Katsonga tells Mutharika to resign over Malawi insecurity, poor economy

President Peter Mutharika should step down over lapse of security and the poor economic status of the country, a business tycoon and People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) president Mark Katsonga- Phiri has said.

Mark Katsonga:  Mutharika has failed to govern Malawi

Mark Katsonga: Mutharika has failed to govern Malawi

Katsonga said the only honourable course of action Mutharika should do is to abdicate from his office and salvage some integrity so that capable people can step in to transform the country.

He accused the 76-year-old President Mutharika who has been in office for a year of failing to bring the much-needed economic transformation to the country.

“Let’s forget whatever government is doing in trying to attract investors because insecurity is so high. I would not myself go into a country to be killed. So, I consider the lapse in security a very big drawback in whatever government is doing to attract investors,” Katsonga said as quoted by Daily Times on Thursday.

“The economy is bad, security is bad and that puts us in a very awkward position. The only way Malawi can move out of this situation is to put a new government in place; these guys have failed,” he added.

He said Malawi will only progress if Mutharika is out of power.

“Malawians should get a new government in place, that’s my advice. Otherwise, you will be wasting time with this government because they failed before and they are also failing now,” he said.

Katsonga said for the past 10 years, DPP failed the country during the 8-years leadership of late Bingu wa Mutharika and one-year of Professor Peter Mutharika.

DPP has since trashed Katsonga’s call for President to resign.

“In Malawi, we have the Constitution which clearly stipulates under what circumstances an elected leader can resign. There is no provision where the whole ruling party would resign in as far as the Constitution is concerned,” said DPP Publicity Secretary, Francis Kasaila, as quoted in Daily Times.

“So, if Mr Katsonga would like to get into government, our advice is to ask him to wait for 2019 and let Malawians vote him because you don’t get into government through the backdoor. You have to wait,” Kasaila said.

Kasaila said calling for government’s resignation is”a total waste of time.”

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88 thoughts on “Katsonga tells Mutharika to resign over Malawi insecurity, poor economy”

  1. Those who voted for DPP manifestos not PPM’s are getting satisfied that the DPP is on the right truck. Don’t forget that their manifesto has a time frame of 5 years according to our constitution and after 5 years that’s when we will be in a better position to judge DPP not now. That’s why we hold elections every 5 years. The people who are rushing for a change of government didn’t vote for DPP hence they are blind to see things the party is accomplishing from their manifesto. This Katsonga guy is an interesting idiot, how blind is he to appreciate great Bingu’s achievements: 5 star Hotel in LL, flamboyant stadium in LL, Presidential villas, Kamuzu mausoleum and statue in LL, the New Parliament Building, Mzuzu Reserve Bank Branch, MUST at Ndata, irrigation village dams, Teachers Training Colleges; Machinga, Phalombe, etc. and being the owner of a bus company beautiful roads constructed by Bondo la Njobvu everywhere expanding his business routes, Farm Tructors standing as white elephants Agriculture Extension Branches bought on load from India etc. – aren’t these great achievements by DPP? The problem is; this guy has his own manifestos which the electorate refused to take despite fierce campaign with help of many corrupt editors and only voted for by very few individuals. Isn’t he getting ashamed? To be honest this guy is the one to resign as PPM president because he will never bring his party to glory come 2019. Don’t steal our birth right of voting and we will judge DPP in 2018-2019. Is there a country with free crime on the globe? Everywhere security is not 100%, even in France, the US, etc. they have security problems. These guys are afraid of DPP and they pretty sure know that if they let DPP go with its manifestos fulfilled then they are doomed and no one will dare voting for them come 2019. With the help of Mayaya and his friends you think you can rule as again with your propaganda- to fucking shit hell. Come on keep on campaigning for DPP, chipani cha mphangala. Another is that this guy is afraid of his would be competitors hence to scare them away in the name of Malawi an insecure place for business. If it’s true why not closing your business? Stupid monopolizer!!

  2. Paul Vida says:

    DPP yalephera basi Katsonga sakunama. Ndiuchitsiru dzedi kumaikira kumbuyo dpp ndiponso palibe anavotera dpp, inachita kubela mavoti ndindani sakuziwa kodi.

