Kyungu orders end of Karonga DEC meeting: ‘K8m cashgate’

The paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga the northern part Malawi, has directed the government officials in the area to abolish the District Executive Committee, saying there are abuses .

Kyungu leading the leaders to see the controvercial land and houses.

Kyungu leading the leaders to see the controvercial land and houses.

The order has come against the un procedural allocations of land to the district top officials to build their houses, forcing the vendors to pay bribes and squandering of K8 million of Infrastructure Development Fund (IDF).

Speaking during the emergency meeting which was attended by the senior traditional leaders, councillors, business operators, civil society and officials from the District Commissioner, Kyungu wondered where the officers got the money of building the mansions.

According to the Paramount Chief, DEC must be a consortium of traditional leaders and councillors if is to continue because they are the ones who know the need of the community.

“I wonder how you officials managed to build these big houses and a person who gave you the land on top of that I have been told that 8 million Kwacha for IFD is missing at the council which is pathetic, now I declare the dissolution of DEC or else chiefs and councillors must be the members because they are the ones who lead the community,” Kyungu said.

Kyungu warned “if you will not bow down to my order by existing the committee without involving chiefs and councillors we shall invade your meeting and see who is the owner of the district.”

He said there are no development issues that come from the DEC apart from officers getting allowances.

In the DEC meeting top officials from all government departments in the district who also called the technocracy tend to plan and discuss issues on how to develop the district.

Reacting to the development, the district Director of Administration James Tembo who represented the District Commissioner asked the members to call for another meeting which will involve all parties before coming up with conclusions.

Mean while, the leaders have listed three names of top officers to be forcibly transferred in the district, namely the district Monitoring and Environment officer Emmanuel Sohaya, Philemon Maseko who head the land department and the Physical Planning officer Robert Phiri.

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40 thoughts on “Kyungu orders end of Karonga DEC meeting: ‘K8m cashgate’”

  1. Nyamsideni says:

    Abale ma allowance ake ati? You assume too much Kyungu. DEC meeting is the cheapest activity ever which is part of the job description for every Head of Department, The members are not entitled to a sitting allowance. In Karonga, DEC members (institutions)contribute towards DEC meetings. If chiefs are to participate in the meetings then we can call it something else it won’t be DEC anymore. The DoA, you are intelligent and mature by not exchanging words with the chief on the media. Bravo!

  2. Rodgers Banda says:

    Chief Kyungu your facts are excellently tabulated however in this one party system called (democracy) in desguise , it won’t work otherwise FEDERATION is the answer. Without fedelism you will continue crying in the wilderness.

  3. The Ear and Eyes says:

    When it comes to land issues I support you 100%. In Nkhata Bay there are unsurmountable problems with land allocation, land being sold and allocated through a lone Lands Assistant Officer without a district committee or DC knowledge. This has created confusion and fights amongst the locals.

    Please investigate these Lands Chakuti chakuti.

  4. Karongaman says:

    Little Background About Kyungu: A Ngonde Not Tumbuka Perse, Educated Graduate Up to 2nd Degree(masters) Once an Ambassador (Diplomat) In Countries Outside Africa As Well During Bakili’s Tenure.A Political Leader.That Is Why He Bcomes The Most Educated With Vast Administrative Experience In Their Forums.Whatever He Says In A Forum Bears A Credential Falacy.His DC Is A Secondary Shl Teacher With Lower Profile Including Other Pple In The DEC (also Have Lower Profiles).Uderstand Him From That Perspective.

  5. Angenda for change says:

    Can someone tell me the origins of those three onthe list…of target …This is awar btwn Tumbukas and other regions in retaliation to the same calls being made in most southern District councils..In phalombe for example councills hv given the M&E who is also acting DPD mr Isaac Mkandawire to pack up and go…the other target was the tumbuka member who was DOF…so if Atumbuka mumafuna kuba kwanu kukhale kosasatidwa koma kuwafinya amnzanu…Nyumba zimene atumbula mukumanga kummwera where are u getting the money….To hell with u Kyungu….if u go ahead to transfer those officials who ibelieve are from other region expect feedbacl…..yes feedback TIT for TAT…Do u know the meaning of DEC and what about Full council…do tje two sound anything in ur stupid stinking medulla????.Anthu oipa inu….

  6. Dorobuchi says:

    Saying Chief Kyungu is Tumbuka is just as good as saying Chief Gomani is Chewa coz he comes from Central Region.


  8. KYungu can not dissolve DEC, sizingatheke zimenezi. Apa Yakula ndi nsanje. Chief Kyungu mawaya ena anaduka. Mwaiwala kuti Kyungu yemweyo Anakana za Federal system osafunsa anthu. DEC nde eniake a ma allowance kaya akufuna kapena sakufuna!

  9. Kenkkk says:

    If these officers are corrupt and can’t account as to how they accumulated their money to buy land and build houses, then the Kyungu is right to demand their removal. We don’t want thieves, it is time we started being serious against thieves. Yes we all want development but Development brought about by thieving is the wrong type of development. Only dpp thugs think that way in the name of thieving development.

