Kwacha! Kandodo returns to Malawi Congress Party -Report

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) continue to gain more ground and attract more members with the latest being former cabinet minister in Democratic Progress Party (DPP) and People’s Party (PP) governments Ken Kandodo.

Kandodo: Back to MCP

Kandodo: Back to MCP

According to published reports, Kandodo is expected to be unveiled tomorrow at Mtunthama grounds in Kasungu where MCP president Lazarus Chakwera will hold a political rally

The Weekend Nation reports that Kandodo could neither confirm nor deny about his return to MCP.

Political analyst Henry Chingaipe told the paper that Kandodo’s return to MCP is hardly surprising.

“This will be like he is returning home just as was the case with Sosten Gwengwe. It could be that he has read the political climate in his home area and thinks that his future political fortunes lie in having a political home in MCP,” said Chingaipe.

According to Chingaipe, going by recent movements of politicians to MCP, it would imply that the party has become politically fashionable to re-join.

Also quoted in the paper, Professor Blessings Chinsinga, a lecturer in political science at the University of Malawi, warned the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to expect stiff competition in the 2019 general elections

“This is an interesting development. Politicians have tried to form political parties and they have seen that it is not viable and the thinking now is to try MCP because it is the only party that has not been tested,” he said.

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58 thoughts on “Kwacha! Kandodo returns to Malawi Congress Party -Report”

  1. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    Unfortunately, you have weakened the discussion and argument by hiding your identity. If you believe in what you are saying please come in the open and identify yourself or if you are bold enough to use this forum give me your phone number so I call you. One correction though: at no point in my posting have I alluded to the fact that all Tongas are Chewas. And at no point am I linking my views to a political party and MCP for that matter. And at no point am I referring to Dr. Kamuzu Banda. You can read it again. All I am trying to do is engage in a discussion on the tribal context of the Chewa people as I understand it. So, if you believe that there are no Chewas in Nkhata Bay, come out so we engage in an intelligent debate on Tongas, Chewas, Dr. Banda, etc. Let’s learn from each other. By the way, if you and I are Malawians, why should children of the same family fail to engage in an open & civilized discussion and agree or disagree on a matter that affects them both? Do we really have a good reason for hiding our identities when debating these matters? I don’t think so. We, Malawians, can do better to one another. Kent Y.G. Mphepo.

  2. Desperate MCP Mphepo says:

    @Kent K.G. Mphepo
    I understand u dream of MCP ruling but u dont have to chewalize other tribes. TONGAs r a separate tribe & the names Banda & Phiri shd not confuse u since they also came from Maravi. they r bantus & have been matrilinial. cassava & fish have been part of their life for very long time. they r generally a Lake Shore people from Luwalazi in Kota-Kota going northwards. they r much smarter, have nothing to do with gulewankulu and zinamwali. a hill is also Phiri in Tonga, just as kamuzu is a small root.
    History stands that original Kamuzu Banda came from Nkhata-Bay in the area of T/A Fuka-mapiri. he was aTonga just like Aleke Banda & Kenneth Kaunda.

  3. Wadiyusufu mchinji says:

    We are under punishment. We didn’t listen to God as islaetes did.

  4. chukuemeka Viyuyu says:

    Deep thinking indeed no wonder the the country got recognition under the leadership of t he Deepthinker DR .K

  5. Kandondo did not join DDP. He was picked by Bingu to use him to steal money after he fired Gondwe. Also for Bingu was after Kamuzu,s farms which Kandondo sold. Kandondo never practised politics during Banda. Kamuzu was the only president who did not engange his relatives into politics. The others think its their family businesses. That is why it has become family business and put the nation deep down.