  3. Themuthemu says:

    Send a thief to catch a thief. We send a vote to give APM a place at sanjika Palace the same votes will chase him from palace. Remember mai Namaloko who tried to resist moving from sanjika. But the same votes called her back now mai Namaloko can not even dare to live in her own country.She is ashamed. The only self exiled ex president in Malawi.Bwana Kasonga your mouth do not qualify to speak on our behalf. Even if you partner up with Mayaya, Mathanyula will flash a joker for guys.

  4. Mafia says:

    Mulila mpaka mutopa, ife tikungopitabe ndi PETER patsogolo.

  5. Fabiano Nkhoma says:

    Yes, APM must resign. But what are you offering as an alternative or what are you going to put in place to revamp the ill economy and why not offer that alternative now if your call for resignation is to be regarded a genuine one not out of malice.

    Why did you loose Candlex to that Ghanian if you have the gats for economy? Malawians are good at criticizing and not critiquing. For you masquerading as a Goliati citizen, YOU ARE NOT!


  6. Mthawanji says:

    Tiye nazoni

  7. jackson mphe says:

    kodi inu kasongayi anali nambala chani pa ma elections aja?

    1. Paul Vida says:

      Katsonga anali number yamako. Chitsiru iwe eti. Iwe unali number chani? Stupid Jackson

  8. Kkkkkkkk izi nde zitiso?

  9. Petulopaulendoachoke says:

    Peter Mathanyula should go, he is a disgrace to the nation of Malawi imagine a president with only one tooth!!! This has never happened in the history of Malawi. Bakili had very short teeth but atleast we were able to see his teeth (32). Kamuzu had normal teeth likewise Joyce Banda. I have never seen this goat’s tooth but from hearsay I heard its only one in his whole big mouth. Imagine a big man like him, a 79 year old. What a disgrace to the nation. M’maiko azinzathu ma president awo onse ali ndi manu 32. Whats wrong with us?

  10. Gugulethu Makombe says:

    Arrogance once again. Am not surprised but history repeats itself and we will wait.

  11. Nyakhavi weniweni says:

    Ifenso anthu akwa Goliyati tatopa naye mtchonayu.Kuno kwa Goliyati kuli umphawi wazaoneni.Iyayi munthu ameneyi azipita.Ndipo zimene amayankhula sizimveka.Amangoti hu hu hu…isa koma taona nazo mbwaza ndi munthu uyu.

  12. Obey GOD says:


  13. Steve says:

    Mukamalemba ma comment anuwa muziyang’ana kaye chatsitsa dzaye kuti njobvu itchoke nyanga.

  14. chefourpence says:

    I agree with Katsonga! And I suggest he take the lead! Close your businesses in Malawi as a show of ‘no confidence’ in Malawi’s security system and go, where? SA? USA? Iran may be…. And one thing Mr Katsonga, one of your buses caught fire last March or was it April? On the Salima road. Did you resign as CEO of your bus company over poor safety of your passengers? Easier said than done.

  15. John Tomoka says:

    He is indeed doing nothing let him go for good

  16. Thyanga Thyanga says:

    The old man shld really resign. He has failed.

  17. Kenkkk says:

    It is interesting and very rare to hear some famous or nationally known figures from the south speaking against apm or his govt. Is this the beginning of the end?

    Just be careful mr katsonga, we don’t want them kill one of your relations on the pre- text of mistaken identity.

  18. mdk says:

    Muzingokamba pa nyasatimes pompano basi not a true reflection on what is on the ground kkkkkkkkk

  19. Goliati says:

    We are not talking of votes ,if him erected into power he must improve the economy and security, katsonga is right. Who can come to Malawi to invest yet there is insecurity? In developed countries people work 24hrs never sleep like malawians,it is done coz of insecurity , anthuwa ndi a Satanic, amathanyula chilungamo chimenechi a kuchidziwa, ndipo Mulungu walimbitsa zinthu Mpaka atabwera ena osati awa ,pano chifukwa chosankhana mitundu ,Mulungu watikantha ndi njala , zigumula , kuti akhatewo adye, nanga si ntundu wopanda phindu,alomwefe tanyanya, tiyeni tonse ndife amalawi tigwirizane

