Listen as you build a relationship with God

Most of the time children of God have failed to get close to God simply because they fail to pay attention and listen to God when speaking to them in that still small voice. This is all because most people do not want to sacrifice their precious time to just be still and listen to God.jesus bible

The number one thing that God desires for His children is to have a relationship with Him, which one receives by spending quality time with him. Our God is Love that He does not expect too much from us. All He need is those that seek Him with all their hearts day and night for He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

There is no way that we can get close to God apart from spending quality time in prayer. All the people with God’s anointing have really sacrificed their lives to save God. I mean those that are really saving God because there are many calling on the name of the Lord, but not all have been called, as Jesus said that you will know them by their deeds.

If you surround yourself with the word of God, He will get to you and show you great and might things that you did not know (Jeremiah 33:3). Even though this promise was specifically given to Judah, it definitely applies to all believers.  It is only for those that seek Him diligently that He shows Himself and be able to do mighty things.

If you look at people like Paul, they spread the word of God unto death. He was not doing it to physically benefit anything for himself but to spread the word of God and expand His kingdom.  We are all chosen to do the same.

Our God is a God that sees us from inside that He is able to differentiate those that are His and those that are not His. This is how even at the end He will be able to separate those that are His, and those that are not His.

In these times it is very important to listen to God very carefully as He will be able to guide you the right people that you can fellowship with to make sure that your spiritual life is not being suffocated with wrong doctrine that you may get from wrong teachings and being prayed for by wrong people.

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@naomi, if Christianity is true, why is there no objective difference between Christians and non Christians? why should we have Hindus, are they such morons that they would not have figured out by now? Furthermore, jesus came with the good news 2000 years ago, why did it take so long for African to know about him? In fact, god used white missionaries to bring himself to us, the very same people, whites today have flushed him in the toilet!

@Tt, you have rightly put it so that god, indeed there are so many gods who cannot do anything, pple serve and pray to them for nothing but the Living God Almighty is whom we as Christians Serve and Pray to and He answers us. Now God does not hate homosexuals but hates homosexuality itself, it is like any other sin God hates and that is why the Bible says Jesus came not for the righteous but sinners (those who do all kinds of sin we can mention) so that they repent and turn to God so that their Souls… Read more »

Can someone please help me answer this: Does religion make people become idiots or its m the idiots who are drawn to religion? Coz the first question relates very well to suicide bombers and christians who want homosexuals killed and the second part relates to people who actually pray to some spooky invisible sky daddy, a god who completely hates homosexuals and yet I am suppose to believe he’s is so loving and powerful

John banda

Yes mulungu ndi wabwino nkofunika kusamala malamulo are


There is no god – must we be forever the laughing stock of intellectually developed nations? Out theology is at primary school level.


Mulungu akufuna ana womvela ndiwosunga malamulo ake! Sakufuna anthu wonziwa kupephela ayi, ngati timamukonda Yehova, tiyeni tisunge malamulo ake ndipo tikhala wodalitsidwa!

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