Kasambara ‘critical’ in hospital: Cardiac condition

Prominent lawyer Ralph Kasambara has been moved from jail to a hospital, where he is being treated under police guard for a heart ailment.

Kasambara: Hospitalised

Kasambara: Hospitalised

Kasambara was remanded to prison on Wednesday after Justice Michael Mtambo ruled that his bail must be revoked because there was evidence that he infringed on the privacy of the judges, hence he did not comply with bail conditions.

He is a suspect in the shooting of former budget director, Paul Mphwiyo who survived assassination attempt in 2013.

The lawyer was put behind bars at Maula Prison and transferred on Thursday to Zomba Maximum Prison.

Kasambara, a prominent lawyer with a rock star status in Malawi, had a scheduled appointment for his heart problem on Thursday, hence he asked judge not to send him to prison before the crucial check up.

His condition worsened on Friday and prison authorities took him to Mwaiwathu Hospital in Blantyre but he was referred to Adventist Hospital where they have a heart specialist.

Despite being guarded, Kasambara’s wife is paying a vigil at her husband’s bedside as his health condition is now “critical”, according to doctors at the facility.

He is reported to have developed a “serious cardiac condition.”

The lawyer is currently in Intensive Care Unit.

This is the second time for Kasambara to suffer serious ailment after an arrest.

He also suffered a similar condition when he was arrested during the DPP regime under late president Bingu wa Mutharika. Kasambara was accused of kidnapping and torturing three men he told reporters had confessed they had been sent by the DPP government to firebomb his office.

Kasambara’s arrest came after he was quoted in the media saying President Mutharika “wants to be a dictator” and should be impeached.


Meanwhile, Kasambara has appealed for a stay on the bail revocation and also on the ruling itself while his co-accuse Macdonald Kumwembe has appealed against the contempt of court sentence and the conviction.

In his initial response to the appeals, Supreme Judge Lovemore Chikopa found the applications imprudent as the applicants had not given any proof that the matter had been appealed in the lower court.

“I find the application imprudent, that such an application has come to this court before the lower courts. I am, therefore, inclined they be served as interparty. I reserve 30th September as the day of the ruling,” reads the response in part.

Furthermore, Chikopa wrote that he found the applications peculiar as they had landed on his desk beyond normal working hours and quite late in the day.

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163 thoughts on “Kasambara ‘critical’ in hospital: Cardiac condition”

  1. Ras says:

    You may debate all your can but Kasambara knows the truth of what type of evil things he has done to innocent people. Mwazi wa munthu ndiobvuta, once shed we may think we have gotten away with but there comes a time when we have to pay in one way or another and usually its over seemingly simple issues like these. we all have to learn that what goes around comes around. Lets learn to be good before God and oue fellow hman beings

  2. mihavani says:

    Vw -gate,you are a sorry sourthen online dpp asslicker,now by masquerading as a “Tonga” so that you can plant hatred among northeners and disturb the north you think you are acting a mature “play” huh? Tongas cant be part of you guys,you have a laughable system of marriage-chikamwini,that makes you the only type of people who practice this trash, the whole world,and you cant be accepted by any tribe on earth,if you were a messenger at kasambara’d law firm,and now you are scared that your job might be in jeopardy after your boss’s incapacitation,just take a chill pill be a man to accept that some bad events are uncontrollable,you may have loved kasambara to be freed,but hey,shit happens,just grow some balla and swallow it,finally you southerners can (mis)rule this country for a 100 more years to come,but there shall never come a good leader from the south,leadership is not your field,mumango kakamiza,when God was creating malawi,he said to the northeners! I bless thee with ntellect!!and it happened,then when creating sourtheners he said,i bless the with the populations!! and it came to pass as we see now.

  3. Omex70 says:

    This man has inflicted untold sufferings to many Malawians. He is the most evil lawyer in Malawi. I know he has some stupid sympathizers who are showing their blind support here.

  4. vw-gate says:

    Wadada Mihavani mwasintha dzina now you calling yourself Bulutu.

    Okay Bulutu: the fact is mtumbuka sakhululuka. Anzathu akumwera have one thing in common with ife atonga. Sachedwa kukhululuka see how Ben Phiri managed kukhulukira his assailants in PP.

    Yet you have Mtambo recruiting himself as a hangman on a smallest of an opportunity!

    And that is your weakness atumbuka. On federalism, forget it no sane minded Tonga will support that nonsense. To be subjected to tumbuka monsters? We are better off with the Chilimas or Chakweras than Nyika mafias as our leaders.

    In fact if I had the request to make to Dausi, is to think of weakening the north by considering re-demarketing it into two separate regions. Create north east region from parts of noth Nkhotakota, Nkhata Bay, parts of Karonga and likoma islands. Create Nyika Republic out of Rumphi and Mzimba or rename it North West Region.

    Foolish tumbukas you will never rule Malawi!

  5. Dominic says:

    Dziko lapansi ndi anthu ake. Only God knows the truth.

