Lilongwe City Council receives K1.8 billion for roads tarmac projects

Lilongwe City Council have received funding of K1.8 billion towards various roads projects within the capital city.

Lilongwe council meeting

Lilongwe council meeting

Bisnowaty speaking to Nyasa Times

Bisnowaty speaking to Nyasa Times

Some of the roads which will be upgraded to tarmac roads include 2Km Chipasula Area 23 road, 2Km NCIC to Ngwenya road, 2KM Chilinde Parish to Kawale road and 3Km Falls to Area 36 road.

However, the council has not approved dual passage for Kenyatta, Mzimba, and Kagame roads.

Other roads to be catered are; Sent Bridge-Chenicheni Mchiti, Senti-Kaunda road, Ngwenya-ZBS, OIBM to Malangalanga, Six Miles-Ntaya road, and Chinsapo Police-Ngulube.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre David Bisnowaty said he was “very happy” that people from his constituency will now enjoy tar marked road.

“The area has been denied access to tarmac roads for long time,” said Bisnowaty.

Lilongwe City South east constituency member of Parliament Rhino Chiphiko said the projects once finished will help in changing lives of poor ordinary Malawians.

Chiphiko said the projects will also create job opportunity to local Malawians.

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49 thoughts on “Lilongwe City Council receives K1.8 billion for roads tarmac projects”

  1. chris says:

    thanks for chonsapo road . koma na contracors ake akhalenso eni eni brova my councillor

  2. Bristol says:

    Bravo City Council for plans to construct tarmac roads. I know the city has many earth roads but the roads identified here need urgent attention. It is my prayer that road construction should be carried out every year and by space of five years, all important roads will have tarmac.

  3. What about roads in area 49 Gulliver? What about the road in proper area 49 that was scraped by the Muluzi aka Buluzi administration?

  4. zakakaliya mulopwiya says:

    This good news for our capital city. But what about roads in other cities such as Mzuzu.

  5. Who has given the funding of K1.8billion for roads in Lilongwe city?

  6. Zanga Zaine says:

    Nanga msewu ochoka Institute into KB to Masambabise to Msambeta School. Chonde.

  7. Zanga Zaine says:

    Nanga msewu ochoka Institute into KB to Masambise to Msambeta School. Chonde.

  8. mrs Ibrahim says:

    muganizirenso zoika phula mmiseu ya mma location ngati: mu mchesi, kawale, biwi, falls ndi area 36 madera amenewa ali pafupi ndi town. fumbi laonjeza. timasilila mu area 2. Vuto ndi boma lathu silimakonda mzika zake amangofuna kudzilemeletsa okha. what a shame Malawi.

  9. ganambara says:

    why have yuon left the road from Dzednza sec to sungwi

  10. Nyoni phiri says:

    Miseu yake ikhale yathawi yakamuzu! Yolimba ndie kti. Kma muyamba liti ndipo muzamaliza liti?

  11. Bratusha says:

    I know Lilongwe as a capital city needs decent road network because this will improve communication and also in a way curb the dust as most roads are not macadamised. But how I wish someone would think of a dual lane from Kamuzu International airport into M1 all the way to Mchinji round about, Town Hall, St Johns up to 6 miles.

  12. Mphangela says:

    Thats the development malawians r looking for.not robberies or cash gates.

  13. Lindu says:

    Also consider restricting trucks from going to locations to ensure durability of the roads. Consider stopping entertainment like weddings, send offs, kitchen and other top ups in locations. As all residents to plant at least two trees outside each plot to cover our city.
    Lilongwe City resident

  14. Lindu says:

    Nanga misewu ya ku Area 25 tidikire aphungu a mu 2019? Zoona olo kupala kokha?

  15. Adamsoni TIMPHELEMAKE says:

    Chonde Bwana Bizinowat musaiwale mseu wochoka pa Makatani mpaka kwa Kauma.Anthu amakokoloka pa kasikidzi bridge Ma city rates timapeleka
    moolowa manja

  16. Bt resident says:

    Comment to Garbage on No 10. All City Councils received these funds from the Road Authority. Blantyre City Council also got MK1.8 Billion. The Chimwankhunda Road from Zion to Nkolokosa via Living Waters Church is amongst the roads to be fixed to tarmac standard.. This was also featured in the media a couple of weeks ago.

  17. nyamata wa kwa Mayaka says:

    Well come the development

  18. mulopwana says:

    This is good development for the city. BUT how about maintenance of these roads after construction. Who will be responsible? These are questions that the City have to consider too. Maintain them and dont through them to Roads Authority.

  19. john says:

    Nde Kasiya road is pegged at 39 billion thus 410 million per km.kuba basi

  20. Mthyolamiti says:

    The list of roads is just too long for the amount of money available. K1.8 Billion, at the current cost of construction of a bitumen road in Malawi, can only cover a maximum of 5 kilometres. Ndiye mabwana ku LCC you really need to priorities. Misewu yofunika mukuidziwa based on traffic usage and other factors that you always consider. Dont let these MPs/councillors make plans for you. Give them proper technical advise. Aliyense afuna ndalama zimenezi zipite Constituency or ward yake.

