Malawi 7/11 protesters killed were not looters as Bingu claimed -Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has said protestors who were killed when they demonstrated against fuel shortages, inflation and unemployment targeting his elder brother late president Bingu wa Mutharika on July 20, 2011 were not thieves and looters as Bingu and some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials claimed.

July 20 martyers

July 20 martyers

Shot dead by police. Victim of anti-DPP government protests on July 20, 2011

Shot dead by police. Victim of anti-DPP government protests on July 20, 2011

About 20 people were shot dead by police and several others injured in the nationwide demonstration against the DPP administration led by Bingu wa Mutharika for “autocratic kleptocracy”.

President Mutharika has contradicted his deceased brother who branded the victims as thieves, saying they were in fact respected citizens of the country and deserved respect all the time.

“If it was possible to scrap off July 20 from the calendar, the President would have been the first person to do that. It is a bad day to the country,” said presidential adviser on non-governmental organisations Mavuto Bamusi in a statement on behalf of Mutharika during a memorial service at Zolozolo cemetery in Mzuzu on the anniversary of 7/11.

During Monday’s memorial at Zolozolo cemetery where eight of the 20 killed were buried, Bamusi said the President is totally against labelling the people killed in the protests as thieves.

Mercy Mbezuma Mfune, spokesperson for the bereaved families, asked government to come to their rescue by constructing tombstones and supporting them as most of those killed were their families’ breadwinners.

Analysts say 7/11 incident baptised Malawians “and every time they see something bad, they will always go into the streets”.

Late Mutharika regime was intolerant of dissenting voices and some observers say it is also mirroring in the current DPP led administration which has almost the same machinery of Bingu.

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55 thoughts on “Malawi 7/11 protesters killed were not looters as Bingu claimed -Mutharika”

  1. Thats the presidents reasoning whether you like it or not, but to me I strongly support Bingu; In Zingwangwa the whole building that housed Chipiku was smashed, burnt and all its stocks from the shelves and the warehouse were looted. On that day many innocent people lost their millions of properties to the so called peaceful demonstrators. Its not known whether thugs found those demos as a loop hole to terorrise their fellow Malawians who were also affected by the fuel shortage that was created by the same CSOs as a bully means to punish us for massively voting for Bingu. Many shops were terorrised in the North especially those whose owners were from the South. I think the president is only demonstrating the spirit of forgiveness, love and feel sorry when done wrong to those who don’t wish you well.

  2. Mathanyula Peter says:

    Too late to be forgiven i assume.

  3. Mr. President, do you think we are stupid? Do you think you can corrupt our minds? We definetely know that you following your late brother’s footsteps. If you think that we can believe you for not accepting your late brother’s comments on why people took to the streets on July 7, 2011, you are lying to yourself. You, your brother and perhaps who will succeed, will always be the same.

  4. apundi says:


  5. First offender says:

    Some of the people who stay indoors are still alive , the organisers themself they stay away because they knew that death was coming only to use the poor masses for their personal gain. That is Why The People Of Malawi Learnt A Lesson From The outcome of 20 July today these ass-kissers when they say let us go for demo , they are only 7 of them. Shame

  6. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    Next we expect to kno who killed robert chasowa n who were behind cashgate!

    Police were ordered to use live bullets by high authority & in turn they were paid handsomely (80 pin each). Ask the police what happened to the confiscated goods that they got from the so called looters; anakabwenza kwa owners? No they used and r some r still being used by the same police. Police were n are also looters.

  7. inyankuleke says:

    The late bingu wamtalika shld go to hell. the lives of innocent pple got lost. i remember in one of hs speeches said tht those protestors died invane…. wth tht God killed hm wth cardiac arrest. LESSON LEARNT…… Respect the 1s who voted 4u. God protect his pple.

  8. Decent Citizen says:

    Why are you not shooting cashgaters who have brought Malawi to its knees?Even Bingu himself was a looter.How did he amass 61 billion kwacha within 8 yrs in a poor country like Malawi when he only had a single minibus driving to Chigwiri and lodging at some other people’s house in area 15?He is burning in hell today.He never even slept a wink in his Casablanca manor built from looted money.Bingu should rot in hell.

  9. half trillion says:

    7/11 nde kuti chani. amayika mwezi ndi tsiku osati mwezi ndi chaka a mbuzi inu (9/11, 7/7) can’t you even try a little to edit these articles please?

