Livingstonia Synod attacks Mutharika govt for ethnic inequalities

Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central Africa Presbytery(CCAP)- the vocal voice on social and political matters -has again attacked the Peter Mutharika administration, saying it is promotion policies that are marginalising people on ethinic and regional grounds.

Rev Nyondo: Churches must not fear those in power, urging them to advocate on what is right.

Rev Nyondo: Churches must not fear those in power, urging them to advocate on what is right.

Government’s fierce critic, the Reverend Levi Nyondo, who is the synod’s general secretary  said they will not relent from criticising politicians when they deviate from the principles of morality and Christianity.

Speaking at the function to celebrate 10 years of the synod’s Lilongwe presbetry, Nyondo said government is promoting policies “aimed at serving interest of a few.”

Nyondo criticised government’s proposed Termination of Pregnancy Bill  to legalise abortion, saying it is against the such piece of legislation.

He also said they are opposed to legalising same-sex marriages.

Nyondo retaliated the synod’s  stand against Government for continuing with the University of Malawi quota selection system, saying it has left out deserving candidates from the colleges especially those from north Malawi.

The quota system, which the Malawian government refers to as Equitable Access to University Education, requires higher education institutions to admit students based on where they come from. It is aimed at discouraging a trend under the merit system that saw people from the north entering higher education in greater numbers than students from the south.

“The Livingstonia synod of the CCAP maintains its stand on this policy. We say no to quota system,” Nyondo said.

Nyondo said students should not be admitted to the public university because of the regions they come from but rather on merit, saying the quota system is diving the nation.

“We say away with quota system in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. We want merit in this country.”

Former president late Bingu wa Mutharika introduced the quota system to ensure that all districts in the country provided students to the public university after noticing that students from the north, usually hard working and bright, were dominating the University of Malawi selection.

But Nyondo said the selection should be based on merit, regardless of one’s region of origin.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya who is also opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice president attended the event but government shunned.

Livingstonis Synod comments comes at a time when mainstream churches in the country have been silent on issues affecting the country and its leadership.

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26 thoughts on “Livingstonia Synod attacks Mutharika govt for ethnic inequalities”

  1. Nyima says:

    During my university days,in my class,when students were withdrawn on academic grounds,it was only tumbukas that were axed,the likes of kaluwas,msukwas ,nyasulus.So which intelligent are you talking about our reverend.The issue is kubelera mayeso ndi kubweleza form four 5 times,not nzeru.To those who has never been in class with tumbukas can believe you,but to me i totally disagree.

    1. Kanthu Ako! says:

      With this English you were at university? lada mercy!!

    2. mlowe says:

      @ Nyima. Kkkkkkkk. “But to me i disagree.”So which intelligent are u talking about.”kkkkkkkk

      Nsanje ndi atumbuka basi. Zanu izo
      .Chingerezi chake chimenechi.

  2. bob says:

    musiyeni mtumbukayu atumbuke quater system is good atumbuka kuonela mayeso and kutsogolo kuno simulembelanso kwanuko mukalembela ku LL boma lipeleka ndalama kwa mwana aliyense okalemba mayeso Good job government

  3. Angel of Doom says:

    Just shows how ignorant most Malawians are.

    Not all Northerners are CCAP

    Not all Northerners are Tumbuka ( Nyondo is not Tumbuka by tribe but by language)

    In the north, the smallest group of people is Tumbuka, the reason ignorant people from the south talk about Tumbukas is because they were the first tribe in this country to have ventured seriously into education. When the British tried to make Nyanja the national language, Livingstonia mission refused and opted for Tumbuka because all educated Africans in the mission were Tonga and Tumbuka, but more were Tumbuka, so preaching was done in Tumbuka, hence most northerners speak Tumbuka, but they are not Tumbuka.

    Tumbukas are only found in a small area of Rumphi and Karonga(Hengas)

    Livingstonia synod is not a Tumbuka synod, it is a northern Region synod, just like Mkhoms synod is not a Chewa synod but cenral region synod. Blantyre synod is a southern region synod not a lomwe synod.

    In the north, there are Ngonis same tribes that are in Ntcheu, there are Tongas, Nkhondes, lambyas, sengas, nyakwusa, Tumbuka, henga etc.

    Azanthu inu amene mumangoti ATUMBUKA, ATUMBUKA, just because people speak Tumbuka, you are ignorant. People in Malawi speak English, are they English?

    Tumbuka is more of a Language in the north rather than a tribe. Tumbuka is even spoken in Kasungu, are the people of Kasungu Tumbukas?

    Tumbukas are highly developed people, everything that you ascribe to them, they do not do. There are more Tongas in the North than Tumbukas, in fact Mzuzu is in Nkhata Bay not Mzimba, Mzimba are Ngonis. Only a small part of Rumphi is Tumbuka tribe. Livingstonia is in Phokas land not Tumbuka.

    The whole of Northern region speaks Tumbuka, does not mean they are all one tribe.

