Kumpalume citizenship puzzle: Malawi new health minister is British dual citizen

President Peter Mutharika, who a few days ago reshuffled his cabinet, has appointed a British citizen Dr Peter Kumpalume as Minister of Health contrary to the laws of Malawi which prohibits people who have allegiance to other countries to hold public office, Nyasa Times has established.

Kumpalume: 100 percent DPP but not 50 percent Malawian

Kumpalume: 100 percent DPP but 50 percent Malawian

Kumpalume who lived in the UK for many years and naturalised himself as a British citizen used to reside at 76 Vicarage Road, Watford, WD 18 0HD and was a director of Bantu Holding Limited together with Bright Malopa (presidential aide)  as well as Med research and a consultant before moving back to Malawi to stand as a Member of Parliament.

The Minister has not provided any evidence of renunciation of his British Citizenship.  Searches in England have found no trace of such a renunciation.

President Mutharika, himself a law Professor, has violated the Malawi Constitution by hiring and swearing in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Blantyre West Member of Parliament Kumpalume, a biochemist and chemical engineer into his cabinet .

He become new Health Minister replacing Jean Kalirani, a medical doctor who has since been relocated to ministry of Home Affairs and internal security against a strong backdrop that Kumpalume is a naturalised British national.

According to legal experts the newly appointed health minister is in breach of both the immigration law and the penal code if he indeed owe his allegiance to another country and if he gave false information to public officer in order for him to be appointed or elected into a public office.

Blantyre-based private practice lawyer John-Gift Mwakhwawa told Nyasa Times in an interview Thursday that the Malawian Constitution prohibits anyone to hold a public office if that person owes his allegiance to another country.

“Clearly if one holds a British passport or indeed any other passport he or she cannot be appointed as minister in Malawi. Again, it is a criminal offence punishable by law to give false information to a public officer,” said Mwakhwawa.

Mwakhwawa stated that Section 94 subsection (1) of the Republican Constitution gives power to the President shall have the power to appoint Ministers or Deputy Ministers and to fill vacancies in the Cabinet.

“But the constitution is very clear as to who he or she the president can appoint.  Section 94 (2) of the Malawi Constitution says a person shall not be qualified to be appointed as a Minister or Deputy Minister unless that person is a citizen of the of the Republic who upon taking office, has attained the age of twenty-one years and that, that person is able to speak and [to] read the English language,” said Mwakhwawa.

Mwakhwawa added: “Dual citizenship is not allowed in Malawi and therefore if a person holds a Malawian passport and another country’s nationality at the same time he or she may be committing some offences both under the immigration laws and penal code.”

According to Mwakhwawa, the Malawi constitution further stipulates that no person shall be qualified to be appointed as a Minister or Deputy Minister who owes allegiance to a foreign country and that means that anyone who is appointed to a public office such as Member of Parliament.

“Under the constitution one cannot be nominated or elected to parliament if he is not citizen of Malawi and if he is not a registered voter. Similarly, one cannot be nominated or elected if he owes allegiance to another foreign country.” If one is appointed while holding another country’s passport both the appointing authority and the appointee will have violated the constitution,” said Mwakhwawa.

Rich CV

Nyasa Times investigations indicates that Kumpalume was born on 1st March, 1971 in Malawi and went to Ntcheu Secondary school before  being selected to University of Malawi’s Chancellor College in Zomba before moving to the UK for further studies at the University of Cambridge.

Observers said the President as lawyer must be in the forefront in defending the Republican constitution arguing that he needs to have all people properly vetted before appointing or hiring them into public offices.

One commentator on social media (Facebook) mocked President for appointing Kumpalume in his cabinet saying: “After the Vice president’s cryptic remarks on keeping domestic snakes and the president later appoints into his cabinet a new health minister whose post doctoral research work, at Cambridge University, was on snake bites. Was the president responding to the VP?”

Social commentator Stanley Onjezani Kenani wrote on Facebook: “Personally, I have no problem with that, as long as he is a Malawian wishing to contribute to the development of his country. What I have a problem with is that there are scores of Malawians in Dr Kumpalume’s situation, wishing to contribute to their country but failing to do so because our laws prohibit dual citizenship.”

A senior Immigration officer told Nyasa Times that they have no record that Kumpalume obtained another nationality because ‘he did not disclose anything to the Malawian immigration authorities.

“It is a crime to hold two passports. Dual citizenship is not allowed in Malawi, not for now. As far as we are aware there is no record of honourable Kumpalume denouncing his British passport. It is news to us that he owes his allegiance to another country,” said the source at Immigration Headquarters.

A quick search into various search engines on the web indicates that Peter Kumpalume is a British National:http://www.checkcompany.co.uk/director/1140095/DR-PETER-KUMPALUME

There is no record on search engines on the web that says that he is a Malawian by nationality.

