Malawi activists silenced with boards appointments – Dulani

A political scientist at the Chancellor College of the University of Malawi Boniface Dulani says the recent appointment of the civil rights activists into the boards of statutory corporations is government’s ploy to weaken the civil society organizations and rights campaigners that have been critical of government.

Billy Banda:  My work will not be compromised

Billy Banda: My work will not be compromised

Kapito:  Chairs Southern Region Water Board

Kapito: Chairs Southern Region Water Board

Dulani:  Not appropriate

Dulani: Not appropriate

Dulani was reacting to the government’s announcement on the appointment of new board members of various statutory corporations.

Among the critical voices that are believed to have been silenced with appointments are consumer rights campaigner, John Kapito, human rights campaigner, Billy Banda and workers’ rights activist, Luther Mambala.

Dulani told a local radio on Tuesday that the move is likely to jeopardize politics and human rights activism in the country.

“I can also say that the appointment of some civil rights campaigners into the statutory corporations in a move by government to please their loyalists,” he said.

Among the activists who had recently aligned with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is Steve Duwa whose organization was in the forefront backing the results of the disputed May 20 elections which many believe was rigged.

However, activist Billy Banda says his appointment as a chairperson for Malawi Gaming Board will not compromise his stand.

“I just feel honored to be appointed, but this will have nothing to do with my role a human rights campaigner.”

Government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa says the inclusion of civil right activist in the various boards shows that the ruling DPP is an inclusive government.

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66 thoughts on “Malawi activists silenced with boards appointments – Dulani”

  1. joshua saini says:

    that is good to involve CSO/NGO the individuals known a lot therefore lets give them a chance and this time they should use the knowledge and skills for the benefit of the institution and nation

  2. ngangaube says:

    zoonadi mwanenazi Dr. Dulani but even though they have gone these are people who have no back bome apart from Martha Kwataine the rest have no credible organisations. Billy Banda is a one mans organisation with so.much lacking John Kapito runs his as a personal Estate and so others. People like Ste e Duwa are stooges of Patricia Kaliati while Chris Chisoni is already alligned to DPP. Mai Chanika ndiye bungwe linafa kale at least pano apeza chochita. Omvetsa chisoni ndi a Billy Mayaya ndi a Lucky Mbewe omwe asiidwa ngakhale kuti Mabvuto Bamusi akhala akuwagwiritsa ntchito. Kaya tidziona a Luther Mambala ndiye anatha kalekale

  3. zandiwawa says:

    Vuto la DPP ndilimeneli sadziwa kuyendetsa Boma koma katangale kumangomwanza ndalama kutseka pakamwa anthu otilankhulila osawukafe GOD please save us from this DPP devil.

  4. zaluma says:

    I think Mr Boniface Dulani you are missing the point. Constitutionally, all Malawians have an obligation to serve their country in whatever capacity. If appointed to serve their government, it does not mean they have joined the governing party. This is where some Malawians need to grow and understand democracy.

  5. verson says:

    Don’t be cheated My fellow Malawians. These guys collect money from government each time they make noise. Ngati ndikunama andiletse. I will expose them one day. I remember this guy called “” cried at a press briefing in attempt to cover up after collecting money at sunbird capital hotel from a minister in the company of one former NIB officer. Ndipitirizeerrr?

  6. OBAMA says:

    @ Inu Don’t fool us we are not kids who do not know what matters of the government run. I think you are one of them. Learn to differentiate between MHRC and being a board Chair or being in the board. As MHRC you are a watchdog for the voiceless but as a board chair or board member you are answerable to the president of Minister who is a politician. If water charges are hiked do you expect Kapito of CAMA to go on the media and protest? Is he going to protest for electricity charges only? Please guys who do you want to fool? We need new people in their old jobs. Billy Banda I pity you. You even say you feel honored really? CAMA, MALAWI WATCH etc. We need new people who are courageous and principled. Awoneka kuti amafuna kudya. Kulankhula konse kuja amafuna ntchito.

  7. rational says:

    Chancellor College Acadmics appointed as board members include: Dr Mwiza Nkhata (Law lecturer and Dean), Dr Dorothy Nampota (Lecturer and Director of CERT), Dr Bright Molande (VP), Mr Mauya Msuku (Law Lecturer, Law). Can Dr Dulani comment on these appointments as well. Is APM trying to silence academics here?

  8. Fwetseke says:

    I dont entirely agree with this article. In my view this government has done a good job because it has employed those with knowledge and experience in running affairs that will assist rural masses. For instance MR KAPITO has been fighting for people welfare all the time there he will also do the same in making sure that water is no longer a problem in southern region.