  10. the little Guru says:

    we can say they were thieves but remember a criminal is a criminal after the court judgement. had any court declared them criminals? even if we say they were criminals who has the right to kill criminals. there are official thieves who are stilling government money, tax payed money and still respected and living. do you want to tell me that the billions of money they are stilling is little than what these so called “criminals” were stilling?! but why did they had to die! the president can reverse the statements, but as a citizen of Malawi i want to know who had that authority to kill these so called “criminals”.?!

  11. says:

    I know one boy in area 25 who was coming from before m
    this fatal encounter. Shot dead on z20th July in a cold blood as portrayed in the not everybody who was killed on this day was a thief .

  12. Ishmael Makwinja says:

    Mr president, thank you for that statement and I salute you for that if it is really coming deep down your heart.Many mercies should go to the late president Muthalika and the shooters of these people.
    May God keep their souls safely for jourgement.

  13. mdk says:

    The fact is ena mwa iwo took advantage and they were looters while some were just mistakenly caught in the crossfire.the president is just being diplomatic

  14. Nyapapi says:

    in my life I have never heard a sitting president testifying that he is Mbiyang’ambe. Wel done bwana chidakwa.

  15. Athuwa ngakhale analibe chokwera amamenyera ufulu wawo si amakwera mamini bus amalipira ndalama amawopa kuwakwezera

  16. Bobo says:

    100% they were LOOTERS!!!so don’t argue and stay quite…

  17. chilungamo says:


  18. Bushiri says:

    Pls shale those pictures to kaliati this is what will happen if she continue tauchering opositions we don’t need this in our beloved country. God forbid this woman she’s crazy

  19. Zondiwe says:

    If they were thieves, what were they stealing when they were shot; put differently, what had they stolen?
    On that day, I was in a demonstration of thousands of people on Victoria Avenue, Blantyre and no one fired a shot at anybody. I did not see any thieves, but Malawians complaining about fuel shortages, high cost of living, political intolerance and such things. I am sure our dead compatriots in Mzuzu were protesting the same things. Why did they have to die? There were certainly more demonstrators on Victoria Avenue than in Mzuzu. Why were guns used in small Mzuzu?
    Governments should learn of the sanctity of life and work hard to protect its citizens. That is the basic function of government. The other functions come after the one above.
    I hope one of these days, Bamusi’s words will be repeated by President Mutharika himself. In the meantime, compensations need to start to be administered. There has been too much talking.

  20. Domingo says:

    Thieves indeed huh!

  21. Owen Mwamlowe says:

    Mr Award Winner you don’t knw what u r saying u r a devil,someone who has lost ideas.

  22. Sapitwa says:

    90% ya Demo imathetsa miyoyo.Anayambitsa onse ali moyo ndipo analandira ma cheke pa kuluza moyo kwa anzao. Bwino nawoni amenwa, osamangopupulumira ma Demo, muzafera mu zipwirikiti za zitsiru!

  23. chatonda says:

    This murder will haunt DPP forever and MCP is automatically gaining ground in Malawi especially with President Peter Mutharika testifying that he is a drunkard since his time in Zingwangwa is enough to know that we are ruled by CHIDAKWA OR A DRUNKARD. That is why things are falling apart.

  24. Mag Chendawaka says:

    Don’t be diplomatic about it. Every one knows they were thieves and were/are used as pawns in the game of chess. Don’t be political about it

  25. tchaka says:

    Only God knows

  26. manoah says:

    chiri kwa mnzako umati …….

  27. mtumbuka1 says:

    The pictures are very sensitive would you please remove them for goodness sake! How do you expect someone to feel if a person seen in the picture happens to be his\her relation? This is very an Malawian and needs to be condemned in it’s strongest possible terms please remove them if you don’t mind cos you are reopening the wounds which were slowly healing..let the sleeping dog lie please.

  28. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    I don’t share the sentment that these graphic photos should not be published. It is a fact these dear brothers were shot in cold blood with official order from Bingu. Malawi has to remember their crue death. My brother is a victim of this! We have a video in our home of July 2011. We watch it whenever the family feels so. We cannot erase the memories by simply not publishing these graphic photos. Peter’s admission if it comes from his heart, that is one way of consoling hearts of families affected.

  29. Mtochi says:



    The truth of the matter is that these people were killed because they were stilling. If it is true that they were killed because of demonstarating then why was Harry Mkandawire and his friends not killed? Let me also emphasise that Readarship of CCAP church in Mzuzu and Zolozolo in particular have benefited alot because of the killing of these peopile and not forgeting Moses Mkandawire. Because of what they are benefiting they are trying to convince malawians that these people were innocent. Not saying the tuth will not take Malawi anywhere because other people will not learn from 20 July issue. Let me warn those who have benefited from this issue, God will punish you, how, I do not know.