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121 thoughts on “Kumpalume citizenship puzzle: Malawi new health minister is British dual citizen”

  1. Ngiyakufisela ntcheu says:

    Laws, whether archaic or not are laws and should be obeyed. The very reason we are running down this country is because we are bad at following laws or we only apply them selectively (selective justice). Malamulo anaphwanyidwa apa. I bet if Kumpalume was an opposition MP, he would have faced the full arm of the law. very pathetic

  2. Pulankhonyo says:

    Why is he an mp then, foolish!

  3. I mean banda says:

    Citizens of United kingdom are constitutionally bound to save the interest of UK and the British state has the duty to protect all its citizens..simple u pay tax and the state looks after you. …Please check the citation which a person reads and squares against the bible at the registry office in UK during a citizenship ceremony you will réalisé how stupid it is for Malawi to hire this chap who has swore his allegiance to queen and the United kingdom against the holy bible.ifact he has the duty to bear arms to defend the queen and country in times of war and has voluntary relinguish any conflict of interest resulting from fual nationality to thr interest of uk…can stand for elections in UK.

  4. nankungwi says:

    Perfectlt fine to have dual nationality. Its the Malawian outdated rules that need changing. He should be left alone to do the work, he is qualified and experienced enough to be able to do it!

    Malawians stop wasting time on issues of little importance

    1. Hede says:

      little importance to law breakers like you idiot

  5. nyg says:

    Nyasatimes, The President,MEC,those Enforcing Rule Of Law Have Failed Us.Hw cud he be allowea 2 stand 4 da MP seat in these circumstances?we failed 2 investigate then, & we failed 2 stop him contesting as an MP holding dual citizenship, wat abt now as a minister?

  6. Chimani. Game says:

    Malawi president is an example of an idiot.504

  7. Wosata Malamulo says:

    Truck Palibe nsanje apa.They are just following the laws that are in Malawi constitution.Kumpalume is not above the law.If you don’t have idea about the what constitution says,then don’t comment out of blues.Justice should take its course.Lamulo ndi Lamulo basi.

  8. Magadi Mwase says:

    Those that lost in Blantyre West Parliamentary elections should proceed to the High Court to have Kumpalume thrown out ofnParliament.. And call for By Elections . Matchonas think we are so blind that they can get away with illegality… SHAME!

  9. Truck says:

    Nsanje lekani a Malawi,mayiko anzathu mwachitsanzo Mozambique akutukuta ife mmalo motukula dziko tikulimbana ndikupanga and kukumbana.Its time to wake up Malawians.

  10. Matako says:

    why isn’t this idiot bwampini signing dual citizenship into law. He is an american himself who should know better. the problem with corrupt minds think of themselves instead of others.

  11. Kodi why are we still keeping that stupid kamuzu law? Allow for dual citizenship iya! Dictators like kamuzu used to have such laws because they wanted to imprison their people with shackles of loyalty.

  12. Joseph says:

    That is why this gvt is despised by people…. Their utter disregard of the rule of law and the constitution! What is it with DPP and it’s matchonas? Don’t we have fresh minds back home here to do this job,,,,? And what exactly did APM aim to achieve in this reshuffle because, frankly speaking, they are still all the same old buffoons cluelessly matched into ministries they have no knowledge about it’s inner workings, thats if they even know what to do there anyway. No wonder the whole president stands on a podium and admits he is clueless where the medication is. Even the minister of health has no idea that her ministry is cutting off food portion to sick people. Retards!

  13. moya says:

    The president himself is a US citizen (that green card denounciation is all complete lies. Everybody knows Petulo is still a US citizen too) So I don’t see the big deal here. Besides DPP is a joke and can only hold power in gvt through violence and rigging elections. Nobody wants DPP but nobody has the power to stop them yet.

  14. Zilibe ntchito izi za dual citizenship anthu munangoziyamba kuti mumulepheretse Mutharika kulamula & zinalephereka. As long as he is a Malawian by birth it doesn’t matter.

    1. Helo says:

      You have no respect for the rule of law you idiot

  15. GRM says:

    He is a Malawian. His home, parents and relatives we know. He was educated in Malawi including at Chancellor College. His black and Malawian. He is an MP. SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM IF NOT JEALOUS?

    1. Hede says:

      The problem is not jealousy but abiding by the rule of law. Where laws are not followed, chaos creeps in. Everybody will be allowed to do as he pleases. This man should be educated enough to know that he has got a public office illegally. They wouldn’t entertain this in UK where he got his citizenship from. He is lucky that Malawi is a place that we even waste time debating the obvious and it is a place that he can even get illiterate supporters like you in majority.

  16. Helo says:

    If this guy run as an MP knowing that he was not supposed to, then he is a crook. He probably forged his degrees as well, or even obtained the UK certificates through deceiptful ways. I am thinking he is a deportee from UK. How come he rushed to join politics and not a proper job if he is qualified? Crook uyu. Look at him.