  21. Hilda Mgoloka says:

    See how much just K1.8 billion can do and yet some people have the guts to squander over K577 billion .Shame on them.

  22. Townrat says:

    Very poor reporting, who is funding this project? Where is the source of 1.8m ?

  23. Myao says:


  24. Kwinindo says:

    Nkhani yabwino, komanso phunziro kwa ma Council wena. Nkhani isamakhale ya ma allowance yokha ai, koma chitukuko.

  25. EP says:

    Good development indeed but my everyday concern is always on the international buses.
    Guys lets be serious, chikuvuta ndi chani to provide bus terminals for these?

    look at our freinds like RSA, Zimbabwe, TZ, Zambia, they all provided park stations for the international buses. mukumatichititsa manyanzi mu lilongwe kuona pomwe akuima ma bus akunja…….

    If you need space, go there where we have the new bypass road at the katete, there are plenty of space enough for even an airport……aaaasah

  26. Souja says:

    Its good development, MPs should try to push LL city hard so that asachuluke nzeru, bravo chiphiko.

  27. vwapuwvapu says:

    Mwayiwala ku Masambabise from Chilinde school to Msambeta school.

  28. Mbewa zatha says:

    What about Area51-Area25 road block road through the popular Nsungwi Market in Area 25 up to Dzedza Sec. This is a very important road. Please LCC consider this road to be in your plans for the next fundning

  29. zoko says:

    bola mwatiganizi tsopano zitamatele bwezikoma’zinanyanyila ku 36 ndi 24 koma wina asatalike manja!!!

  30. Gulliver says:

    Please ku gulliver nakonso… whole area ya anthu a working class koma fumbi alot.

  31. ... says:

    This is DPP I know.It has started.

  32. chapunthuka says:

    uniform ya ma councillor, chisoti cha black ngati atsing’anga. dovu chuchuchu alemere tsano.

  33. nangondo says:

    mseu wa ku sector one area 47 omwe umalumikizana ndi wa mchinji chond chonde

  34. Blessed Sitima says:

    Hw abt area 22 road to penyenye up to don bosco

  35. Mbiyazodooka says:

    i just hope there will be fairness in awarding construction contracts to deserving companies not the likes of Dean Lungu whose roads have proven to have a lifespan of only 6 months.

  36. weniweni says:

    aku 25 simunawaganizire….nseu wochoka pa roadblock/ junction ya 49 to Dzenza via nsungwi

  37. Ndatero ine says:

    Chilinde to sambeta school in area 44

  38. citizen says:

    Consider another one from share word university or kaphiri to new bypass road, lots of constructions are taking place here

  39. gabbage says:

    we envy you LCC our city fathers here in BT are sleeping.

    Kaya ife anthu a ku chimwankhunda Dam tidalakwa chiani? ma MP timangosankha opanda nzeru okhaokha

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Mmayesa kuli school ya mama JB kumeneko, she was Cabinet Minister for many years, a Vice-President and even more so a State President but look at how pathetic the road from Chimwankhunda Turn-off to Joyce Banda foundation is. Do you think ali ndi nzeru mmutumu mayi amene uja?

      Her kids drive tinted 4x4s to the school as Directors and they go over those huge stones from the Soche mountain on the roads at ease but for us who have Toyota Pasos its a shame. Very pitiful and embarrassing. It’s s great relief she is no longer our President, her mind was focused on chinthumba cha ku Capital Hill. Now she is seeking asylum in South Africa while attending “Profit” Bushiri’s consoling sermons. Pathetic!

  40. Lord Mansfield says:

    Goodnews Looking @ Roads Targeted Once Finishd It’ll B nice But I Agree Wih Coment4 That The Road From Kaunda Road To Area 25c Via Nsungwi- Dzenza Secondary Or Up To Choto To Be Considered, BRAVO LLC

  41. A Bazza says:

    Koma muganizilenso pa Lilongwe Bus Depot Chifukwa mpamene anthu amafikira. Mpochititsa manyazi kwabasi! Capital city izidziwika.

  42. Capital City idzidziwika…..mwina fumbi lingachepe

  43. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Ku Cityko musazichitenso ma allowance izi.

  44. Muulutsi says:

    Great development! Bravo LCC!

  45. Mphongozidana Ndau says:

    Also consider the Area 49 Dzenza road, upgrade it to tarmac as well.

  46. lover of malawi says:

    Thats a very good update, I hope it will come to pass coz its exactly what lilongwe needs

  47. James Phiri says:

    What about roads in Area 49, Area 25, Chinsapo and ntandile?

  48. Mutty Nkhoma says:

    Indeed They Have Received A 1.8bn, but you dint mention where the fund is from. Yuo must let us know otherwise mtolankhani sanamalize kafukufuku wa nkhaniyi.

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