  6. Mphita Konyeliwa says:

    The fact is that Kasambara has got gud papers than Mtambo and that Mtambo’s client lost a case against Kasambara so this is a witch hunting

  7. bulutu says:

    Vw-gate,why are you people bringing old bingu era issues into this case? Just because mtambo volunteered to represent that poor rubina lady should not make these two enemies,so you wanted no lawyer to represent that lady,and I hear Ralph denied DNA test,is that true? Is that justice? Do you know the sensitivity and specificity of DNA paternal tests Mr Vw? Its one gold standard tests for forensic medicine and Ralph ran away from it,and tou want him now to get away with the law the same way,alright,go on preach the tumbuka vs Tonga hatred,we don’t give a flying damn at bulshit luke that,you can even advise those behind you that now you have renounced your northenship and now you belong to the central or sourthen region,we will not give a shit,we will still roll as northeners like that,with or without you guys,now we planning federalism and we are making it happen,sit there and watch,this journey us for us the firm hearted,not delusional weak minded confusionists like you with chronic paranoia,what sort of people are you who suspect foul play in everything? Eeee

  8. vengeance-gate says:

    So Michael Mtambo has decided to play three rolls in one case: a state witness (because he claims the suspects want to kill him), a state prosecutor and then a judge. Ho ho ho – that career itha ngati salu yamakati.

    Retribution: that’s the true character of mtumbuka. Sayiwala olo utafa.

  9. phelezunje says:

    as leaders chosen try to save pple honestly with ur true love otherwise God will punish us @ the end of service here on earth.

  10. Vw gate says:

    Wadada Mihavani: you are wrong and in simplistic terms you portray a lack of common sense and pure logic.

    The case here is that judge Mtambo is not qualified to handle this case. Why?: It is a case where it touches on him – he says Kasambara and Kumwembe have been following him. In other words the suspects want to assassinate him. There is another issuee: Kasambara has hinted that they have a long standing unsettled issue between them which predates Bingu’s era when he was cabinet minister. (It is a case of vengeance, mwapulika?)

    Are you sure in view of all this that it is right that he continues to preside over this case? If you continue to answer yes to this question then – you must have been consumming too much aspartame rich drinks like most Malawians, such that over the years half of your brain has become useless.

    All Tonga vote to aChewa, no to tumbukas. They are stupid!

  11. Tuyuni says:

    Wishing you all the best Kasambara, whether you’re involved in cashgate scandal,money laundering or in Mphwiyo’s attempted murder or not, but we still love you100% how much money have these Chewas robed from goverment? How many cases have they been involved too but no any arrest? we love you because you’re a voice of voiceless and a fearless Man. Wishing You aquick recovery.

  12. howard Chiks says:

    He has been the most hiden dracular. That’s what most recycled lawyers and politicians are . Raph is our mirror but I wish him a cashgate heroes death and rest as we malawians starve.

  13. kiki says:

    fisi anawusa zonse ndi Mphwiyo. A Ralph nkhaza zawo zikuwakang’antha! This stupid guy wazunza miyoyo yambiri and no matter how he may want things to be, his time is over! Chamba kwambiri munthu ameneyu. Am now looking forward to see more suffering

  14. KUNO KU MAULA says:




  15. chivwamba says:

    Again know that Judge Mtambo is not from the north. From the South and hes just doing his work.

  16. Tamwalilani inu. you are using our fuel in a police cruzer . Za usilu afa anthu amitima yabwino iwe mkachani mfiti ngati iwe. Mtambo go deepr awa si anthu awonetse.

  17. Malipeya says:


  18. zymology says:

    that what crazy tongas may think,they say “chewas are more friendly than atumbuka” suppose the case wz handled in the same way by a chewa judge,what wud u say? atongadi kuganiza moperewera

  19. Melisa says:

    Ooo my GOD exend your hand and finish him off, he is the most idiot one. In the process expose Bushiri the ‘Tab Prophet 10.1’

  20. zymology says:

    thats a fallacy,kusowa nzeru ndiumbuli thus why ur comment z vague, judge mtambo z using his office professionally not traditionally and not even basing on tribalism,inu atonga b careful with ur stupid comments,dont treat ur “kasambaratonga” as innocent,let him experience kasambara arrest instead of cardiac arrest,mtambo woye! amene akundifuna andipeze mu inbox

  21. PHIRI says:

    the Hatred too big. Tongas & Tumbukas. No more Tonga 4 Nyika 4 sure! demeti!!!

  22. The Most Concerned says:

    Kasambala plz dont die coz Amayi akubwera to join u in the Prison. Zikavuta tikabwereka wheel chair ya Lutepo.

  23. Mwapheranjiru says:

    A Law Society, mukulola bwanji Kasa-Mbala kulowetsa pansi ntchito ya za malamulo. Nonse ndiinu zitsiru, anyani, aputsi! Kasa-Mbala ndi mbala yeni-yeni imene ikanadamangidwa zaka zambiri zapitazo, koma inu a Law Society kumangomutsekerera munthu akuchita zinthu zosayenera konse. Mwalola munthu amene wapedzeka ndi muladu wofuna kupha munthu kumapitiriza ntchito yache yoimilira anthu pa milandu, zoona. A Judge Mtambo, yanu mbudzi, mwachita bwino kumuika munthuyu mu chitokosi, amadziyetsa ndani? Ife tikudabwa, chifukwa akaidi akadwala ku pirizoni ku Zomba, amapita ngati mkaidi ku General, nanga uyu akuloledwa bwanji kupita ku zipatala za ku Kabula bwanji? Lamulo ligwire ntchito kwa anthu onse, osakhala kusankha choncho ai. Ameneyo adzikadwalira ku pirizoni konko, a dokotala ache adzikamuonera ku pirizoni konko, osakhala ku Mwai Wathu ai, zautsiru ife tatopa nazo. Matenda a mtima anayamba kudwala liti? Ife za filimu ai, ndiye tisiyano kukhoma mitsonkho.