  17. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    If he has a British Passport then he is not supposed to be our minister.Nyamilandu’s case of Australia who happens to be a lawyer in the land of Aussies should act as a precedence.Malawians should learn to respect the law.We hv nothing against Kumpalume but the law should be followed as mbyofo mbyofyo Pitala was tearing his green card knowing the votes will be rigged in favour of him.Ndi mlandu umenewu.Palibe zoyang’ana nkhope unless if he ready to renounce his British citizenship.

  18. majoni says:

    ts high time we start writing positive thngs abt our country pls. yes h might have violated law bt what abt his positve side and wat of the othr members appointed as Ministers

  19. If one was allowed to stand as a member of parliament to me that legitimise that individual to be a bonafide Malawian citizen. Why didn’t you people make noise when he was elected a member of parliament? I see a personnal vendetta here. What is it in this so called duo citizenship? You mean all you educated members of parliament cannot ammend our laws to allow for duo citizenship. I have seen very talented Malawian players plying their trade outside Malawi but since they had obtained a citizenship of other foreign nation they are not allowed to play for the Flames. It is high time we ammended this archaic laws in our Constitution unless I am schooled otherwise by those in the know on the merits and demerits of duo citizenship.

    1. Hede says:

      To you that is legitimate. But the point is, to the law that is illegitimate.

  20. Kawonga says:

    Now i have gathered the facts, a malawi tiyeni tikondaneni , i think this jealous system sitithandiza, why busy kumufufuza now insted of kuyamba nthwi imene amaimila pa u mp, i remember the word that, ngati ambiri amanena za iweyo just know you are sombdy not nobody, but the complain shud be petulo achepetse kutenga matchona please.

  21. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    This Kumpalume guy is g a homeboy from my own village Chikuli T/A Kunthembwe Blantyre but lets call a spade what it is things are not alright here. If he has a dual citizenship and the law forbid it there’s no debate here the guy shud simply resign. Didnt president Peter Muthalika not renounce his Greencard? I also faintly remember during Bingu presidency somebody going by Nyamilandu name failed to become a DPP bcoz he was an Australian citizen. The fact that he is currently an MP doesnt legitimate the flaw and in fact if the law is against a dual citizen becoming an MP the law shud take its cause. The problem with Malawians (courts and police inclusive) is that we look at faces when applying the law. Its unfortunate that BT Rural West which had been voting unwisely all along but this time got it right now find itself in this mess. This mess is entirely the making of M.E.C.!

  22. mine says:


  23. Xeenoph says:

    Pa Malawi ndi chonchotu paja. We don’t want to respect our own constitution coz were are not patriotic enough. Kotero izi muziona timulekelera Kumpalumeyu. Kaya tiyenazoni.

  24. Malawian Mom says:


    tikufuna chilungamo aboma azionesa poyensesa bomali. Bwanji kodi

  25. MAGADI MWASE says:

    NYASATIMES…….. Do you have any input from MEC. It could well be that Peter kumpalume renounced his British Citizenship. I cannot sedan educated person like Peter uttering false documents to MEC.., that is , he provided false Statutory Declaration to MEC that HE DID NOT OWE ALLEGIANCE TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY WHEN IN FACT HE DID.. What does the chairperson of MEC , one Maxon Mbendera, has to say?

  26. chepetsani says:


  27. makito says:

    This is why nothing moves in the country: rules and regulations are, ironically, expected to be applied selectively. If a football player cannot play for the national team because he has a foreign passport, why should and MP or Minister be allowed to do so? If a civil servant wants to contest as a MP for a party not in government he has to resign, but if stands for the ruling party it is acceptable. No people, Kumpalume should be subjected to the same law, and if there are others in the same boat they should also face the same music. Not the other way round.

  28. ade says:


  29. ZZ Junior says:

    Kodi zamatchonazi zilipobe? People have stayed here from the kamuzu to Muluzi to Bingu to JB. why not picking these loyal patriotic sons of Malawi for cabinet posts? Matchonawatu have no real experience of what Malawi is all about. This is killing Malawi pipo.

  30. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    The main isue ndi nsanje basi. If he was from that region, u cudnt hav even raise an alarm. Learn to luv each other. Kumpalume is a Malawian!

