Makawa laid to rest after sombre funeral: Pictorial focus

Tens of thousands mourners on Wednesday laid to rest Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) board chairperson and hotelier Alissa Ashani Makawa, who died on Monday at Blantyre Adventist Hospital after a short illness.

Makawa's children laying their wreaths...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Makawa’s children laying their wreaths…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bishop Mwila laying his wreath.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Bishop Mwila laying his wreath.Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Fare thee well aunt. -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Fare thee well aunt. -Photo Jeromy Kadewere

At the cemetery...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

At the cemetery…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda paying his last respect....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda paying his last respect….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Musician Anjiru Fulumulani paying his last respect...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Musician Anjiru Fulumulani paying his last respect…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Wilkis Mijiga paying his last respect...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Wilkis Mijiga paying his last respect…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Macra employees paying tribute ...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Macra employees paying tribute …Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Sisters in mourning...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Sisters in mourning…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Minister of Information Jappie Mhango and his PS Saidi were also present...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Minister of Information Jappie Mhango and his PS Saidi were also present…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Sad moments as the body was leaving the house....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Sad moments as the body was leaving the house….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The casket to its final resting place...Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The casket to its final resting place…Photo Jeromy Kadewere

“Malawi has lost an iconic person who contributed immensely to the socio-economic development of the country. Looking at her Kambiri Lodge, Boadzulu Resort and Shire Highlands, one can see that the late Mrs Makawa was an ambitious woman who has left an indelible mark on Malawi and the tourism industry,” Minister of Information Jappie Mhango, who represented President Peter Mutharika told mourners who gathered at late Makawa’s residence in Namiwawa to bid the deceased farewell.

“She was an inspiration to millions of Malawians who looked up to her success story as owner of a hotel chain that it was possible for indigenous Malawians to own large scale businesses in the hospitality industry and rise to heights never seen before,” said Mhango.

He also said President Mutharika was saddened with her death as he appointed Makawa as Macra Board Chairperson because of her great leadership and interpersonal skills.

In his eulogy, representing the deceased family, Elias Nkhoma, an uncle to the deceased, said her death was shocking.

“We did not receive any message that she was sick. After her trip from Mzimba on World Post Day she drove straight to Kambiri Lodge in Salima where she complained of flue. But after seeing no changes that’s when she drove to Blantyre at Adventist to seek for medical help. Unfortunate before being attended to when she told her sister she wanted to rest she did not woke up until being pronounced dead,” said Nkhoma, who stays in Zambia.

He said the death was very sad to their family, because a week ago they were also burying another member of their family.

“Is this the way we are going to leave this earth? Who will look after these siblings since our pillar is gone,” he said.

After eulogies at Namiwawa, it was time to embark on a journey to Chirimba for prayers.

From her residence passing part of Blantyre city up to the Kandodo corner shop going to Chirimba there was a big motorcade, which was moving in a snail’s pace with a police escort car in front, as the body of Alissa made its final journey.

At Mount Moriah Church, in his preaching, Bishop Steven Mwila described the late Alissa as humble, God fearing and dedicated to Church matters.

For instance, he told mourners that where the church was built the land was donated by late Alissa.

He, however, urged the deceased family to mourn with hope, as late Alissa was now at a better place in heaven.

“Let us not mourn her death but rather we should celebrate the days she was on earth. Let me remind you that Alissa is safe singing with Angels in heaven,” said Bishop Mwila, who asked the congregation to clap hands in honour of the late Alissa.

After church service, Alissa’s last journey to HHI cemetery was embarked with the same big convoy led by the police car.

Upon arrival at the cemetery, there were short prayers before the casket was lowered onto the grave.

Alissa’s two children Eda and John, broke down in tears when the casket carrying the body of their beloved late mother was lowered into the ground at HHI Cemetery at exactly 4:00 pm.

The burial was attended by high profile people in the society.

These included Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda, Airtel Malawi Officials like Rachel Mijga and her husband Wilkis Mijiga, Anti Corruption Bureau Director Lucas Kondowe, musician Anjiru Fumulani of Black Missionaries, among others

May the humble, hardworking soul of Alissa Ashani Makawa rest in peace.

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19 thoughts on “Makawa laid to rest after sombre funeral: Pictorial focus”

  1. ANALYST says:

    RIP Mayi. But on another note, at first, I thought mayiwa anali a Katholic (mpingo wapamalo ponse) chifukwa uniform avala azimayiwo (komanso kuika mtanda pa mtumbira) are Katholic traditions and practices. Koma ndikuwerenga kuti anali a Mount Moriah Ministries? Koma mipingo inayi mumasilirabe zochitika za Mpingo (inayo si mipingo) eti???


  2. Ntengatenga Ndi Ntokoma says:

    Chemwali Chimwene zikomo polankhula chilungamo. Inetu ndimaopa kupalamula. Maiwa analidi munthu wabwino mtima ndipo wopemphera alibe mbili yoyenda ndi amuna aweni koma anthu kumati a successful business woman I was surprised. Everything she had was left to her by her father but all her businesses were run down. Shire Highlands hotel is a filthy place you cannot even use the toilet or order a drink unless you are desperate. That is all she was left with after selling all the properties which her father left her. Even the employees were not being paid.Its very sad. I have nothing against her koma chonde tizinena zoona she was a total failure in business and we all know why she ended up as Chairperson of MACRA. Ndimagulu a Roza Mbilizi. Musatinenetse pambali munthu watisiya koma ingopitani ku Shire Highlands ndiye muzatiuze bwino za successful business woman.

