Kapito blast ‘clueless’ DPP govt: ‘Maize scarcity shame to Malawi’

The country’s consumer and human rights activist, John Kapito has condemned government for being clueless, helpless and inconsiderate in finding solutions to the current food shortage the country is facing.

Kapito:  DPP government is clueless

Kapito: DPP government is clueless, helpless and inconsiderate

Kapito has since branded the current shortage and higher prices of maize on the market as shame to the nation and called on government to act immediately if the country is to be saved from the looming crisis.

President Peter Mutharika last week admitted that people in the country are currently starving due to food shortage.

Private traders are currently selling the grain at exorbitant prices with a 50kg bag going at a minimum of K15, 000 in some markets, while the government-owned Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) sells 50kg bag at K5, 500.

In a statement issued on Sunday and made available to Nyasa Times, Kapito who is also executive director for Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) said the current food shortage has contributed to the high cost of living among Malawians.

“This is the worst ever recorded scarcity of maize and higher prices since Malawi embraced the subsidized agricultural farm input production of maize,” said Kapito.

Kapito added: “What is shocking, though, is the failure by the government to have no strategies to deal with the current hunger crisis affecting many Malawians. The government is clueless, reactive
and helpless to find solutions that will address the current food shortages and higher prices of maize”.

The outspoken Kapito bemoaned what he described as ‘contradicting and abusive’ statements from government justifying and clarifying the hunger situation.

He even highlighted comments from some cabinet ministers who have been quoted in the media requesting Malawians to have a single meal a day and a need for the country’s central hospitals go into maize production outside their core mandate.

“We are also shocked that government continues with its message that no one will die of hunger when information out there indicates that most Malawians are now dying of hunger”.

He then questioned government’s insistence to continue using Admarc markets as central maize distribution points, arguing the grain marketer has proved for years to be ineffective and corrupt in the supply and distribution of maize to the general public.

Kapito has since called on government to release enough stocks of maize onto the market with immediate effect.

He has also demanded government to identify other strategic distribution channels other than Admarc for the selling of maize with immediate effect.

“Government should force all private traders hoarding maize to release such maize onto the market within seven days and that the maize must be sold at government recommended prices”.

He, however, warned government from politicizing the current hunger crisis facing the country where the most vulnerable are women and children.

An assessment by government last year indicated that about 2.8 million will experience food shortage and need assistance.

Currently, the food shortage situation is worsening in the country and people are spending nights at Admarc depots just to access the grain which are only allowed to buy a minimum of 20kgs per individual.

There are growing reports that Admarc is running short of maize supply and that some of its officials are conniving and selling the grain to vendors in bulks thereby creating shortage.

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24 thoughts on “Kapito blast ‘clueless’ DPP govt: ‘Maize scarcity shame to Malawi’”

  1. bamusi says:

    Chimanga chinapita ndi DPP. Ayenera kusintha Makaka amenewa. Mbuzi Zokhazokha, mano omera kumwamba. Ndizimenezo poti kampeni yanu inali mipingo, mwagwa nayo. Ana anjoka, akalijosolo.

  2. Uncle Kapito.
    Don’t stress Yourself. Fold your Hands, close Your Mouth.
    Rest comfortably at your Home and Family. Take a Glass of Soft Drink, drink basi.
    You have Spoken, Advised, The Whole World gives Testimony.
    Just Leave Open Ended.
    We are not created to suffer.
    God will Sort Out.

  3. Kapito u r just wasting ur energy talking za abwanoni awa.samamva sazamvaso ndipo sazathekaso.Anyway i dont blame them,i blame those who put them in power.