  31. chipiliro says:

    koma ma journalist ena especialy u aku nyasa mulibe khalidwe la chimalawi ok where wr u b4 he stand so shall start ignoring people who were abroad fr what reason

  32. Mbanji says:

    There goes again jealousy in Malawi; judge him ( honourable minister of health) by what he is going to contribute to the sinking Health system in the country, medicines are being bought but you do not see them on the shelves of Public hospitals, trainee doctors from Medical School cant be paid for services rendered now when these kids graduates you actually expect them to go back and work under those conditions?? Honourable Minister, I do not know you but I support you if you could change the mentality of our esteemed DMOs in the Districts; if they do order medicines from the Central medical Stores what happens to these when they get to the Districts? This is not a laughing matter because not every Malawian could afford private care, we need answers Sir and this Ministry owes trainee students money. I am not a medical student and I am not accusing DMOs of anything but, I think we need more transparency and competency in as far as the supply chain of medicine is concerned. I am a concerned citizen of Malawi and I know that we are not that poor only if as Malawians we could start caring for others, lastly, please Sir pay these kids who were working in these hospitals but they’ve not been paid. This information you could get it at the Medical School and we wish you all the best in your position Sir.

  33. Concerned health provider says:

    A major challenge in Malawi is difficulty in establishing what the law actually says. Although laws are written they are not accessible even to senior public officials nor citizens, certainly not to the rank and file civil servants carrying out the provisions of the law at individual levels. Police create on the spot changes in traffic laws, social services invents adoption requirements, and immigration is confused about documentation required to pass in and out of country. Why should we then be surprised when individuals fail to comply with legislation? This is also a situation that fuels the constant need to pay bribes to get anything, anything at all done by government offices.

  34. Gule Wamkulu says:

    A Kongelesi inu takagwerani uko. Dr Peter Kumpalume, kumtunda ndi mwana wathuwathu wa pa Blantyre Rural West

  35. joj says:

    Amalawi timagomera Matchona! Even wotchona ku Mozambique timamugomera. Kamuzu, Bingu, Peter all ndimatchona. Muluzi yekha was not Mtchona and we hated him FOR THAT!

  36. joj says:

    Please legalise dual citizenship now!

  37. angoni apaphata says:

    Dziko lapansi ndilozungulira. A yoo a saulosi ndani akadadziwa kuti angagwire ntchito limodzi ndi kapuyepuye Peter. Nzeru sizinama.

  38. mwene says:

    My problem is breaking the supreme law of the land. Where laws are not followed there is CHAOS!!!! Is our country so chaotic that even the head of state who is also a lawyer does not cross check????? Its a disgrace but boils down to incompetence!!!!!!

  39. Mtimawanyerere says:

    A Malawi, whats wrong with us, why bringing this issue today, the man is an elected Member of Parliament, and he has served in that capacity over a year now. Is being an MP is not holding public office. Why did we not raise these issue when he tendered his declaration then of his intend to serve as an MP.
    Pena tiziwonako, what are the actual motives of bring these issues today. Just to remind you of other issues that have gone unchecked.
    We have Hon. David Bisornowaty, MP for Lilongwe Central, he is a Jew and an Israel Citizen, We have O.G. aka Mpulumutsi, he is Indian, and we have another Hon. Dutch Lady serving as MP for Karonga or Chitipa, somewhere there. What have we done about it?
    The Prophet Muhammad of Islam once said, and I quote “If you have nothing good to say about someone, better keep quite”.

  40. Chibanja tv says:

    Munayamba ndi green card ndiye simukumvesabe eti? muzikhala ndi manyazi agalu inu mukuona ngati sitikukudziwani eti!.

  41. Chibanja tv says:

    This is rather degrading the profession, we are moving forward and yet the online publication is remaining behind lol! what a thrash, taking yourself kukhala wanzeru kuposa wina aliyense shit!. Its now the right time that Bright Malopa to be investigated because most of the posts coming from state house are connected with him. He is the one leaking information to the scribes, I am sure need to be followed.

  42. redeemed says:

    I think Malawi needs indiduals with an extensive exposure to the international lifestyle for a significant transtion. Its really sad that Africans are so disadvantaged world wide while white people are continuing to enjoy the fruits of colonisation. Here in RSA it is acceptable for a white man to come from any other country outside South Africa and hold any government position without anyone questioning the legitimacy of his citizenship, while a black man does not stand similar chance without having to rise eyebrows. I guess we Africans are still spiritually under colonial rule.

  43. Myao says:


  44. Bondera says:

    Paja Gertrude Muntharika nde aunt ake mxxiiii zotengana pachibale

  45. Judge Joash says:

    Nyasa times, is this an issue? I don’t give a shit about Kampalume though.

  46. Chimwemwe Phambala says:

    Leave Kumpalume alone. This guy had a very good job in the UK and we are privileged to have him back. Stop this nonsense.

