Khumbo says I’m back in PP but Joyce Banda remains leader: Malawi ex veep – ‘let’s bury hatchets’

Malawi former vice president Khumbo Kachali on Monday said he was happy to be welcomed back in the People’s Party (PP)to help the party rejuvinate in absentia of its founder Joyce Banda – the incumbent president – who is reportedly in South Africa attending to her international duties.

 Kachali:  I 'm back!!

Kachali: I ‘m back!!

Khumbo being welcomes in Mzuzu by PP women. Pic by Pius Nyondo -- Nyasa Times

Khumbo being welcomes in Mzuzu by PP women. Pic by Pius Nyondo — Nyasa Times

But Kachali told Nyasa Times that he was only back to the party to “revive” it not as “president.”

Hundreds of supporters in Mzuzu city gave Kachali a standing ovation as he majestically walked into Victory Temple Ministries where he was welcomed as a political prodigal son.

Clad in a black suit, with an orange tie hanging like a snake around his neck, Kachali looked calm and relaxed – punctuating his face with a smile here and there.

“What did they think they would do? They were toying around with our beloved party. I’m back,” said Kachali without mentioning names.

Like a poem, Kachali repeated the line “I’m back,” saying the party was on its way back to victory with his return.

“I’m not here to grab anybody’s position, but to play an active role in reviving my party, the People’s Party to which I belong. We want to restore the party’s glory nationally, starting with the North where the majority of its MPs and councillors are based,” Kachali said.

He said it was crucial for members of the party to understand where they were coming from and where they were going.

But he said the party was now “there” because he was “back.”

Said Kachali: “I must urge you friends that we must bury the hatchets and forge ahead. All that happened in the past is now history. We must work together towards rebuilding the party.

“We should learn to forgive just like I have forgiven those that let me go through trials and tribulations in this party. I will not work towards revenge, I will rather urge you all to join me in making sure that we get back to where we were,” said Kachali.

The former vice president, who has all along been PP MP, said the party had failed to make it in last year’s tripartite elections because of lack of “unity” among the politburo and thanked party members for remaining “steadfast.”

Kachali also congratulated Members of Parliament (MPs) in the northern region for not ditching the party despite not making it in the elections.

“That tells me that we have somewhere to start from,” he said. “If the problem was leadership I’m here. I’m back. We lost it on our own; are we sure we want to lose again?”

The crowds roared “No no ooooooo!!!!”

But Kachali said he was only back to the party “as an activist” and not as “president,” reiterating that the president of the party was still Joyce Banda.

He said: “Let us give all our leaders their due respect from our president Joyce Banda, our MPs and all other leaders of the party. I’ve not come to take any person’s position and there are procedures for that. The leadership of the party remains intact.”

In an interview, PP secretary general Ibrahim Matola said the party welcomes Kachali back in its quest to rebuild.

“Kachali is a PP MP, he sits on our benches in Parliament and is working with us to rebuild the party,” said Matola.

Matola said Kachali will boost the party’s leadership in the northern region “owing to his political experience.”

He also clarified that Kachali has not become the interim party president.

“PP president remains Joyce Banda but we will be having new political heavyweight coming to join the rebuilding process of the party and Kachali is one of them.

“He will join other leaders in the north in building PP there while others in the eastern region like Ralph Jooma and myself will push the rebuilding there. We will have others in southern and then also the Uladi Mussa and company will lean in central region and parliament,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kachali has announced to unveil nerve breaking campaigns in Mzuzu’s Chibanja and Karonga’s Khwawa where the party is fielding contestants for ward councillor positions in by elections scheduled for August 25.

Kachali served as vice president during Banda’s two year term in power that came about following the sudden death of Pres Bingu wa Mutharika who died of cardiac arrest on April 5, 2012.

Prior to the 2014 elections, Banda chose youthful Sosten Gwengwe instead of her immediate deputy Kachali as running mate. Kachali later joined opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), but was reservedly quiet “politically” until now.

PP trailed third in the 2014 elections, after DPP and now main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).—Additional reporting by Judith Moyo, Nyasa Times

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47 thoughts on “Khumbo says I’m back in PP but Joyce Banda remains leader: Malawi ex veep – ‘let’s bury hatchets’”

  1. chikhutu says:

    long live kachali long live PP

  2. Denguzman says:

    think ndiwe mbuli yotheratu. How do u communicate this story wt tribalism? Kusadziwa munkufa komwe.