  20. Boy says:

    All what is being barked by Katsonga is total rubbish including those supporting his remarks for APM to resign. Whether you like it or not, Katsonga needs to wait until 2019, after all, he will not even win if he will contest. Mbali imene muli a Katsonga ndiyokwanira, osati u President wa dziko. Mr. Katsonga, dont join the bandwagon of the Kaluas, sit down and think for better ideas to help Malawi. Dont think running a government is like managing a shop, as Kenneth Kaunda( former Zambian President) said. Its not, its a different world altogether. Its all about democracy, we voted DPP into power and there is an agreed period for that govt. to be in power. Mutha kulankhula mmene mungathere, nothing will happen. In fact, the problem of economy is not DPP but inherited all this from PP. The security issue is bad but you cannot call APM to resign. On my analysis, people like Katsonga are fault finders and have never uttered anything good the govt. is doing, shame. Of all things, nothing good has happened, it sad for you Katsonga indeed.

  21. chikulumutu says:

    Pliz if there is a room for accommodation,,take it from different pples’ views

  22. vavlov says:

    Can anyone please explain how Malawi’s president is performing? The impression one gets is that the man is oblivious of his leadership, fails to speak properly and looks confused, what sort of a leader is this man?

  23. Aron says:

    Enough is enough let him go

  24. Dr Mbewe says:

    I agree with Katsonga. Dpp is a disgrace. Kodi sachita manyazi?

  25. MPHAKA says:


  26. Young Max says:


  27. jekel khalani lwazi says:

    Akatsonga motse muja munayamba kampeni olo kukhalako wachiwili inu maloto anu ndi amwanapiye kuti tsiku kina anzayamwa mpaka kukupa.please leave APM alone he is our driver now and DPP is our city lini mean our bus

  28. ben says:

    Road traffic tatopa ma line how can government introduce a sysytem which is not working why are they continuing with a system that make people wait for 3 days to get licence cof t

  29. Honala says:

    Kikkk koma IBU. Kikikikiki Koma Mwampini. Kikikikiki koma Mathanyula umangova zolamulira dziko. Ikanipo Chilima amalizitse. Fotseki

  30. Maliseche says:

    To hell with your account No1 abolition…..iwe sukuona kuti munthu akuyendesa boma without usual donor aid….what happens when donors pull out aid?….Malawi always falls…check history bro…perhaps have born 2dy..

  31. Malawi weniweni says:

    Mutharika really needs to resign.He has totally failed us.The economy is in total shambles.People are being killed like chickens and some are even buried close to the presidential villas.Total security breakdown.Kasaila should stop defending this clown of a reader.Who told him that we voted for him?Why was Mbendera hooting like a sick owl in the midst of the night?Why was Spy Dausi burning boxes of ballots?Munthu owina amawina ndi 36%?

  32. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Yes! You are talking Mr Katsonga! Enough is enough! Let us rise up and bring down this oppressive murderous government!

  33. TELL HIM says:

    Tell him….To be honest malawi lucking proper leadership…A leader who can help poor malawians like our one president Kamuzu Banda…..Bingu he could have managed, but the problem he came after Bakili who destroyed our loved country…..Malawi ikuwonongeka tikuwona……

  34. Nyamata wa 20 points plan and account number one wadabwa ndikayendetsedwe ka boma la matchona.

  35. Hamu says:

    Koma kumeneko!!! Kasaila MBUZI!!! azibale ako akufa ndi njala chaka chino iwenso sukusungula. Kuuma mutu koma. APM walephera basi tipaka kayende basi!!!!

  36. Patriot says:

    Malawi is a failed State today.
    In 2019, it will be worse than Greece.
    Chomwe amaziwa a DPP ndi mapwevupwevu banquets basi.

  37. thumbwefu says:

    mr kasaila, take note, if people are tire of your govt anything can happen & they will not wait for 2019. so improve your leadership style pliz.


    Bwana Katsonga, Munalephela U President Ndi U Mp Omwe Akasiya Mutharika Muyendetsa Boma? Mukulephela Kuyendetsa Kampani Ya Ma Bus (axa) Mungathe Kuyendetsa Boma? Ma Bus Anu Angofela Munseu Bwanji Osagulitsa Kampani Yanui? Mukulephela Kulemba Anthu Olongosoka Ntchito Munangolemba Dzidakwa Kukhalira Kuledzela. Pliz Kambani Zina Mwina Timva Osati Izi! Yambani Mwakonza Bus Zanu Za Axa Zija!