  31. The real ujeni says:

    Nyasa Times keep the fire burning. Bug up!

  32. The real ujeni says:

    For once I agree with the President, for once since he lived in civilised world before he should try to educate the millions upon millions of dunderheads’ we have in the country who are trying to label the dead protesters as thieves.. Now Nyasa Times what’s this 7/11 thing, mind you when the US call it 9/11 and UK copy and call it 7/11 the terrorist attacks, they mean date and month. They commemorate and remember the day and month. In your case is Malawi remembering month and year? You mean you don’t know the exact date??? 20/7 would be appropriate. Do we celebrate birth years or birth DATE?

  33. abwana anga says:

    Muzafa imfa yowawa makape inu! 2019 inu away

  34. kudu says:

    Ine si wa DPP koma ndimakonda chilungamo. Anthu amene anashutidwa ankaba mmashopu a mwenye, ma chaina ndi ena otere kupatulapo anthu awiri amene zipolopolo zinangowagwera mwangozi. Chinanso chakuti mudziwe a Police anavulazidwanso ndi mbava zimenezi mukafuna kulemba nkhani chitasni chilungamo polemba mbali iliyonse chomwe inachitilidwa cha khanza. a Nyasa musakonde chosalungama kondaninso chilungamo. You will pay for kushoshozera komwe mumachitaku tsiku lomaliza pamene Mulungu adzaweluza. Mumalemba nkhani mofuna kuchita provoke ena kuti alakwe pochita respond ku provocation mwaipangayo. Muwerenge Mateyu 18:7. Ndichoopsya ndi tsoka kukhala munthu wobweretsa chokhumudzitsacho

  35. abwana anga says:

    Some of u are commenting as if moyo wanu ndi wamuyaya! Muzafa imfa yowawa!

  36. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Why did people rush for shops? Whose shops were they? Police was there to protect fellow Malawians who were losing their worth for no sins committed. You CSOs are their to disturb peace for own personal gains. don’t write this again.

  37. Manyasa says:

    Peter is Intelligent

  38. Dedza says:

    Is that his opinion? What’s his opinion on 92Billion & 577.
    Please tell us.

  39. Davis says:


  40. Dedza says:

    Please Nyasatimes, remove the pictures for the respect of the dead as well as their loved ones. We know what happened was barbaric and painful to those left behind. Please please edit the pictures.

  41. Ethurama says:

    DPP,can nakhumwa and kaliati comment?Shame!

  42. Award Winner says:

    They were looters. I was there, i would know.

  43. Zaya says:

    Nyasatimes, mumadana nchilungamo. in the first place I said you need to find stories to write not stories that promote violence. You did not publish that. the reason is that you don’t want any advice. I repeat, izi si nkhani zoti muzilemba chisawawa you are just promoting violence you need to be civilized. If you were the one who lost your relative, would you be happy to see such blood on internet like this. The grieved began to forget about this and you are bringing it again. I don’t mind even if you will again not publish this.

  44. Dpp is a killer party. No doubt about it. If they did this during multiparty era what atrocities would be committed if Dpp ruled during the single party. DPP is a party of death.

  45. Mtochi says:


  46. waziona says:

    amene anali pa front line kusonkhezera ma demo wa bwanji ndi mmodzi yemwe, koma dzikoooooooooooooooooo

  47. transpancy says:

    mafuta asowa chosecho ulibe chokwera omwe anali nazozo akudyerera mpaka pano a Malawi titengerepo phunziro osaputsitsidwa ndi ma civil societies anthu abodza

  48. edda mwalweni says:

    Chonde atsogoleri mudzimva anthu akamadandaula osamangoti kakakaka! kuphetsa anthu osalakwa chonchi?

  49. jahman says:

    kufera za eni chidakakhala chodziwa ineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  50. Charombanthu says:

    We are waiting for the culprits to this heinous act to be brought to book and may be this government can give us some answers since it was in charge then. Someone must have authorised the use of excessive force (shooting with live ammunition) on that day and Chief of Police then might give us some clue. We are waiting….

  51. BigMan says:

    Lets not confuse each other unnecessarily here. Some were innocent human rights protesters, others were opportunistic looters.
    Lets move on.

  52. phodo says:

    Please demos are not good at all. Some of these guys or all of them could have been alive today. Shaaaaa!!!

  53. AMUNA BAWO says:

    Kulapa salapilana

  54. make chikomukomu says:

    ine zimenezi aaa zimandiziziritsa thupi mwe

  55. makito says:


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