Lawyer Mulemba arrested over Malawi cashgate probe

Law enforcing agencies on Monday arrested Yambani Mulemba, a lawyer by profession, who  is linked to the money laundering charge of the country’s former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo and his wife Thandi.



Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) officers said said they want to quiz Mulemba on allegations that he collected US70, 000 dollars from Mphwiyo’s house immediately after he was shot, among other issues.

ACB deputy director general Reyneck Matemba  confirmed the arrest.

“We arrested Mr Mulemba on charges bordering on facilitating money laundering in connection with one of the Cashgate suspects,” Matemba said.

During the recent court hearing, Mulemba also testified that he facilitated contact for gun-shot survivor Mphwiyo with Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) head of surgery Dr Carlos Valera, whom he performed a minor surgery before he referred him to South Africa for specialist treatment.

But lawyers Ralph Kasambara – also accused in the shooting of Mphwiyo – was more interested in an envelope which he claimed contained dollars that Mulemba fetched the day after the shooting.

But Mulemba said he gave the envelope a cursory glance to satisfy himself that it contained medication as Mphwiyo’s wife had asked him to do.

Kasambara said the envelope contained dollars which Mulemba was asked to collect from Mphwiyo’s vehicle, but Mulemba denied it.

Mphwiyo, whose shooting at the gate of his house in the country’s capital Lilongwe on the night of September 13 2013 exposed the plunder of public resources, was arrested  for money laundering, theft and conspiracy to defeat the course of justice.

His wife was charged with theft and money laundering.

Apart from the arrest of Mphwiyo and his wife Thandi, the anti-graft body also arrested politician Hophmally Makande and Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) director of legal services and company secretary Ishmael Chioko.

The 2014 forensic audit report into Cashgate also mentioned Knights and Knights, a legal firm where Mulemba is a partner, as one of the law firms which allegedly received money from people named in Cashgate.

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85 thoughts on “Lawyer Mulemba arrested over Malawi cashgate probe”

  1. Cocoon says:

    That is why Malawi is the poorest country in the world because people are just too selfish, brainless. Most Lawyers in Malawi are thieves, there no Justice, they still money from their clients and backed up by so called Law Society. Palibe chabwino, Government ndii anthu onse okuba.

  2. Angoni says:

    @ Lusaka Zambia comment 25, i mean analemela just after two years chimalizileni school. sikuti am talking za lero ayi. get me right. I know him and his mother too ku MHC zomba office . He is also my friend.

  3. paul mphwiyo says:

    Yambani is my true friend.

  4. Jihadi John says:

    We need sharia law in Malawi and thereafter behead ALL lawyers!!!

  5. akatswiri says:

    Yambani Mulemba is one of humble Lawyers in Lilongwe ndiye osamaonjezera nkhani kuti ikome,kodi inu mulibe anzanu omwe anamagidwapo?why are you trying to spoil others?Ngati simukudziwa zaYambani funsani ife ngakhale mukhoza kufunsa anthu amene amagwira naye ntchito,God is watching you anthu ajerasi,is this murder or money laundering?kodi nkhani ya 92 billion ili pati?nanga nkhani yachasowa ili pati?nanga yachanthunya ili pati?God is watching from the distance watch out.

  6. Innocent Soul says:

    I never thought that there are many haters like this out here. I bet most of you dont even kno a story about Yambani. an you say he finished school 2years ago! my foot! get your facts right. Who told you that he was even mentored by Ralph? hahahahah… koma anthu inu musandiseketsa…..

  7. Lusaka Zambia says:

    Knight @ 30
    Musapake munthu wolakwa please. Yambani was Mphiwyo’s friend in LL where is it said that he was also Noel’s friend. Does working together mean anzanu ndiamodzi? Kufuna kuonongerana mbili chifukwa chama jealous basi…

  8. Lusaka Zambia says:

    No 21 Angoni. Tikuvomera Yambani ndi mzake wa Mphwiyo koma muzinena zoona chonde. Yambani anamaliza school two years ago are you sure? Inu nomwe mati Mayi ake angulira nyumba ku 47 inu nomwe ku 15 inu nomwe ku Chirimba kungofuna kukometsa nkhani koma muziziwa kuti ndi mwana wa nzanu. Waipa Yambani chifukwa wamangidwa ndiye muonjezere nkhani.? Yambani has always been a humble lawyer and kukhala mzake wa Mphiwyo si kulakwa. Kodi inu anxanu onse ndi abwino??????????????