  39. Balamanthu says:

    Mutharika is colonized by a gang of few thugs and hence unable to provide security.It was the same case during Bingus time that he was patronized and controlled by a few thugs.Malawi cant be safe till we start voting soberly and elect leaders that have morals and can be respected by their own citizens.

  40. zeze says:

    From the comments, it seems Kasaila is in total agreement with the fact that this government has failed us. Indeed, president Munthalika is incompetent and has failed us. He is a maphwevuphwevu leader, busy having parties instead of developing this country. The only set back is the constitution but hey wait a minute! Peoples voice is can be louder than the constitutional voice, it has happened elsewhere in this world. So be very very careful with your comments Hon. Kasaila!

  41. Sekulu says:


  42. CHOKO says:

    You are refusing to resign yet people are being killed and buried like dogs. Is this what those people voted for. Resign now otherwise we don’t want to see what we saw in 2012. Do not even think of 2019, Kasaila you have failed. We have seen Presidents and Ministers resigning elsewhere why not you, what are doing there. Resign now not tomorrow.

  43. inkata be says:

    Oh, now I known as I have remembered.
    Thank you,did you say you are kasaila or katsaila?

  44. Xeenoph says:

    Yes,, even if we may back this government by using the constitution, Katsonga has a point. This government has failed in a # of areas. The executive is also developing arrogance and slowly it is going back to the 2010-2012 period. Believe me, we shall all dance their tune but with PAIN. Watch out!!!!! Katsonga has a point

  45. MAN KENYA says:

    Malawians, receive greetings from Kenya. Security should be given top priority in all countries. No tangible development can be achieved in a country where there is no dignity towards human life. Mutharika should uplift his effort towards security for investor to regain confidence in investing in Malawi. Thank you kasonga for raising the eyebrows.

  46. nyenyenye says:

    Likey Likey, Umayesa kuyendesa boma ndi nsima eti!

  47. nobel says:

    Zimayamba in low tones like that. Where on the world would an investor burn their capital under a business – hostile environment? Can we easily conclude that the failure of africa’s richest man was due to security lapses?

  48. Maximum Prison says:

    This is nonsense! This is a hatred demand with evil intention. If you talk of insecurity in Malawi what will you say about Nigeria where over 200 people die in a week? Did you know South Africa has the highest rate of day robbery in Africa? But did you hear anyone asking the President to step down? By the way do you know that robbery is a career? Even in Zambia, they are experiencing armed robbery almost daily! Just last month the Lusaka shoprite was attacked and two armed robbers were gunned down did you here the opposition asking Edgar Lungu to resign? Stupid politics!

  49. Ongeza Kidoko says:

    Mr Katsonga is not the right person to be calling for the resignation of the state president. He has been aspiring to be president himself and has failed badly. Have you left your party for others to run it, just because you goofed before? Even his businesses are too much of pendapenda because of management lapses. The big question for Mr. Katsonga is kodi mukanakhala inu mukanatula pansi udindowo? Zimvereni chisoni and let us give a chance to the current state president to run the show to the end of his term.

  50. nyama says:

    kapolo iwe ukuziwa chani mbuzi yamunthu

  51. Chinyopiro says:

    Yes! He should resign.

  52. Kasaila is saying the truth legally but Katsonga has a very strong case. It is true that we dont seem to improve economically and insecurity is much evident. The problem is that there is no sign of improvement in the near future. Mutharika would do the country good if he resigns to pave way for those who can bring the much needed transformation.

  53. Akachari says:


  54. nophiya says:

    I have never heard that a failure do dream of advising the achiever. Its just a sign of jealousy.

  55. It’s almost a year since our beautiful country had elections, if it were Chakwera saying this I could have sensed something not Kaysonga. How many votes did you get???? So on whose mandate are you saying this trash????? Only Chakwera can say this cos probably I’m saying probably he won the elections but Im not sure about that either cos I was not there but all I know is that he came close. So Katsonga it’s better to talk something concerning Manachesi how we can make good juice out of it I think maybe you’re mandated to speak about that.

