Lilongwe faces massive power cuts – Escom

Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe is facing unprecedented power cuts just two days after Escom officials told industry captains to brace for load shedding in industrial areas for the first time.power-outage

ESCOM means - Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi

ESCOM means – Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi

Most of businesses and activities are very much affected, raising fears that this would scare away serious international investors, putting the already ailing economy in a tight corner.

Escom’s Ngwire Mwenifumbo blamed the massive power cuts to low water levels in Shire river.

He advised industries not in production to shut down their machines in order to save power.

“We are pleased that most tobacco industries are now off season and this will help us save electricity. We are doing all we can to make sure that power is available,” he said.

The massive loading shedding comes at a time when President Peter Mutharika says his government now encourages investment following the decision by donors to withdraw the budgetary support.

The Chinese funded multibillion coal powered electricity generating plant is yet to take off.

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22 thoughts on “Lilongwe faces massive power cuts – Escom”

  1. waleke says:

    escom ntchito mwalephera it is better to surrender

  2. Isaac says:

    the issue here is not low water levels the fact is that Escom officials especially the top brass are running away from the public reforms and as such they are trying to create problems deliberately so as to prove the reforms wrong. this is all political nothing to do with the water levels. if water level in shire river is a problem why cant you open the doors at Kamuzu barrage at Liwonde to increase the volumes. My fellow Malawians even if the water level in shire is restored Escom officials will find something to say. i.e there is a lot of silt and debrils at Nkula. Trust me this is political. my take is please expedite the public reforms at Escom….

  3. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    Basi chilichonse kumangoti Malawians should brace for tougher times.Economically,electricity,water and several other things.For how long?Nothing seems to work with this useless govt imposed by us by the weeping Mbendera in the midst of night like a mfiti.This Dpp is totally useless with their clueless octogenarian leader.The best was for him to resign and pave way for others.

  4. mpinganjira says:

    You do not need electricity in a nation with no industries, no technology sector,no nothing
    We are good at chigololo and stealing public monies.None of those require electricity.

  5. Joe says:

    Urging the government to resign is not solving the problem. I would rather love to see the opposition parties and leadership come up with better ideas in rectification of this issue. We are all Malawians including the opposition and hence the need to work together in solving our problems. Apart from coal and water use in generating electricity, can’t government or Escon think of Solar power ? These can be good I expect and tabled by opposition parties. Opposition parties should OPPOSE NOT LETTING MALAWI GOVERNMENT FALL DOWN AND APART. TOGETHER WE CAN.

  6. Nkhuduza says:

    The tragedy with this country is that we are all in slumber. Malawi has massive coal deposits particularly in the Nyika highlands. This is the coal that would require very little capital outlay to mine. Why can’t we invest in such venture than the Malata subsidy. Our reasoning as a country is so pitiful that’s why foreigners think we carry chicken heads. Importing coal from Mozambique when we have our own should be tantamount to economic treason.

  7. KARU UNITED says:

    Achimidzimidzi amati struggling, strangling ndi masita, kukwenya pakhosi!

  8. komko says:

    The whole Central Region black out. Except State House. ATI Kulanga Chakwera. Anthu akuvutika inu kugona pa chigayo ndithu. Chokondweretsa mkuti Mulungu adalenga imfa. Kuthetsa kudyada

  9. Ojambula says:

    Malawi at 51

  10. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    This is the worst Government Malawi has ever had.They have failed us big time can they please just resign honorably.

  11. IamMalawian says:

    What a shame. How much more suffering does a country like Malawi have to go through?

  12. jimbo says:

    There is one massive big plug hole and Malawi is going down it unless it dumps APM and the DPP. Cutting off power to the country’s capital is a step too far. Who is going to give Malawi a second glance as regards investment?

  13. chimwemwe says:

    Economy has collapsed, Magetsi palibe, Forex palibe, Inflation alipo Mabvoto mpakana singa athe DPP Woyee

  14. Percy Sledge says:

    Then don’t waste time and resources going for the London Investment Forum next month because we are not ready for serious investments except trading.

  15. commenter says:

    This has got nothing to do with the president in fact it is us citizens that are spoiling the environment and the natural resources, stop blaming Peter Mutharika for everything does he really have to tell you to stop cutting down trees so that we can have proper rainfall!! and stop making the shire river dirty, seriously!!

    Please be innovative citizens of Malawi instead of using the blame game everytime there is power failure or water failure. Iwowo a Escom wo don’t have water reserve tanks somewhere especially with the way it rained last december. Lets stop pointing fingers and lets try to resolve things amicably osati izi!!!

  16. Nabanda says:

    Nanga choncho ndiye kumati magetsi tawonjezera!!!!! What for?

  17. Praise says:

    Fire the ESCOM boss. He has failed his work. During the rainy season he blames mud. In dry season, blame goes to low water level in the river.

  18. pido says:

    Today its flooding tomorrow its low water levels hahahahahahahahahahahah Malawi wakamuzu adapaita pomwe anthu onama in any way amalangidwa

  19. Kakha uErutu says:

    Nonse mwalemba ndemanga zanu ombwambwana. Nzelu mulibe. Ndikuitanilani Muli akuuzeni chilungamo.

  20. Ngwachi Chikoya says:

    Another option import GAS from Tz !

    We shouldn’t be shy – let us face the reality!

  21. Patriot says:

    How many Investors are we going to attract? Please Mr. Bwampini.
    Tell us.


  22. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Lest you re-elect him again in 2019. It will be another period of floods, El nino and hunger until you have no piped water in your nation.

    Reason is that this man is a liar. He tells the nation one thing, behind the doors he is doing completely different things.

    You can not import coal from Mozambique with the forex that we get . You will create more pressure on forex reserves. we are already strangling to get diesel and petrol sorted.

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