Lunguzi faults Kalindo for joking over President’s address

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dedza East MP Juliana Lunguzi faulted Mulanje South MP Bon Kalindo (Democratic Progressive Party-DPP for joking over President Peter Mutharika’s 25-minute address delivered on Friday, saying it was a serious matter.

Lunguzi: No jokes over serious matter

Lunguzi: No jokes over serious matter

MP Kalindo: The House is too hot

MP Kalindo: The House is too hot

Kalindo, who is also a comedian alias Winiko, brought laughter to the House when he suggested that the President’s speech was short because he was being considerate to the MPs as the House is “too hot”.

He said Mutharika’s opening address to the 46th session of Parliament “was indeed the shortest one but with facts of national importance. “

Said Kalindo: “ Mr Speaker, Sir, there is a big difference between a 44 minute speech which was empty and a 24 minute speech with facts of national interest. Mr Speaker, Sir, this shows that we have a President who is able and who knows what to say at what time.

“ Mr Speaker, Sir, you can agree with me that this is summer time and mostly the weather is hot. And it pleased the President of this country who is very educated to provide a speech which lasted 24 minutes because he knew that it is hot in here and many would fall asleep as it is happening there. So, there is no way we should make long speeches when it is hot. I need to thank the President for that.”

But Lunguzi standing on a point of order, argued that Kalindo’s were an insult to ordinary Malawians struggling in the face of economic hardships.

“This House is air conditioned. It is an insult to the people who manage here to say that it was hot. We need to be serious. People are looking at us. There is hunger; there is poverty in this country. Can we be serious for once?” remarked Lunguzi.

Speaker Richard Msowoya said : “My ruling is very simple. Yes, it is indeed sustained on the point that this room is air conditioned but that does not mean that a Member cannot feel hot if himself is not feeling well.”

Meanwhile, there was confusion among MPs on whether the President’s 25-minute speech was a State of the Nation Address (Sona).

Government Chief Whip Henry Mussa said the speech was not a Sona but an address at the opening of new parliamentary year.

But deputy leader of People’s Party (PP) in Parliament Ralph Jooma pointed out that Parliament’s order papers continue to indicate that the President delivered a Sona in the House.

“Whether this is a State of The Nation Address or just a statement, since yesterday [Tuesday] we have been told this is not a State of the Nation Address, yet on the order paper it has been indicating that as MPs we are responding to the President’s State of the Nation Address. Nobody has disputed that. The issue is that we have had a State of the Nation Address which is lacking in detail,” said Jooma.

Nkhata Bay Central MP Ralph Mhone (PP), a lawyer by profession, said the President was supposed to deliver a Sona.

“When the President comes to the budget session, he comes as an attendee and we can question him as stipulated by law, and the other one is when he comes in to open a session of Parliament where he presides over the House and we cannot ask him questions,” Mhone said.

Speaker said while the matter was debatable, it was distracting the attention of the House from the actual responses to the speech.

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45 thoughts on “Lunguzi faults Kalindo for joking over President’s address”

  1. Bosco Mtawali says:

    Politics Imeneyo Mcp Ndi Pp Mukulimbana Ndi Dpp Kwambiri


    Hon kalindo be serious. when it comes to national issues.

  3. Otanjere says:

    “ Mr Speaker, Sir, there
    is a big difference between a 44
    minute speech which was empty and
    a 24 minute speech with facts of
    national interest”. Nde inu a Lunguzi munangomva zotentha zokhazo? It means u were listening kuti mumpezere chifukwa Winiko yo. Osangomufunsa President yo direct ngati ukuona kuti speech imafunika seriousness bwanji.

  4. skopion says:

    primitive people !!!

  5. And you expect the country to develop with chicken minds like that of Bon Kalindo. 60’years after independence people are still walking bear feet ,shame on u guys.

  6. concerned citizen says:

    Aphungu president akufuna kuti tichoke mu socialism tilowe mu capitalism. He said, we shud forgert about donor aid. it is high time we stod on our own.
    The best action and issue to discus is that not how we can convince donors to resume giving us aid, no.
    MPs are therefore to discuss the pros and cons of capitalist govt and inform de people so that citizens get prepared. The argument about the length of the sona is useless and MPs are wasting our money. Remember it is not a donartion.
    MPs tell us about capitalism and define it before our JCE legislators. Tell us the countries that are following it.