  6. Kent Y.G. Mphepo says:

    Without participating in the unfortunate hate speeches based on tribal/political leanings like I see in some of the comments in this story, let me say that statistically Chewas are the biggest tribe in Malawi because even those who call themselves Nyanjas and Mang’anjas are actually historically Chewas under Gawa Undi of Zambia and Lundu of Chikwawa. Almost all chiefs (mafumu andodo) in Nsanje and Chikwawa are of Chewa stoke. All but one chief in Thyolo are Lomwe the rest are Chewas. Chikumbu in Mulanje is Chewa. Predominantly Lomwe districts in Malawi are Phalombe, Mulanje and Chiradzulo. You also have some few Lomwes in Zomba, Mangochi and Thyolo. Yaos are predominant in Mangochi, Machinga, Blantyre, Zomba but also found in a few other districts. In number they (Yaos) come second to the Chewa/Nyanja/Mang’anja stoke. Malemia of Domasi in Zomba is Chewa. Kunthembwe and Chigaru of Blantyre are Chewa. The same also applies for Likoswe of Chiradzulo, Nankumba of Mangochi, Fukamapiri and Kabunduli of Nkhata Bay and several others in various districts particularly in the Center. There are currently close to 16 million Chewas spread over Zambia, Mozamque and Malawi but the majority of them are in Malawi. Due to their shy, non-aggressive, laid-back and accommodating tribal character, most Chewas do not know (and are usually not interested in) their tribal roots. As such, many think they are Lomwes, Yaos, Ngonis, Tongas, etc. However, there are these features that set them apart: names of Phir, Banda, etc, gulewankulu, matriliniality, language (Chichewa usually spiced up with clever sayings, Miyambi, zining’a, etc), secretive tendecies, non-aggressive attitude, food (that includes mbewa), funeral rites, traditional worship (including M’bona), rites of passage (zinamwali), etc. By the way, the tribal name “Chewa” comes from the verb “kuchewa” which means “deep thinking” for this is what Chewas are known for. Chewas are natural “philosophers”. This is usually attributed to their secretive society called gule…. miyambi and zining’a are meant to wrap their communication in secrecy or make communication clear in fewest word possible. Just wanted to share what I know. Kent Mphepo, Blantyre, 0888435629.

  7. Disgruntled citizen says:

    Dpp is dead party in Malawi.Even if they merge with the useless Udf.They will not gain anything.Malawi is in hell because of these useless Dpp people.They hv totally failed Malawians with their clueless indecisive president.Travelling with a useless entourage of hundred something people while the economy of Malawi is in shambles.Malawians needs to demonstrate on this.He can’t take us for granted like he owns this country.

  8. tsetsefly says:

    When people give sweeping statements like “MCP sidzawina mpaka Yesu kubwera” l laugh my lungs out. Not long ago UDF thought they were a life party. This was after the MCP got a rude awakening in 1994. DPP got their shock of life when one hour they were a ruling party and the next hour they were an opposition party. So people don’t learn. Things can change especially now that the performance of the ruling party is mediocre. I feel DPP will finish itself due to lack of inclusiveness. A big crack awaits this zikwanje party as we approach 2019. Chilima wants that seat currently being occupied by this graffiti of a cartoon president. Some of the Lhomwe strong men want the VP out coz in performance term, the nation understands he is better than the president himself. We will see confusion in 2018/2019 that has never happened before.

  9. King lugola says:

    just wait and see real lions are coming 2019 Malawi will be better place to be we don’t want all that nonsense

  10. Mfumu yachewa kumphoto says:

    Mtumbuka iwe wadya chamba chamoto eti zofuna zako usapake anthu ena

  11. Reach out ministries says:

    Next to join MCP is Lucious Banda, Shanil etc but Mark Katsonga to work with MCP in the next election….awa anabera kuti anthu aona zoofoka zawo. Aitel campany beware! No way again you are exposed.

  12. Chibo says:

    What you have done Kandodo is very supportable. Coming back to MCP means you are becoming mature in politics of today. Invite more people to come back to MCP. Come 2019 MCP is going to rule this country.

  13. DOBO says:

    Leading the graphs of times in Malawi politics shows that in 1994 G elections 3 main parties emerged largely based on regional lines with some elements of tribalism.From 2004, 10 yrs later tribalism started to creep in leading to the downfall of AFORD and UDf with minority tribes and some minority tribes have become swing. It seems in Malawi the largest tribe is Chewa seconded by Llomwe followed Yao.Leading from ground the Chewa are coming to their 6 lsenses following the Llomwe style.It politians know this and that is why DPP want to stick by UDF support of the Yao while MCP is trying north for swing minority support of tribe over there while at locating Chewa areas of the South like Chikwawa of Lundu. That is tough competition between MCP and DPP is coming in. I aggre with the political analysts who said. If the trend continue like this I ably predict the Chewa majority rule in 10 yrs to come.What I also have observed are dangerous comments on certain tribes and culture which only strengthen tribalism and deep decision in Malawi.Sound mind cannot join your party simply because you have said bad unnecessary bad things about other peoples tribes or culture.

