Khanje donates to Moya fund as Tenthani pumps in  Mutharika’s K50,000  handout

MISA  Malawi vice Chairperson Thom Khanje : Donates to Moya fund

MISA Malawi vice Chairperson Thom Khanje : Donates to Moya fund

Raphael Tenthani, the Muckracker: Donates the presidential handout

Raphael Tenthani, the Muckracker: Donates the presidential handout

Times Group Head of Business News Thom Khanje has donated K50,000  (about $100)towards the Friends of Limbani, an initiative aimed at raising money to support  former Malawi News editor  Limbani Moya’s kidney transplant in India.

Limbani, who flew to India on November 20 2014, requires an extra K1.25 million (about $2 500) to finance his anti-rejection injection bill.

Khanje, who is also Misa-Malawi vice chairperson, said he decided to make the donation on humanitarian grounds and as one of the people who initiated the campaign.

“I was one of the initiators and the one who invited fellow media members into the initiative. I therefore feel obliged to make another contribution to the fund as I want it to succeed until Limbani returns home healthy,” said Khanje.

He said the money is from his own income and should not be confused with cash some journalists are busy returning to State House or donating for charity after receiving ‘allowance’ when they attending a media interface with President Peter Mutharika at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre .

“I’m not one of the people who received the allowances from State House. In fact, I did not attend the event,” said Khanje.

Friends of Limbani Chairperson Anthony Kasunda have since hailed Khanje for donation.

“That’s a good gesture. Thanks to Mr. Khanje,” said Kasunda.

Meanwhile, authoritative columnist and journalist Raphael Tenthani has also donated the cash handout from Mutharika to Moya fund, saying journalists did not deserve the allowance for just attending the meeting.

“We were given the impression that we are going to receive a booklet detailing President Mutharika’s vision of a free press in Malawi only to discover the package included a blank notepad, a pen and an envelope containing K50 000,” said Tenthani of the State House ‘allowance’ which critics branded it as Mutharika’s bribe to media practitioners.

Weekend Nation editor George Kasakula returned the envelope to the responsible officials at the same function.

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Mirella K.

Jornos dmand money from every function they attend…However, Nyapapi amafunika kufunsa kaye kwa ma technocrats kuti what was due to the jornos. If they spent a night in Blantyre, they needed K15 000.00 each using the govt rate or K18 600 using the DP’s rate. Since they were offered ‘free lunch’, the journos needed transport/fuel reimbursement only and NOT K50 000.00 cash!


you guys are liars, mmene atolankhani mumavitira ndi ma allowance ndiye mukuti mukubweza, bodza mungofuna potchukira


A Khanje when you donate to charity we don’t blow the trumpet. Ambiri tapanga donate kwa Limbani but have not gone public,,,thats the spirit of giving

Ma battery a mlakho

Rubbish!Say Malawians donate to Moya…because it is our tax money being abused by APM.Ndi ukavu and greed wa ma journalists like Khanje,Ligomeka…etc angakwanitse?


I don`t think you Journalists are serious.
Kubweza ndalama lero Mmene munandivutira ku Meeting ya ku Mount Soche kuti mukufuna ndalama / allowance apo bii you will not report / write anything about
our company`s event. You said with the little allowance which I gave you you will write half baked report.

Worried training organiser.

George Lihoma

I don’t trust the fourt estate. Enawa ndi nkhope zomwe kuonetselatu kuti abwezela manyazi. Inakakha Geography tinakati ma physical features auchidakwa ali thoooo! Musamatipusite apa.


@11, you do not know what you are talking about. The donation is made to the general public. It is a request. It is not bribing anyone. How can a request to assist someone who is ill be construed as a bribe? Poor thinking.

Kanthu Ako!

Is it not a journalist that was at Sanjika who wrote “Muckracking after sanjika feast” Was there any mention of receiving K50,000 in that post, hell no!! and those of you who read that rubbish will notice it was very milt bordering on praising Muthalika, a thing the said journalist has never done.

His argument being he did not want to shame Muthalika that is why he did not return the money. how many time has he shamed Muthalika with his writing?

All those who praise these journalists need their heads examined.


i wish there were ten people in the journalism industry of Thom Khanje’s callibre. he is an exceptional likewise Anthony Kasunda. Thats my views and noone but mine. Go on guys i feel you.


Mwabanthu mwee mulekani peter akulondezga wanyakhe ivyo wakachitanga nanga uli nyengo yira ndalama zikawapo kweni sono na 0 deficit budget wananga nadi chiwemi ndi chakuti achotsedwe pa mpando asanamwalire

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