Kasambara missing on list of accredited Malawi lawyers

Former justice minister and attorney general Ralph Kasambara, Senior Counsel,  is conspicuously missing from the list of lawyers that can present clients in courts of law this year.

Kasambara: His name on the list but is Senior Counsel and eligible to practise

Kasambara: His name on the list but is Senior Counsel and eligible to practise

No reason has been given on his name being omitted.

Kasambara, a prominent  private practise lawyer.  has always represented himself or others in a case in which him and others are accused in relation to the plundering of K30 billion of public money at Capital Hill in what is known as cashgate.

The chairman of Law Society of Malawi,  John Suzi Banda,  could not directly comment on Kasambara’s individual issue but said all those who are not on the list cannot represent clients in courts.

“Only those that appear on the list can appear before court and handle cases,” he said.

There were some concerns in some quarters when Kasambara, a suspect, represented himself in the cashgate case and in some instances represented his accused. Some legal minds suggested this was improper but the law is silent on the matter so the courts let him proceed representing him.

The Law Society of Malawi in conjunction with the ministry of Justice comes up with a list of lawyers every year that can represent lawyers.

Those involved in misbehavior such as embezzlement of clients money are struck off from the list.

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Winston Msowoya

From the outset,I would like to correct dear brother Phillip K.pa Kasebwe that my surname is not MSOGHOYA but MSOWOYA a proud Malawian,African and above all a TUMBUKA.I wonder if you cannot spell my surname correctly,how can we enter into an argument beyond your intellectual level.Please I have no time to urge with untutored moron because people won’t know who is a simpleton..There is hardwork before us to rebuild our dear motherland from the dilapidated economy spearheaded by your leaders from South and Central Malawi.Keep on trying brother.

Phillip K pa Kasebwe

Ralph deserves, Msoghoya can explain better.


Palibe chodabwitsa apa. Palibe sadziwa khalidwe ndi zochita za Ralph.
The Law society has come to its senses though late.


shame !shame! shame! to you msowoya what does the law says when a suspect is representing himself or other? what will happen when ralph wins the case, fix this law in this republic of banana, so you think you have done with him ? this is ralph lets see how far you will go konzani lamulo choyamba osamangodana ndi munthu be true to yourself msowoya

Tit for tat
I vehemently support Winston’s narrative on “Tribalism” issue which has reached its zeal.For those who have attacked Winston for calling Ralph K.a Tumbuka are a bunch of misguided simpletons who are not living in this planet .Yes,tribalism the scourge of Africa must be condemned to the fullest dimension of the word.I know you cannot condemn it because you are an avowed tribalist leaning to destroy our once peaceful Nation.You are the ones who call all the Northerners as HINYAS and TUMBUKAS while you know that there are a number of tribes living in that Region viz: Tonga,Ngoni,Nkonde,Tumbuka,Lambya and others.May I… Read more »

What do you expect from a Msowoya KKKKKK

Chawanangwa Sibale,Zolozolo
Chawanangwa Sibale,Zolozolo

Ife timangoti mwina za ma lawyers izi ndi chonchi,nanga munthu ali ndi milandu ayimira bwanji anzake pa Milandu or kuziyimira yekha kumene.This is amazing,no wonder his name is missing dis tym around.

Billy collings

That is why you people from south are poor in mind.shut up! Live the nothereners.


mr winstone msowoya, mwatani kodi? Shame.

Aaron Caetano

Kasambara is just another educated idiot who can happen to come from any region of the country, so regionalism or tribalism must not arise here.

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