Malawi activists silenced with boards appointments – Dulani

A political scientist at the Chancellor College of the University of Malawi Boniface Dulani says the recent appointment of the civil rights activists into the boards of statutory corporations is government’s ploy to weaken the civil society organizations and rights campaigners that have been critical of government.

Billy Banda:  My work will not be compromised

Billy Banda: My work will not be compromised

Kapito:  Chairs Southern Region Water Board

Kapito: Chairs Southern Region Water Board

Dulani:  Not appropriate

Dulani: Not appropriate

Dulani was reacting to the government’s announcement on the appointment of new board members of various statutory corporations.

Among the critical voices that are believed to have been silenced with appointments are consumer rights campaigner, John Kapito, human rights campaigner, Billy Banda and workers’ rights activist, Luther Mambala.

Dulani told a local radio on Tuesday that the move is likely to jeopardize politics and human rights activism in the country.

“I can also say that the appointment of some civil rights campaigners into the statutory corporations in a move by government to please their loyalists,” he said.

Among the activists who had recently aligned with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is Steve Duwa whose organization was in the forefront backing the results of the disputed May 20 elections which many believe was rigged.

However, activist Billy Banda says his appointment as a chairperson for Malawi Gaming Board will not compromise his stand.

“I just feel honored to be appointed, but this will have nothing to do with my role a human rights campaigner.”

Government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa says the inclusion of civil right activist in the various boards shows that the ruling DPP is an inclusive government.

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joshua saini

that is good to involve CSO/NGO the individuals known a lot therefore lets give them a chance and this time they should use the knowledge and skills for the benefit of the institution and nation

zoonadi mwanenazi Dr. Dulani but even though they have gone these are people who have no back bome apart from Martha Kwataine the rest have no credible organisations. Billy Banda is a one mans organisation with so.much lacking John Kapito runs his as a personal Estate and so others. People like Ste e Duwa are stooges of Patricia Kaliati while Chris Chisoni is already alligned to DPP. Mai Chanika ndiye bungwe linafa kale at least pano apeza chochita. Omvetsa chisoni ndi a Billy Mayaya ndi a Lucky Mbewe omwe asiidwa ngakhale kuti Mabvuto Bamusi akhala akuwagwiritsa ntchito. Kaya tidziona a… Read more »

Vuto la DPP ndilimeneli sadziwa kuyendetsa Boma koma katangale kumangomwanza ndalama kutseka pakamwa anthu otilankhulila osawukafe GOD please save us from this DPP devil.


I think Mr Boniface Dulani you are missing the point. Constitutionally, all Malawians have an obligation to serve their country in whatever capacity. If appointed to serve their government, it does not mean they have joined the governing party. This is where some Malawians need to grow and understand democracy.


Don’t be cheated My fellow Malawians. These guys collect money from government each time they make noise. Ngati ndikunama andiletse. I will expose them one day. I remember this guy called “” cried at a press briefing in attempt to cover up after collecting money at sunbird capital hotel from a minister in the company of one former NIB officer. Ndipitirizeerrr?

@ Inu Don’t fool us we are not kids who do not know what matters of the government run. I think you are one of them. Learn to differentiate between MHRC and being a board Chair or being in the board. As MHRC you are a watchdog for the voiceless but as a board chair or board member you are answerable to the president of Minister who is a politician. If water charges are hiked do you expect Kapito of CAMA to go on the media and protest? Is he going to protest for electricity charges only? Please guys who… Read more »

Chancellor College Acadmics appointed as board members include: Dr Mwiza Nkhata (Law lecturer and Dean), Dr Dorothy Nampota (Lecturer and Director of CERT), Dr Bright Molande (VP), Mr Mauya Msuku (Law Lecturer, Law). Can Dr Dulani comment on these appointments as well. Is APM trying to silence academics here?


I dont entirely agree with this article. In my view this government has done a good job because it has employed those with knowledge and experience in running affairs that will assist rural masses. For instance MR KAPITO has been fighting for people welfare all the time there he will also do the same in making sure that water is no longer a problem in southern region.


Its good to include activists because they make a lot of noise. therefore, let us wait and see if they can bring results within a short period of time. They are always fault finders. Bravo APM for including them so that they should play their role and improve service delivery

The appointing authority is a politician who is only concerned about their survival and not welfare of people. On the other hand the activists supposedly fight for the voiceless. The politicians will do everything possible to survive no matter how dirty their tricks can be. They just don’t care. Now if our so called activists truly make noise for the welfare of the voiceless, this is the time they should show it by declining this offer from the appointing authority. If they accept, don’t blame the politicians and the voiceless know that they have to find other means of voicing… Read more »

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