Kasambara missing on list of accredited Malawi lawyers

Former justice minister and attorney general Ralph Kasambara, Senior Counsel,  is conspicuously missing from the list of lawyers that can present clients in courts of law this year.

Kasambara: His name on the list but is Senior Counsel and eligible to practise

Kasambara: His name on the list but is Senior Counsel and eligible to practise

No reason has been given on his name being omitted.

Kasambara, a prominent  private practise lawyer.  has always represented himself or others in a case in which him and others are accused in relation to the plundering of K30 billion of public money at Capital Hill in what is known as cashgate.

The chairman of Law Society of Malawi,  John Suzi Banda,  could not directly comment on Kasambara’s individual issue but said all those who are not on the list cannot represent clients in courts.

“Only those that appear on the list can appear before court and handle cases,” he said.

There were some concerns in some quarters when Kasambara, a suspect, represented himself in the cashgate case and in some instances represented his accused. Some legal minds suggested this was improper but the law is silent on the matter so the courts let him proceed representing him.

The Law Society of Malawi in conjunction with the ministry of Justice comes up with a list of lawyers every year that can represent lawyers.

Those involved in misbehavior such as embezzlement of clients money are struck off from the list.

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30 thoughts on “Kasambara missing on list of accredited Malawi lawyers”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    From the outset,I would like to correct dear brother Phillip K.pa Kasebwe that my surname is not MSOGHOYA but MSOWOYA a proud Malawian,African and above all a TUMBUKA.I wonder if you cannot spell my surname correctly,how can we enter into an argument beyond your intellectual level.Please I have no time to urge with untutored moron because people won’t know who is a simpleton..There is hardwork before us to rebuild our dear motherland from the dilapidated economy spearheaded by your leaders from South and Central Malawi.Keep on trying brother.

  2. Ralph deserves, Msoghoya can explain better.

  3. MISOLO says:

    Palibe chodabwitsa apa. Palibe sadziwa khalidwe ndi zochita za Ralph.
    The Law society has come to its senses though late.

  4. wanguvyongavyonga says:

    shame !shame! shame! to you msowoya what does the law says when a suspect is representing himself or other? what will happen when ralph wins the case, fix this law in this republic of banana, so you think you have done with him ? this is ralph lets see how far you will go konzani lamulo choyamba osamangodana ndi munthu be true to yourself msowoya

  5. Tit for tat says:

    I vehemently support Winston’s narrative on “Tribalism” issue which has reached its zeal.For those who have attacked Winston for calling Ralph K.a Tumbuka are a bunch of misguided simpletons who are not living in this planet .Yes,tribalism the scourge of Africa must be condemned to the fullest dimension of the word.I know you cannot condemn it because you are an avowed tribalist leaning to destroy our once peaceful Nation.You are the ones who call all the Northerners as HINYAS and TUMBUKAS while you know that there are a number of tribes living in that Region viz: Tonga,Ngoni,Nkonde,Tumbuka,Lambya and others.May I take this opportunity to warn this animal by the name of Jigidijidi Jaba that he must not try to divide the people of the North.Tumbuka and Tonga do not hate each other and above all,they are the same people and have same blood.You find Muhonis in Rumphi and you find Chirwas in Mzimba,you find Kasambalas in Usisya the neighbourhood of Rumphi so on and so forth.Jaba,if you have not seen the aftermath of this animal called tribalism, just to remind you visit Rwanda and walk into the muesium of the genocide in Kigali,Rwanda and from there,you will never even want to mention the HINYAS or Atumbuka.Anyway,it is not your wish,the problem here is lack of “good education and natural intelligence”.What again has Kyungu done?

  6. achachanda says:

    What do you expect from a Msowoya KKKKKK

  7. Chawanangwa Sibale,Zolozolo says:

    Ife timangoti mwina za ma lawyers izi ndi chonchi,nanga munthu ali ndi milandu ayimira bwanji anzake pa Milandu or kuziyimira yekha kumene.This is amazing,no wonder his name is missing dis tym around.

  8. That is why you people from south are poor in mind.shut up! Live the nothereners.

  9. truth says:

    mr winstone msowoya, mwatani kodi? Shame.

  10. Aaron Caetano says:

    Kasambara is just another educated idiot who can happen to come from any region of the country, so regionalism or tribalism must not arise here.

  11. nabetha says:

    A nyasatimes reason mwalemba mu last sentence nde ife tiziti chani, zongotolana nkamwa basi

  12. Advisory Committee says:

    This is not a serious issue. Ralph can have his practising licence if pays his annual subscription to the Malawi Law Society , produces audited accounts and pays a fee of K10,000 at the Court for the licence. He has just delayed to do this but this does not mean he has been debarred he is still a lawyer capable of practicing so long he sorts out his procedural issues with the Malawi Law Society and he pays the saidK10, 000 fees Sinkhani iyi and some of us lawyers tachedwa kupange renew ma licence it is not a big issue its not only Kasambara


    I am a northerner but can not support msowoya, izi ndizongobweresa zidani kuti anthu tizitukwanizana eanafe have lived will all tribes in Malawi peacefully and without any dicrimination. Let us look for facts when an issue arises. Kodi nkhani zimene alinazo ku court Kasambala you think although the law is silent nde angamakhale akuimilanso anthu ena? Let him cleanse himself first and proven innocent then he will start practicing. Ngakhale ku churh mkulu wampingo akakhala ndi nkhani amayamba amuimitsa and akapezeka osalakwa he resumes his position. So stop the stupid tribal issues and enanso pliz do not bring hate speeches because of one misguided tumbuka, there are more better tumbukas out there than the Msowoya tumbuka.