  14. Chimani. Game says:

    If you want civil war in Malawi then continue with this nonsense of dpp

  15. Nyoo says:

    MCP sidzalamula mpaka Yesu adzabwere ndipo Kabwira adzaimbabe nyimbo yobeledwa moyo wake onse

  16. Cash Gate says:

    Lero Ndinene poyera, Aliyense Amene Amasapota Dpp Alibe Nzeru, Kuli Ngati Kuombera Mfiti Mmanja Sadziwa Kusankha Zinthu Zabwino, Anthu Aja Ndi Akuba Kwambiri Ndipo Alibe Chikondi Ndi Anthu Awo, Tangowonani Magetsi Mmene zilili, Nanga Madzi, Shame On You

  17. Denguzman says:

    Koma anthu osatira APM ndinu omvetsa chisoni kwambiri moti simukuona kuti mphepo zolamulira dziko lino 2019 zikupita ku MCP? Koma musamale mwina titha kuvotanso isanafike 2019. MCP-2017-18 OR 2019 BOMAAAAAAAAAA.

  18. We are anticipating for the MCP government in 2019. President wamasomphenya.

  19. Gwamula says:

    This man called Ken Kandodo is not bringing anything to the party let alone conflicts, Analephela uyu that’s why analuza, zothawa maliro sanayambire pa Bingu, Ngakhale mbuyache tinaika iye kulibe. Mbava yotera iyi, hule lalimuna iyi, ufiti ndiye osanena. what change is he bringing to the party. Kasungu is back to MCP because of other People and not this Dude. He offered 17 Million MK to join DPP anamukanako, ndiye Congress kutola nyasi. Chakwera be careful with these wolf in a sheep skin.

  20. WIN.B says:

    MCP ndicho chipani chomwe ife anthu akummwera tikufuna chitalamulira…zinaz zatilephera…nthank u manganya for spicing up my day dzulo….ndaseka mpaka kukomoka…zoonadi things are out of hand at present….they all know dat

  21. Tengupenya says:

    Sitting MPs will not cross the floor, unless they agree to do so in mass as ung’ono ung’ono has done with his UDF. It is true that some parties have strongholds in some constituencies such that anyone they christen as their candidate would win. Examples are many. One political giant of Lilongwe failed to join another party for fear of losing his parliamentary seat as voters in his constituency are permanently, at least in the foreseeable future, voting for his current party in the majority.

  22. thembi says:

    Deadwood going back to deadwood. Madeya rejoining fellow madeya. Losers joining fellow losers. Kwacha kwayera.

  23. Mau Musamatha says:

    Iam waiting for peoples party publicity and Administrative secretary ken msonda comment.
    The man has steady answers for such political prostitutes.
    Let’s wait and hear what bwana msonda will say

  24. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    The return of Kandodo to MCP is nothing significant at all. Because it does nothing to enhance the party’s fortunes in 2019.
    Only a significant presence in the populous South, DPP and UDF country, would really be a path in that direction. With even a few losses in the Center and the North, MCP will still be relegated to a Opposition, in 2019.
    Blame it on the atrocious record on human rights, during the evil regime of Kamuzu. Asa.

  25. clement says:

    Za ziiiii. DPP singateketseke ndi anthu olephera komanso mcp. Inuyo mudzakhalira kulira mpaka muyaya ndipo muzinama kuti mwabeledwa. Mr Ken anasowa kopita popeza DPP onse anachoka kumwalira kwa prof Bingu sitikuwafunanso. DPP ilamulira mpaka kale ndipo mulira mutopa

  26. Come 2019 muzaliranso namuti akuberani mavoti. Those so called Political analyist are a farce. How can they say rejoining MCP by these recycled politicians is an indication that MCP is fashionable oops my foot. Ngakhale atolankhaninu ndinu ma born after kamuzus death eti. Simudziwa kuti MCP ndi nunkhadala inali panga unye kholo la nyakula, ndyetsa ku ng’ona etc. Zinazi ngati mulibe zokamba kumankhala chete kusiyana ndi kuwonetsa umbuli wanu pa mbiri ya MCP.