  9. daudi says:

    Its good to include activists because they make a lot of noise. therefore, let us wait and see if they can bring results within a short period of time. They are always fault finders. Bravo APM for including them so that they should play their role and improve service delivery

  10. Thubwelunwe says:

    The appointing authority is a politician who is only concerned about their survival and not welfare of people. On the other hand the activists supposedly fight for the voiceless. The politicians will do everything possible to survive no matter how dirty their tricks can be. They just don’t care. Now if our so called activists truly make noise for the welfare of the voiceless, this is the time they should show it by declining this offer from the appointing authority. If they accept, don’t blame the politicians and the voiceless know that they have to find other means of voicing their concerns. As it is, we now know that the so called activists are as good mercenaries as the politicians!

  11. Godwin Msonda says:

    kodi tizingoyendera mmene kwachera? koma this malawi of ours

  12. I would like to warn journalists to be careful with certain people whom they quote as activists. Some of these activists are politicians masquarading as professional activists. During the day, they pose as activists, but at night they practice politics. The appointment of some prominent human rights activists into board positions is just a tip of the iceberg.

  13. I would like to warn journalists to be careful with certain people whom they quote as activists. Some of these activists are politicians masquarading as professional activists. During the day, they pose as activists, but at night they practice politics. These appointees of some prominent human rights activists into board positions is just a tip of the iceberg.

  14. Very bad Nyasulu says:

    Oh no Mr Kapito no nononono pliz. Think of a common man. Pliz

  15. Peter Kwacha says:

    i don’t think the appointments of the activists being referred to will have negative impact fighting for human rights. Board membership of a statutory is not full time employment and i don’t think financial gains are higher than what they get from mostly donor funded NGOs they head. More over these guys have some other people in their respective NGOs who can step in should conflict of interest arise. Remember how john Kapito spoke against Bingu yet he was appointed into MHRC by Bingu himself. Lets give a benefit of doubt to these inclusive boards than choosing to be pessimistic.

  16. Chemwali says:

    Peter Mutharika is the real deal here! He sold the Malawi Civil Society a dummy. First he made them voiceless by appointing Voice Mhone ambassador, effectively taking away their VOICE. The next move was to give the rest cheap board appointments, completely silencing them. The whole lot have been sold a dummy and they are busy trying to defend themselves with cheap talk. NO GUYS! YOU HAVE BEEN HAD! the Malawi Civil Society has shown that they are all greedy for cheap recognition at the expense of fighting for the rights of the majority of the victimized! John Kapito, what happened? Billy? Am not surprised with Steve Duwa as he has been a DPP diehard through and through. Mwagulitsa dziko anyamata…

  17. chams j says:

    While Dulani’s sentiments might be true, but isn’t he saying this out of frustration coz he has been left out? I don’t think if he was given a position he would hv said this

  18. chindindindi nyoni says:

    UFULU uja mwatilandanso ? KOMABE ngakhale mutelo tsiku lina KUDZACHA

  19. apo says:

    inu aliyense amafuna zabwino…… alekeni adyeko… bola board member than ndalama kulowa cash gate… olo Dulani akanamusankha… akanakana?

  20. mwachotsaso munthu amathandiza ntundu wa Malawi uja? Mwaganiza bwanji? Amalakwitsa pakuchedzeza Boma pambali yokweza Katundu pakukana ntundu wathu usavutike? Aaaaaaa apa ndiye ayi

  21. Jelbin mk says:

    And Mr Kapito is in awkward position where by he is a referee and at the same time a player therefore I do humbly request him to resign that’s either he should be a referee or a player.

  22. MVUNGO says:

    Ngakhale atengedwe ndi bomalo ife Ufulu timamenyera tokha iwo amakhalatu ali kunyumba zawo, zosadandaulitsa izi.

  23. UDF BOMA says:

    kkk nayeso akufuna mpando wonona kuti akhale chete!! tamphatseni mpandowo pilizi!

  24. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Kodi mwati chani??????????

  25. Zadziwika says:

    This is a good development, activits should be brought in so they can practice what they say govt or any other organisation should do to solve a particular problem. Sometimes saying is much easier than doing. Let’s see what John Kapito will do at the water board to resolve the water woes at BWB. So DULANI, don’t just look at one side of this coin!

  26. nyakhuwa says:

    kikiki zavuta basi amphawi tose tisova .tsoka amene tili mbali yotsutsa cause 5years man ndiyambiri.

  27. EAGLE'S NEST says:


  28. Kashitigu says:

    Problem yaku Malawi ndi poverty . I know people like John Kapito personally and sizikanatheka kuti apange turn down these board appointments panopo . Umphawi unafika povuta kwambiri . Lets hope kuti Kapito tsopano asiya kuwadyera amwenye mu Limbe mu by threatening them with bogus inspections for expired goods .