  7. MLOMWE says:

    Ndidanena ine Kalindo ndiwosaphunzira wazolowera kugona pa mtengo ndipo alomwe ndi mbuli zotheratu nanga ndi Winiko kukhala MP .Paja ya malo yamukanika pano ati ayambe yaku Parliament.Watichititsa manyazi KALINDO chonde sungafike pa LUNGUZI a Winiko mwachepa

  8. mdk says:

    Basi daily kumangokamba za speech ya a president and how is that going to benefit the country?Don’t you have real issues to discuss?when honorables”s have stopped being honorable,zitsilu kumangolimbikila zopanda pake.please concentrate on real issues not just party politics mxiii

  9. darth maul says:

    sweetheart, don’t waste your time with these useless rats. after all, the donors, taxpayers and voters hear and record everything that is said in that house. we know who is there for 15 million of their countrymen or who is there to drink tea and biscuits. asiyeni ma comedian. its the vote that talks.

    kodi mayi mundilola?

  10. Wadidinkhumphedza says:

    The Bon Kalindo’s are the people who are completely contributing nothing to the nation, just a waste of tax payers money. We need people like Juliana Lunguzu. Comedy has its own venue and time, not in the august house where serious business should be the order of the day. Why don’t you just stay quite after all you get your allowance by the day. Please stop wasting our time, we are following you and we need people who can contribute positively.

  11. phodo says:

    So all of guys are in the house. Laza, plus J squared( Jessie & Juliana). Kodi madam Julie ndisanaiwale, bwanji panati inu duu, mwalipeza banja. Koma mulomo umenewo ungakhale ndi mwamu. Ayi ndithu mwatotienjeza a mai. Inu mwatomuiwala Kalindo. Mesa iye kuno ku MwanaMulanje angotisekesa basi. Paliiyepo poli ali ndi njoka kapena njuchi. Azakulumisani tsiku lina ndithu. Sitikazawa kuti atopita kupaliyamenti. Komatu amai mumupeze mwamuna osamangosekelera choncho pachithuzi mazulo kumagona nokha ayi. Mugona nokha mpaka liti popeza moyo ndi waufupi uwu.

  12. youna says:

    There are alot of areas that the president did not tackle and that is why that SMS is being critisized.

  13. wechete says:

    speech ikatalika ndi Vito, ikafupika ndi vutoso koma iiiiii

  14. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Gentlemen are you worried about the short speech or the substance that mattered in it was not adequate? He possibly recalled the proverb that says Hit the nail on the head, kapena kunena kwa tchutchutchu osachulutsa gaga mdiwa.

  15. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    I’m very disappointed with all members of parliament. If this is a snap shot of what the parliamentarians are deliberating, then Malawi is doomed!. There is no level of maturity or seriousness at all . We did not vote for you guys to display your stupidity, rather we voted for you to be our representatives, our mouth pieces . Please grow up you fools and not waste our taxpayers money to fatten your ugly ass.

  16. DOBO says:

    Most of the time, Comedians dramatise things which have hidden meanings.May be,economically everything is too hot in Malawi for president to be in the Parliament

  17. Bhizo says:

    Mr kalindo ithnk is not fit to be an mp hw can he say that the president delivered a sona which is lacking in detail bcoz it wz hot iz that true. Hell no how many hrs do u pipo stay in the parliament amalawi dyera is making us to not look at issues bt cholowa. Akuluakulu mukuyenela kukhala serious kalindo ungotuluka ukapitilize ma drama

  18. vindere says:

    Hey guys, i don’t like this woman either, she’s too pompous and bossy but this time, she has put sense into Winiko.

  19. mache Joy says:

    big up mr. president mumandinvesa sugar anthu ophunzila ozindikila amapanga zinthu mwanzeru choncho koma empy tins make alot of noisie

  20. alexdziko says:

    if your bzy wth politics,muchedwa azanu tikulimbikila ntchito.its only GOD who can help Malawi,lets take example of Zambia and there president who likes GOD.

  21. ALFRED MIKUNDI says:

    a president amakhala ndi ntchito zambiri zofuna kuchita .analankhula kunamveka basi…

  22. Bingu is crying says:

    It could have been a good speech, short as it was, if it had provided possible solutions to the problems the nation is facing. Reading through it you see nothingness in it. As it is I would prefer to watch rediculousness on MTV than listen to a SONA which is empty. Honestly those of you who voted for APM you sit back in your private corners at your private time and regret the move you took. Several friends of mine have actually vindicated me that what I told them during campaign time has come to fruitation. This man is as empty as his speech and will continue to be like that till the end of the term. My simple reference is the mediocre performance in the ministries he headed during his late brother’s reign. And for those who still believe this guy has something left to demonstrate to Malawians you better think twice because you are wasting your precious time with a spent force.