  24. Molly says:

    Mmmmh!The End Is Near

  25. Munkhondia says:

    Conversion disorder. Good luck

  26. mwachaje says:

    moyo siopweka umaona ngati dziko ndilako galu wakumananazo ukafa iwe tidzazuzabe mtembo

  27. Tony kanyenda says:

    Mtambo is a southerner and not from the north get your facts right

  28. Andrew Fatch says:

    Tiyeni nazoni kufunika kulimbatu ndi jail.

  29. Zokomela andalama akangolowa mundende amadwala

  30. mwachaje says:

    mwana wanjoka afendithu basi shupit……….reap what you saw atumbuka ndi atonga

  31. Danny says:

    Please leave kasambala alone,ikno ur jealous of hm coz hes the most cerebrated lawyer.shame on u

  32. JOVIAL P MNDALA says:

    Tangomtayani kasambalayo.

  33. It is very unfortunate that cashgate trials press against them that benefitted little from the move leaving behind the most prominent cashgaters who masterminded the who cashgate project. The evil of politics is that only small fish are pressed side by side but the big fish know how to escape the net. Look, you will see that the reserve bank governor of that time is not pressed yet a lot of money were being withdrawn from the bank with his approval.

  34. Alungwana says:

    I think mtambo is holy and pure. Just wait”

  35. mihavani says:

    VW-gate,why so insecure with the proceedings?if ralph will not be happy with the outcome of this case,he has the right to appeal,but again its laughable how from this single incident or two you can draw a conclusion that northerners hate Tongas,C’mon!! don’t act like some anti northerners who when for example, rejected by a northern lady,they go on rampage cursing the entire region of north being “pompous”,such type of generalizations are a manifestation of severe lack of reasoning,if delivery of justice will tow the tribal lines then thus skewed,your very emphasis that justice mtambo must let Ralph free on account that they are both northerners speaks alot of your IQ,you are the reason sone malawians acuse us the north ernes that”timakondelana”,and I have to clear people here that we northerners are not like what Mr vw-gate wants all of you to believe,Mr vw-gate go on with your campaign of sowing seeds of hatred among northerners,but you will not achieve anything on these lobola practicing people you will just waste your time.

  36. gabriel Mwale says:

    Koma Kasambarayu ndi onyasa asaaa!!!!

  37. mtima wa nyani says:

    mmmmmm nanu ife tivutike nazo izi, mmatenda aja dzaamba utulukila poyera mwamwetsa mankhwala dhala, nkale mudayamba lija, eyaaaa kunjoya kuja azimai atsikana aja basitu aliyese watekeseka, mafinya adzaza.kkkkkkkkkkk uyoooooo . magawagawa amatafuna olo bwana olo osauka. azibale akudwala aja simatenda koma anuwa. mwanyatu. pano kuponyedwa ku mwai kenako kukaponyedwa ku bha. hahahaha

  38. Manda M says:

    Game yagona apa la 40 lakwama tsopano

  39. jk says:

    Of all pipo, y Kasambala? Its coz he found himself wrong side of the game. No cry oh, thats how it goes. Whether Tonga or Tumbuka we dont care.. Thats the process bwana.

  40. Release Kasambara No Detention Without Trial says:

    There was a time when we were made to believe that atumbuka are intelligent people. Now looking at the performance of people like Mtambo, DPP Kachale, Goodall Gondwe and the former vice president Kachale you wonder if that belief still holds.

    To me they all potray one common thing which is lack of simple logic. I think it is good that Malawi is ruled by aChewa. Because if Mtambo can persecute someone as a mayor judge, what would be the case if he was a head of state. Would he not persecute an entire village? No vote to a tumbuka!

  41. Bololo says:


  42. Ndaninso says:

    Atumbuka persecuting one another. Mtambo killing Kasambara. Mulomwe alichete! Using Tmbukas to kill each other. Kupusa! When will this stop! It started nthawi ya Kamuzu. Atumbuka betraying one another. Iwe Mtambo why are you killing one of your own blood. Stupid Mtambo!

  43. Billy says:

    yyyyyes lets pray for these people

  44. Tina says:

    Guilty is not covered by illness. As long as Judge Ntambo is not abusing his office power so as Government seniors includes current president. Being from Malawi in general it’s a shame some people are still creating Stigma for HIV patients. This is absolutely nothing. Lots of diseases takes pills everyday and kills people faster than HIV patients who are guaranteed that, they may stay for the Rest of their life. Anthu osadwala kumafa ngati nkhuku. Mulungu wakwiya. HIV people exist lots and lots even in Europe country. They are never insulted. Ignorance, Stigma are serious in Malawi

    But majority here you are too jealous and for nothing. This jealous is the one killing innocent people, allowing government to spend more money to prosecute people like Ralph and no Civil Servants pay ready. You are still clamping hands and getting excited without realising the poor governing of our country.

    Get me right, may be Ralph is wrong but does government really needed to spend money for arranging such move living mosquitoes the whole Malawi. He he he he he Malawians write here what you want your money to do Malaria everyday.

    You see this Ralph your government will still spend alot of money than serving the most needy now. Fight for the good country, the money you are claiming from Cashgate thieves will never come to save you today.


  45. Kawonga says:

    Apa ndie game yagonatu, tione aftr intesive care unit

  46. VW - gate says:

    Mihavani: one question – which is logical for a court of justice to ask: state to prove a guilt of alleged offender or to force an alleged offender himself to prove his innocence?

    Clearly what Mtambo is doing here is not natural. He is biased. He is full of hate and retributive. He is misusing his judicial powers. It is all wrong.

