Kamlepo sticks to his guns on Malawi ‘cashgate ministers’  after surviving ouster

Outspoken Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament vice-chairperson Kamlepo Kalua has remained defiant that President Peter Mutharika should stop shielding seven rotten ministers in his cabinet fingured in the files of the 2009 to 2014 forensic audit.

Kamlepo: They cannot silence me

Kamlepo: They cannot silence me

Kalua, who is Rumphi East legislator (People’s Party-PP), has been alleging that Mutharika is shielding corrupt gangasters in his cabinet  .

“The matter is simple. Some corrupt barons embezzled $330m between 2009 and 2014. A recent forensic audit shows among those implicated are seven cabinet ministers. We want them fired,” said  Kalua, who made headlines in the transition period from single to multi-party democracy in the early 1990s through daring proclamations on Channel Africa in South Africa.

He said the foreign forensic auditors who conducted the audit submitted the names and files of those implicated to the Anti-Corruption Bureau and National Audit Office for action.

According to Kalua, if Mutharika fails to arrest “the thieves in his cabinet”, he should resign as he is not in control of the state affairs.

But Mutharika has vehemently rejected the accusation, claiming he did not know names of the implicated ministers and challenged Kalua to name and shame the corrupt ministers.

“This lawmaker should bring the names at Kamuzu Palace or he should shut up forever. I sent the Chief Secretary to the Auditor General to get the names and he came back saying there are no such names,” Mutharika said.

But Kalua hit back, charging that Mutharika could get the names from Anti-Corruption Bureau and National Audit Office.

“The President is not being honest…. It is a joke for the president to express ignorance on the names,” he said.

Kalua added: “Let him follow up with the auditor general because the auditor general said he submitted 13 files to the Anti-Corruption Bureau and out of those files, seven belonged to cabinet ministers.”

Following the outbursts, Kalua alleged that government was bribing members of his committe to unseat him.

Indeed Kalua was summoned for disciplinary hearing after members accused him of bringing the committee into disrepute.

His chairperson Alekeni Menyani said the committee had instead made a gentleman’s agreement with Kalua after hearing his side of the story.

“Impeachment would have been a harsh punishment and could only apply in worst case scenarios. But the committee is satisfied with the manner that he has undertaken to go through protocol processes,” said Menyani.

Menawhile, Kalua insists that he stands by his position that seven Cabinet ministers mentioned in the forensic audit must resign, saying the larger files implicate them and not just the 13 files of business persons and companies.

Auditor General Stephenson Kamphasa has denied sharing any such information with the committee as alleged by Kalua save for 13 files which have been submitted to Anti-Corruption Bureau for investigation.

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Kamlepo is becoming mad every single day. When he started blowing this issue he thought its a simple matter. Where on earth have he seen a thief bringing to court his own evidence of thefty? He says APM and his ministers are thieves and he expects the same APM to say ”yes, Kamlepo is true and these are the names of the thieves”? What nonsense? All those backing Kalua on this matter are just dunderheads as Kamlepo is. Every stake-holder is saying Kamlepo is a cheat, why cant he be courageous and disclose the names of these ministers to shame… Read more »



There is no way the country knowing the names of the implicated individuals in thieving could derail the investigation unless those involved in the investigation and the subsequent prosecution do not know their work!!!! Mr Attorney General stop lying to the nation!!!!

Chibweya joe

If government is sure there are no names of ministers contained in 13 files being referred to then why not just release the names in the files so that Malawians should see for themselves thereby vindicating either govt or Kamlepo

True citizen

I urge the people of Rumphi East to replace this primary school drop out (Kamlepo Kalua) by a university graduate in the next general elections.Kalua has proved to be a disgrace to the the people of Rumphi.By the way why does he stay away from his constituency?


Ukunamatu iwe so called True Citizen. Kamplepo is here to stay, you will have to live with this until 2019 and he will point out the ills of this government. He is representing the people of Rumphi East until 2019 and he has said it before. Prove him wrong if you have the facts. Why should the president ask him about the names? Bring the report and files in the public domain for all of us to see. After all, we are talking about public funds here!

Apa solution ndi kupeleka Audit Report kuti anthu awelenge okha ndikuwona ngati ndizaboza kuti ndunazo mulibe. Koma nthawi ya Joice Banda anapeleka audit report kwa a ma news paper koma panopa bwanji boma silikufuna. More over ndalama zinabedwa ndi za ife a Malawi not a DPP even mmene amapanga fund, amafuna kuti tiwone anthu amene anapanga izi koma panopa kuli ziii . Amene anapeleka ndalama za audit nawonso sakuyankhulapo angokhala pheeeee ndiye mumapelekelanji ndalama za audit ngati ma results sakuwoneka mpaka pano, kulibwino mukanangosiyatu. Ife anthufe ndiye report tikuyifuna koma chifukwa cha anthu ochepa inu mwangokhalira report ngati amapanga audit… Read more »
Gawa Undi

The donors were vocal prior to the audit when the same Kalua/JB team made noise about K92billion cashgate. The forensic audit report is out and the donors are quiet, what does that tell you? There are names they expected, period!

You and me know how vocal and impatient the German, UK, Norwagian and US ambasodors prior to the report and the crew they don’t like. Musova.


Its not PAC to deal with Kamlepo. Its the Government. If Auditor General, ACB, PAC, Government and even the audit report itself does not mention any minister and him by vitue of being PAC member is spreading lies about national issues and not manadated by PAC, I think he is a disgrace to the whole nation and himself. Now he still stands by his words. What does that mean. Meaning PAC, Government, Auditor General, ACB, Parliament, the Police, the President are all stupid that can fail to silence him for the peace of the nation.


To prove Kamlepo wrong is to bring the Forensic Audit Report into public domain for everybody to see as the way Joice Banda did. This country belong to all of us and we all pay taxes.

Kanthu Ako!!

So what happens if the names are there.
and lets say Muthalika names them.
Lets also say later on in court their lawyers argue successfully that naming them jeopardised the case.
and they go free because of that.
who are you going to blame?
I can tell you now, you are going to blame Muthalika for giving the names
Saying he gave the names because he knew it was going to jeopardise the case, he broke the law etc,etc.
That is the stupidity of it all.

In fact,the war of words Kamlepo is directing against Pitala,won’t yield anything ,mind you this is part of Kamleopo’s 2019 election ploy because other than that,he has no tangible platform,in other ways,he has no notions that would fix his most backward Constituency in the whole country.What hypocrisy? Mr.Kamlepo,your constituents in Rumphi East (Lakeshore Div),are demanding for the fixation of Mlowe/Chiweta Rd constructed some 30 years ago which is now almost impassable and yet,this is the blood-life of our existence.We also need a hospital or clinic for our growing populations.Realistically,these two issues will dominate the 2019 national election campaigns take it… Read more »

he is a law maker, for development shit go to your local government …………


Does Kamlepo have the muscle to construct the road apart from him requesting the government to construct the it? The issue Kamlepo is raising is simply asking Pitala to fire the 7 rotted ministers if Pitala is not part the rot.

Kanthu Ako!!

Requests are made in Parliament, have you heard him say anything else apart from accusing others? If you read this story carefully, you will see that the 13 files include those that were already dealt with. We read here that the issue of fertilizer is one which Gondwe is listed for, was that not dealt with?


I hope its not true that Menyani has been bought by the DPP. This young man is a darling of MCP and the future of the party. I would collapse if the allegations turn out to be the true.


Money talks.

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