  3. fredrick says:

    MHSRIP,great loss

  4. Nathan says:

    Pitani bwino mayi Makawa pa ulendo wanuwo. Kaya mukapuma komwe mwapitako, kaya simukapuma, koma tikupempha kuti Mzimu Wanu Ulamulire Mu Mtendere.

  5. Martin Gaga says:

    Only God knows y her,may her gentle soul rest in peace,adalimbana mkulimbana kwabwino,may we live according to God’s word so that when the day lyk dis came to us,tizakhale ndi angel kuimbira iye,rest in peace ms makawa!

  6. Chemwali chimwene says:

    May her soul rest in peace. Abale tiyeni tiphunzire kunena zoona munthu akamwalira. She inherited the fortune her father made, her father was a hard working richman, he wished his children were as hard working. Those kids sold most of their property, sherrifs took some of the assets from shire highlands because of defaulting payments to suppliers. Some of their employees resigned due to salary non payment, until today those employees have not received their indemnities. Ana amenewo anagulitsa ma properties ambiri, pano atsala ndi zochepa zomwe atha kulandidwa anytime kwa angongole. Nkutheka kuti mtima wao unali okhumudwa mayiwa ndi nkhani zakusayenda kwa business. Nyumba, zigayo, mafamu anagulitsa including one of the hotels. Andale ankakadya ku shire osalipira akuti ankati mwina akhala……… Koma sizinayende.

  7. mfana wa ma plain says:

    kodi macra yake ndi ija inagula spy machine ndi ma million ambilimbili a misonkho uku anthu odulidwa misonkhowo ndikumasowa mankhwala ndi chakudya? macra yake ndi imeneyo?

  8. Phwado says:

    Iwe Patricia Akweni Kaliati u must borrow a leaf from the lives of very important and humble distinquished ladies like the late Mrs Allisa Makawa whom we have unfortunately lost.Chonde! Mumachititsa manyazi mtundu wachizimayi.Rest in peace Queen Allisa!

  9. Aubrey Banda says:

    Ms. Makawa should give a good lesson to all Malawians that it is possible to increase a business empire left by parents, most Malawian a business is for the parents/ father and all members are not part of it, and when the parent dies , the remaining family members fail to maintain the business empire. Lets learn from the late who had a working mentality of Indians who do pass business empires from one generation to the other. Its my hope that the children of late Ms. Makawa will emulate her example and take the business to the heights and maintain the legacy of their family.

  10. Chenda says:

    This news is shocking indeed as it is combining the ill treatment shown by no. 4 ‘s comments whom God should forgive first and then forgive our own sins.

    My heart felt condolences should go to the bereaved family and may God be with them.

    My the soul of our beloved mother Makawa rest in peace.

  11. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Fare thee well, Alissa. A woman of substance!

  12. Zomba boys Fortune n Fatsani says:

    We wil great mis u mama,we stil remember all th busnez and advices u hav been given to us,may your soul rest in internal peace.

  13. nanga ntani says:

    komano a number 4 mukuti chani kodi. anzanu tikudandaula inu mukulalatila anthu ena ngati abusa , tatani kodi amalawi, tikuphuzila kuchenjelaaaaaaa ,,,,chani. mulungu akukhululukileni. for the pastor dont worry uyu ndiye malawi walero, Anthu akafuna kunyoza saakumaona kuti kodi munthuyu ndi ndani, wankulu ,mwana ,abusa akungophatikiza. Chitsime chikamphwera ndipo timaziwa kuti aaaaa kani ndi chakuya,, lero kamuzu ndikumukumbukila,,,tinali ana aulemu ife panthawi yaife lero mmmmmm kwada

  14. Mwamuona Eda mmene wavalira chitenje duku Ku mutu sanaphode ifa ya Amai ake yamuthyola alive mphamvu ndi nthawi yokuzikongoletsa. Uwu ndiye umunthu mwana Wang’ono kwambiri koma kuti posa nzeru a azimai. Eda ndi John tikulira nanu tilinanu pamodzi. A Malawi tiyeni titsatire chikhalidwe cha chanthu chabwinochi Ku Maliro muli zochitika zambiri zomwe tingama phode tisatengere za Ku South Africa. Tiyeni timange mpango ndi chitenje. Luminance Ku maliro ationa ndani? Ana owa atiphunzitsa anabadwa pa chuma kuma kuonetsa kuthyoka nonse kuluza mkouna avala chonchi.

  15. Prisoner monger says:

    1 – Where the hell did this prophet of pastor of Mount Moriah church, heardd that when one dies, he/she goes to Heaven?

    2 – Kodi izi zovala black pa malari izi whats the significance?

    3 – I guess the death of this lady is a very huge loss to the church, more than it is to the family. Ti mipingo ngati Mount Moriah iti, too much kudyera ma worthy widowed or single women.

  16. LLONZOH says:

    may her soul rest in peace

  17. kunyado says:

    A rare breed of a female who embraced hard working skills from her late father .Mr Ashan. He was a successful business man of his time. Fare th we well Alissia.

  18. aha says:

    Will remember her becoz when I opened my business in LL in 2007, she phoned me and gave me my first order. Didn’t know her then
    Mhsrip indeed

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