  9. Abiti Sipoko says:

    Iwe Katakwe make wa Yambani zankhudza. Anthu adabwa kuti ali ndi chuma chambiri within a short time fiscal police igwirapo ntchito apa kkkkk

  10. Mzomera says:

    koma abale, ndikumanva chisoni kwambiri. Akazi ena mu Lilongwe anathamangitsa azimuna awo akuti ndi osauka powayerekeza ndi amuna ena ogwira ntchito m’boma kachizungu kake amvekere ‘I cant keep suffering in poverty, my husband is very irresponsible’. Pano ndikhulupilira awona tsopano kuti aja amanyengana nawo aja anali akuba ndalama, amapeza ma contract achinyengo m’bomamu. zachisoni lero akuchita bwino ndi aja anasiyana nawo aja.


    DEAR ACB: Yambani and Paul Mphwiyo bought a house in south africa (Pretoria) using cahsgate money. kumakhala Reason Selemani. fufuzani kumakhala ma pate kumeneko kudya ndalama za msonkho za a mphawi.

    1. Hoitty says:

      Akuti muzinena ku boma

  12. ndaona says:

    Apa ndaona kuti a malawife eni ndalama tikutengedwa ngati door mats, kupuputila matope basi odya ndi ena. Akutizungulilitsa kuti nthawi idzipita zawo ziwayendere. Maumboni alipo, nde akufuna kuzungulila chifukwa chani? Itha liti milandu imeneyi? mxi thats why sometimes i admire arab countries, zikanatha izi. Onse nyumba zawo ndi ma assets ena akanawotchedwa.

  13. katakwe says:

    Anthu nsanje bwanji? amayi a Yambani zikuwakhudza bwanji?

  14. bwande says:

    Anita keep on praying….Amalawi nsanje too much! please Anita make sure you concentrate on taking care of the young one!

  15. frank says:

    The answer to cashgate is mob justice these guys are playing games on innocent malawians.

  16. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Is Mr Ralph Kasambara trying recover the money on behalf of government or exhibition.

    This only proves that all these guys are crooks. Where did they get all those details.

    Only your friend know your secrets and he is the one who can reveal.

  17. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    When are you arresting VP Soulos Chilima , a lot that we are hearing about this young VP ?

    Some people are saying that Atupele is to replace Soulos after his arrest , is that the game APM is to play ?

  18. Dey O Dsev Panishment!

  19. Ndi ulamuliro wamaso mphenya wa professor Peter Munthalika umbava onsewu utha very soon

  20. Chindazi says:

    HAVE YOU SEEN WILLIAM FAULKNER IN THESE STUPID CASES….. that’s what am talking about man…….. Wapona, Oswald,,, and you knew upcoming lawyers CHINULA is a good example,,,,,,
    The boys that I know to be trained by Chinula I don’t think they are involved…. is LIkhwa Mussa in cash gate??????

    Trainees by Kaphale and Kasambala are all representing the cashgaters,,,,,,, Oswald Mtupila,,, Wapona Kita,,,,, U have inheritated zonyasa from the crooks……

  21. Chindazi says:

    Mundibwezele ndalama zanga…. mukapanda kubweza ndi kukanthani koopsa nonse ma lawyer…… ndiyambile iyeyu RK, Wapona, Mulemba,, Chioko.. ,,, Mtupila, Gifiti,Kaphale, and all lawyers representing cashgaters,,,,,, mbava ndi mbava basi…. why representing someone,,,whoby the end of the day will think of refunding the stolen money…..

    Tell your clients the truth…. return the money and face jail basi..

  22. Jackson mzoza says:

    murdered them

  23. Mbonga Matoga says:

    If Kasambara was never involved in Mphwiyo’s cashgate dealings and his subsequent shooting, how does he (Kasambara) know that the envelop in question contained thousands of dollars?

    Mr Kasambara do not waste more govt resources by making this case prolonged, the cashgate activities your were involved in have costed the govt and the whole Malawi nation dearly, just come out in the open and tell us what part you played and where the money is. You are not a clever lawyer as you would like us to believe and soon or latter you will be found out. You can fool people sometimes but not all the time.

  24. Mzati says:

    Mwana Mbu make Mbu!! Ana a Kasambara awa. He trained them in everything: law, azimai and cash gating inclusive.