    Now: time has come for Malawians to realise that atumbuka hate atonga. And from now onwards I will campaign against any Tonga vote for a tumbuka candidate. Yes! Time has come no more Tonga vote in Tonga speaking constituencies for a tumbuka speaking candidate!

  47. tiatumbuka says:

    Akudwala Lutepiasis caused by wanton stealing of government money. The disease is acquired from a species of heartless animals called Lutepo. It is spreading fast, however the condition is curable by simply jumping onto a whell chair and taking a dose of 11 years IHL at a maximum prison. Lutepiasis is however contacted only by carelesness and only by selfish pple who don’t care about the suffering of others. Such patients deserve permanent quarantine.

  48. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    The real Satan is Mphwiyo who as Budget Director was directly responsible for sucking billions of kwachas from Account No. 1. Kasambara’s attempted murder on Mphwiyo is a blessing in disguise for trying to eliminate the most heinous individual in this country. And like Judas Iscariot, while his act is deplorable, it saved the nation from collapse. Mphwiyo is the greatest Satan!!

  49. Ernest says:

    Lord, remember your son in a special way, let Your grace be sufficient on him.

  50. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Nice one! J feels gud to be back in love!

  51. Dziko says:

    So you can see kuti mulomwe ndi chitsulodi cha njanje. Udzudzu ku Maula koma iye gwaa. Even Kweni unmoved.

  52. Dr Kaunde says:

    Ukunya uwona sizinati

  53. Inu amene mukuti a judge Mtambo aphetsa Kasambala mukunena kufuna kuti apange mantha kuti atani. Ndi angati anthu amene amadwala ndi kufa kundende. Anthu amene amafa chifukwa chosowa makhwala zipatala iye amawaganizira bola iye akulandira makhwala . Bushire mumamugomera uja kulibe Ku intensive care ko aliko ndi Mulungu weni weni ndipo sakusiyapo ndi pang’ono pomwe mwina mkazi wako angachokepo ndikutopa koma ma Mulungu alinawe ndipo sadzatopapo. Ife tizipemphelera aliyense amene akudwala Ku zipatala ndi Ku nyumba komwe pa modzi ndi iwe. Koma machiritso Ali ndi Mulungu mwini wake. Mulungu akufunanso kuti iwe uyende ndipo uone mmene anthu ake amene anazuzika chifukwa cha mchitidwe wanu, amamva mmeme ukumverera Pano iwe,anali ndi nkhawa ngati uli nazo iwe,amaona moyo ukuwasiya ngati mukuoneramu. Mkazi wako naye akulipira zomwe amajoya kuchokera kwa iwe Nanga munthu WA apo angabwere kudzakudikira akumvanso zimene azibale anthu amene anazuzitsa akamva ndikuona. Ndiye moyo siukhala wosala,wamyaa. Matama woipa musiye anthu azikumverani chisoni. Ku ndende simalo abwino Joyce Banda ndiye akuoperatu kkkkkk! Chonde tsopano leka za matama ndi za maprofete za Bushire zakozo bwanji sanalose kuti bail yako ipangidwa revoke sangoti mudzaonana Ku Mzuzu ndi bweretsa Private jet. A judge Mtambo ndi Ena nonse okhudzidwa pitilizani ntchito yanu mtima pasi asatekeseka mukhale ngati ma Dokotala ndi ma Nurse kulimba mtima nthawi yonse amapamgidwa blame kuti andiphera patient koma Iwo amadziwa chilungamo ndi satekeseka. Muwapange approach akuthandizani physiologically.

  54. Akatswiri says:

    Jack Madeya what you saying ? anakumagitsa pa mulandu wanji?

  55. Peter says:

    Get well soon nomater what you an image of God

  56. Yeah says:

    Iwe Nyapapi ukuganiza kuti ngakhale titavota lero DPP ingaluze? Foolish ideas indeed!

  57. Punishment comes in different ways. kasambala wants to avoid jail by putting himself in another jail.cant you see there is no freedom to any side?wrong option i guess.

  58. Chiona says:

    Why inu andale mukanjatidwa mumachuluka kudwala, oba nkhuku bwanji sakomoka ngati ukuchitilamu.
    Misonkho yanga ikundipweteka ndiye ndikwabwino muzingovailila iyaa mukumatikwana

  59. bushiri vs salanje says:

    kodi bwanji ntima wako umavuta ukaona handcuff? is it programmed or what?

  60. munthu wabwino says:

    Who if footing the bill?

  61. Hansou says:

    Iwe Raphael, don’t throw tantrums. Maxwell Namata sakudwala bwanji and he is not even on remand but serving his time

  62. amphawi akamangidwa sitimamva zimenezi koma Agaluwa daily kumangonama kuti akudwala wina ndiujayi amkanamizila kufa ziwalo uja uyunso akunama amangidwe mpaka atabweza ndalama zathu zamisonkho anatibela zija

  63. efron kuwani says:

    Get well soon wat we need is u shd feel to the maxmium.

  64. Malawian says:

    Cowards die many times before their actual death. He thinks he is a stonelike person but alas! he is just a coward whose body always fails him in hardships. The fact that he fails to survive the prison life proves that he is just a weakling who makes noise for selfish-interest. I am for Michael Mtambo “The Rule of Law” this brat has to be punished because he thinks he is above everyone.