  47. APM himself is a residant in US. He got his rights through his brother. Why dont u talk about corruption and cash gate. Malawi need money from the people who stole. Wh the government is failing to grabb properties where money is put. How houses should a person have? Theses thieves have 5 houses and many lands. Duel citizenship is a very asset to Malawi. There are rich Malawians abroad and these are. Good aiders than begging from western countries. Once people get duel citizenship theywill come with their dollars and invest in their original nation. Once born Africa will be an African. Passport is a paper. If they give away their fireign citizenship they will loose their pension. Can Malawi givdthem a person? KenyaA and many other countries allow duel citizenship. WHY? They know the advantage. Malawi and especially Malawians sanje abale. That is why the country is not doing well. Iam a Malawian have lived and worked in Europe, but afraid to openan accoun there because the way banks are and rules and laws one can never know next. Please allow duelncitizenshipnand encourange Malaians abroad to bring money for the good of our failling nation. Aid is a punishment and an insults. We can develope our nation ourselves. If we dont steal.

  48. ngwendemu limu says:

    choncho tikoze kaye malamulo athuwa plz

  49. MJ says:

    the key thing is that the president cannot question a parliamentarian if is a Malawian because all MPs are holding public offices and are verified citizens endorsed by DCs and MEC. As such if we have an error here, it will not be the president in the wrong but two later offices that allowed the person to run for parliamentary seat.

  50. Fraction says:

    Tamusiyeni mnyamata wanzeru ngati ameneyu athandize dziko. He is Malawian to the core of his soul. Very intelligent young man.

  51. nyasi times ndi hule lanulo Gladys mwasowa nkhani tsopano. Mumati mutani? Ndimadziwa ine kuti mufika posowa zolemba you useless politically machinated journalists

  52. Mbuya says:

    Kaya zanu zimenezo

  53. Suwande says:

    Mwana wa pa NUSS uyu ndikumudziwa. Anali pa Ntcheu Secondary School from 1987 to 1991 and he was a representative for TOP OF THE CLASS. He got 10 point and proceeded to Chancellor College to do Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry which he obtained with a distinction. He became an Associate Lecturer in the Chemistry Department and proceeded to Cambridge for his Doctoral Studies. He is married to Faith Kamwendo also from Ntcheu. Ameneyu ndiye mwati siMalawi.

  54. Boy says:

    Amalawi, talk about real issues not zazing’ono zimene mukukambazo. In fact, we must fight for the cashgate money to be returned, secondly, ACB must act on every person or company that was involved in the scandal. No stone shud be left unturned

  55. Macdonald says:

    Dziwani kuti wamkulu sauzidwa, but iyenso Muthalika amawadziwanso malamulo mukuwadziwa inu.

  56. Boy says:

    I think Malawians you have no thinking capacity to weigh situations and make proper analysis. There are so many questions being raised here and looks all of them have some sense in them. What is interesting is that you didnt say a word when he was parading for being an MP. Okay, does our constitution allow people of foreign citizenship to become an MP? If not, munali kuti nthawi yonseyi? Secondly, people just make noise and for my opinion, i see no problem with him being a Minister and am sure he will perform.

  57. FWMT Ngozo says:

    Nsanje a Malawi. This one of the brilliant sons of Malawi. He has come to serve his nation and you are talking. Nosense! Sitidzatukuka chifukwa chopusa! Mumafuna president asankhe ndani? Do you know what that gentlemen is capable of doing? Our song must be DEVELOPMENT,DEVELOPMENT and DEVELOPMENT. ASAAAAAAH!

  58. Mec says:

    It’s not jealous but the majority of Malawians are not happy with how this govt is running the affairs of the country. The way they were ushered into power by MEC just makes thing worse. This just shows how incompetent this MEC is. Just a few weeks ago MEC did a good job stopping someone from contesting just because the person was standing for PP. They scrutinised the individual and discovered by law he is not supposed to stand. He broke the law and is on the run. Do we have different laws for different people in Malawi? Kumpalume is an asset to Malawi politics but if he is breaking the Law something needs to be done. If he did not disclose it that means he knew what he was doing. He is well educated and am sure he knows what the law says regarding this issue Taking advantage of the corrupt system. There is no dual nationality in Malawi, we all know it including Dr Kumpalume therefore he shouldn’t have done it before denouncing his other nationality.

  59. Sekangi says:

    Malawians let’s stop this nonsense. This jealousy thing won’t take our country anywhere. This man is Malawian to the core and a piece of paper won’t make him less Malawian. Remove these archaic immigration laws and help our nation develop. It pains me to see where we are after over 50 years of independence. We can stop this trend. Help us Oh God. Heal us of our njala, nthenda ndi NSANJE!

  60. Kkkkkkk malawian jounalists.I think mulibe zolemba.You are good at
    fault finding than kulemba zoti zitukule dziko.

    HE sanalakwe apa,tiyeni timpatse support Dr Kumpalume akhoza
    kutithandiza more over the man is very educated.