  3. alice says:

    I’m proud. Pp is God given party. Very respectful.Azibambo otere amasowa. Long live PP. Ndipo votegate idziwikeno.

  4. ntombengwane says:

    what a good decision Mr Veep

  5. Kenkkk says:

    This is very good news for dpp and udf. Kk has just handed all yaos to udf or dpp on a silver platter.

  6. Wakwandewo says:

    Mmmhmmmhm.Gosh! khumbo is back again! eish eish! now is just giving us headache,stomach-ache,joint-ache,ear-ache,finally nausea which leads to our throats-sores.With his presence now.

  7. Richard Mtseka says:

    Ndale ndizovuta kumvetsa

  8. osibweni says:

    DPP wants to swallow PP now. Once it is successful, PP will join DPP at the watch of Ken Msonda.

  9. Kavuluvulu says:

    I agree with you,Mbowe Mulambia.Kachali is a dunderhead.

  10. ngongoliwa says:

    Please the Yao Matola, Ulad Mussa and Ralph Jooma do not allow these Tumbukas to take away your leadership.Who is Mzomera to make such stupid decision. Stand up like men. This is a total chalenge.

  11. Do I see nkhani apa only people who doesn’t follow politics Kachali can not change anything that is why Peter did not use him his level of his thinking is very low education background is not there

  12. Namwali says:

    Tiyenazoni northerner will never rule Malawi

  13. Is there no life after Politics. Retire now and find something to do and people will repect you.Malewezi is still being respected and making other contribution to the Chewa heritage. I also salute Chimunthu Banda for retiring. You want to reach the statuce of Gwanda chifukwa chokakamira ndale.

  14. Kabwira Kapasula says:

    Tiyeni nazoni midyomba ndi atumbuka , tione tsopano kuti midyomba yaku Mangochi , Ibrahim Matola ndi mzake Ralph Jooma ndi atumbuka ati awine ndani , kunena zoona chipanichi ndi cha atumbuka basi . Pokwana 2019 , chizakhala ku mpoto komko

  15. Kachali z not a tumbuka z a pure ngoni from Mzimba and he’s related with Ngoni King of Northern Malawi, kupupuluma basi werangani bwino history Alhomwe inu.

  16. Patriot. says:

    kkkkkkk Man Kenya akuona ngati PP chikhala chipani cha atumbuka kikikikikiki
    Galu ameneyu (KK) pamodzi ndi Ngwira alandira skono ya Pitala kuti athane nacho chipanichi.

  17. Mtonga says:

  18. Mwana wa Dorothy says:


  19. zitsilu zawanthu pompano mwaiwala kuti wakulephelesani zisankho ameneyu atakakuululani zoti mumkafuna kubela?wabwelanso azakuthawaninso zisankho zikazawandikila stupids mtumbukazi

  20. Tim Masamba says:

    Reunited by greed,stupidity and foolishness! PP is the most childish group of politicians ever assembled you idiots failed to win while in power and hope to do so now?

  21. peter munthalika says:

    Akachale chonde msati mtelo tiyeni tigwirane manja kuti tigwetse abusawa

  22. tchingo says:

    i can’t comprehend how pipo easily forget. isn’t this same Kachali who left PP towards elections and lobbied pipo to vote for APM? isn’t this same Kachali who moved from one party to another out of greed?

    And he has jst done the usual thing now and some pipo in the North r clapping hands for this dunderhead. My foot! Is this blind loyalty from this quarter going to help? i don’t think so.

    le’t take out our foolishness n start thinking properly. otherwise Atcheya was right – AMALAWI KUSACHEDWA KUIWALA. And Khumbo knows this n he is capitalizing on the mentally sick heroe worshippers. SAD!!!!

  23. Kachamba says:

    Uchindere kweni!

  24. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    This can’t be true until l hear from ken nsonda the PP mouthpiece

  25. chepetsani says:

    Greed ATUMBUKAAAA greed. Koma Kachale alibe manyazi. Greed ATUMBUKAAAA greed.

  26. Let it rain says:

    Is he serious or has nothing to do?