  14. Winston Msowoya says:

    Kasambala is a Tumbuka from the Nyikaland.According to our brothers and sisters of the South and Central Malawi call all the HINYAS,TUMBUKAS.What do you think he is? Man’ganja or Chewa?

  15. Okay? says:

    Winston Msowoya # 12, are you sure Kasambara is a Tumbuka?

  16. Jigidijigidi Jaba says:

    @Winston Msowoya learn to be objective. Why reduce everything to tribalism? By the way, is Kasambara a Tumbuka? Hen did this Tonga from Nkhatabay become a Tumbuka? Why do you want to forcefully or deceptively make everyone from the North Tumbuka? Do you want to tell us that Tumbuka are the superior or an umbrellar tribe in the region so much that the rest are just sub-tribes? Who does not know how much you Tumbukas hate Tongas when you’re in your home region. Please don’t Come on! Don’t mislead people.

  17. sukutumpwelembwe says:

    Iwe Winston msowoya !

    A tumbuka a Jew of Africa ???? what type of English is this?
    Koma abale withu waku mphoto mumabvutika ndi matenda a ” prestige ‘” Am not a lhomwe but I just don’t like the way you so called Tumbukas behave. Mumadzifila kwambili like you are the first class citizens and yet anthu opanda chitukuko even kumphoto kwanuko. Just look at the behavior of your so called Paramount chief KYUNGU , very Shameful indeed.
    Viva Malawi ,viva one nation !!!

  18. Winston Msowoya says:

    It is not astonishing Raiph that you are not on the list of the accredited Malawi Lawyers.First and foremost,you are a Tumbuka a Jew of Africa.We very much know that being excluded in the list,does not suffice to say that you do not qualify for that,but as I have aforesaid,TRIBALISM and JEALOUSIES are the epicentre of the whole story.Internationally,you are highly praised and recognized as one of Africa’s brilliant Lawyers.You leave Malawi today,tomorrow you land on job in the UK,USA name what,so because you love your country so dearly,that is why you remain here to help your people. It is not underhand tha Peter Muthalika despite his PHD in Law,he was fired to teach at State University of Washington,USA hence, he rushed to Malawi to join his brother Bingu who himself also had been fired from COMESA ,in Harare for stealing US $150.000 but some leaked news put the figure at US$500.000 when he was working as Deputy Secretary General of the Southern Africa Organisation.So with the naked and shameless hatrade of the Northerners,who are intelligent,professionally accredited and hard working,the State of Malawi is sinking fast to the detriment of the future of our children and the generations to come..Malawians have endured hard life emanated from unwise and ethnically motivated leadership from South and Central Malawi,the sad part of it is that even the overwhelming masses of people from these two favoured Regions,are the victims of the obnoxious system currently parsued by Muthalika and his incompetent Lomwes and the likes.Malawians,so long as we are running the national government as our tribal property,we are one day likely to fall into a sinkhole of inferno.Northerners are Malawians who have been living in this country generations after generations and they are not going anywhere,MALAWI IS OUR FATHERLAND WHETHER THE LOMWES LiKE IT OR NOT WE ARE HERE TO STAY AND IF YOU INSIST US TO GO,YOU CAN ASWELL CROSS THE BORDER TO MOZAMBIQUE.LONG LIVE MALAWI AND LONG LIVE AFRICA.ALUTA CONTINUA,THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES!!!

  19. Woye!! So the courts let him proceed representing him. A lawyer presenting a client. Sha tiyenachoni chinenerocho.

  20. PMK says:

    Injustice Mason Mbendera and Injustice Kenyatta Nyirenda must be banned too is you want that Malawi’s Judiciary should be respected. if these two crooks, monsters, criminals are still in the system then the truth us not there

  21. Mwakipiki says:

    We are leaving in a country with no regard to governance. All the systems are bent at serving the big landlord. Banana republic!!

  22. true patriot says:

    It is hoped that those responsible for approving the list have done their homework well. We don’t want irrational and emotional decisions to be applied on purely professional matters. It is embarrassing how Ralph always seems to triumph over his detractors’ machinations.

    Honestly, Kadambara seems to have crossed paths with a lot of people. I don’t know whether people are just jealous of his seemingly unmatched shrewdness in court, or perhaps he dumb right arrogant and so people just wish him bad! Whatever the case, I just admire this guy’s tenacity and forthright bravery.

    1. November Rain says:

      Show me whom you admire; and I will tell you who you are.

  23. Aman says:

    Where can i find the list? A bunch of crooks /womanises, stealing in the name of lawyers and judges. Ok, if those not on the list are found practicing in a court, who would revoke them? And what would MLS do?

  24. vity says:

    If you delay to pay, your name can miss. But that doesn’t mean he can’t practice. He may have just delayed to pay the annual fees. If he paid after the list has already been prepared, his name can surely not appear. There are many lawyers whose names are not appearing on that list. But they have paid. So, don’t think upside down.

  25. Myao says:

    Wish this was similar case with malawi football adminstrators!
    Tinene kuti lafayeloyu mwankanika one on one?

  26. Munthu wankulu says:

    Where is the list? Tidziwiletu tisanayambe kuba apa

  27. Bwatiko says:

    So how do we know the names of approved lawyers?

  28. Biggy says:

    He will surely seek Bushiri’s the Major 1 intervention. Not surprised with this silly decision by group of failed lawyers so envious with Raphael’s success. You will never get his business nor his clients.

    Ralph ndi Ralph simungamuthe!

  29. Bernard says:




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