  29. Abiti Mtila says:

    APM has taken a right move some people are good at talking but when it comes to action, Nothing! So its good to involve this type of people to see if what they talk or think can be practical. So its not a matter of silencing somebody but proving some one wrong or right. When they experience the practical part of this, they will be able to criticize or do necessary recommendations to the government!

  30. Vyapasi says:

    I am extremely happy John Kapito has been appointed to chair Southern Region Water Board. SRWB offers a critical consumable popularly touted as “Life” and yet most often the service provider denies people the very same. I strongly feel JK can inform the nation now that he is inside as to what are the real challenges on the ground but also contribute to resolving some of those challenges within his term of office.
    Komano, John Kapito, nkhope choncho kukwinyika, ndichani? What is it that you have consumed and cannot campaign against?

  31. Sidix says:

    That is what you wanted by voting DPP into power. There will be no Mouth piece for the voiceless .Even the vocal CCJP and the Episcops are now busy chewing scones(mabanzi). The CSOs have been swallowed by Muthalika and DPP adminstration. Now fighting to kill opposition parties. UDF is already dead. Atupele will be the Vice President of DPP. His father abandoned UDF and is now a member of DPP. You will be reduced to ashes Malawians. The only solution to these corrupt practices is Federalism. Peter Munthalika proposed the same as a solution to these problems. who am I to say no to federalism if APM indorsed it as early as 2006?

  32. Jedida says:

    KAPITO, Pliz, we trust, dont let us down. eat the cake but stand for us.

  33. Ticoon says:

    This is sad developement. what will it benefit when Kapita has failed already to serve and defend the citizens of this country from high taxes and high cost of living standard. just look at fuel prices, passports, road traffic charges, airtel tarrifs etc but Kapito is still silent how can he serve the other appointments. this is selfsh motive and greed, mark my words cursed are you and your families for yourselfish ambitions for you will lose everything you have. you cant regard yourselves above the poor majority of this nation

  34. Masuhunju says:

    This is a window of opportunity for emerging activists who were being overshadowed by these fools masquerading as activists. It is clear that Chisoni, Duwa and others are DPP sympathisers

  35. Wanzeru Wakummawa says:

    Kapito wadya banzi

  36. Chilungamo says:

    Seriously tell me again the definition of an activists? i thot these pple advocate for better policies and whatnot nde wat is wrong wif engaging them to put the policies that they advocate into practice??? Is government wrong for putting these people to task to help in reforming various sectors???? I wonder why you think having critics helps to solve problems in the country than letting everyone that thinks has a best game plan come forward and implement it. Think again……

  37. Stv says:

    Idiots ngo

  38. Kanyimbi says:

    Hahahaha! man Kapito yekhayo ndiye awagwiritsa chiphwisi alibe mzake. Pulezident aliyense amamuwona kununkha. Komanso ndikanakhala ine ndikanayamba ndaganizira kunyumba ndi ana anga ndisanaganizire za anthu ena. Kumachenjera pa tawoni.

  39. Mphwache wa Bingu says:

    If these guys were true activists they won’t be silenced. But they were just greedy people like Sembereka or Martha Kwataine then will indeed be silent. I remember kapito was still a fierce critic of Bingu despite being chair of Malawi Human Rights Commission

  40. Usovenge says:

    This is what Kapito wanted. His friend Billy Banda has even thanked God for putting him in the armpit of government. Anzanu anadya bani ya a Mayi inunso idyani bani ya Peter. Usova.

  41. Nachika says:

    John Kapito and Billy Banda, nanga muyankhulanso ngati? Scone ili mkamwa ndipovuta. Ndukumvetsani dollar yavuta pa Malawi. Olo atakugulani ndi K300,000. inutu mutheka.

  42. Jelbin mk says:

    I don’t think Malawians are going to succeed in everything they do work hard for because if people who do checks and balances of the day to day running of government are becoming government agents themselves just imagine a consumer protector starts a business of selling products such as in the case of Kapito he is now chairing a board that sells water and its aim is to make profits and the lesser profits the statutory make the less the board members get in terms of bonuses so I think if Kapito was patriotic enough to his work he would have turned down the appointment so that he doesn’t jeopardize his role of protecting consumers from government’s manipulation. No wonder no one has risen up to question the legitimacy of the passports price hike which has been risen inconsiderately.

  43. Tamara says:

    kapitoyotu amangolongolora za ziiii zache zikuyenda amugula basi

  44. peter says:

    Ambwiye che Kapito muima? Simwadya banzi basi, Nanga che Duwa mulibwanji? ziyenda?

  45. Hoping Mr. Kapito will one day resign from this appointment. His stand on certain issues were giving hope, direction to this nation.