  27. Big papa says:

    nkulu uyu akufuna kumaliza pp, my advise to pp iz takecare with this blackmunthu with his monkey trik we tired with that azipusisa ma mbwenumbwenu azake omweo. APM tenga khasu timalize ka ppka akunama makina ali m’manja mwako.

  28. zaya says:

    Ndale za pa Malawi…. zauchitsiru…. mbuzi za anthu . Fakeni zanu .

  29. Zama Donors Zamkutu says:

    Atumbuka simuzathekanso ndithu hahahahahahahahahahaha

  30. Kwataine says:

    One thing that comes out clearly in this post is that the PP has finally admitted that they ligitemately lost May elections. That is the way mr Khumbo Kachali. By accepting that defeat you will be able to reposition the party. Sure the leadership of the party mislead the party. Now acceptance of defeat is coming from the us the ruling party. MCP must accept that too. thank.

  31. Big papa says:

    apa nde kufuna kuiphelatu pp sono. APM tiye naye waonekera yekha, apno ndi closly contested game.

  32. namarokoro says:

    “If the problem was Leadership, I am here”. Wasowa zochita eti? Find a job!

  33. Trevor Manyi says:

    Kkkkkkkkkikikikikiki hahaha hahaha hahaha kkkkkkkkkikikikikiki

  34. Njalayamalamuchiunu says:

    PP as a Party should focus on the future . The past election cannot act as a true bench mark of the winner and the loser. What is clear is that it was an event filled with confusion which still ringers and is failing to die. Politics as a profession demands experience and strength in mind. Hence Right Hon.Kachali’s return to pp must be viewed positively within the Party as an opportunity not a threat. He is a known fighter on the political landscape,whose return to pp must already be sending shockwaves to other political parties.

  35. MAN KENYA says:

    The way you two parted ways unceremoniously following your grand defeat in May 2014 is enough evidence that you meant no good for Malawians. Moreover, what was your performance during your two year tenure with Joyce? Play your role as opposition and be ready to face any criminal charges you may have committed while in office. The electrolate lost confidence in you and placed you where you belong. If surely you were genuine, why should you be globe trotting as though hiding from the public?

  36. Bongololo says:

    I question the sanity of all that cheer and support this lunatic. I hope and believe that they were just paid to attend.

  37. PP die hard says:

    Useless stupid man

  38. WaNakabaghe says:

    Thanks kk, by gwengwe. Amayi its a leason kuti zinazi ndi maluwa maluwa,

  39. Zatonse says:

    Mbalame kubwelera kuchitsa tsopano,,Olo mtengo umene umakhalanso ndikogonera kwake

  40. IBRAEGO says:

    TIMVE ZITI????

  41. Thomas says:

    KK pls focus on ur Party stop been a prostretute be a men don’t b a woman like the women which they love u when u have money but u can’t perform in bed they need ur money only

  42. Joseph Moyo says:

    kachali zoona pa vp pali vacant mwaithu stingatokote za mbiri izo ndizanu ku dpp kudali ku sanctuary all the best babaa

  43. avidy says:

    takulandirani madala,ur coming back is asign of political maturity.komano zacashgatezi mukuti nazo bwanji?

  44. Magadi Mwase says:

    JB MUST RESIGN AND LET KACHALI LEAD THE PARTY. JB EMBARRASSED THE PARTY BY HER DISMAL PERFORMANCE IN THE LAST ELECTION. Played one party member against another, all the way to the elections. And my foot..Sosten Gwengwe… How blind can one be… I have never witnessed such stupidity in politics. JB CANNOT TAKE ADVICE. SHE ALWAYS THINKS SHE KNOWS BETTER. LATE BISHOP ZUZA HAD A NAME FOR SUCH PEOPLE..”NZERU ZA YEKHA ANAMANGA DOOKO LA NG’ONA KU NSANJE”…. AND EISH..CASHGATE..”wolandila alibe mlandu… REALLY..and this from the mouth of a Head of State….

  45. Professor Mwanaveka-Cypress University says:

    Mukabeso Mabedi ODALA Kachali tidzakudula ivo vili lende lende mu ujenimo. Ukufuna kuphumisa Sidik Mia pa u President wa PP kutereko anthu a tsankho northerners

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