Kasaira slurs Kamlepo: ‘Not influential in Malawi politics’

Minister of Transport Francis Kasira has told Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua to stop pretending he is a powerful political figure who gives the government sleepless nights, saying to the contrary he has never been influential in Malawi politics.

Kasaila: Kamlepo is failed politician

Kasaila: Kamlepo is failed politician

Kasaira was responding to Kalua’s allegations that he was the main target for alleged government sponsorship of a court injunction that prevented him and People’s Party acting president Uladi Mussa from taking the offices of third vice president and acting president respectively.

Kalua said the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  knows he is a political force to reckon with  and his new position would have propelled him to new political heights.

However, Kasaila said Kalua is as good as any ordinary person.

“He is not influential. He has failed to leave a mark in Malawi politics. He stood as presidential candidate for a number of years but he miserably failed. He stood as a member of parliament, he failed too until 2014. He was a president of a party but had to abolish it because he knew it was useless,” Kasaira said.

On Kalua’s comments that  MBC TV did not give him air time as it did with People’s Party organising secretary Salim Bagus and some regional governors who obtained the injunction, Kasaira said MBC is a public broadcaster and should therefore grant Kalua and other politicians interviews.

He said the ruling party does not influence operations at MBC.

Kalua wondered where the PP officials obtained K200 000 legal fees for the injunction when most of them allegedly struggle to bring food on their meal tables.

Meanwhile, PP acting president Mussa has said the party has gone to the court to vacate the injunction.

He said this after meeting PP central region officials ahead of the mid year budget review.

Uladi  said he was hopeful the injunction would be vacated soon so that the party should go ahead with its rebuilding programme.

Unlike Kalua, Mussa thinks it is former vice president Khumbo Kachali who sponsored Bagus and other party officials obtain the injunction.

Absent at the meeting was Kondwani Ng’ong’ona, party deputy director of youth for the centre who had announced his resignation from the party.

He singled out party infighting and lack of democracy in the party as evidenced by appointments of people into positions as evidence

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38 thoughts on “Kasaira slurs Kamlepo: ‘Not influential in Malawi politics’”

  1. Tennyson Musisipala says:

    Bakamulepo mbanjani lero? pa channel africa mukabwebweta. dono mwambilaso. Ghanaghanilani damkha ukavu wa banthu kwinu. An empty tin makes too much noise

  2. BA KASAILA says:

    BA Kasaila inuyo mungadzipange compare ndi Kamlepo in terms of popularity. Achewa amati kumeneko ndiye kudzikwata mchala (kudzinamiza) . You talk too much and dont make sense at all. You are like a headless chicken. Kodi abale ku DPP ko kulibe anthu anzeruko oti muwapatse mpandowu. Poach Kunkuyu or Ntaba please chifukwa izizitu ndiye zero pa ten

  3. Ontologist says:

    Mr. Kasaila do you listen to your self and select your words carefully? or you are naive. Kamlepo Kalua is a man I knew him in 1999 when I was five years old he is incomparable to all of you in DPP. You are failing to manage our small economy you are failing to exercise austerity in your administration your prioritized motor toilet over food, travel to UN with the whole village over medication and meals in public hospitals. You better concentrate on the economy. You are even failing to champion irrigation in your own home land Lowershire has plenty plus water are good dambo land. I am sorry to say this you failed the people of Tengani.

  4. zili ponpano says:

    Kamlepo Kaluwa is wiser than this so called president because him Kamlepo knows well our problems as he has been moving with us Malawians from 1991 as well Bingu, Bakili and Joyce Banda. My message to Peter Munthalika is don’t be fool with these people like katsaira they are there just for money not to save people in this country so God has allowed you Peter to rule this country please follow footsteps of your brother on hist first term in office from 2005-2009, we will vote for you now not zomabelazi ayi.

  5. ADE says:


  6. The Partriot says:

    If articulate Malawians were asked” In Malawian politics which name is more famous Kasaira(I dont even know his first name!) and Kamlepo Kalua? Am sure Kamlepo would come out tops!
    By the way , who is this Kasaira guy? Where was he in 1992 to 1994 for him not to know how influencial Kamlepo is?
    I did not know that Mr Kasaira does not know much! Thanks to Mutharika for making him leader of govt business in parliament and a minister, otherwise this guy is nothing!!!

  7. Mike myaya says:

    Faile Malawi.failed state.malawi has no president only a ghost

  8. Joshua says:

    Frankly speaking, Kamlepo is a force in Malawi politics. Those in DPP today are just beneficiaries of the struggle by the Kamlepo kinds. The name Kasaira can hardly be mentioned in our political history. Not every one can be a president or an MP but the works one did is what matter. Enanu mukuwoneka ngati anzeru pano koma mudziwe kuti anzanu anavutika mmbuyomu. Lets not pretend.