  4. Luciuano says:

    komanso sikuti ngati munthuyu ali mulomwe chikhale chitozo kwa alomwe onse it doesnt work like dat guys lets be honest sikuti akumpangisa ndi alomwe enawo kt zinthu zivute pa malawi

  5. Luciuano says:

    kapito is not a liar bcz panopa anthu chimanga akuchigula pa MK15000 ndie enanu mukuti chimanga sichikusowa wat do mean bwanawa zinthu zangowasokonekera basi kukanakhala kt udindo amangotula ngati bawo bwenzi pano tikuti atula pansi bcz zawakwanatu ma bill a magetsi ndi awanso akwera kusonyeza kusaenda kwa zinthu pompanonso mumvako kt mafuta akwera anyway asova poti anachita kulembetsa

  6. Eeeee mukutsutsa chifukwa mukudya kasanu pa tsiku, ndalama za cashgate zili mmatumbamo, palibe chimene mukusowa… Zoona mavutu ali mMalawi munowa wina nkumatsutsa??? Koma Mulungu akuoneni ndithu. I thank you so much Mr Kapito for speeking for us the voiceless, I hope government could listen and act immediately before we loose more lives…

  7. Enock kajawa says:

    Kapito thinks he is more intelligent than everyone else. He is just noisy and self centered.

  8. Athini says:

    Nthawi ya Joyce Banda kunalibe izi. APM is a failure

  9. Kenkkk says:

    Part tym preacher, you are really very shallow. This govt told all of us that there was plenty of maize. Even some of its ministers started boastfully to buy maize and distribute it to their respective areas.

    All the govt needs is to whip up Admarc and sack those stealing maize to sell to vendors. Act on Admarc. Why no action? Is it because the so called vendors are actually dpp gurus in disguise buying maize from the Admarc backdoor and selling it through so called vendors at obscene profits.

    So act on your dpp gurus as well.

    Lastly where is this incompetent minister of agriculture? You make noise about Goodall, now can we hear some noise about this useless minister? He should be sacked. Hunger is more serious than inflation. Paja ndi achibale.

  10. atoti says:

    Alomwe mudziyankha munthuyi munamukumba kuti?

  11. Part tym preacher says:

    If Mutharika is clueless what will Zimbabweans say about Mugabe? What will Zambians say about Lungu? What will Mozambicans say about Nyusi? What will South Africans say about Zuma and what will Nigerians say about Buhari? Why cant you accept it that its a world tragedy, and in a direct way, its a curse from God upon the earth. If its not hunger its diseases. If not diseases its wars etc. The US is failing to contain Zika virus just as Nigeria is failing to contain Lassa fever. Zimbabwe is failing to contain hunger and drought just as Malawi cant do anything about hunger and leprosy. South Africa can’t control their economy just as Biafra is helping Boko Haram to destabilize Nigeria. Do malawians really think a human hand can handle all this? Blind people who can’t even see what was written in the scriptures about this time. I love my God of mercy!

  12. Angel of Doom says:

    It is a lack of understanding to blame “Government”.

    We have a ministry of Agriculture, and no one mentions the Minister, but when it comes to Finance, the blame is put on Gondwe for everything, now its food, the blame is on everyone in Government, we don’t have a Minister of Agriculture?

  13. big says:

    Kapito is a liar to say the food scarcity is the worst ever. Unless he tells the Nation that Kapito was not in Malawi in 2001 when scores of people died of hunger. In 2001 even the maize that is being sold at higher prices were not available in the markets or vendors. So what is he talking about? Where were you when Joyce Banda was stealing money, selling Presidential jet and selling maize which were in the silos? Think before you talk!

  14. Hilary Mafubza says:

    Tiyeni nazo anamathanyula alikutsogolera dzikoli u think angalamule zanzeru ndipo cn they progress opanga zosemphana ndi namalenga???? demet

  15. thom says:

    economy has collapsed

  16. Guantanamo says:

    Food prices must be controlled/ regulated by the govt. Grain traders buy their stock from peasant farmers who had received coupons to buy cheap seed and fertilizer. In short, maize traders benefit from agriculture subsidies. Therefore, same vendors cannot dismiss govt interference in setting maximum prices. Kapito is right, govt must fix maize prices. Food is a human rights issue and no one shud get rich out of peoples desperation. Unfortunately, APM sees things differently. To him there is no economic crisis in Malawi. To him there is no food shortage. And there r no queues in admak selling points. MBCtv has displayed none of this; and u say DPP does not control MBC. Shame!!