  26. Hot Iron says:

    Kodi bwanji anthuwa akukana milandu yakuti anali involved? May they be given the stiffest penalties once they are proved guilty beyond any reasonable doubt or with any reasonable doubt – for that is what they want. Madyabu apezi enewa eti!

  27. sickening, and our judicial system still allows them to represent their friends in a case they are all envolved.

  28. Pacharo says:

    Koma abale!

  29. Zanga Phee! says:

    Please finish this issue we sick and tired,to my surprise are you seriously these gurus in the government they are all clean?Start hooking them now

  30. Agile says:

    A Mayor aku Blantyre….beware!!!!

  31. ujeni says:

    Kutafuna donor money instead of building public infrastructure like bus stations, airports, roads, stadiums, houses, hospitals, schools, play parks among many that dont exist in Malawi or are old colonial dilapidated structures.

  32. Israel2013 says:

    How die Ralph know about the dollars?

  33. Bullshit says:

    How did Kasambara know about the contents of Mpwiyos envelope?

  34. kapambwe says:

    I am happy there is no lady lawyer involved. What a noble profession of male thieves in Malawi!!!!! Shame on them.

  35. kapambwe says:

    Eeeeeee koma kumeneko, ndiye zilipotu. It is Lawyer after lawyer kaya how many lawyers will be involved? Tiziona chaka chake nchino. Kkkkk.

  36. Alungwana says:

    92 billion

  37. Nyapapi says:

    Good! Mumangeni Yambaniyo wadya za cashgate zambiri through dubious real estate transactions with his employee Justin Mwayi Chikapa.

    Give him 12 years ndimukwatire mkazi wache uja!

  38. Banda J says:

    Wakuba ameneyo

  39. Phodogoma says:

    I think a lot of things happen in this country. Look at this. A battle of legal men foghting our bloody tax money. Tiyenazoni. We are mare onlookers.

  40. Li Wie says:

    Mulemba is indeed a thief. He was cash gating with mphwiyo.

  41. bob says:

    Is it possible to hire lawyers and judges from other countries to help us in this cashgate thing? Xool me pls coz straight forward issues r taking much tym to conclude causing us to blv that there is something fishy in our judicial system. Mwina tigwirizane ndi wena amene akuti ma business a wena mwa ma suspects amapanga limodzi ndi wena ali mboma lerowa ndiye akuopa kulandidwa katundu. Should i blv this? Help me fellow malawians

  42. Titus Skoti says:

    Good job ACB! Keep on naming and shaming them. What an honourable profession full of tricksters!! Can these deliver justice to the people? I very much doubt, they love money so much that they are willing to defend the indefensible, the guilt, killers, murderers, robbers, ambanda, cashgaters and the list goes on and on.

  43. hhhhhhmm says:

    shaaaa a mayor Chalamanda nanga simuwatenga? Malawi is full of thieves

  44. daniel phiri wa mutharika says:

    This issue is very serious. how did Ralph know the envelope contained such an amount of money. was that the motive of shooting Mphwiyo ????

  45. masangwi says:

    Mulemba is also facilitating illegal export of timber by Chinese Li and noel masangwi

  46. matako m'mwamba says:

    Ziliko ku Malawi !!!! Mbava kuimirira milandu mbava zinzake. Wunikani malamulo chonde!!!!!

  47. inayake says:

    Where is Chawosa case now? Why has there not been any arrest? Why is Chanthunya is in RSA. Selective Justice is Justice denied.

  48. Redeemed says:

    Honestly speaking, our country is messed up by lawyers and politicians. That’t why justice will never prevail in our country

  49. Gundumulani says:

    We need urgent justice why taking too long?

  50. Sibongire says:

    Indeed the only Good Lawyer is a dead one!

  51. Tangokumana says:

    Out with 13 Billion…In 92 Billion…..May the Nyapapi sweat!

  52. Knight says:

    Kodi mesa anthuwa ndi amodzi and how can you mention Yambani without the honorable Mayor Noel Chalamanda since these are business partners in their law practice

  53. Palibe Anzeru says:

    Without The Fateful Shooting…..This Buffet would have been Ongoing!…..The Barker Tilley Audit….JB….thanks!

  54. mbwaxe says:

    Chonena ndili koma nonse pa nyo panu!!! Anthu akuba inu!!!@@@@@@

  55. Biti Foloko says:

    Ralph…..Nanga ndiye kuti siwe wakuba?….KOMA galu iweeee!

