Lawyer accuses Malawi media of cashgate ‘sensationalism’

Lawyer for Pika Manondo, one of the accused in the assassination attempt of former Malawi’s Budget Director, Paul Mphwiyo, has accused the media of misrepresenting the court proceedings in order to sell the papers.

Mwakhwawa: Newspapers sensationalising to sell

Mwakhwawa: Newspapers sensationalising to sell

Writing on the timeline of his Facebook Timeline, John Gift Mwakhawa said he had so far avoided commenting on the case; however he had felt a strong need to put his friends in the better picture on the proceedings.

“I have so far avoided and will continue to avoid commenting on this case on my wall. However, I have felt a strong need to put my friends in the better picture on the proceedings and this is all I can say,” Makhwawa wrote.

He urged Malawians to take what they read in newspapers with a pinch of a salt.

“The way the papers are reporting does not, to a large extent, represent what exactly the case is progressing,” stated Mwakhwawa.

“Clearly, the press has an ulterior motive which is to spice up the narratives and sell the papers. Be wary. And it’s unfortunate that such misreporting can extend to judicial proceedings,” he further wrote.

Commenting on the issue, Davis Njobvu, also a lawyer advised Mwakhwawa not to “do your work in the Legal Court and let that Court perform its duty.”

However, Mwakhwawa replied,” I agree with you I think it’s right and proper for me to remind my friends about the dangers of following judicial proceedings through the press particularly Malawian which I have known since my age of knowledge.

“One of dangers is that due to misreporting, the accused persons in any trial may be convicted by the public court and yet be acquitted by the court which in turn may erode public confidence in the justice system….just among others.”

Pika Manondo, Raphael Kasambara, McDonald Kumwembe and others are being accused of attempting to murder the former budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

Mphwiyo was shot three times as he drove into his compound in the exclusive neighbourhood of area 43 in Lilongwe on September 13, 2013.

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Wariya Khale

Fuck it! All lawyers are thieves.

chawanangwa Mlori
I am aware Gift Mwakhawa can see what many vividly see. Let all sober up and follow proceedings as they unfold in a court of law. It is very clear that a frenzy which is being created and such that if the case goes against the expectation of many then this will create another subject which will obviously adversely affect many things in our beloved country. This is country needs positive thinking and tolerance otherwise because of the way we do business here we shall continue to lose the many gains we have made with so many tears simply because… Read more »
Who are you Mwakhwawa to gadge Malawians to express themselves.You are just one of those mercenary lawyers if your facts are right and your case good what are your fears?The problem with chanco lawyers is that you think being a lawyer is the end in it all you think women talk about you ,that we eat you were it not for school who would you be?You think people dont read the law?By the way lawyers are not the richest in this country so fold your tails you biggots.Even if they arent convicted but the fact doesnt change matters that that… Read more »


dyton Chiwaya

The mouse that carried a cat across a river never lived to see which way to the cats home was.


kodi inu a Thako panja kodi inuyo simukonda ndalama? Ngati simukonda ndalama ndiye kuti mumakonda ufiti, ngati mulibe ufiti thewera lamwana mumaseteka.kikiki


stupid are looking for excuses by blaming the media.why can’t you shut your mouth up and continue protecting your thugs.your clients must start getting worried for you clearly see darkness at the end of the tunnel.shame gift.


John Mwakhwawa you like money too much! You will end very badly! !!


Zoona nthawi zina atolankhani amangotenga nkhani za pa mowa ndipo aipitsa mbiri ya anthu ambiri,nthawi zina chifukwa cha kusadziwa komanso nthawi zina zaka chifukwa chotumikola gulu Lina la anthu.


I see no point why the lawyer is worried. We have a competent judge who will hear the evidence and make a well reasoned judgment. I have respect for Mtambo. If you present your clients case well, then you have nothing to worry. For me, actually the sensationalism was the headline article from the Nation which said “Maid discredited”. yet when I actually read the article, I had doubts if the maid was discredited. Apart from that, the media has been ok. Its the social network you should be worried about. Unfortunately for that, you can do nothing about.

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