  61. mkwatibwi okhumudwa says:

    So Mr mwakhwawa is telling the nation that AN MP is not a public officer? Lawyers
    and too you NyasaTimes msanje bwanji ndi mwana wanzanu Just that ndiophunzila heavy mwayambapo mapokoso,,,,,,, mwamulira dokotala

  62. johnM says:

    I have never favoured this suggestion that we should adopt dual nationality as i have never been convinced by the arguments put forward by its proponents. Frankly speaking the arguments are shallow.

    This development further exemplifies the erosion of the rule of law in Malawi. If the law states that people with allegiance to other countries should not hold public office then the law should take its course if it has been violated. Dr. Kampulume should have taken his position once this law has been repealed otherwise the law has been broken, it is as simple as that.

    Just out of curiosity, how many people in the UK, with dual nationality, are holding public offices?

  63. Ability Lucious Power says:

    Our laws are very porous. Kampalume is just one out of thousands of people holding lucrative positions in government whilst they have dual-citizenship.

  64. Nachidzithi says:

    Zansanje basi. I don’t know this man and I don’t see any problem with this, after all he is a Malawian by birth. Lekani nsanje a Malawi.

    1. mine says:

      because you have no respect for the law, you think it is nsnje

  65. mwana mulopwana says:

    He is a Malawian by origin and I think he has the expertise to assist the country, We need people of Dr Kumpalume who can think to leave UK and assist his own country, Malawi is in this state because of Nsanje that is the reason we cant progress , our mindset needs to change, it is really hightime

  66. Wakum'mawa says:

    Pali be nkhani apa…meadows zolemba eti!. Munamusiya muthuyu nthawi ya kampeni mpaka wakhala Mp. Ndiye lero mukulemba chifukwa amupatsa unduna? Zaziiii

  67. dapalapa says:

    KKKKKKKKK. Bisnowatty ndi mMalawi woyera koma Kampalume ndi Mzungu wakuda… hahahahahahahaha. munthu alibiiiiii mukuti ndi mzungu. kwawo mukukudziwa waphunzira pa Ntcheu Sec komanso ku CHANCO… mukufuna chani a Malawi? mwana wabwera kuno kwawo mulekeni!

  68. CAIROS says:


  69. all-i-can-say says:

    Amalawi mwayambapo. The law prohibiting dual citizenship must be abolished. We have a lot of Malawians being prevented from contributing to the development of the country by such archaic and not-fit-for purpose laws.

    Leave the man alone. He is a bonafide son of our country irrespective of the passports he has.

  70. Kapyepye says:

    Nsanjetu izi basi. Ndiangati omwe akungwira tchito ku Malawi koma ali ndi ma passport adziko lina?

  71. mwanamulanje says:

    Abwana Mathanyula mwachita bwino mwamtenga ameneyu chifukwa a Chewa amalankhula chipongwe kuti ife akumwera ndife machona. Tiona ngati Jessie alankhulenso kuti ndife machona chifukwa akatero azinena mchimwene wake Kumpalume. Yayayaya.Nditom’mva kukoma bwanji.

  72. Telling the Truth says:

    The rule of law is fundamental to the development and prosperity of Malawi. The constitution is the supreme law and the expression of the rule of law. It does not matter how highly educated Dr Kumpalume is because both he and the state president are subject to the constitution and the law. If he is a British citizen he cannot hold public office. So Dr Kumpalume come forward and tell the nation the truth: Are you a British citizen? If so resign immediately as Minister and MP and you should be prosecuted.

    1. mine says:

      Agree 100%. A lot of people supporting him here have no respect for the rule of law. That is why our country is going downhill. Kampalume himself if he is that educated should come forward, resign and respect the law of our land. In UK he could not have been given the benefit of a debate as we are doing. He could have been out by now.

  73. Mbwiyache says:

    Eeeeeeeeh koma amalawi

  74. Malawiyano says:

    Just follow what our laws say.

  75. c4 says:

    Even rumphi has a foreign MP comment on that nyasa

  76. mamaa says:

    next time you will see that man carring a flage written 100% MCP, KKKKKKKKKKKKK Malawi is a funny country.

  77. Observer says:

    Be objective when you are commenting! Our law does not allow Dual citizenship this is why Even Peter Muthalika had to surrender his Green Card b4 the elections if you remember. Not Nsanje as others suggest. As long as you acquire another citizenship then you cease to be a Malawian hence can not be considered for a cabinet post.

    Number 15: The response to your question is (Those MPs you have alluded to might have denounced their original citizenship to become Malawians or their countries accept Dual citizenship) Malawi as a country does not allow Dual citizenship.

    In this case the new Health Minister did not disclose that he has is also a British Citizen. Now the law should take it’s course.

  78. chippie says:

    Our people our nation

  79. Omex70 says:

    Anyone who says it’s ok for someone with dual citizenship to be appointed as minister is just showing his or her ignorance. Maybe because you are looking this issue from DPP perspective. But the framers of our constitution had the reasons for barring a person with dual citizenship to hold public office.