  27. Chipapwuche says:

    I don’t think it is true that DPP will face stiff competition just because some opportunists are re-joining the party. If you look at these people you will see that they are people who lost in the 2014 Tripartite Elections and think they will reclaim their seats in 2019 under the MCP banner. If anything,MCP has to be worried of how to conduct its Primary Elections because these spentforces will surely do everything in their books to ensure they return to parliament. The incumbents in the constituencies aren’t happy and this is a recipe for divisions. If indeed its an attractive party,it should be able to catch sitting independent MPs…

  28. Mabuka says:

    Good comeback. It may mean something if it means working together to build the party as a formidable force for the re-building of our motherland. Politics of the stomach will not lead us anywhere. As for voters, bad government is voted in by people who are unpatriotic to the cause of the nation. Let us not be used by myopic leaders who put the tribe and region they come from ahead of the entire nation. Malawi is bigger than my tribe and my region.

  29. BbyBye says:

    1958 Kwachaaaaa, 1964 Kwachaaaa, 1974 Kwachaaaaa, 1984 Kwachaaaaa, 2003 end of Kwachaaaa. Tsono 2015 nkumuuza wina wake kuti kwachaaaa? Usawiii chanii amangwetu?

  30. mpimpa says:

    welcome home mwanawathu, usadzasocheleso.

  31. not myname says:

    Yayayaaa Koma kuneko pakhomo pakhalidwe anthu satha phazi ngakhale patakhala pa pa umphawi komanso ena atanena zoipitsa bwanji antha amabwerabe.Akudziwa chomwe chichitike kutsogolo akanakhala adyela akanayang’ana kuli mphika wanyama

  32. chindele says:

    Chakwera go on. You are doing the right things. This is the time to strengthen the party.But my free advice is that Mcp is already intact in kasungu. Spend most of your party strengthening strategy in nkhotakota, salima ntcheu and all districts of southern region and northern region.I tell you with the anger people have against Dpp you may be another Moses.

  33. Nothing new says:

    Just politics. Muzipanga za nyau zanuzo ku Kasungu komweko mukudziwanso kuti nyakula mumatimanga zija kumwera kuno chanu palibe. For abusa not surprising paja adayamba kuombera mmanja nyau kwa Kalonga Gawa Undi.

  34. u r most welcome mr kandodo

  35. DPP has simply be terrorizing Malawians. With Bingu in his second term, Malawians suffered. He felt gulity and died of it. He death came as resulting of subjecting Malawians to miserable life. Enter his brother, it is the same things. Kuba kukupitirira. How long will Malawians suffer?

  36. The central region party, why we don’t have a national party?????? All we have here are tribal parties which is a worrying scenario. Do you think MCP can choose a Southerner or Northener a President? DPP will it be possible to give power to Mchewa or Ntumbuka? UDF will it be possible for someone from znorth or central to lead????? I don’t think so. Not good for national unity.

  37. Nyoni phiri says:

    Mukumva bwanji a dpp,

  38. Chimango says:

    We fellow MCPs are welcoming you, lets build the party stronger

  39. Tati Kalongonda says:

    Bodza! DPP idawina kuchokera kotsutsa, MCP idali ku?
    Kandodo won’t make any successful changes for MCP, he’ll fight his relation for Kasungu Central constituency. That won’t change the political landscape!
    If the ruling party was no.1 in the populous South and no.2 in all regions, something terrible must happen to change the status quo in 2019!

  40. hisbolla says:

    But Chakwera has a problem, he is nepostic, he only makes meetings in central region, nothing in the north. If u continue wth this weakness, u will not win 2019. Come to the north, central payokha sizawina, let’s join hands

  41. stephen says:

    thats nice. koma a mcp yisangolandira zilizonse.

  42. angoni apaphata says:

    And we expect different results if mcp win. Pofika 2019 akhala atakhamukirako onsewa ndiye tidzidzadabwa? A kandodo zimene anachita ndi bingu zija ndi zinthu

  43. Kalulu says:

    Mcp Will Never Rule This Country Again Crocodile Party!