  56. UZIMVE says:

    indeed waste of time. If mr katsonga want the economy to improve he should be the first one to respond to appreciation of the kwacha by lowering charges in all his business including bus fares.
    All parties should stop calling for resignation of government until 2019.
    Lets dwell on other equally important issues. Eeeeee mutidabwitsa tsopano ofuna kulowa mboma nthawi isanakwane…………mufuna chiyani? Taphunzira kokwanira ndi anthu olowera pa window sizenezene

  57. Chemusa says:

    He mus resign on moral grounds. Forget the constitution. Mutharika has failed. The response from Kutsala also shows that he does not understand democracy.
    A person can resign because of failure. APM is MUST JUST DO THAT,

  58. nyakwawa nganga says:

    Shaaah lets wet & c

  59. ben says:

    There is nodrugs in hospitals, hospitals are saying central medical stores have stockouts, no drugs there is need for improvements situation is pathetic in the hospitals. tili pa mavuto

  60. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    DPP , are you telling Malawians to wait for that long four years to replace your dunderhead ? How many people do you think will be alive at the rate we are being killed ?

  61. Mr Katsonga it is too late I can even call you a fool you helped these stupid DPP to retake over because you believed with the lies DPP was despraying

  62. Kennedy says:

    If thats the matter, mr phiri can it be brought to august house so that peter can be impeached. We all live in fear and hunger not to mention everything is a mess right now, please Lord can you remove Dpp so that tomorrow we can smile, please Lord have mercy on malawians.

  63. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    Akatsonga zifukwa ndizambiri tinanena kale
    1–Civil servants no salary up to now
    2— Malata & Cement kuliziiiiiiiiiiiiii
    3– Ask Chilima nkhani ya machange ali mpheeeeeeeeeeeee bola zake zinayenda
    4–Killing of albnoes
    6—Maize cash gate with Lungu
    8–No Security
    9–Sale of MSB
    10–kILLING OF ACB Director
    11–No fuel in August up ———- Mark my words —Sirs/Madams

  64. Bob says:

    Aishoshe aione. Wind alia pano. Why do you start things you will never fulfill. Agalu inu aDPP.

  65. Jose' says:

    hahahahahahah! ktsonga. Failure of failures that he is. Please, bring us alternative not thee jokes

  66. HILL says:

    Kasaila is a perfect fool full of mediocrity.

  67. HILL says:

    This little boy (Labia Minora) Francis Kasaila is a disgrace dunderhead

  68. Phwado says:

    Mark Katsonga,myself and everyone with such calls are right to call a spade a spade.There is nothing tangible for Malawians Peter Mutharika,DPP and his lomwe homeboys have done and shall do other than dressing their asses with greed.Kasaila mwanadala even knows this.He is just serving his clueless boss.

  69. Khwantha says:

    if we sit down and analyze the situation it doesn’t even need the president I don’t believe this katsonga guy has the brains which can bring change to our nation if he thinks like they he has put it here. it is our duty to make malawi a peaceful country the people who are doing crime that have brought this confusion are malawian. it will be much better if Mr katsonga go to wamuthalika try to advise him on ways katsonga thinks can improve security standards as a nation we need to hold hands other than putting the blame on a single person. wake up katsonga

  70. Van de Kaithazi says:

    I agree with mr. Katsonga, our economy is fast going on its knees, security deteriorating, investors and donor confidence in the regime remains far fetched. Unless we all rise from deep slumber and act voice out now in solidarity.

  71. First offender says:

    Zidakukanikani khalani chete musalimbane ndinzanu iye akulamulira. Udamupasa nkasa ma million kuti anthu akuziwe kuzera mu njimbo komabe sizinayende munthu wovuta kugulitsa iwe.

  72. PetuloMathanyula meee! says:

    Mark Katsonga when did you realise that DPP failed before and will not make it?? U Judas Iscariot were you not the one who rushed to say you will work with DPP when we were protesting poll results? Is it because your dreams of becoming minister did not materialise? You though by rushing into congratulating this one-toothed he-goat when you knew he stole votes he would appoint you minister? You must be a very big fool!!! Why is it that southerners are such dunderheads? Anthu anjala inu each and every year you beg for madeya and you are here shitting!!! Luckily central and north don’t suffer as southerners do, go to hell!!!!!

