Lord McConnel hails Malawi, Scotland relations: Falls down drain in Lilongwe

Scotland’s former First Minister Lord  Jack McConnel has hailed the existing coordial relationship between Malawi and Scotland which dates back around 150 years ago when a Scottish Missionary Dr David Livingstone first came to the then Nyasaland.

Lord McConnel:  Scotland  to build capacity of the Malawi people to no longer rely on donations

Lord McConnel: Scotland to build capacity of the Malawi people to no longer rely on donations

He signed a co-operation agreement between Scotland and Malawi in 2005, and continues to be a regular visitor to the poor southern African nation.

Speaking in Lilongwe at an interface meeting with various stakeholders under the Malawi-Scotland Partenership (MaSP) which was aimed at reviewing the development of MaSP and how the relations of Malawi and Scotland is so far.

“I am very impressed with the way the cooperation between Scotland and Malawi is growing as the years. It gives me real pleasure that we have managed to build on the 150 years partenership between the two countries,” said Lord McConnel.

This interface, said Lord McConnel, has given us the opportunity to enhance the already existing relationship for the mutual benefit of the two nations.

“On our part, we will do everything we can to build capacity of the Malawi people to no longer rely on donations from other countries but to be able to stand alone,” McConnel said.

He also said the events and relationship between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom will not in anyway affect the relationship between Malawi and Scotland.

MaSP Coordinanator Edward Makala also hailed the partenership saying it has helped strengthening the capacity of local civil society organisation in the fields of health, education and agriculture among others.

“Malawi as a country has benefitted a lot from the cordial relations brtween the two countries. What we need to do now is to lobby for increased funding to the projects being undertaken under this partenership to have tangible impact on the ground,” he said/

Makala said MaSP is a Malawian owned and led network which exists to support and develop Malawi’s many civil society links with Scotland, thereby enhancing the cooperation between Malawi and Scotland governments on one hand and the North and South on the other.

MaSP is working to advance the development of vulnerable, isolated and impoverished communities in Malawi by inspiring, facilitating and strengthening existing capacity.

Meanwhile, McConnel had fallen down a drain while walking in the dark in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe when he had also highlighted during the discussions the importance of electricity.

He tweeted: “Spent the evening discussing the importance of better electricity for #Malawi. Walked out to the dark street and fell down a drain. #Ouch”.

It appears he escaped injury after his stumble – but his admission sparked a flurry of responses on social media.

Twitter user @nowayjomo suggested: “Proved your point then?” while @itsjustlewis pondered: “fell down? or stumbled? Too many pints 😉 but yes, funny how issues are like this are overlooked. Oan yersel”

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Stupid Tumbuka’s advocating cessation. You can’t even speak English properly how will you communicate in the international atmosphere. If the south and center leave you alone there will be a plethora of female and child abuse and murder in your area as we can see from countless news articles from your area.. We know how you do. You will be begging to come back. We are all Malawians we are in this together. Deal with it and stop trying to incite violence.


Dr David Livingstone did not come to Malawi to develop the country, he was just a missionary doing God’s work, we are the ones we need to develop our own country, this relationship is nothing but diplomatic,

Fellow Northerner

Sorry about the fall sir. I hope you were not bewitched by those potbellied thieves disguised as leaders. Sir, please please invest your aid to Malawi through Dr. David Livinstone’s home – northern Malawi. After all, Scotland and Northern Malawi are both Northers.


kulemera ndi mindset


All the greedy politians from central and south since 1964 and I hope the Scottish people will help Tumbukas to be independent like what themselves as they want to a part from England

patrick banda

Moya,that is not Scotland’s or donors’s problem,we are still the poorest because of greedy politicians who believe in “politics”of self enrichment,imagine the difference the Mk92bn,looted under DPP,would make to this nation,what of PP’s Mk20bn,what of the alleged government aided tax evasion of Mk50bn by amwenyes,I mean MRA employees who choose whom to tax and not to,what of the money being swindled at district councils where you see a person earning Mk60000 buying a car,building a house etc.THE POVERTY MALAWI IS IN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE RELATIONSHIPS BUT EVERYTHING TO DO WITH GREEDY POLITICIANS,DUTY BEARERS.


150yrs and we are the poorest country? To hell with these relationships that have yielded to nothing. We need to start asking them questions not just taking their talk literally. Ask why do you think after 150 yrs plus Livingstone coming we are still the poorest? We need to throw diplomacy away for a minute. They are pooling wool over our faces.

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