  80. peter says:

    We may have our opinions on this issue but the truth is that it is a legal issue and if the person indeed is a British citizen, then he has broken the law. However, this issue brings to light how archaic our laws are. It is a shame that we still stick to colonial laws up to now.

  81. nzungu wa nzeru says:

    Malawians why make a mountain out of a molehill. why was he allowed to stand as an MP in the first place. is it because he is black? why don’t you write about the whites in Malawi parliament? Nsanje basi.


    Just a new member on Google. Please, welcome me.

  83. Charombanthu says:

    The law must take its course. For now, if it is proved that he has dual citizenship, then he does not qualify to hold public office. He has to be dropped from cabinet and also lose his seat at MP. But in future, let’s consider changing the laws of the land to allow for dual citizenship because clearly, this chap is Malawian but decided to get the British citizenship for his own good reasons. He has broken the laws of the land, no two ways about it. They say “if you ask for rain, you must be able to deal with the mud too”.

  84. xxxxx says:

    Guys munthu kubadwa ku Ntcheu. Kuyamba primary school m’malawi muno mpaka ku CHANCO. Mkupita ku UK mkukapeza maphunziro apamwamba. Kenako mkubwera kumudzi mkumati kwawo ku UK. Asa mwatotani a Malawi. Mkutheka iyeyo adapeza UK citizen chifukwa a nzunguwa kwawo amavuta. That is how clever we are.Ngati mkulakwa iyeyo walakwira dziko la UK osati la Malawi.
    Ifetu a DPP ambiri ndife matchona zedi.Nkhani iyi ndi yaziii. A Malawi tiyenera kuchenjera polankhula. Nkhani zomwe mumalankhula zimabweretsa mantha kwa ifeyo a Malawi monga nkhani ya kuti a ESCOM afuna azizimitsa magetsi mpaka miyezi inayi.Kunali bwino a ESCOM akadapanda kunena.

    1. mine says:

      umbuli akulu

  85. alpha says:

    ukafuna kudziwa mtima wa aMalawi a njiru ndi kaduka, bwera pa nyasatimes ngati momwe ndimapangira ine. ndimawerenga tinkhani ta pa nyasatimes osati kuti muli substance ayi koma kufuna kutsatira momvetsa chisoni khalidwe ndi propaganda za wena adyera koma osakonda dziko lawo ndiponso opanda ma values mmoyo wawo. Bolanso agalu kapena nkhuku.
    Ngakhale nkhani zimene za pa nyasatimes timangowerengera kuopa ena kutinamiza. Some articles not worth reading chifukwa choti alipoor researched komanso just fabricated ndi ena okhala ngati anthu.
    Nyasatimes, Ambuye Mulungu adzakuweruzani kuti mudzasiye kudyetsa mtundu wa Malawi ndi nkhani za njiru, kaduka,ufiti komanso dyera.

  86. mulopwana says:

    ku malawi umbuli wakula,mpaka a president kulowerera nawo pa umbuli ngati uwu.KOTO…..DZIKO LA AGOGO ANGA INE…LIKUNKA KUTI KAYA…AMAYI INE NDINAbadwiranji ku dziko ili ine…

  87. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Mwana uyu ku Kumpalume is a true Malawian. There are so many people holding senior positions in Malawi who have been outside the country for many years and are citizens of those countries. Do all of them denounced their foreign nationalities? We need to do away with this Law that prohibits dual citizen. The country is suffering because we are always wasting time on useless things. There are so many able sons and daughters of Malawi working outside who can contribute to national development than maintaining these cashgate brain individuals!

  88. nyotso says:

    we need to change our National anthem and remove the words Njala nthenda nsanje that’s what the above article is all about. mukufuna akapange help Britain mudzafa osauka.

  89. Malnwian says:

    Its about respecting the law of the land. Its high time we as a nation respected our very own law. The fact that kampalume is educated does not warrant him to aberrate from the very statute upon which this country is governed and founded. Nothing like nsanje here please. Malawians what is wrong with us. The question that we should be asking here is what does the law say?. You may wish to know that this guy in his oath swore to uphold the same law that he has violated. We are cheap Malawians.

  90. ngangaube says:

    Let the law take its course this guy and the president have breached the laws of the land. Achoke achoke basi abwelere ku England kwaoko

  91. The real ujeni says:

    The so called examples of an Israeli and Dutch being mp’s does not hold water, they are not cabinet ministers, if they are, will start to question. After all this Kumpalume worked in UK and he renounced his Malawian citizenship. The reason we say Malawi is losing out without dual citizenship.


    OMG! How does Kumpalume become British on his appointment as Minister but was 100% Malawian as Member of Parliament? Where were you with your comments all these months? Mwatani kodi anzathu? Simungamwereko madzi ‘capabilities’ za anzanu for once?

  93. Mbavi says:

    This is a sick country.