  65. yohane mbatizi says:

    Learn to be humble my brother….like the Jai Banda,s, chalamanda,s and other lawyers in town who are busy making money,buying mansions while u r perishing coz of kufuna kutchuka…get life bro…

  66. Kanamwali mveke says:

    moralo inatha kwa mkuluyi eti nthawi ya bingu bwezi titava kut amai akukamuona kuchipatala akuti ndi asoja ma pressure group wayipa lero mwanayu amabungwe eti eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetu eee amagwetu

  67. Prodigalson says:

    May the Lord heal him.

  68. Ukaziputa limba. As a prominent lawyer you should know the consequences of wrong doing. Instead of being mature, Ralph was associating himself with useless people like Pika Manondo for easy money. That is the dark side of Ralph.

  69. Kambindingu says:

    Apa game yagona. Lets wait for the extra time.

  70. joker says:

    Koma imfai imangopasula, ikati itengenayonso imangonyamula kkkkk listening to sangie… ndikumva kukoma nde mwati ndege itani anyani inu

  71. Akudwala Lutepias acquired from an animal of his species called Lutepo. The remedy to this condition is simply to jump onto a wheelchair. It take 11years of IHL to heal. Good morning Rafaelo.

  72. Citizen says:

    Face it. what goes around comes around. mumayesa chani? hahahahahaha! mbava zoopsya inu. mufe basi.
    nzako ndi uja akunamizila wheelchair uja Lutepo. mwanjoya kokwanila on poor peoples taxes expenses. stupid! agalu inu!

  73. sumani says:

    If Ralph dies blame it on Judge Mtambo

  74. Manyetera says:

    Za fake izi mxuiii. Kufuna kuthawa ndende mxuiii. Akapeza bwino pangono abwerereso basi nyapala wankulu uyu

  75. sekali says:

    get well soon Ralph,but to clear the mist ,many heart diseases are treatable in Malawi,may be Ralph had a preference of Doctors,even a final year medical student can treat these heart conditions,cardiologists services are sought in highly complicated cardiac pathologies which don’t respond to basic medication,treatment of heart diseases is learnt for six years in college (undergraduate) and 11-12 years for consultant Doctors that we have in Malawi,dont tarnish the reputation of the learned Doctors as if they have failed to treat a simple condition luke that,I want to addute people on this forum that a wide range of heart diseases are treatable in Malawi,and they shouldn’t worry,only that this is attached to politics,if it were a heart valve problem or anything requiring heart surgery or transplant I would agree,not the many treatable heart conditions that ee have in Malawi by drugs,no please.

  76. mbuchindele says:

    Pitala killed Chasowa now he’s killed Ralph. Amubaya poison ameneyo anachitira matafale.

  77. Ntapasya says:

    This guy is not sick. Firstly what is this serious cardiac condition. Is it congestive cardiac failure? Is it myocardial infarction? Is it cardiomyopathy? Is he on ARVs? Dr. Tiffany Priester may you please assess him appropriately. Otherwise we are going to ask Dr. Martin Mwaiponya also a cardiologist to examine and give in an independent opinion. Or else we are going to ask a foreign cardiologist to examine and give in his/her opinion. We know all of Ralf’s tricks and will not run away. Bakili Muluzi faked illness, Atupele Muluzi did the same, Ralf you have been doing this for along time. This is not the first time. You stole lots of kwachas and wanted to kill mphwiyo. Now we want Justice to be done. Medical Council of Malawi may u please assess these acts appropriately as you normally do

  78. mihavani says:

    V-W gate,please refrain from tribalizing this Kasambara Vs Mtambo issue,we all northerners love one another,don’t stir hatred among us because of this feud between two people,stop it,and you wrongly assume that all the northerners are tumbumbuka except tongas,and that they have also ganged up against tongas? this is paranoia now,stop this type of thinking,lets just work together and build the north and Malawi,I will build too houses in mzuzu,one in kaningina (nkhatabay) and one in katoto (mzimba) because I consider both as home,but I come from karonga,stop dividing the north and Malawi into tribal lines,cashgate came and it will go,we remain the united north,and united Malawi.And am praying Ralph must get a fair trial,no prejudice please,he is innocent until proven otherwise,yes I know a career success is a risk factor for one to have more haters especially in Malawi,and to some of you who are trash talking Ralph here out of envy and natural hatred,may God see you and reward you accordingly,we don’t want that bulshit in this century,let the truth guide the outcome of this case,if Ada Ralph did what he is being accused off,let him get what it deserves,but if he didn’t,let him be acquitted accordingly.

  79. nyere kuwawa says:

    Kodi Zimakhala bwanji anthu a ndalama akawauza zoti akhala pa remand basi matenda, pamene wina 5 years remand koma thanzi chimozimodzi. Kumakhala kufewa kapena kuthawa ndende?

  80. M'Bingo mutalikaaa says:

    Muthalikanso ananamizira kuti akudwala kundende ndi godwel gondwe komanso kaliyati

  81. Zakeyo says:

    Typical Malawians!! Who are you to judge Kasambara?? When did God delegate His authority?? Just go and lick your wounds you miserable swine and please don’t reproduce!!!

  82. Chile1 says:

    Get well soon Ralph

  83. Kudwalaku ndi zoona ma ARV sanatenge. Mulole mkazi wake azimpititsila. Komabe agwilidwe pakhosi ati kuzitama ndi kuyankhula. Chizungu chako cha there off uzinena kumeneko. Mkazi wako tikuchindila monga umapangila muja

  84. Nyasi kuno ayiiii!!! says:

    The rich and powerful run away from prison. Stupid

  85. Ma says:

    Some people are writing stupidity here. Judge Mtambo is not Tumbuka as others potray that Tumbukas hate Tongas please stop this madness. Its Mtambo from Zomba NOT MUTAMBO! SICK minded always thinking tribalism.