  9. Joshua says:

    Frankly speaking, Kamlepo is a force in Malawi politics. Those in DPP today are just beneficiaries of the struggle by the Kamlepo kinds. The name Kasaira can hardly be mentioned in our political history. Not every one can be a president or an MP but the works one did is what matter. Enanu mukuwoneka ngati anzeru pano koma mudziwe kuti anzanu anavutika mmbuyomu.

  10. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Minister Kasaila is talking about the present, regarding Kalua’s significance in the present politics. That is what is in focus, right now. Not what Kalua did in facing Kamuzu’s dictatorship. We all know about Kalua’s heroics; as does Kasaila.
    Kalua is always sounding his own horn, to emphasize his importance, apparently. That’s the past, Bwana. And this is now.
    Kasaila is right to put Kalua in his current “place”, in terms of current politics.
    Nsena or not, handsome or not, have nothing to do with Kasaila’s thrust point. Kalua should stop his self aggrandizement, based on the past. What can he do for us in the now and the future? Is there no truth in that people with a bleak future tend to point out, and emphatically, their past achievements?

  11. Cashgate says:

    Kamulepo usativute wayambaliti ukhala MP Kagwele uko ndikaka PP Kakoko

  12. Tonde says:

    Kamulepo says what is happenning in Government kunsaila akunyoza who can we say is Genious? Abale ine ndale zonyozana ndizopusa it shows how failier u are. Let us build malawi with brains not zapusa zonyoza

  13. Nkuruzinza says:

    Horrible Kasalira, Kusalira or Kasalira you are a pathetic moron. The whole current DPP cannot compare or match Kamlepo. You are a bunch of non entities. While your Mathanyula master was snoring in America, Kamlepo was pioneering democracy here in Malawi at the peak of dictatorship while you probably were cowering in the caves of lower shire. So shut up!

  14. George Kamanga says:

    Agalu amu DPP pezani chimanga anthu anu adye nsima osati kudya gaga. gaga ndi waziweto. osamangolola cholinga kuziwonetsa ngati zili bwino

  15. Sapitwa says:

    Kasaila should not have wasted his time with Kamlepo. By appearing with Unandi at SABC for interviews did not indicate in anyway that ge was a gallant fighter. Most Malawians respect Chihana (MHSRP) as he was the one who was fearless. He was also a well natured politician whose party had a good number of seats in Parliament. Kamlepo did not leave any mark with his briefcase party. He will not be able to show what he lacks to develop PP.

  16. clement says:

    That’s the point from Hon Kasaira. Kamlepo must know that he is nothing completely nothing as far as politics is concerned he can’t even be compared with Kachale. DPP is the party never be scared with stubborn politicians. Big up Hon Kasaira for telling the truth.

  17. Matandani says:

    Only those who were not there during the fight for multi party will rebuke Kamlepo Kalua.
    Nsena iwe Kusaira ndiwe fortune seeker, tikuwonelani akafa gogo wanuyu, analiponso ena oyankhula zoduka ngati iwe koma pano kuli ziiiii, DPP yanuyo is a family party muziona

  18. BILLY says:


  19. Achakulungwa says:

    Kamlepo is indeed an influential politician who can be reckoned with not nsete za achina Kasaila, Chaponda, Kalirani, Kumpalume, Jappie Mhango, Vincent Gambi kuphatikizilapo Peter Muthalika. Without Kamlepo Malawians wouldn’t no that Government has bought very expensive vehicle at the expense of poor Malawians who can’t even afford to find K500 in a week yoti atapitsile sugar ndi nchere. Indeed DPP government is having sleepless nights with Kamlepo, no doubt about it!!!!

  20. DEMOCRAT says:

    Kamlepo si sayizi yanu a chitsiru a chatsalira….oh, sorry a kasaira. You are as ugly as your heart. Even chitsiru chanu mukupembedzacho is never recognised in Malawi’s history as far as democracy is concerned. If he doesn’t give you sleepless nights, why have u responded? You are an idiot kasaira…tuvi tako.

  21. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Kasaila is the most stupid Nduna i have never seen. Komadi Amalawi amaiwala nsanga. Kasaila, have you already forgotten what Kamlepo did to this Country in as far as democracy in Malawi is concerned? Or you just want to appease your Master (Peter Muthalika) that ukumatha kuyankhulapo zomwe wanena Kamlepo kamba koti nonse mu DPP can’t argue with Kamlepo? Kasaila unali kachidole kachabe chabe ka kuno ku Lower Shire pamene Kamlepo anali akulimbana ndi phiri la Mulanje Kamuzu Banda kuti panota mupezeke pomwe mulipa a Kasaila ndi Peter wakoyo, zonsezo ndi ncthito za Kamlepo nde lero umvekele mfweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,stupid zako. Munali ndani a Kasaila chipanda Kamlepoyo? Sitinali tikudya mphenembe limodzi kuno kumusi kuno nthawi imene ija inu? If history is to be written to day for freedom fighters Kamlepo would be among them, what about you (Kasaila) and your President? Shameeeeeee!!!!!!