  94. Thubwelunwe says:

    Born in Malawi in 1971, went to Ntcheu Secondary School, then Chanco and he is MP for a Blantyre Constituency. His name is Kumpalume and you call him Briton? hahahahaha aMalawi yathu ija wasting time on trivia

  95. Thom Paul Duncan Nkalodzwa says:

    Zoopsya. Could it be that Bright Malopa influenced this? Any way tiona mene zithere. Zobvu zedi

  96. Mbiyazodooka says:

    There is no issue here. Most Malawians obtain foreign citizenship just for economic reasons and not for the hate of their country and that explains why they dont renounce their Malawian citizenship. The solution is to change the archaic laws on dual citizenship and develop your country so that citizens do not seek economic refuge anywhere in the name of naturalised citizens.

  97. Mandanda says:

    MALAWI needs to move on to repeal this stone age laws. Here the problem is not Dr Peter Kampalueme or Prof Peter Mutharika. NOT AT ALL. The problem is the laws of Malawi that have remained primitive for a long time. In this modern world, dual citizenship is the way to go and any country still not allowing that should be questioned.

    All that we need is to have well exposed and properly educated and internationally minded people that know what is going on in the world to be elected MPs and then move on to repeal this STUPID LAW. Even this Gift Makhwawa lawyer is silly to comment on this. We need lawyers that are exposed. He should rather be coming in to share a view on what is good for Malawi going forward rather than be seen to be aligning himself to the STUPID LAW.

    Much as this law exist, the issue is, is it a GOOD or BAD law. That is what learned people should be debating. Kodi mwana akanyera mu thewera mumayamba kukambirana za manyi kapena kuthandiza kaye mwana? Malawi still has primitive laws that need repealing.

    Ine wanu.

  98. Stupid says:

    No wonder the authority is so cruel such that we are not counted as their brothers and sisters because there mind is in UK.

  99. MG 2 says:

    Ndi m’malawi ameneyo simwati wa phunzira pa tcheu? basi nd wathu

  100. Nchengeti says:

    An MP in Lilongwe who is from Israel ,and another MP from Chiradzulu of Asian origin who has a British passport, Nyasatimes what do you say on these two and others????

  101. lawrence kutaumbe says:

    mulekeni munthuyo kuti agwile nchito osathamangila kumuloza chala, tiyeni tione kaye zinchito zake kuti zikhala bwanji.

  102. Manyasa says:

    This guy is an MP already and you are blaiming APM for this? why not ask MEC how he became an MP?

    Just for interest How many Malawians can be identified as malawians on the internet?

  103. Kapolo Sakwiya says:

    A Malawi yachuluka ndi nsanje . Dziko lathu silingatukuke chifukwa cha moyo onunkha ngati umenewu. Munali kuti pamene munthuyu amapanga campaign yoima u MP? Bwanji simunamufufuze? Munali kuti atangowina? Lero poti mwaona wapatsidwa mpando onona basi mwayambapo. Zaziiiiii. Tazilembani nkhani zothandiza dziko abale. M’Malawi muno muli mavuto a nkhaninkhani ofunika anthu mukuti ndiozindikiranu kuthandizana. Koma you are busy with your cheap propaganda. Sizitithandiza. A tcheya adati a Malawi sitidya ndale. Please give us real issues osati zosuzumilana mu pant. With one spirit, Malawi can develop koma kwachuluka ndi kulozana dzala kuti wina aoneke ngati olephera

  104. Fashion Police says:

    Even MEC did not do a due diligence when registering him for MP candidate. kkkk

  105. sir bentby says:

    this is completely ridiculous and disgraceful to us as Malawians,

  106. Myao says:


  107. golo says:

    I think as a country we are still living in dark ages. Dual citizenship should be introduced in our laws .The world over its now the norm.This guy has lots of knowledge to contribute to this country.He is Malawian to the bone.

  108. namatikitiki says:

    I have no problems with his appointment, he is a bonafide Malawian, he is an MP and we know his home village! Come on Malawians, Kamuzu Banda became a ruler of this country when he had a British passport, we had Sonke as a Minister in the UDF why was all this not raised? Malawians always amaze me!

  109. Maurice says:

    Nanunso a Kumpalume a class-mate ku Chanco mumakatenganso British citizenship yachiani apa ena akuchititsani tintini’tu. Kwanu nkwanu

  110. Nansani wa chingoni says:


  111. Congratulations! says:

    He is Malawian basi. Congrats Dr

  112. tionenso says:

    Palibe nkhani apa. Asiyeni Ana ophunzila atukule Malawi!

  113. Emmy says:

    Mpalapateni ameneyo azaona ngati moyo ndiophweka

  114. Dziko la malawi amayendetsa ndi matchona okhaokha, kuyambila peturo munthalika.

Comments are closed.

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