    On the unilateral order to dismantle the dec, I don’t support the Kyungu’s approach.

    Phondo, you are myopic. There was a district in the centre, if I recall nkhotakota which wanted to chase its officers who were mainly tumbukas. If someone is corrupt, it doesn’t matter which tribe they belong to, they must be confronted.

    Kyungu is not a Tumbuka as some people have pointed out, he is a nkhonde. Tumbuka chief is chikulamayembe or real surname Gondwe.

    Also the name Phiri can be found in all three regions, so you can’t be sure whether the Phiri referred to here is not from the north. There are many Phiris in the north, even in Karonga itself there are few, although most of them tend to be from nkhatabay.

  10. Anadimba says:

    Ndimangomva kuti kumpoto ndi kutchire chifukwa chake ndi chimenechi eti?kodi amfumu mukufuna anthu adzikuuzani salary yawo ndi break down yake ?mind you ahouse can not be built in aday.anthu matenga ngongole kubank ,akatenga kukuwauzanso amfumu.?stupid chief ufiti wako ndithu ,iwe jealous limeneli bwanji?kodi mmalawi muno mfumu ndiwe wekha?? Ukufuna ukhalenso DC iwe eti?iwe sukuona kuti boma linapanga mgwirizano ndi abank kuti grades I and above azitenga ma loan.wina akatenga yake ndi yambapo nyumba iwe mkabudula kutota ngati waona nmwali usandi chimwitse.

  11. Idi Amini Dada says:

    As per (their) constitution, who is mandated to dissolve the DEC? ls it the chief ntemi kyungu or who else? I for one, dont think the kyungu is wired to exercise dissolvement. Pope linga yo ntemi atanamako pobwankhula ulukomano lwa DEC. I mean the truth. My fellow DEC members, let us seek a court injunction! Mafumu ndikumuzu osati ku offesi! Kyungu uyu yope ofwana nkhati mawaya ghamo ghadumwike. Pamo okwesa makambo ni ngambo! e Bgul

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Idi Amin dada, you made my day!!! Really in stitches!!!

  12. jah says:

    mfumu iyi imandinyasa zedi. kodi boma la KA ndiiye? galu wamunthu yachuluka ndi nsanje. akyungu kunyasa ngati manyi. govt should do something to silencde this rabid dog b4 its too late

  13. GRM says:

    You can understand Kyungu once you meet him at his house. The guy keep on lecturing you on development and corruption and will not give you chance to explain the project that has made you to visit him. HE SHOULD BE EDUCATED ON THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEC AND COUNCIL. DEC is a technical working group of council and it does not is not a policy making body. All decisions of the DEC are approved by the council which involve the chiefs. Quite interesting chiefs do not even vote/make decisions in the council. NDIYE AMFUMU? MULIBE MPHAMVU NGAKHALE MMALAMULO ADZIKO KUTHETSA KAPENA KUYAMBITSA CHILICHONCE

  14. Lawrent Chimbalanga says:

    One has no powers to dissolve the DEC. This Chief itches my ass

  15. Truth says:

    Phodo (Number 10), it is good to not to comment if you are not sure. Who told you that all the officers named in the write up are not from the North? And who told you that Paramount Kyungu is Tumbuka? Free advice: Do your fact finding exercise before commenting on this important forum and if you do that you will be more rational in your comments and contributions.

  16. sis zee says:

    I dont like this senior chief kyungu he is a mr know it all

  17. Mwina Karonga says:

    Ndikunvetsera ndi chidwi being 2019-2024 MP For Karonga North West (Afta Thorough Discussions With My Bro JB).I Know Emmanuel Sohaya As My Classmate And A Fellow Believer,he Can’t Do What U Think He Has Done.The Youngman Joined Karonga When He Was Already Rich.He Is A Business Magnate.

    1. Bwengu says:

      Mr/Mrs Mwina Karonga,
      I appreciate you know Sohaya but don’t just say he can’t do it he is opemphera and so forth. Mchinji stadium and offices stalled and he was one of the involved. When it comes to money issues many of us forget our belief and join the plunders. Don’t just think because one is a gulupa or mkulu wa mpingo then sanga solole!

  18. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    Who told u anyone coming from north is a tumbuka? i hate such stupidity. dont just generalise everything u fool!

    Kwa baba kyungu, he might have a point but has used a wrong medium according to my opinion. on the other hand bigman uyu ngokonda money. DEC meetings ma allowance ake sapyolera 3000 koma iyeyu demands 30-40 pin in allowances per day.

  19. Man says:

    KYUNGU! You are swimming in a pool of ignorance and stupidity! Members of DEC are educated and on salary, so asapange chitukuko ndi ndalama zawo kuopa kuti iwe uziti aba? ufuna ndalama zawo azitani nazo? Bulshit! kagwere uko! ufuna DEC ukhale ndiwe kapena? Kawelengenso mabuku a Darwin, ndiwe mbalame yachabechabe!

