leave Kamlepo alone.Kaya apita ngati visiting lectures zisakukhudzeni ayi apa koma akanakhala a mbuye anu aja munaka wombera mnanja. hehehehehehe amalawiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .

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