Kasambara phone hacked, lawyers takes to Facebook to speak about it

Private practicing lawyer, Ralph Kasambara has been played by unknown goons who have since hacked into his mobile phone  and using his number.

Trial by error

Kasambara: Phone tampered with

The hackers have been masquerading as Kasambara and have been contacting people on his phone contact list, demanding money.

Kasambara, former Justice minister,  revealed the on social media on Tuesday, warning people of the incident.

“My phone number 0999 510 975 has been hacked; and the hackers are masquerading as me asking persons on my contact lists to send money to some Airtel money accounts,” complained Kasambara.

“Please don’t send money to any account. If you have already done so please inform me on my temporary number 0993087630”.

He disclosed that a formal complaint has already been lodged with the mobile service provider, Airtel Malawi on Friday 8th July, 2016 and investigations are underway.

Kasambara, a former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, is a managing partner at Ralph & Arnold Associates law firm.

He is currently being accused of conspiring to murder former government’s budget director, Paul Mphwiyo in 2013.

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With my 15 years in the telecommunication industry am failing to understand the whole story. Was his phone lost? Did those zubats went to Airtel for new sim card for same number (Ralphs number)? Did they got the call log to identify frequently called or calling numbers? or they waited for somebody to call for the number and then later demanded the money? Answer me please. Cellphone is most secure device and nobody can manage to remotely steal personal contacts from the simcard through the GSM network.

IT Under Graduate

That is one reason phone numbers need not be made public, willy nilly.

And people should be ware of WhatsApp groups and other places which expose a user’s mobile number.


That skimming Mr. Kasambara not hacking

Racist McTumbukaFace

Akunama uyu! He is a big khrook!

mnyamata wa nzeru

That’s not hacking, its called cloning. His sim-card has simply been cloned. Tamafunsani kaye zinazi!!

Lifa Khadija

There is nothing wrong bwana, Hacking is the practice of modifying the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose. Cloning is one of the thousands way of hacking.


It’s not cloning either. Cloning a SIM card cannot restore the contacts list in the new card as indicated in the story that people are being contacted from Kasambala’s phone contact list

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