  56. eluby says:

    Sad for nzanga Yambani Mulenga.inetu ndimadabwa matama unkapanga aja while going out with Chisomo Macholowe of PCL

  57. Kaidi says:

    Munkabadi Eti …..JB sizamwana!

  58. lol says:

    These are all small issues squeeze Raphael Kasambara, we shall know big fishes.

  59. Nkhombokombo says:

    What was this payment for? Who paid who? Why soon after the shooting? And why at Mphwiyo’s house? How does Kasambara come in here? Please come up with more revelations here. Looks more is to come out here.

  60. Rodriguas Latata says:


  61. angoni says:

    Ife timadabwa Yambani Mlemba khikhikhi ndi mphwiyo mpakana kuwasiyitsa ntchito mayi yake ku malawi housing nkuwagulila nyumba ku area 10 yomwe akukhala up to now komanso kugula nyumba ina ku chirimba plus a very big farm ku mitundu muli everything mayi is the one taking cvare of all. Nde funso ndi loti, anali atamaliza kumene school not kless than two years anapanga acquire all these plus magalimoto. How much was he getting ndipo ndi milandu ingati yomwe yamudyetsa bwino.

    Ndilibe mau zinazi tisamangosilila, ife tikugona tulo.

  62. shaq says:

    Si Ralph amene wapangisa zimenezi? Not wanting to go down alone …

  63. sikusinja says:

    This is a lucky guy who benefitted a lot from cash gate by being Mphwiyos lawyer and conducting businesses on his behalf. He was getting his legal fees legally from legal transactions using stolen money. Question is when he was buying homes for Mphwiyos didn’t he know the money was stolen?

  64. Wabude says:

    Mmene amadyera tiyeni nazoni

  65. Chifwede says:

    ACB you are very miserable. Where was Kasambara when the acussed lawyer was receiving the envelop? So Kasambara saw the envelop, saw the money and even counted it to be $70 000? Then it is proved beyond doubt that Kasambara ploted the death of Mphwiyo. It seems the esteemed lawyer has so much info about Mphwiyo

    1. Jihadi John says:

      We need sharia law in Malawi and thereafter behead ALL lawyers!!!

  66. lachitatu says:

    Anita you shud not have quit your job….now look.

  67. Anjiba says:

    Koma zimenezi bwanji anthuwa?

  68. not you says:

    Yambani you should not be in this. You command a lot of respect, at least from me

  69. zeze says:

    Zako izo….wanting to play with the big boys.

  70. wokondedwa says:

    A Yambani. …kufuna kulemela msanga ndikumeneko. Ifetu timadabwa kugula nyumba ku 43 ndi kuyigwetsa akuti kufuna kumanga a mansion..really? ??? What money Yambani and yet just two years ago you were living in a rented house. You have ten expensive cars….you made your wife quit her job because of too much cashgate money. look she will suffer…..kufuna kulemela msanga.

  71. alangizi says:

    Comment:koma anthu inu malawi munamutenga ngati dimba la manu?

  72. Suicide Bonza says:

    Why is Kasambara still working on matters in court ali ndi milandu yoti ayankhe? Ena tonse mmati imitsa ntchito mpaka milandu ithe, is he very special? Ameneyu akhale kaye pa bench mpaka nkhani zake zisovedwe

  73. SIZOO says:

    Yambani now I understand that thats why you bought your mother a mansion in Lilongwe ndi ndalama za cashgate, KULEMERA KWINAKU!!!! Zipatso zake ndizimenezo.

  74. jekb says:

    take them head on

  75. Willard says:

    More to come let’s wait and see

  76. Shoes says:

    Where is Ken Lipenga? He is involved in cash gate….

  77. Malawiano says:

    how does Raphael know about all this? These people akudziwana akutipusitsa ife omvera. How special is Raphael that he is calling shots now yet akuyankha mlandu? Koma Malawi……

  78. Man awa ndi owawasa bad. Mwina ka arrest kaaphwesa pang’ono

  79. Abk says:

    Silent wars have began! Bravo ACB.

  80. kasankhasankha says:

    Comment kodi ena atchulidwawa nkhani yawo ayamba Liti kuikamba? Paja ndi pano zikudabwitsatu

  81. Kawale says:

    what a mess?

    1. Kapyepye says:

      Its not a mess nanunso a “Kawale” inu.

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