Malawi govt to delay paying civil servants

Malawi government has said it will delay to pay salaries to its public workers following  “incomplete and inaccurate data arising from processing errors.”

Civil servants go office will have to wait longer for their meagre salaries

Civil servants go office will have to wait longer for their meagre salaries

In a statement  dated November 27 2014 signed by secretary to the Treasury Ronald Mangani,  said the civil servants will be paid  late.

“The Government of Malawi highly values the role that civil servants play in the delivery of public services in the country. The government is, therefore, committed to ensuring that all civil servants are well motivated, well-trained and well remunerated, and that their pay is timely.

“Recently, government restructured salaries of all civil servants effective October 2014, in order to make them competitive. Despite these positive steps in public service reforms, the delayed payments of salaries, especially for teachers, remains a regrettable challenge,” he said.

The salary processing cycle, Mangani explained,  is vast such that any technical error largely affects the whole chain.

“You see, speed and connectivity challenges associated with the current state of the software operating the Integrated Financial Management Information System (Ifmis) also plays a great deal. At times, both Malswitch and the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) also experience consequential technical challenges in the timely transmission of the data. Moreover, when any of the systems in the cycle fail, data has to be transferred manually from one system to another, a process that is time consuming. All these challenges are at the centre of the delays experienced in the payment of civil servants’ salaries. Nonetheless government sincerely regrets the delays experienced in paying salaries to some civil servants,” he said.

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Mmene anali kunja kwa boma amati ndizopweka pano akusewera position 1 akuona kuvuta nanga poti mwangoyamba, next time masalaries yanu komanso nduna adzachedwe mudzaone kuti zimakhala bwanji, bolanso amai man awa ndi expertriate.


Paja purezidenti ndiwa ndalama zambiri, atengeko za m’thumba mwake ngati ali okonda anthu ake


The odl guys and ipte 7 hv nt et get their perks 4 8months nw.where can these guyz get supot 4rm?APM get al d text pple gvin u free .thz indicators to u.malawians started in the same way in bingus govt next failed to contained it.ths z creatd povaty az few buzwaz r hapy tym z flyn beware


Sell off some of those seven seater MG Prados that are plying the roads with one passenger on board. Use the money to settle the wage bills. The government has no priorities, the VP kept saying coming from private sector and as head of civil service he will run it as business unusual. Here you are bwana show us the skills you brought from the private, apply those innovative ways of solving problems, otherwise we will begin to think that you are and also were just a figure head in your last monopolistic post.


Am feeling for my beloved teachers who @ the time of voting were busy cooking up figres to please this mafia gafwamenti.pano ndizo Nawo afuna afufutenso ma salary anu as they were unofficial kkkkkkkkkkk,ine zanga ndiye zalowa munya muona. U’re not yet there musanati

Seka mphuno kukubwera azungu

Zofuna. Do not cry, stupid civil servants. Bushit


The best option is to overhaul the old payroll & hr software system which the Govt has been using. Ask Sage Hr Africa for a solution that will ease all the problems that Govt faces i.e. teachers salaries can be processed at district level accessing the server at capital hill with user and password controls. Each and every district will be responsible for its teacher’s salaries. Sage HR Africa has 5 business partners in Malawi hence support will be readily and locally available.


Civil Servants! Wow! These are the guys who were used to rig the elections in favour of APM. Dzanja lalemba. Shauri yako.




That is office language, their excuse sounds stupid

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