    But whats the point anthu a quota simingamve.

  4. be humane says:

    Government shunned but the speaker of parliament attended? Nyasa what is this? Do you mean becuase the speaker belongs to an opposition bench then he is not part of government? Atolankhani a kuMalawi

  5. A tumbuka can not be a good person. Never. Too much tsankho. And they are not intelligent at all. Trust me. We in education have analytical data and it reveals that all tribes have brains. Asenanso ali ndi nzeru koma sadzitukumula ngati anthu odzikonda akumpoto. What made tumbukas to dominate education was a syndicate which even kamuzu realised it late. It is Bingu who managed to surmount and foil this tumbuka syndicate like kuwonera mayeso plus bogus selection into university. Atumbuka munya muwona. And we dont want you in our Nkhoma synod.

  6. mofolo woyera says:

    Its true Livingstonia is very selfish. Even Lev Nyondo himself is selfishimage of God if he is indeed. Why he is clinging to his position after his two terms for running the synod as Secretary General. If you were the president of Malawi you could not have been different from Bakili Muluzi, Mkuluziza of Rwanda and Kabila of DRC. Tha is selfish in its purest form. You think there is no any other Tumbuka who can be the SG of L.Synod. That is nosense. You are stupid.Still we are remembering that your selection was very scandalous.

  7. What do you mean because of boundary issue? You definately know you are the one who is lying, LIVINGSTONIA IS IN LILONGWE BECAUSE OF MONEY, MORE TUMBUKAS HAVE SETTLED IN LILONGWE AND THIS YOUR CHURCH IS AFTER THEM, ASK YOUR FRIENDS, THEY WILL TELL YOU. TWO WRONGS DOESNT MAKE A RIGHT, I TOLD YOU TO REGAGITATE WHY MOST PEOPLE SAY TUMBUKAS ARE SELFISH? Find out! And you are talking of impossibles, Your churches are full of tumbukas, you preach in tumbuka WHY? Because you know your congragation is fully a tumbuka. Call spade a spade, most tumbukas are selfish, they look at other tribes as inferior, tumbukas hate chewas very much and you know this, ngati simukumvetsa conduct a survey kummwera ndi pakati anthu akuwuzeni zowona. Mumanva musakhale ngati mwamvera kwa ine koyamba

  8. wakwiya says:

    I am not aTumbuka but for me I don’t care where I come from. Tribe is nothing for me. I am a Malawians that’s all. Tumbukas were hated and still hated because Tumbukas are good in reading and the tribe which help each other when it comes to
    School. During Kamuzu Banda who did not care for tribe and only cared people with good education Tumbukas were surely dominating but it was because Kamuzu wanted good educated people. If you want a nation to developed good education is the key. To day it is not only Tumbukas who are educated so t here is no reason to discrimate others. It could have been better for Muntharikas who are educated themselves and lived abroad to understand this. Stopping whose who have worked so hard with school because u want your own tribe to get education or good job is what has killed and made Malawi backwards in education. Look at high positions and government who are dominating to day? Then look at performance. There are Alhlomwes who has no right education in high position even government. A good leàder does not favour one tribe one region. He/she is a father for all. There are some tribes in every country who dont want school but are good I. Another thing. Northerners had one thing during colonial and missionaries. They taught them to read and they because teachers (mwalimu)
    Blame the missionaries but don’t punish Tumbukas. If Màlawi will developed treat yourselves as ALL MALAWIANS. Muntharikas were not in Malawi. And they are not Malawian original. They came from Mozambique and settle down in Malawi. They can not speak Lomwe. Bakili Muluzu united the nation. We talked about unite. One single mistake he made when he helped Bingu to be a president. Muluzu will die with regret. He realised very late about his mistake of giving a nation to njoka and mukango. Alomwe might clapp hands to day but they will be and end to this tribalism family. Look at him? How long is his going to protect LOmwes? What has he done to those who are not in his government? APM is the last Muntharikas in Màlawi. LOmwes should prepare for worse or bad. APM is like Trump. Its a matter of years he is out. We want Màlawi to be for all and education for all. Malawi developmend is in education of all. Kamuzu Banda never discrimated Tumbukas. He might not like them but when it came to education he would rather have educated Tumbukas than un educated Chewa. He was smart. What could u do with your company? Employ your un educated relatives to destroy your business? That is what Muntharika has done. He is running Malawi as his family Lomwe business. Look at Malawi? We are lower than TZ which was very low in education. APM came to Malawi to live good life. Don’t be cheated he was rich. He is rich with stolen money from poor Malawians including u Alomwe. Did he travelled in hired jat plane as a professor in America? Did he live the life he is living to day? Could he live if his brother was not president with help of Bakili? I have lived in Europe whole of my life am educated good job I know Peter but I am not so rich. I have money. Trump said Africans who go to America get education. Then return home become leaders are useless leaders. He was right. Trump knows who is APM.