  20. Bola Kwimuka. says:

    Kuba anyamata inu! Anthu a m’boma simuzatheka. Kyung is a Malawian besides being Paramount Chief. He has to be concerned if you are stealing. Kyungu has a Masters degree and he understands what is going on. Musiye kuba! Kukazakudelani, muzasowa mtende really ngati Mphwiyo.

  21. Phodo and Bolamoyo tikamati akumwera ndinu mbuli timonera zimenezi ife timaziwa mafuko onse ali kwanuko chifukwa mitu yathu ndiyoseguka, inu aliyense waku mpoto ndi Tumbuka , chonsecho Mayi wa nduna ya chi Lomwe amagulisa Tomato, kuzindikila kwanu kuli pati? Boma ndiyili likukanikani since Independence You have been in power what tangible thing have you done apart from stealing. Msandilembese novel agalu inu.

  22. Ufulu K says:

    Cyprus University, USA. Nigeria University, Malawi. All for the sake of UDOKOTALA.

  23. Tman says:

    Sohaya at it again. Ask people in Mchinji, they know him. Kambanva kofatsa konamizira kupemphera, kamanamizira kupanga business. Anagulitsa malo kuti amange stadium koma ahhh kuba basi. Ndangodutsamo koma sindine mtumbuka

  24. mbaci says:

    Chonde muzimva pilizi not everyone from the north ndi mtumbuka…. Kodi Vuto lanu ndi chani? Hatred ya mtundu wanji koma…..

  25. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    U re going too far sir indeed vere is educated savages who pretend they know everything dec means district executive meeting so what fella chief u shud transfer all technocrats then u occupy the council offices koma ata sizingatheke

  26. wokwiya says:

    What is the role of TAs in DEC meetings? KYUNGU it is high time you narrowed your roles as a chief. You are scandalous, a thief in totality. You behave as if you are the only educated fellow in the district. You want the council to be ran as your estate? It is your district yes, but we work as our country.
    You should also be aware that you are corrupt and a drain of council resources through your fake trips to LL and besides that, you don’t allow govt officials on official duties to accompany you in the trips.
    It is time now that govt started working with technocrats and not greedy chief like Kyungu.

  27. Civic Educator says:

    I thought forum the chief is asking for already exist and its called Stakeholder meeting, by dissolving DEC which means u will remain with only one forum. I think its old age now becoz former council employee senior more over cannot think like that.

  28. Dr. Ben Phiri, Ph.D.(Cyprus International University,USA) says:

    We can intervene if asked

  29. phodo says:

    You see when we say Tumbukas are selfish, this is what we mean.They are chasing the named guys: Monitoring officer Mr E. Sohaya, Head of land department Mr P. Maseko, Head of physical planning Officer Mr R. Phiri because they are not Tumbukas. The first officer is from Nsanje-South, the second and third guys are from central region. This is very bad. Stop it.Tumbukas sttop it.

  30. NYAKA 1 says:

    Its not own, remember those officers have their own private life, where d council n Kyungu do not exist ,2-Kyungu has been always harshy on officers 4getin they went to universities n colleges n r holders of different degrees + masters . Pipo r failing to have their salaries coz of him , h z just selfish. H also did d to Chima, Bulukutu, Zaniku, Sadi,Kasambala d CID officer.

  31. ANALYST says:

    Bola Moyo uli ndi vuto! Karonga ndi dera la a Ngonde (Nkhonde) not Tumbuka; Mtemi Kyungu is Ngonde chief not Tumbuka chief; Paramount wa aTumbuka ndi Themba la Mathemba Chikulamayembe! Why this hatred towards the Tumbuka???

  32. Tili Chenene says:

    “Bola Moyo” I hope you are doubtfully okay in your logic. Until today, are you not in the know that Karonga is not a Tumbuka land? God forgive you

  33. Soko says:


  34. mkamu wangu says:

    With due respect, mtemi kyungu is exceeding his legal mandate. His utterances and decrees are illegal. He is not leading by example with his tantrums. This a matter of administration. Legally, the boss of kyungu is the District Commissioner. What Kyungu says here, if true, and the manner in which he says it is against public order. I would urge members kyungu to sober up, be measured and procedural, and consider the consequences of arbitrariness and careless decrees.

  35. Pyoka says:

    Kyungu thumb up! They want to enrich themselves

  36. who we be says:

    That’s the Kyungu I know. He is the DC for Karonga. Ali ndi nsanje yyachabe uyu. Civil servant usapange development akuti waba.

  37. kachimera says:

    Well done Baba Kyungu, thats what we call chieftancy! Amazolowera kuba anthu amenewa, those mansions where did they get the money?

  38. Bola Moyo says:

    Atumbuka Atumbuka Atumbuka kuzitengera zinthu pa m’gong’o! Does a mere chief have powers to dissolve the District Executive Committee? Only in Tumbukaland!

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