Karonga defy liquor sachet ban

Business operators in Malawi’s northern district of Karonga are still selling sachets liquor despite the ban which Malawi government imposed on the product last year.

One of the youth in Karonga drinking the liquor sachets

One of the youth in Karonga drinking the liquor sachets

Red card to satchets

Red card to satchets

Investigations by Nyasa Times has revealed that the liquor is now being supplied in various shops and drinking joints in the district using some vehicles which distributes bakery products.

One supplier said they sometimes get the sachets alcohol from the neighboring Tanzania.

“As business operators we are after money. Whether government has restricted the selling of such alcohol or not we still sell the products.

“After all some Malawian companies who produce a cream liquor sachets known as Right Choice and other are still manufacturing the liquor sachets a clear indication that there is no re-enforcement of the ban.”

He said business operators in Karonga are lucky because of their counterparts from Tanzania who supply the alcohol at a very cheap price and they resell them at K70 per liter.

Karonga Police Officer-In-Charge Edward Chingayipe admitted that some of the business operators still sell the restricted products.

“We are aware that some people are taking the law into their hands but we are trying our best to curb the malpractice by arresting those defying the ban,” he said.

A Karonga resident Brain Nyasulu alleged that even the police officers purchase the same banned liquor the move he said shows lack of seriousness.

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21 thoughts on “Karonga defy liquor sachet ban”

  1. xxxxxxxx says:

    Mtumbuka uyu ndiye akuthuzuliratu.

  2. flora says:


  3. Yuyo Mkhonde. says:

    Mutuleke twebina Karonga.Tukwilepula twebene nu kangala Ni nthimba.Uswe fimasacheti tutakung’wa uma.Tsokapo apa mwesa ba mahelu.Ngondes are people known of high standards.They cannot drink fanta wazinyau.It is southerners and centralers who likes that cheap liquor while eating mices and rats.They can eat anything.They are not even selective.

  4. Pacharo says:

    Zithedi zimenezi, kuononga moyo.

  5. neymar says:

    Its not that we dont have laws here, the laws are there but the enforcement of such is now a problem.
    We lead a very primitive life in this part of the universe…period!

  6. Maximum Prison says:

    Harry Mkandawire, Mp for Mzimba was spotted distributing the liquor sachets in his constituency from Ekwendendeni, Edundu, Manjolo, Nsokopo on the way to Mphelemebe. He is the producer of the sachets at his Mzuzu factory and is still producing them! How do you expect the ban to be enforced?

  7. Abiti says:

    Karonga ! not sure ! l know Chilumba kuli my dark man mmm Mr Kunowa ! kunowa! l love you! my Tumbuka man so proud of you

  8. kanyimbi says:

    Our policemen are not Malawians.

  9. jimmy juga says:

    kukanakhala kuukila mboma bwenzi ali pa no 1. Asiyeni achepetse chiwelengelo chawo tiwalamulile mpaka ambuye adzabwele

  10. shaaaa! says:

    mukaledzera bibida wanuyo, kenaka kuyamba kugona ana obala nokha.kosafunika kutengako mbewu ku mpoto komanso anthu ake manyazi mulibe.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. Teacher says:

    Malawi is a country with no standards. Tell me if there is really anything that is banned in Malawi. Chamba is smoked everywhere. Sachets everywhere. Mahule paliponse. Theft and robbery just everywhere. People building houses as mmene angafunile. No one to enforce standards. You can set laws but there is no one to enforce. The police are in the fore front to break it. Malawi is just one big village in this part of Africa where people enjoy the primitive way of life.

  12. sain it like it is says:

    atumbukaaaa pliz..shaaa kusanva bwanji?choncho mungatukule dziko?aaaah bwenu bwenu tasiyanni ma sachet pliz

  13. tumbwiza says:

    Mpakana ndani kumwa nawo kikikikiik

  14. Engress says:

    Unless another most selling product supersedes the sachets, Malawians will never stop selling the product and other illegal stuff.

  15. Kodi kachasu bwanji mukumgoresa masacheti chifukwa amalemba ma percent? Ndawona maganizo anu nkuyipa ntima mukufuna azimwa mowa anthu achuma okha okha shame to you

  16. mfana wapa Baka says:

    Musatinamizilepo apa.Ku Karonga kulibe factory ya ma sachet.Ma factory ama sachet ali Ku south ndi central.Tazimwani nokha kumeneko zikupwetekeni.Ku Tanzania they banned Kachasu sometimes back ndiye akagulitse ma sachet?

  17. Real Mwanafyale says:

    Uswe kuno tukungw’a kangala ni chipumu.Leka ukututungulupila.We have our own local beer beer made from millet and sorghum.On top of that we eat mbalagha(cooked bananas mixed with meat)and we have healthy and smooth bodies that’s why all of your women are scrambling to go with karongian men.We are very handsome because of our diet.Ma sachet muzimwa nokha konko Ku south ndi central.Wanywaji wa Ku Karonga hasipendi ma sachet.

  18. half malawi,half tz says:

    Ku Tanzania kachasu is banned.I wonder if this sachets are really coming from Tanzania.Tanzanians are strict with laws in their country.Malawians are very hypocritical.

  19. shangununu twebakiki says:

    Don’t lie here.Sachets are sold all over Malawi.I live in Lilongwe sachets are sold all over mumakwalala umu.Dont demonise the name of Karonga you hypocrites.Banning is a serious word which has not been followed in Malawi.They have even changed the packaging from sachets to small bottles that are sold around K500 that are affordable to most drunkards and you call that banning?Banning means that thing should no longer be manufactured in Malawi but since Malawi get alot of tax from it,they have opted for money than lives of most Malawians that are addicted to this chip liquor.Alot of Mwenyes are producing this hard liquor while themselves they do not drink it with their families as longer as they are fattening their bank balance that what matters to them.Nobody cares in Malawi a country with standards.Laws do not work here.

  20. FOXY ANDY says:

    Most of the peaple inthe central and southern parts of Malawi are aware of the effects of this stuff. That is why there’s less effort for the enforcement of the law. Its part and parcel of the CSO activists to sensitise the nation on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

  21. FOXY ANDY says:

    K70/Litre its a joke! Abale ku Karongako samalani satchets are ” slow suicide bombs”. Leave them alone.

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