    1. kanchenga says:

      Where did you get your education. Your language is very poor. May be you went to a Russian university. Anyway truth is our president Is useless but that doesn’t make tumbukas any better than the lomwes. To be honest tumbukas are more tribalistic than the lomwes. They just haven’t had the opportunity to fully demostrate that because they haven’t had absolute power like the lomwes. Nyondos noise is just a demostration of frustration.

  9. Mmalawi says:


  10. Theres no hidden agenda that Livingstonia synod itself is at the helm of promoting regionalism, tribalism and ethenicity, yambani mwachotsa chitsotso cha mmaso mwanu kenaka mutembenukire kwa ena. LIVINGSTONIA IS IN LILONGWE FOR MONEY AND FOR TUMBUKAS ONLY. TAKANANI NGATI NDIKUNAMA? YOU ARE HYPOCRITES NOT REAL SERVANTS OF GOD AND ITS TRUE KUKUPATSANI UDINDO ANTHU INU YOU CAN ERRASE MITUNDU YINA YA ANTHU. YOU ARE VERY SELFISH. ASK YOURSELF WHY MOST PEOPLE REGARD YOU AS SELFISH?

    1. SHOCKER says:

      Binnwell Kachikopa you are a total liar. Livingstonia synod is in Lilongwe because of boundary issues with Nkhoma synod not for Money Which money anyway? Livingstonia churches are not for Tumbukas only. Go to the churches you will find members from other regions as well. By the way, what do you mean by selfish? Give an example, like building a public university in your own village that’s being selfish.

      1. to be frank and honest, northerners are selfish full stop, i have mingled with them, they are just useless to other tribes, very useless and selfish

        1. bob says:

          Government good job atumbuka tsankho komanso mbuli odziwa kunama

          1. GONGOLI says:

            With that english can you be in a college,which college taught you that……..aaaaaaaaahhhh hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

        2. sandton says:

          If it were someone else speaking against ethnicity but not Nyondo. He is now enjoying his 3rd term. Really? All good positions in the church going to his relations. His son Nyondo running the Lilongwe church. Surely, Livingtonia lost it to have this tribalist and neposist as Secretary. Kamuzu lambasted you as tribalist people way back in the 60s. KAMUZU introduced quota in 1987 so what are you talking about. Then you have the courage to say northerners are ‘bright’? All my God.

      2. Esther says:

        Shocher ndiiwe mbuli yopanda ntchito ndipo ndiiwe mtumbuka wopanda manyazi…Binwell Kachikopa akunena zoona…he is right. Livingstonia is all over Malawi because of money issues..they complained that the tumbukas who are in Lilongwe are contributing money to Nkhoma synod and that is what started the wrangles…money,,,agalu adyera ndiozikonda inu…zitsiru zopanda ntchito kukonda tsankho basi

        1. shocker says:

          Kkkkiest. The boundary issue started 52 yrs before Livingstonia synod came to Lilongwe.

          Tsankho? adasankha ndani? Pure hate no facts. Be factual and not emotional. Do not hate people because they speak a different language from you. By the way I’m not Tumbuka but someone from Ntcheu who looks at issues objectively and argue using facts. Osati kutukwana kwanuko kungoonetsa kuti chant ndi kuda basi.

      3. Youna says:

        The Livingstonia University selection imakhala ya anthu a ku Mpoto okhaokha. Tachotsani kaye chimtengo chili mu diso lanulo musanachotse chitsotso chili mu diso la anzanu.

        1. prof. Odiyayo says:


        2. shocker says:

          Even UNIMA selection will be the same without Quota system.

      4. Eduardo says:

        Ine nde I don’t mind where a university is built as long as Malawians from all the three regions will attend.

      5. Mjomba says:

        SHOCKER!! iwe ndi mbuzi ndithu, Kachikopa sakunama anthu inu vuto muli nalo, how come mukudutsa ku Kasungu ndikukamanga nthambi zanu ku Lilongwe mkumati its a boundary, nanga ku blanyyre mumafuna kukamangakonso its also boundary, mitu yanu simakoko anthu inu, za same marrieges and abortion Mai wanu uja sanazipangenso facilitate ku zichitikebe, akanakhala kuti analibe kulamula mpaka pano sibwezi zonsezi zitachitika kale. Mwangodana ndi the Munthalika`s osati kudana ndi ma policy a boma ayi.

    2. chigonapamuhanya says:

      Binnwell Kachikopa wanena zoona. Chilungamo chimawawa. mkangano wa Boundary ndiye kuti chani? ndimaona ngati kwathu ndikumwamba. Ngati mipongo sikugonjelana ndiye andale anagtani. Aliyense amadziwa kuti Lilongwe belongs to Nkhoma synod. go to universities and ask whether its only people from south who are benefiting from qouta. Policies are put deliberately. just imagine without policies do you think women can compete with men on merit? merit ikuti kumene kuli anthu ambiri kupite chitukuko chambirir why do you want federalism?

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