    If he’s wrong he’s wrong kaya Ntonga or Chewa. And why he suffers heart attack only when in prison but on Facebook always jovial? ?????

  86. ponto says:

    vuto lake mukamamutumiza munthu ku prison simumufunsa ngati akumwa kuti atenge adzikamwanso komko. mwaona ndiye kuti wapanga miss kumwa ma units amoyo aja.

  87. Katewe says:

    Get well soon brother this world is full of devil and his followers. Koma kantidwa posachedwa

  88. phwiphwi says:

    Kaya zake zimenexo ine zisandikhuxe

  89. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Get well Kasambala and shame the devil. Kkkkkkkk

  90. the truth says:

    Malawi a paid off country, you can buy anything eg serious illnesses, police arrest, judges , witnesses etc.SC Ralph kasambala is faking his illness to escape sleeping in Zomba maximum prison .Wonders shall never end first it was lutepo now its Kasambala yet innocent remandees are shaved into land cruises to kamuzu where there is literally no medicine yet gangsters are accorded the best health care even when faking sickness. God is watching. The judge have been vindicated these guys are playing delaying tactics.


    Last week Kasambara compared corrupt Bhushiri to Jesus! Hope as a man of God will make his magic and make him well so that he continue with his defence. Where is Bhushiri to pray for Kasambara to get well as a man of God? Don,t worry my brother in corruption,u will get well soon,ur God Bhushiri will make u well. He soon was claiming to be innocent,now they revoked his bail …now cardiac ailment! Is this cardiac ailment legit or part of the plan with Bhushiri to get out or avoid jail term?

  92. katswiri says:

    Pepani a kasambara koma inu sioyamba kudwala Ku ndende…..mantha chotsani ndipo vomerezani kuti uko NDE Ku paradise kwanu….komabe kuchira kwa bwino

  93. Step hens says:

    Leave Kasmbara alone,JB knows who shot mphwiyo why torture  kasambara  when you know JB confessed in public ,don’t misuse govt resoures when JB can provide answers

  94. Mzee says:

    Osayinamizira cashgate. Malawi has never been a rich country since creation. Our poverty stems from lack of nzeru. How on earth can a country be impoverished by $20 million? The country does not produce and export enough to generate forex. If stealing was bad India could have been poorer than Malawi. Kuno kulibe katangale just go to the Indo continent koma they have TATA and they can put a satellite in the sky. Stealing is bad but its not why we are poor. Dont forget also that crime is a multi billion industry that drives the world economy. Just imagine what would happen to USA if suddenly there was no crime how many can lose their jobs? Jails police judges security companies lawyers intelligence officers social welfare officers guns handicuffs etc.

  95. chefourpence says:

    Die fater you fool! The only option you have is that. Otherwise, you will rot there. Big headed selfish Tonga crook. All your ‘funs’ are fooling you.

  96. njala mchiuno says:

    Job 1 3 vs 13

  97. Sorry Jesus give a hand on him…Amen.

  98. thinktankmalawi says:

    Nonsense.he has been arrested after judge revoked bail
    …not after talking against APM..
    grow up journalistically

  99. Mac nyominyomi says:


  100. Chimani. Game says:

    Bakili style

  101. MAPWEVUPWEVU says:


  102. Chidantere says:

    Get Well Soon Ralph, Im Blaming The Judge On This

  103. phetere says:

    ndimmene zinalili nthawi ya bingu
    Analowanso nchipatala koma kunali nzele wa anthu kukamuona
    when it was my turn ndinalowa koma ndinampeza akuoneka zoti sakudwala kamkazi kakusangalala.

    kaya pano mzele wa anthu kuchipatalako uli ngati mmene unalili nthawi imeneyo.
    I doubt

  104. Dawood Zindiksmbani Makungwa says:

    Very sad,get well soon…..

  105. Whiiiwuu... says:


  106. langa says:

    Ok, May God touch and heal him in Jesus name.

  107. Jack Madeya says:

    Be a man Ralph. Have courage to face this. Unandimangisa and mocked me when I was in handcalfs. Thus prison life. The way umachindila muja ukunamizila kudwaa. Machende akn

  108. moya says:

    Let government send an independent doctor who is not corrupt otherwise we are tired of these tricks of people pretending to be so sick just to get away from jail condition. Send this man back until he proves his innocence. We have other pressing matters to deal with like the washington DC circus team spending tax money carelessly.

  109. The guarantor says:

    Bushiri will pray for him. We do not know what his heart is suffering from but what he’s suffering from is called jail disease or syndrome. These guyz do know their HIV status also. His fellows then r in new york we may want another plain crash for them so that we vote again. Me as a guarantor we will see bad occurrences. Ralph can be better helped at kasoba health centre.

  110. mapwiya says:

    What a joke.

  111. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    dont worry mr. kasambara……….. you r even much fit than mathanyula, coz he will just collapse one day on podium.

  112. hst says:

    Get well soon.

  113. KUNO KU MAULA says:







  114. jk says:

    Oh! Bwanjinso nanga? Oh, koma, prison z so bad, eeeh! Mmnh! Get well soin bwana Ralph.