    Uyunso Wabwelerayu Ndi Kang’wing’wi Wamkulu Odya Bibi Ndi Nyama Yosaphika Yo Magazi Dala.

    Vinyau, Vilombo Va Kukasungu Zo Opha Wanthu

  44. karoda says:

    Now it’s true that mcp is central region party don’t dream of ruling this country again

  45. chakhalira says:

    O Dr. Chakwera, This is your time. Polankhula lankhulani mwamphamvu zinthu zili m’manja mwanu. Kumpoto sinkhani amafuna mfundo zeni zeni ndi zanzeru. Use men of wisdom in the Central Region to understand that the only way to win is Malawi should adopt mfundo za A Ngwazi Banda, Palibe Mtumbuka, Wa Kumpoto, Palibe Mchewa, Palibe M Yawo, Palibe Mungulu, Palibe ………………………….Malizani nokha kwinaku,

    Then speak with all boldness that time has come for yet true liberation for Malawi. The Truth must be told kuti mukamawona anthu akulu akulu ngati a Louis Chimango, A Ken Kandodo ndi ena akubwerera ku MCP awonapo kanthu.

    Koma pali ena amene akufuna kugawa Central Region. Please show these guys the way out quickly. Tili pambuyo panu Mtsogoleri. Nkhalani wa mphamvu nulimba mtima!!!!!!

  46. the truth says:

    Kandodo is trying to run away from cashgate related crimes so he needs public and political sympathy from his home boys in MCP

  47. Mbwiye says:


    1. No.9 Mbwiye you are contradicting yourself. If Kandodo has joined MCP because it is a party for Ambwiyache it means in reality he is MCP. You cannot talk MCP without Kamuzu who was founder and father of Malawi nation and no one can change that history. I will borrow Jose Mourinho’s words that you can try to steal history or erase it but you cannot manage because people will always find the truth through history books, authors and websites. I agree with you that Kandodo pretended to be DPP and later PP just to gain experience and survive politically because Kamuzu did not want his direct relatives to practice active politics in his days as president for obvious reasons.

  48. NGWAZI says:


  49. mwana mulopwana says:

    Much as I can read on the wall, it means MCP is a dustbin for all the recycled polititicians, these are the very same people who assisted late Bingu to mess up things and they are the very same people who assisted JB to steal,
    We now need to implement ideologies of Late James Nyondo , meaning we should not vote based on party politics but on individual capabilities, The same old stories are the same that we are crying today that APM to more people to NY and we will sing the same song if MCP wins, enough is enough

    We need new blood in Malawi to save the situation

  50. Emmatuwa says:

    Mwachita bwino kubwerera a Kandodo ku chipani cha MCP ife timangokuonanitu DPP sichipani chodalirika Chipani cha Cashgate. Kuba K92Billion.KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK mboni Msonda wa chipani cha PP

  51. Kwacha! Welcome back uncle Ken Kandodo. I not amused that Ken Kandodo is back in MCP. I knew that sooner or later he would return to his party out of loyalty and patriotism. His joining DDP and PP was just a strategy to survive politically. I would also like to commend him that during his sojourn in the political exile he did not spend his time castigating other political parties, fellow politicians and let alone MCP……..that was mature politics and you really showed that you are a nephew of late Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda. My simple advice to MCP is that take advantage of the blunders being made by DPP and utilize them for your opportunity to win more electorates and confidence among many Malawians from all spectrum. You should also use more energy in building strong support in the Southern and Northern regions. This is the only time that you can bounce back to lead Malawians as there is no any strong opponent to DDP than yourself since UDF and PP and dead like old curtains.

  52. matandwe says:

    good move. I salute u. we have been used for long time. let’s be united opposition

  53. yusuf says:

    Ena mpakana pano,mpakana lelo akukakabe za MCP koma sitikudabwa ai ndipo sitikuyang’ana m’buyo chifukwa Malawi wafika ponvetsa chisoni ndipo ndi MCP yokha yamwe ikutipatsa chiyembekezo,kwacha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. KUNO KU MAULA says:






  55. Akatswiri says:

    Welcome ken,MCP is your home

    1. Tonnels says:

      Ine ndingoti malawi anaoneka ndi mcp. Ndipo malawi adzatukuka ndi mcp. Welcome back mr ken kandodo. Nothing for us without us. Kwacha.

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