Lucius Banda in fresh BP scare: Slow down, doctors advise

Malawian revellers will be seeing less of musician Lucius Banda after doctors told him to slow down on performances.

The Balaka music icon was admitted to the City Centre Clinic on Saturday after his blood pressure (BP) shot up. He was discharged on Monday evening.

And in an interview yesterday, the Balaka North parliamentarian and UDF leader of Parliament, said doctors ordered him to cease being a week-in, week out performer to give himself more rest.

Lucus Banda:  To slow down

Lucus Banda: To slow down

“My doctor has advised me to create a lot of time for resting. I have been having too many shows and I have been unable to sleep. My normal standard performance is two hours. ‘‘The problem is that I have been going on stage after my artists have gone on stage which is around 11 and wind up at 3 am. And I haven’t been able to sleep after that because, naturally, I’m not the kind of person that can sleep in the afternoon,” he said.

As such, Lucius said he is cutting down on live shows and announcing a new regime for his performances.

“From now on, people should expect me to be on stage by 10pm so that I can go to bed by midnight. And after these shows that have already been booked for this month, it’ll be one or two shows every weekend and a lot of spaces in between the shows. We will no longer be performing every weekend,” he said.

The legendary musician, who is yet to start recording his 18th album Thank You, confessed that the he has not been able to get adequate rest after the hectic campaign period that saw him reclaiming his Balaka North parliamentary seat in the May 20 elections.

“Obviously, the campaign period was tough. And after that, it has been Parliament and shows. And then Sand Festival after that. It has been a hectic time. I have been doing too many things and it has caught up with me,” he said.

Lucius’ has been having high BP since two years ago when he collapsed on the plane en-route to South Africa and had to be rushed to the hospital straight from the airport.

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33 thoughts on “Lucius Banda in fresh BP scare: Slow down, doctors advise”

  1. Mavuto Gwido says:

    I wish u quick recovery soldier. Malawi will never be malawi without you

  2. Jason gonsalves says:

    Your a hero sojah wishing you only the best to move on in this time of hard and sorow

  3. Stain Chiwandasi says:

    Sir,Tikufunirani kuchila kwamsanga.ukadwara ma plan amaima choncho Tsatirani zomwe Dotolo wanena kuti pammawa mupitilize ma plan anu.Tikamamvera sound yanu imatipangitsa kumva kukoma mmoyo ukutitaiwara mavuto ndimakunyadirani(GET WELL SOON SIR!!)

  4. Dembo says:

    Tulani pansi ndale kuti mutipatse mpata okuonani pa floor.

    Its unfair when you chose politics over music – you are chosing UDF over the nation. Music unites the nation while UDF unites Achawa.

    Think Soldier, Think!!!

  5. onyex says:

    Imwani khini a Lucius nthawi zonse. Musadumphitse, BP ikuphani. Kuli ma stroke ndi ma heart attack. chonde chonde kumbukani kumwa khini. Mukaiwala imashoota ungozindikira wagwa. inenso ndilinayo BP zaka zanga ndingati inu nomwe ndipo ndine dotolo !

  6. amina says:

    I hope this doctor of his has told him the truth. Obesity is a killer. Eat healthy foods and live healthy life. There is a lot to be followed if you want to live healthy. Follow instructions and you will be okay. Koma china nchina MP should be visiting his constituency frequently rather than performing in different venues. Doing away with live shows for sometime will do you and your constituency good in all avenues. Food for thought. Ndalama sizimatha ndiponso sizimamkwana munthu. We still need more and more billions after having millions.

  7. KUCHITEKETE says:


  8. Mike suman says:

    Get well soon our Mp

  9. Munthu Wamba says:

    Lets be real here. I know here in Malawi being fat and big reflects your wealth, I get it, but lets be real here. Lucius banda is just too fat. He does need to lose some weight. If he looses some pounds he will live longer. We dont need to ignore the little facts about health. I would almost guess he is like 150 kgs/over 300 lbs. Thats just the recipe for disaster. start working out Soldier!

  10. MUNTHU WINA says:


  11. Kondwani kado says:

    Awo musawanyoze matenda a bp amagwira aliyense

  12. Bajaj says:

    i wish you a quick recovery!!!! plz do what doctors said.

  13. Akily 2 says:

    I really enjoy hz music koma nkhani ya BP-yo mudzatenge mandimu kuno muphwa ndipo mukhalanso m’mene munalili, wishing him an expeditious & a thorough recovery!

  14. Namu! says:

    Please redce your weight. Obesity is a disease ( not kudya bwino / anamadya bwino) as you have been expriencing. Khalani ngati anthu ozindikila, a Dokotalawo angokubisilani posakuuzani chilungamo kuti ndinu onenepa zedi muchepetse thupi. Lamoyo phukusi a dokotala sasunga. Moyo ndiwe mwini. Here are some of the risks of being obese: Stroke, some cancers and etc. Feel better soon and please take care.

  15. phiri la dzunje says:

    Ichi chakoma ichi chakoma pusi adagwa mchagada

  16. Pacharo says:

    You need a lot of exercises.

  17. shamil mtalika says:

    O da best man

  18. Ineyo says:

    The country have given birth to lots of good and able artists. Time to bow out Soilder. Life is a long play, you have done your part, time to rest and allow others to take centre stage.

  19. phiriwaphiri says:

    my soja, thank god that u are well, just slow down like u have said an follow doctor’s advice, who will guide the who will guide the youth without u soja god bless

  20. Papa says:

    Immediately stop performing Mr MP. When your BP is high you shout at stage to your patrons.

  21. godobaman says:

    osangoti ndala zangongole zaboma zakutukulani bwanji man ,muyimba bwanji mukudya ndalama zaboma ?

  22. ken says:

    Slow down soldier. We love you Man

  23. Nya Luhanga says:

    Excersize is the answer even just taking walks will help we love your music please take care of your health pajatu moyo ndi mpamba usamalileni please

  24. Janet says:

    we will miss your performance weekly eish..

  25. juja says:


  26. juja says:


  27. Ijeku says:

    I saw it coming long time.

  28. wishing him quick recovery!

  29. JJB says:

    Dyela! how can an MP find time to play Gigs, when does he meet his constituents.

  30. Mbuya says:

    mwanyanya kunenepa bwana! slow down! we love you!

  31. masa masina says:

    He is in the afternoon of his life. Time to slow down, watch his weight, cut down on girls too.

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