  115. ...igwe says:

    ..wish you a quick recovery
    ..the arrest was unnecessary…this Judge must recuse himself from the case
    …the State has rested its case, the “accused” is not a threat to state witnesses or investigations…that part of the trial is finished.
    …presiding officer cannot be a referee and player at the same time

  116. Ma says:

    Koma yaaa! We pray muchile koma mbali ina pleaee behave a da Kasambara than showing off muma face book zinthu za serious ngati izi. I hope now you know lamulo liposa mphamvu.

    You can’t be careless always and think people will clap hands for you always. ..grow up 50 years now isn’t a joke.

  117. koma says:

    Samadwala aliku nyumba bwanji? This guy is a first class crook. Kodi ena alikundende akadwala chipatala chake nkuti? Stop playing with our minds lock this guy up. Akakhala pa facebook sanadwala akangolowa ndende matenda nde ngosayamba!

  118. nyapapi says:

    Very bad. Wish you quick recovery, God bless…

  119. Mbolo says:


  120. Ngwenyama says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm a Lafayelo mkasa m’mbala ndithu osangotsogola mukakoze malo a mphwiyo bwanji

  121. George Kamanga says:

    Ralph is behind bars because he said that this idiot dog APM is becoming a dictator.

    Ralph was very polite by calling APM a dictator but in real sense he is a big fool together with all his well wishers & followers.

    APM you are a very useless professor of law and a shame to all those who studied law in the whole world.

  122. Denguzman says:

    Wishing u a quick recovery.

  123. Chibade says:

    Get well soon. We are praying for you

  124. John says:

    This man is a crook and should not get away with what he did. Malawians are suffering now because of such kind of people. Apart from hunger, citizens are worried of security for themselves and their businesses. How can a foreigner invest in the country when he will be thinking he might get killed at any time? Like Bingu said… This guy is a crook and he should face the arm of justice. I remember when Joice bands made him justice minister, the first thing he did was to get himself 20 millions of Kwacha for compensation for being jailed. I would never forget that. He is not fit to be a public servant, has no heart of people In him.

  125. vw - gate says:

    A Mtambo mwapha Kasambara. Ine ndinayamba kalekale kudandaula za atumbuka. Munthu wachitonga mumamuumila moyo zedi inu atumbuka. Atumbuka mumadana ndi atonga zedi from time immemorial- from the days of Aleke Banda vs Chakufwa Chihana.

    It is sad kuti my fellow Tonga’s are too thick to pick on this and seem too dull to see that this exists.

    Why should you revoke Kasambara’s bail just for asking you to step aside because you are not best placed to judge justly? If anything iwe Mtambo siukanadikira kuti wina achitekukuwuza, if you were a credible professional ukanangotsikapo wekha pamenepo.

    You are simply clinging in to settle your scores with Kasambara which is abuse of office and abuse of human rights.

    Mr Mtambo mwatenga nsambi, mwapha munthu wosalakwa. And soon TIME will prove you wrong.

    Atonga learn from this. Atumbuka watitijinga ukongwa! Trust me achewa are more friendly and accommodative to tongas than atumbuka.

    1. Stinking Idiot says:

      Stop being tribalistic in this era, if you feel that your home mate was unfairly sent in the coolers. See other lawyers, there could be some kind of redress, who know!

  126. kanyekel says:

    mabodza basi anjatiwe ameneyu no one is above the law

  127. Those wishing die, why cant you start to die yourself or ur blood relative. Ask mphwiyo himself he knows who did de shooting. Let his blood be on you,mtambo, mary and blood kids for they know de truth but sanje. Which cash gate money is he involved. Witness refuted to tesfy, which law on earth the judge becomes prosecutor as well as a judge zimatero. Zikutiwawa dont turn malawi into bloodshed. We want justice, nzeru ndi chibadwa ask how many brothers he has? All graduates.

  128. Chathunya says:

    Kkkkkkk kadya kalista wavuta

  129. GRM says:

    I now believe he is not faking it. I wish him quick recovery. He need to recover to be where he belong. The prison

  130. Georges Mhango says:

    It is sad that Judge Mtambo is persecuting a fellow lawyer who he feels with his bias is already guilty before the defence proves its case.It is interesting that Mtambo has become the accuser and the judge. Mtambo is personally entangled in the case and it is surprising that he has refused to recurse himself from the case. Does he think that other judges are not compitent enough to handle this case? A Mtambo ili ndi dziko. You can pretend to be clever5 today. But u can not always be clever. Kunali anzanu. Nthawi zinatu mukagona try to reflect whether u have never broken the law yourself before deserving to be in jail. How I wish I was Mtambo. I would have known the consequences of being fired. Time will tell and one day no matter how long it will take the law will cash up with you.

    Mtambo have u ever imagined that the Current DPP is involved in a new cashgate? Taking DPP sympathisers who have no purpose to UNGA is a new form of Cash gate. Mind u Mtambo Jesus once said if u have never sinned then take stones and stone this woman. In addition justice should not only be done but it must seen being done.

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      So you are saying lawyers should look after each other? But when politicians do look after each other you complain?!!

      Mwateta Mhango. Then we are back to the removing himself from the case, or lawyers should not go to court because all Judges are lawyers.