  73. Nyau Isthobwa says:

    A katsonga apa ndiye mwalasa Peter adakanika ali nduna apa ndiye angatani tiziona tili limodzi

  74. big chimbly says:

    There is no way these greedy people can through in the towel. We will suffer till 2019 and even beyond. I don’t blame the DPP Govenment, I blame the people of malawi, they witnessed how we suffered under Bingu, and in their normal senses went and voted for the same party. Shame

  75. Hitler says:

    Through the backdoor he came and through the same backdoor he will go.

  76. Say NO to Stupid Federation says:

    Wait up until 2019 are you mad Mr Katsonga?

    That’s Why, Mukulephera Kupanga Ubale Ndi Brother Wako.

    Ana openga inu, Dpp is here to stay. Whether You Like Or Not APM Is Head Of State.

  77. BBC says:

    DPP must go because they were never voted into power by the people. Let us unite and liberate this country for the sake of our children. It happened to Kamuzu, so who is Pitala to take us for granted? Peter must go.

  78. BigMan says:

    Another fully grown Malawian, barking, barking, barking and barking some more….for nothing!

  79. Nabetha says:

    Mr. Kasaila, when people say they should get a new government they simply mean DPP should be forcefully removed, forget about this fake constitution. Honourable Kasaila you are also shooting your own foot when you say one can not get into government through the backdoor because this is exactly what you did and people are about to show you that your actions are not welcomed in a democratic Malawi. Arab Spring has taught us that if we need change we can have it without waiting for the voting day. We are waiting patiently for the day when the trumpets will sound and that will be your down fall just like Mummar Gaddaf, Hussen Mubarak, Saddam Husein , our own Kamuzu and even apartheid in South Africa. 2019 is far away to persevere this suffering. Malawi should come to stand still for a year while the mess is being cleared.

  80. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Kasaila is wrong, APM will be out of office in 2024. You can ask Peter himself. We have solid 9 years to endure.

    Tilira mphaka kutopa.

  81. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    I totally agree with both counterarguments.

    1. It is absurd and retrogressive to expect the president to resign. He cannot and will not resign. It is a total waste of time indeed to expect a Malawian president to resign even if he is a total failure. Mr. Katsonga must come up with viable solutions to the quandary.

    2. However, I also agree with Mr. Katsonga that Peter Mutharika is not exuding any hope to the nation. He is a failed president. He has not come up with his own formula of governance, a thing many people expected from a professor who has amassed a lot of experience in diaspora. From a business point of view, no investor would come to Malawi amid insecurity, high lending rates in the banks and erratic power supply. This is an honest analysis. Malawi has not reached a point of sustaining itself and therefore a zero-deficit-budget may be seem to be a solution in the future but not now. Peter needs to build confidence in the donor community because high taxation rate from the poor people will leave them poorer and poorer.

    3. A solution to the poor performance of Peters government is to look in our constitution. What are the provisions in the constitution to oust a failed president because at the pace we are going, mmm, we are heading for a disaster

  82. Samarakunjuta says:

    The caucazoid and real devil must just resign man mxm!!!

  83. fight says:

    aaaah! kodinso tili ndi President m’Malawi?Sindimadziwa,then he is a dead President.

  84. The Real ujeni says:

    Katsaila is one foolish minister together with his foolish brother kondwani Nankhumwa. People power don’t wait for next election. People can force for early election if they have lost trust in the current government, which is obvious it had no majority and now even the little they had has vanished

  85. gule says:

    Kodi Mr Katsonga, mukakhutakhuta mumangodzuka mwati basi President achoke? Munakanika kuyendetsa Candlex…Where are you taking the morals to believe that you can advise someone on how to run a country. Which new government are you saying should come in. Led by Who? Yourself? Have you ever asked yourself why you have every five years unashamedely attempted to become president of this country. Is it faith or ufiti, which makes you think you can be elected president of this country?

    Ukakhuta mandanda ako ku Agma, uzingogona basi………koma osati kumatulutsa za ubve zakozo.

    Wamva Mark Katsonga?

  86. bwangazi says:

    Kasaila ur very stupid!!!!! There is sense in what katsonga is saying. Dpp has miserably to govern this country. Anyway, its a country of dogs being governed by a trained dog.

  87. mulopwana says:

    zakuvutani…musatiwonongere dzikoli.Malawians ,why is it so difficuilt to accept our failures?

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