Katsonga tells Mutharika to resign over Malawi insecurity, poor economy

President Peter Mutharika should step down over lapse of security and the poor economic status of the country, a business tycoon and People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) president Mark Katsonga- Phiri has said.

Mark Katsonga:  Mutharika has failed to govern Malawi

Mark Katsonga: Mutharika has failed to govern Malawi

Katsonga said the only honourable course of action Mutharika should do is to abdicate from his office and salvage some integrity so that capable people can step in to transform the country.

He accused the 76-year-old President Mutharika who has been in office for a year of failing to bring the much-needed economic transformation to the country.

“Let’s forget whatever government is doing in trying to attract investors because insecurity is so high. I would not myself go into a country to be killed. So, I consider the lapse in security a very big drawback in whatever government is doing to attract investors,” Katsonga said as quoted by Daily Times on Thursday.

“The economy is bad, security is bad and that puts us in a very awkward position. The only way Malawi can move out of this situation is to put a new government in place; these guys have failed,” he added.

He said Malawi will only progress if Mutharika is out of power.

“Malawians should get a new government in place, that’s my advice. Otherwise, you will be wasting time with this government because they failed before and they are also failing now,” he said.

Katsonga said for the past 10 years, DPP failed the country during the 8-years leadership of late Bingu wa Mutharika and one-year of Professor Peter Mutharika.

DPP has since trashed Katsonga’s call for President to resign.

“In Malawi, we have the Constitution which clearly stipulates under what circumstances an elected leader can resign. There is no provision where the whole ruling party would resign in as far as the Constitution is concerned,” said DPP Publicity Secretary, Francis Kasaila, as quoted in Daily Times.

“So, if Mr Katsonga would like to get into government, our advice is to ask him to wait for 2019 and let Malawians vote him because you don’t get into government through the backdoor. You have to wait,” Kasaila said.

Kasaila said calling for government’s resignation is”a total waste of time.”

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Njenjenje Kunjenjemera
Those who voted for DPP manifestos not PPM’s are getting satisfied that the DPP is on the right truck. Don’t forget that their manifesto has a time frame of 5 years according to our constitution and after 5 years that’s when we will be in a better position to judge DPP not now. That’s why we hold elections every 5 years. The people who are rushing for a change of government didn’t vote for DPP hence they are blind to see things the party is accomplishing from their manifesto. This Katsonga guy is an interesting idiot, how blind is he… Read more »
Paul Vida

DPP yalephera basi Katsonga sakunama. Ndiuchitsiru dzedi kumaikira kumbuyo dpp ndiponso palibe anavotera dpp, inachita kubela mavoti ndindani sakuziwa kodi.


Send a thief to catch a thief. We send a vote to give APM a place at sanjika Palace the same votes will chase him from palace. Remember mai Namaloko who tried to resist moving from sanjika. But the same votes called her back now mai Namaloko can not even dare to live in her own country.She is ashamed. The only self exiled ex president in Malawi.Bwana Kasonga your mouth do not qualify to speak on our behalf. Even if you partner up with Mayaya, Mathanyula will flash a joker for guys.


Mulila mpaka mutopa, ife tikungopitabe ndi PETER patsogolo.

Fabiano Nkhoma

Yes, APM must resign. But what are you offering as an alternative or what are you going to put in place to revamp the ill economy and why not offer that alternative now if your call for resignation is to be regarded a genuine one not out of malice.

Why did you loose Candlex to that Ghanian if you have the gats for economy? Malawians are good at criticizing and not critiquing. For you masquerading as a Goliati citizen, YOU ARE NOT!



Tiye nazoni

jackson mphe

kodi inu kasongayi anali nambala chani pa ma elections aja?

Paul Vida

Katsonga anali number yamako. Chitsiru iwe eti. Iwe unali number chani? Stupid Jackson

Imraan Sadick

Kkkkkkkk izi nde zitiso?

Peter Mathanyula should go, he is a disgrace to the nation of Malawi imagine a president with only one tooth!!! This has never happened in the history of Malawi. Bakili had very short teeth but atleast we were able to see his teeth (32). Kamuzu had normal teeth likewise Joyce Banda. I have never seen this goat’s tooth but from hearsay I heard its only one in his whole big mouth. Imagine a big man like him, a 79 year old. What a disgrace to the nation. M’maiko azinzathu ma president awo onse ali ndi manu 32. Whats wrong with… Read more »
Gugulethu Makombe

Arrogance once again. Am not surprised but history repeats itself and we will wait.

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