  22. Chimwemwe Millias Chinyama says:

    Kkk…… Kasaila Musamuvute Adye Ndithu, Dziko Ndilake Bt To Mo Will B Mine.

  23. b says:


  24. Chinthu Chawaka says:

    Every Malawian who has been following Malawi politics since the dawn of multiparty struggle cannot pretend not to know what Kamlepo Kalua, Undi Banda and Shyly Kondowe have done. The team influenced Malawians to adopt multiparty politics. Where were the Kasaila then? Kamlepo has been failling because the tribal/regional politics that Malawi practices. We are happy to have a dude as a leader as long as he belongs to our tribe. Wake up Malawi!!!!

  25. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Chinkhope chonyasa ngati chinagona ku manda.

  26. malawian says:

    kamlepo cindere chakufikapo

  27. Patrick Phiri says:

    kkkk kamlepo shud knw dat dpp z anational party an empty tin alwez makes noise nde sikuzindikra bt kupusa cme 2019 dpp idzawina ndi mavoti ambiri & his constuency dpp wil win Mp &de whole north.Akasaila osamayankha zopusazi pp sidzalowanso boma even mcp wy dpp its anational party zinazi ndizigawo so alwez majority rule.Go 2south f u wil find Mp for mcp zamkutu basiiiiii

  28. muukwaathuni says:

    kamulepo ndiyenso chani pamalawi pano,

  29. youna says:

    Though I am not PP koma kunena zoona Kamulepo wapanga ndipo ali ndi mbiri pa ndale za dziko lino than almost all current cabinet ministers and perhaps kumwambaku.

  30. Ineyo says:

    Kasaila don’t fool yourself, Kamlepo is not even a Minister but we do know at least his is from Rumphi east, and you can’t describe him as a failed politician because he is now an MP which is progress on his CV, but I don’t even know your constituency…… and i don’t think you can amass more vote than Kamlepo if only two of you can stand for Presidency.

  31. Mzozodo says:

    Nkhani ya zii iyi

  32. Green Kunyenga says:

    Every well meaning Malawian knows that Kamlepo Kalua is a politician of high repute. He contributed a lot to the coming of democracy in Malawi when people like the Kasailas were none entities. It is good to recognise people when they are still alive not dead. We surely cannot talk about the dawn of democracy in Malawi without mentining Kamlepo.

  33. Buyelekhaya Nginde says:

    Some observations to make. To begin with, it is totally absurd for Kasaila to label Kalua an ordinary person. Kamlepo fought gallantly with others for the re-introduction of multiparty politics in Malawi in the early 90s. Mr Kasaila’s name is never mentioned anywhere in the history of Malawi about people who fought for multiparty democracy re-introduction. Kasaila is just one of the beneficiaries of the toil and sacrifice Kamlepo and CO made. Just eat your government’s money quietly.

    Again, it’s true he contested for presidential and parliamentary seats a good number of times but failed miserably largely because of the prevailing factors at those times. Before Dr Muluzi gave Bingu the presidency in 2004 on a silver platter, the latter tasted the bitterness of defeat in the 1999 general elections. In those polls Kamlepo did much better than Bingu!

    Thirdly, it’s quite true that it is not Kamlepo giving the DPP government sleepless nights. Instead its the pervasive corruption, the MK577 Billion saga, widespread shortage of maize, drugs, etc. Unfortunately, no solutions are in sight! The country seems to be on auto-pilot. NDIYAXOLISA, NGIYAXOLISA, I’M SORRY!

  34. Gona says:

    Kasaila ndiye mbuzi ya mano kusi. Kamlepo even beat bingu in 1999 elections.

  35. YAKI says:

    Thanks Kasaira for your comments on Kamplepo, he is surely not a force to reckon on Malawi Politics, he is a failure , big mouth , an empty bucket making useless noise and a bid gossiper. money hungry politician. Alas people of Rumphi made a grave mistake and will regret

  36. Zinja says:

    We cannot pretend not to know what mwana chwee has done

  37. Zinja says:

    Shut Up Kamlepo..!!!!!!!!!!! idyanikoni za u MP..2019 mubwerenso ku losing ship..

  38. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Kasaila shut up your mouth,Kamlepo si size yako even your President,Kamlepo ndi ma level ena

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