Karonga communities want share of Lake Malawi oil revenue

People of Karonga and Chitipa districts have joined forces in asking their district councils to formulate by-laws that can make it easier for communities to collect revenue from mining companies ahead of the exploration of oil and gas on Lake Malawi expected to commence this month.

Silunge: Let the people benefit directly

Silunge: Let the people benefit directly

Karonga Forum for Oil and Gas Secretary General Wavisanga Silungwe told Nyasa Times in an interview  that they had “already discussed the matter with the two councils [Chitipa and Karonga].”

Silungwe said that the oil and gas companies were welcome to the district only if they would comply with the bylaws.

“The by-laws on mine issues will allow us to collect yearly revenue from mine companies as it is done with other business operators. We want a certain percentage of money generated from the mines to go to our district councils,” said Silungwe.

Senior Group Village Headman Mwakhwawa of Karonga said they would “not allow” to be given a raw deal as was the case with the Paladin Africa Limited (PAL).

He commended Karonga Forum for Oil and Gas for “working for the community.”

The current constitutional provision bars communities to get a share of revenue collected from miners directly from the mining companies, but only through government subversion.

Karonga Forum for Oil and Gas, however, wants the provision re-thought.

President Peter Mutharika recently lifted a ban on the oil and gas exploration exercise on Lake Malawi  which has been in place since 2015.

Mutharika suspended oil and gas exploration on the lake in 2014 because of allegations that the awarding of licenses to foreign companies was dubiously done.

The lifting of the ban will now allow oil and gas firms to start prospecting for the hydro-carbons.

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15 thoughts on “Karonga communities want share of Lake Malawi oil revenue”

  1. Kenkkk says:

    The people of Karonga are not saying central govt will not have oil revenues. Most of the revenues will still go to central govt but Karonga want say 10% of it to go to the district directly. We have seen how dpp enriched themselves and the south using the Karonga uranium mine money but neglecting Karonga. They have made many secret deals with the Chinese using Karonga uranium to benefit themselves and the south. This should not happen again or else…

    After all if environmental disasters occur, who will suffer most? It is the same Karonga people who will suffer, take the bullets and consequences while these dpp thugs and the south laugh at Karonga all the way to their banks.

    So it is fair enough that Karonga want to take its fair share of the oil revenue while still helping the country with the majority of the revenue. The demands can be easily incorporated into the local govt statutes or bylaws. That is what bylaws are for.

    So listen you dpp thugs otherwise whoever comes to operate the oil business in Karonga will be kicked out and the environment will be very hostile for any oil business that ignores the demands of Karonga.

  2. Mtumbuka Ozikonda says:

    Honestly i do not see the connection between “low iq”of mlophwana and kudyelera kwa mlopwana, of course i am yet to learn the experiment conducted that certified mlopwana has'”low iq” . its high time you learn to raise your issues without offending someone. Otherwise, this behavior nurtures the mindset that you guys are arrogant and selfish.

  3. Mwipwa says:

    Great decision … Malawi must move on now. ..donors have been playing games for so long with our lives.

    But let the people benefit from the cake not like how Paladin cheated them.

    Bravo Undule for your efforts in making the people be prepared for the project. You are just a unique and blessed man UDK. what ever you want and touch works for you. Your colleagues might be fighting you but you are just an Annointed leader Man. Whether they like it or not but UDK is a man of the people.

    May the Lord continue to favour and use you for the sake of His Glory.

  4. Total nonsense, and that can never happen
    since when Lake Malawi has become Lake Kalonga?

  5. Economic Commentator says:

    In south africa government has used money fron mining to pay for loans taken to build roads and to build housing (flats being belt by chinese)in all squatter camps

  6. Boliwoli2 says:

    Indeed this forum itha kuthanndiza pa nkhani ya zachuma chamgodi expecially pa cooperate social responsibility.Tiyene nawo nanga anthu aku Rumphi,mafumu ma MP mabungwe enawa mukuti bwanji? Tulo anthu aku mpoto izizi zikanakhala ku BT THYORO bwezi zinthu zitasintha gwiritsirani ntchito dencentralisation wake up u people.Enanu what lessons have u learned from Mchenga Coal Mine in Ru? Kukumba Malasha 31years palibe chimene community yapindulapo kapena konsolo

  7. Mzika says:

    that’s it my pipo…go ahead otherwise no mining en no oil refining… it doesn’t make sense kumapanga erode anthu a ku karonga kumadyera alopwana….

  8. koulalampa says:

    mungomanga mpanda around nyanjayo……

  9. mwanafwale says:

    It is lake malawi not lake karonga

  10. Mtumbuka wa Atumbuka says:

    movement iliyonse yothandiza a mlophwana imayamba kumpoto. way to go brothers!!!

  11. 2016 welcome says:

    Having mineral deposits is one thing and having the technology to exploit the minerals it’s another. It smacks of gluttonous behavior on the part of the Chitipa-Karonga communities.
    By the way, @ 4 aorta and iota are not the same. I guess you wanted to write iota. Aorta is one large blood vessel while iota is lmplies small levels of something.

  12. levelheaded says:

    We are a unitary government where laws are enacted through cabinet, legislature and judicially. What you are discussing in karonga though having an aorta are just suggestions unless if they are approved by the bodies.

    Channel them through the local government. Not like what you want to do, unless if Malawi was a federal state.

  13. Lupwito says:

    Viva Viva Viva Mafana ku Karongako osati angokudyelani masuku pathukuta lanu abomawo nkumakapanga zitukuko kwawo kumamanga ma university kumuzi kwawo kuti mwina a kaliati ndi umbuli wa anthu awo angaphunzileko koma ata they generaly hav lo IQ amlophwanawo, so no mata wat…. sangaphunzire olo university ili m’mwakwalala awo. Never give up…! Get 90% of ur shares. Uchitsiru wa mfumu Karonga yomwe imangotengeka wit little cash uonekere basi, mpaka no phindu looneka after all that wat Kayerekela had taken from that district, SHAME ON HIM..!

  14. Bibo says:

    It makes sense to develop areas where resources are tapped. If all districts where oil is to be explored prove to have oil deposits, those districts will have to benefit directly from the proceeds while uplifting the lives of the people.

    Malawi has been too rural for a long time due to centralization policies put in place by Dr Banda. If Karonga, Nkhata-bay,Nkhota-kota,Salima,and Mangochi reveal oil deposits,those district centers or bomas will have to be elevated to city status in order to attract industries related to oil.The more urban metropolitan areas will be created the more Malawi’s economy will be advanced due to the fact that it will be a more industrialized economy than an agriculture-based economy.

    It doesn’t make sense tapping resources from one area and developing another area while leaving the area with resources desolate. We need more advanced Blantyres in many parts of the country while connecting them with good roads or mordern highways.While developing areas with natural resources,a well developed mechanized farming system has to complement industrialized centers.This farming system or as it is called Greenbelt revolution has to utilize water bodies instead of relying on rains as our leaders always believe.

    All parts of the country have to be productive in one way or another.Malawi’s economy relies too much on few areas of productivity and this explains the country’s dependence on donors.All districts have to be productive from agriculture to industries not just relying on Blantyre or Lilongwe.If Chitipa produces coffee for example,it must have a vibrant coffee industry, and coffee companies there have to have readily available market abroad after value addition of the produce.Also, for the country to grow econonically,whatever it produces should be on a very large scale in order to suffice foreign and domestic markets.This is where mechanized farming comes to play.

  15. tulo amalawi says:

    fodya goliati to benefit more

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