    2. DRAKE says:

      Mr George you wanted Judge Mtambo to be intimidated, being followed by criminals and infringing on his private life to remain quet. Whether its your friend or Brother Kasambara is very pompus and arrogant. Whether is a Lawyer or what, no body is above the Law, Kasambara needs to be very exemplary in His behaviour and its high time that Government need to strip him of his Licence to practice as a Lawyer. He is a disgrace to the profession, he has commited uncounted injustices to people and this his time to face the law which he was practicing and sending people to Jail. If Kasambara is innocent the Judiciary will prove it if not he will have to serve the prison sentence

  131. Fake Lawyer says:

    Pepa osazapanganso zibwana ndi ma judge wamva!

    timakuuzani kuti a Micheal Mtambo ndi biggie koma iwe makani

    Boma ndi Boma osamapanga nalo zibwana imagine that was just two days in chitokosi

    kodi mukudziwa kuti a prophet anu abwera ?aitaneni azakusanjikeni manja

    matendawatu. kumanena osabisa kaya ndi mtima, khunyu, kalowa kayaza, vinjenje, misala , tidziwe chochita

  132. Mhesha says:

    Get well soon Raphael.

  133. Mafikizolo says:

    Kikiki. I always knew that despite all the brave talk of “Job 13:13”, the man is still scared stiff of life in a prison cell.

  134. mwana mulopwana says:

    Get well soon Mr Kasambala

  135. Ntapasya says:

    A CHAIR used mwana, Atu used BP, Oswald chimodzi modzi ndipo tonse tikudziwa kuti ndi fake iyo.

  136. kumwera says:

    Akunamizira ufe kumene pumbwa

  137. Mabodza says:

    The world of ours.ine duu kuonelera, paja anati osauka alibe mau

  138. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    No heart specialist at Mwaiwathu? And this is a premier hospital, mainly owned and manned by aphunzisi akachenjede (College of Medicine Profs)? Not even a non-Malawian? How do we explain this to taxpayers, when people in dire straits, like Mr Kasambara, can’t competent and appropriate medical attention?
    We can’t all head down to Sasaflika.

  139. Dr. Mwenefumbo says:

    This is very questionable as there is a readable pattern about people feigning sickness’. We need an independent assessment by either Dr. Martin Mwaiponya (based in LL). He is a devout christian and man of great honesty. He can’t be bribed. Dr. Tiffany Priester take care. You can be used by this crook or murderer. Eventually you will tarnish image of BAH. What is the diagnosis of this so called serious cardiac condition? If not get an independent cardiologist outside this country? JUDGE Mtambo I can tell you with certainty this guy isfaking illness. He is a mafia. Medical Council of Malawi look into this. Is this guy HIV positive and on ART? Is this congestive cardiac failure? Is this myocardial infarction? Is he having atrial fibrillation? We need to wipe Malawi of these crooks and this country will be better. Judge Mtambo and all concerned lawyers please do something about this. The law can’t be raped in our own eyes. I will be satisfied if evidence support that he is sick and if he is assessed by at least 2,independent cardiologists

  140. Gawabix says:

    Wishing you quick recovery.

  141. Nancy says:

    He should die thank you

  142. bondera says:

    Matenda a mitimawa bwanji?

  143. ligomeka says:

    Choipa chitsata mwini. Wazunzitsa anthu ambiri. Tiye nazo, mtimawo!

  144. ndikutelo says:

    Zovuta kwambiri,kungotikumbutsa kuti dzikoli komanso moyo palibe amene ali dolo kapena ndi wochenjela kwambiri ndipo ndi Mulungu yekha yemwe ali ndi mphanvu zonse,ndipo tikamakhala ndikugwila ntchito zathu zatsiku ndi tsiku tidzikumbukila kuti lidzafika tsiku lina lomwe ukadaulo,chuma,kutchuka sikudzatithandiza koma Mulungu yekha.

  145. Namasina says:

    Umaziyambiranji? Vigil, pano ndiye mukufuna Mulungu. Kumalapa zenizeni. Ngati simunatumikirepo mulungu, mutumikira chaka chake ndi chino.

  146. Daniel Phiri says:

    But it’s none of my business

  147. Jang'ala says:

    Ayenera kukhala kundende moyo wake wonse! Ameneyo.

  148. Notis gogoda says:

    Mutulutsen sadzachitaso

  149. Truck says:


  150. MaiMai says:

    Hard luck my dear! I hope you recover. But please don’t behave childish when out of jail by mocking judges on face book, come on grow up man! Am sure you are in your early 50s now so kukula sayimbira ng’oma achimwene. Maybe because you married a young girl hence you behave childishly.


  151. Patriot says:

    Anasokelera chithumwa mthupi mwake uyu.
    Akangolowa basi, chithumwacho chimayamba kugwira ntchito.

  152. He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.

  153. Benson T Phiri says:

    am sorry today is kasambara tommrow will be mtambo.we ‘re behind you to get well soon and see you proscuting these pipo they call themself super.take this clip to Kasambala

  154. Kalulu says:

    Matama Onse Aja. Kodi Ngodwalanso? Okalozedwa Sunukha Ndithu.

  155. Thumbwe man says:

    Abale be a man, be strong Ralph. Anzanutu aona zokhoma than yours in life. Nanga akakumangani 11yrs or lets say pang’ono chabe, 6 months . will you survive?

  156. Jamison Lungu says:

    Prisons are meant for convicts, not people who are on trial. SMH.

  157. angoni apaphata says:

    Koma munthu uyu ativuta. Wayambapo. Mpititseni kwa mbuyache bushiri.

  158. matako a pusi says:

    Get well soon

  159. Mphwache says:

    Kafadala. I know mtela umene Kasambara amagwiritsa ntchito, just take a tablet of Viagra everyday, when the court has referred you to prison, your heart speeds up, your BP rises and so does your penis. Basi wakuchipatala.

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