Kuwait stops working visas for Malawians

Kuwait has with immediate effect stopped issuance of working visas for Malawians, a senior government official has said.

Minister of External Affairs and International Cooperation Francis Katsaira said this as the government of Malawi is struggling to raise funds to bring back close to 30 girls who are stranded in the Arab country after they were promised good jobs and bright future but most of them ended up as sex slaves.

Katsaira said the government of Kuwait has stopped the issuance of the working visas because of the abuse of the girls in Kuwait.

“They are not happy because of the abuse of the Malawian girls,” he said.

The Malawian girls were rescued from their so called employers who confisticated their passports and made them work in extreme bad conditions including working as sex slaves.

The government of Malawi has since found them a safe house where they sleep and live on government food

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No arab came to Malawi to pick these girls. Some individuals in Malawi facilitated their move to Kuwait. And ever wondered why these agents are not being put on the spotlight for getting our girls into this? Tiyeni tidzuke a Malawi. A ndale asamatipusise!


Just bring back the girls home. Why safe house now? They should not stay at safe house for too long, they must be returned home now.

Gerard mapanga Phiri

I’m very sorry for those girls. It comes strange to me everyone knows that Arab country is no go area unless you’re ready to be abused. Some of us companies wanted to send us to work in Qatar in oil rig but knowing the Arab countries their abuse no one accepted. My advice is that don’t rush for false promises and quick get rich stories

this is most deplarable; i remember commenting on this issue prior to the massive recruitment drive. the issue of human rights abuses within some middle eastern countries was well documented with many african countries’ embassies affected by this. yet it was deemed ok by malawi to risk its citizens to come into harms way. what is the point of having foreign emmissaries when simple information flows dont exist. A country cannot use its citizens as pawns in a gamble benefitting a few minority businessmen and women. It is now left to the government to tidy up the mess caused by… Read more »
Kambewa chisale

How much is involved to repatriate them to Malawi?? Please provide the names of the girls.

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