  17. vyamtonda says:

    the fact of the matter is we dont have maize in the country remember when we had a problem of fuel in the country due that man the blame also went to the vendors. the issue is come out on 577 donr aid is very important why should we suffer.

  18. Semani says:

    A Malawi kuba too much even atamasi matumba 2000 per\ admark iliyonse bvuto silingathe ma vendor ali ndi ndalama zokwanila kugula chimanga chonse pa admark . bvuto ndi katangale wakula pa Malawi a Malawi sitimakondana komsnso sitikonda dziko lathu.

  19. Sapitwa says:

    Going back in time, FMB was formed during Azungu to buy all grain from local farmers, preserve it for storage and sell it in times of needs like this. All was under control and no vendor was allowed to sell this life aiding crop. There was no hunger!
    Then the name changed to ADMARC during Angwazi. All went well. Local Farmers sold their produce at ADMARC and no vendor was allowed to touch this area. Thus why we never had such a problem until Che Bakili with his philosophy ” muzipanga ma bizimesi!” Then next came maize scarcity at ADMARC but flooded with vendors at exorbitant prices. What is so painful to see is that these local Farmers are deprived by scrupulous vendors who buy maize @K4000 per 50kg at harvesting season from the Farmers. The vendors store it until this time whereby they sell it @K15,000.
    Stop anyone trading in Maize except ADMARC. Overhaul ADMARC and restore its former glory. Then all this rubbish will disappear.

  20. satopa says:

    It’s a shame that government toys with the food security policy of the country – we have the Green Belt Initiative in Salima capable of producing 200,000MT of maize (up and above the 120,000 MT shortage). Instead of completing this investment, this government chooses not to pay the contractor his remaining K1.2 billion (thereby enabling us to effeciently use the irrigation and producing enough maize), DPP chooses to abandon the project and import maize at a whooping MK8 billion only to have the maize unavailable to us – SHAME.
    Clueless, pathetic, lack of visionary leadership

  21. mapwevupwevu says:

    I have been tempted but has refuses to join the bandwagon of foolish people who are blaming the government for the scarcity of maize in this country.

    Last year there was no drought so what the people do with the FISP items they were given?

    Admarc inatha kalekale ndisamumve nalimata wina akukamba za Admarc. Ogulitsa chimanganso asiyeni agulitse this is a free country.

    Poti we have demonstrated that we are a people incapable of taking care of ourselves govt should stop the FISP and just be buying maize for its stupid citizens!

  22. 2016 welcome says:

    Take it or leave it. Peter Mutharika is plain dolt. Nor fit for presidency. Mwina anthu amene amamukondawo vutoli silikuwakhudza.

  23. Nyani wa M'Mwananyani says:

    Trading in the said maize, regardless of the source, is a free enterprise venture, and the government has no business fixing prices of goods it did not produce. So, there should not be interference on this front.
    Notwithstanding, bwana Kapito’s other advice, such as removing ADMARC from the structure of selling the maize is wise, but not practical. That should be a long term objective; the strategy.
    APM needs to make personnel changes at ADMARC: if the outfit cannot change its way of doing things in the current crisis, then what will? Only forced change. Get some heads rolling, APM. No more dithering.
    The way APM is handling this issue, it could end up defining his legacy. And the professor would not like that: he has too much personal pride. What is the hold up? Where are the highly paid policy gurus?

    1. peter says:

      Does APM have personal pride or ego to protect? Search me. The guy failed miserably as cabinet minister and despite clear signs that he cannot lead he insisted on becoming presidential candidate of the once mighty party! Now the party is crumbling as he crumbles because he is failing to sustain the basic features that made DPP famous (abundance of maize).

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