  46. pwt says:

    akatenga ena mwati akukondera then mukufunanji

  47. Alungwana says:

    Very true. I was wondering where is the useless vocalist politician John Kapito! Now I see why prices are going up but John Kapito remains quite. You are a dog with a bone in his mouth. The reason I hate human rights groups.

  48. Alungwana says:

    I was wondering where is the useless vocalist politician John Kapito! Now I see why prices are going up but John Kapito remains quite. You are a dog with a bone in his mouth. The reason I hate human rights groups.

  49. wtl says:

    adulani atakusankhani kukhala minister of education mungakane?popeza zagwera anzanu ndi skono? when u r talking too much it means you know the thing best so opanga phokoso ndiozindikira better give them kuti ayendetse akalephera aziwe kuti its not abc if they manage good of them for the betterment of malawians. vuto ndi nsanje, moyo wa ndikanakhala ine. ai lekani anzanu agwire ntchito

  50. Patriot says:

    Akuopa demo malingana ndi kulephera kuyendetsa dziko akuchita mkulu uja ndi dpp yakeyi.
    Passport up by 320%
    Kwacha down by 120%
    Licence up by 150%
    Essential needs up by 200%
    No water in major Cities
    No electricity
    Fuel up
    University School fees up by 400%
    And as a mockery Salary up by 45%
    Ma coupon a feteleza kulibe
    Cement amanena uja kulibe
    Malatanso kulibe
    Feteleza weniweniyu kulibe
    He knows his gouvernment is a joke and that is why it is buying the CSO’s silence.
    Mulungu si Jamusi, it took only 5 month to mess up everythimg.

  51. Koma za mulomwe duwa ndiyesitinadabwe nazo!

  52. Nyapapi says:

    Takhalani phee! Anthuwa Ndi nthawi yawo!

  53. pearson sadala says:

    Awadyetsa zigumu zotsila termic. Soon malawi will be blazing and activists shall be logs to scorch malawi

  54. Nyamakumutu says:

    Munthu is feeling honoured and he thinks this will not compromise his position as human rights. We will learn from you how you will bite the finger that has appointed you while at the same time you feel honoured.

  55. Bongololo says:

    We just saw the principles of the self declared consumer and human rights police instantly torn to shreds with of a few political appointments. Interestingly enough, none of them has the audacity to respectfully decline. Zomvetsa chisoni kwabasi!

  56. Akilly 2 says:

    Livingstonia Synod ndi imene itenge malo tsopano, there4 we shud not get bothered wth this mudfuckin development!

  57. If they abide by thier stand, it’s okay but going there to eat and sleep with them, that is extremely dangerous. Democracy shall be compromised. A Kapito, Ada Mhone, a Billy Banda ndi ambiri otero asamale chifukwa ichi n’kukhala chiambi cha mathelo awo. If people start doubting in you, they will never take you for real, they will brand you for a sellout. Watch out!!

  58. Total Mess says:

    Awadyesta ma bans a blue.

  59. Kadakwiza says:

    I agree with Mr Dulani, where are people like Ben Chiza Mkandawire, Mhones, Mr. Kapito. Mr. Dulani these people are not activists but job seekers. We will not hear from them anymore . They can’t talk because they are choked with a big scone. All activists are job seekers not campaigners. We can’t blame them because there are no jobs in Malawi. I just feel sorry for myself as a voiceless man who can’t talk because the oppresser is suffocating me. Malawi what happened?

  60. Bwitoto says:

    Inclusive government “my foot”

  61. Malindima says:

    If they are people of integrity, they can easily decline those appointments or resign from their current roles and accept the new role. I don’t see a person combining both roles or else one will be compromised.

  62. concerned Citizen says:


  63. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Politics za pa Malawi ndi zimenezo dyela la ndalama basi wapita Kapito anzeke PHEEE

    1. Yobe boo says:

      Kapito atule pansi udindo wa wamkulu wa CAMA. Zinthu zikudu kwambiri, moyo ukufika powawa, nkofunika ku CAMA kukhale munthu wosatengeka ndi zandale, ndalama on the expense of poor consumers .

      Ine ndimadabwa kuti zinthu zikudula koma Kapito was silent, not ready to engage the Government. So he was already brought into the camp. shittiiii!!!!! Poor Malawians.

    2. Inu says:

      I think Malawians forget things easily. When Kapito was actually arrested by Bingu in 2011, he was chairing MHRC which comes by presidential appointment. So the fact that Kapito has been appointed does not necessarily mean that he will be silenced, if history is anything to go by

    3. mfana wokwiya says:

      awaika chibanzi mkamwa,samvekanso mawu. Palibe munthu amaluma chala chomwe chikumudyetsa phala…no more govt checks and balances. Nyasaland ukulowera kuti?

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