    I feel so sorry for the young VP. His image will get tarnished beyond repair for presiding over a period of poor performance. However all is not lost as nation. We are a nation of survivors and I have no doubt we will cross the broken bridge, rebuild it and put a smiling face to our children.

  23. lela says:

    Lunguzi ndiwokula mtima she needs to lighten up amazitenga ochuluka mzeru mkazi ameneyu

  24. Madam Lunguzi, pali nkhani apa? Makani nthawi zones basi. Chonchi mungakwatiwe? Aah! ndakayika

  25. Mark Liwonde says:

    As MPs you know the problems and challenges this country is going through, do not dwell much on the length and content of the speech by APM. It is high time you start tackling real issues affecting the nation. You can discuss in groups and then come for plenary. Otherwise, you are wasting my tax money.

  26. Lovemore says:

    Kalindo nanga si akudya bwino so he thinks parliament issues are laughing matters.

  27. stargo says:

    Poor parliamentaians @ work!! If its empty why can’t u add the substance? Debating over the length of what benefit is it? May be the President’s thinking limit is that why can’t u xtend, enrich n build 4m there? Zaonetsa lack of critical n creative thinking on u opposition members. Being president doesn’t mean nzeru zambiri assist him pliz we r suffering.

  28. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Zitsiru mumafuna muononga ndalma za mboma poyankha speech ya president kwa miyezi mwanya w

  29. dungulinya says:

    He he he Ma Mp a pa Chilawids….. Kusamala ma constituents…. Not

  30. amwene says:

    What good can come from Malawi, Soccer, Politics, Parliament…… a waste. JUST ATTEND TO OTHER THINGS, ASATIPHWANYISE THUPI AWA, AT THE END THEY HAVE SOMETHING & YOU? busy commenting?????????????????????????????????????????

  31. length of speech doesn’t matter but the content, lets analyse the content was it worthy

  32. Gwape says:

    It means some other issues were left out in the speech, a SONA cnt be less than 25minutes never

  33. Chalaka Bakha nkhuku singatole says:

    Seriously, its high time for you people to grow up there in Parliament. You mean we elected you to debate the length of the President’s speech????

    Length of speech and substance in the speech are two different things!!! its high time we realized this. Putting all things together for presentation is a skill….

    Seriously, is it all you can comment on the Presdent’s speech??? Can length of speech change Malawi???? You are pathetic

  34. ine says:

    once a soldier always a soldier, once a comedian always a comedian.

  35. Uyu ndi Kape says:

    Mr Analyst what matters is upbringing. Others pamaliro ndipamene amaona ngati popangira nthabwala just bcoz wafayo sim’bale wawo yet others will always feel about others. U tell your take

    1. The Analyst says:

      You are very right comrade!

  36. MYTON says:

    ndiye ku Malawi kumeneko tiyenazoni; cant u contribute something important?

  37. flora says:

    guys, what matters is the content of the speech pajatu amati an empty bucket makes a lot of noise.

    even if the speech was long as others might suggest I see not point because these MPs just waste a lot of time kutukwanizana when they are in parliament. nthawi yokamba zanzeru ndi yochepa.

  38. Gas machinehead says:

    You came as a liberator Lunguzi but now you have lost direction. You see Jessie Kabwira Shuga called the presidents speech a tweet. That was derogatory and yet you sealed your month. Winiko utters a few words before he finishes you are standing on a point of order. You are too biased to be relevant in a democracy.

  39. Che Ngana says:

    The Analyst Sukunama.Nzimai Ameneu Has One Of The Two Problems.Nkhani Yake Ndiye Iti Juliana.Wati Chetetu Masikuano Wakukhuzumula Ndani?Mmbuyomu Simmavala Trouser Kumtunda Shirt Kumusi.

    1. The Analyst says:

      I think so as well, Che Ngana

  40. nachisale says:

    A speech’s is worth the substance in it and not length. It is surprising MPs in the poor country of Malawi apparently want to waste times discussing the length of APM’s speech. This shows how useless the opposition is.

  41. The Analyst says:

    This is the problem when you elect comedians for members of parliament. Otherwise, Kalindo could have done better. But failing to realise that Kalindo is a comedian is careless forgetfulness on the part of Lunguzi.

    Also any individual who cant get along with the lighter side of life has serious personal problems: if not financial then marital or both If not either or both, then mental. And if we carefully look at Lunguzi, one or two of these, is true.

    Laughter diffuses anger and you (MPs) should have just thanked Kalindo for diffusing the anger that was otherwise boiling over the 25-minute speech you sarcastically christened a tweet or whatsapp message.

  42. Meja says:

    Amwene a Kalindo, mwambula mahara imwe

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